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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flossie Malavialle...

A French singer who came to this area and stayed...I only saw her for the first time last year as she sang two or three song at the local folk club on the town. And now she is in demand around the world. All being well, Flossie appears at my local music club this coming Tuesday and will be giving a full performance. And I hope to be there in the audience. Shades of KD Lang...
In this video she performs a song most associated with the famous French singer Edith Piaf, "La Vie En Rose"

That's one big guitar...

It's A Busy Weekend...

for many. Especially sports wise...a Rugby Tour between Australia and the UK(after two games it is drawn and down to the last in the series)there is a Formula 1 Grand Prix taking place at Silverstone in England, Wimbledon is happening and we still have a British Woman trying to get into the second week(and its close)and in it's approx 41st year, The Glastonbury Music Festival.

I'm afraid I am following none of them. Just resting and being quiet. However, I may tune in this evening and watch/listen to the headlining act and its their first appearance at the festival, The Rolling Stones.

I wonder just how much longer they can continue but I say that of the few groups I have seen in the past year and who are of a similar age. In a radio interview this morning you hear a different side of Mick Jagger. I haven't heard many interviews with him and the person who launched the festival all those years ago and there was a slight hint that just perhaps this could be the last festival.

I'm not sure who would take it on and whether a new person would wish to use the area in a similar way. The rest of the year I understand it is used as a working farm.

Me? Most of what I want to do and see will be happening this coming week, possibly some trips and next weekend the Proms in the Park in Darlington and now I discover a music event is taking place on the streets of Durham(more details later)but brass bands of different styles from the UK and abroad are appearing. So just as well I am taking it easy and building up my energy, all I can hope for is decent weather(well as long as it doesn't rain heavily)

ETA:Our British hope at Wimbledon lives to fight another day. Some are disappointed/angry with the Rolling Stones...unbeknown to all, they stipulated that their concert could not be shown in full and the reason? They are bringing out a DVD! At this time in their career would it really have done any harm to show it all? I'm sure the DVD would still sell well and they are financially sound.

Fruit Bowl...

Now, I don't know if I'll keep this up but I got to thinking, if I keep fruit in a bowl and within easy reach I may eat more. It may not be wasted and apart from what is supposed to be kept in the fridge its something I have not considered having in many many years. So here it is...with apples, pears, kiwi's, bananas and grapes.
The blackberries, strawberries, cherries, melon, blueberries are in the fridge. Oranges I'll stick to juice. The rest are easier if I buy them in a can or container.
I'll be doing ok if I get through this lot. I reckon there's approx £6's worth of fruit there. It seems a lot but over a week its not that bad and often the berries I have in the fridge are on offer or I try to buy when the price has been reduced.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Headlines In The Town's Free Paper...

suggest that footfall is down whilst the changes happen in the retail area and if true people are staying away. Some retailers are fearful of staying in business. Wasn't it ever the way. The problem for many of us especially with mobility issues is that because they have closed off a large area with fencing, sometimes you find out too late that one route to a shop is blocked or you have to take a long way round. What do I know? I would have done a third at a time rather than all the centre area at once.

Not the best videos in the world but you can see some of what is going on...

The first one shows the area that is still being worked on.
The second shows the shops that have been here for almost 65 years and are finally being brought upto newer standards.

Funny what you do when taking video's...quietly in the background you can hear me whistling(and I have no idea why)my choice of tune is "If I Had A Talking Picture Of You" A song from 1929.

Is It Really Friday Already?

Yep, looks as though it is...

Well, not much going on...suddenly got it into my head that if its not raining tomorrow I may again try to take off and visit Richmond.

Now I have it in mind to visit Whitby. I have never been there. Possibly as early as next week. I am booked to go on a trip to Briddlington at the end of July. I keep forgetting I am moving ever closer to being a pensioner myself and the trip there is with people that are...pensioners and usually live in sheltered accommodation. I have never had problems mixing with young and old alike and it will be a change.

The problem with uploading video's to the blog...I'm working on it and am discussing the problem on a forum connected to the computer magazine that I buy. Also it may mean converting them to a different format so I have downloaded some free software that may help. I will wait awhile longer before seeing if this is the problem. Others are having problems and it may be a fault or something that blogger could fix.

For my evening meal tonight I'm thinking potatoes, peas, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and rainbow trout followed by banoffee pie.

I am continuing to go the right way with my weight and at present am 130lbs. That's approx 4lbs over the weight I was wanting to reach of 9st(126lbs)

If I can get to 8st 7lbs(119lbs)that would be great. I'm aiming for that only so I have some extra leeway so if I put some weight on I am not constantly the wrong side of 9st. And I can go up or down.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Music From The Club...

I still cannot work out why my videos are once again failing to appear as an image on my blog so have posted links if anyone would like to view them, if I ever work out what I am doing I'll edit the post again.

Candlelite Club 9  Candlelite Club 10  Candlelite Club 11  Candlelite Club 12  Candlelite Club 13
Candlelite Club 14  Candlelite Club 15  Candlelite Club 16  Candlelite Club17

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Am I Like?

I have never really followed much sport but am usually aware of major events but have to admit Wimbledon snook up on me. But here we are into the third day and I have seen none of the TV coverage, have not heard any of the radio commentary and have just heard an odd report in news bulletins.

And I am happy if it is bringing pleasure to many but I will avoid it. Its been quite easy so far...

Another Night Of The Restless Legs...

Have given in and had a small drink of Tonic Water(with Lemon)to see if it cures it. If not I shall have to decide how much more I should consider drinking. At least its not cramp. It could be a long night!

ETA...Looks like its worked.

So OK I Admit That I Gave In And Shopped...

But when you manage to get packets of watercress and mixed salad for approx 35p, strawberries for £1 and a Rainbow trout worth £5 for 69p...who wouldn't? Another Supermarket is selling grapes for 49p(worth £1)this week so again why wouldn't you?

I had a salad earlier and having seen a recipe on line and as I had some in the cupboard I added some tuna to my salad and enjoyed it. So I have purchased some more cans, also some cans of salmon(Ok I purchased Pink as opposed to Red)but its still alright.

Tuna is low in calories, high in Omega3, can help reduce bad cholesterol and is a good source of protein. I haven't had any fish for quite a while...

I'm thinking of having the Rainbow Trout on Friday and will try and choose something nice to go with it.

Its That Time Of Year Again...

Two years before Mum passed away, by chance a hot air balloon came over my home and I managed to take a photo which I posted on my blog. A few months after Mum passed away...it came over again. Same thing. If I'm honest it looked well used.

Tonight, I decided to do a little shop before going to the Music Club and as I came out of the Supermarket by pure chance in the distance I saw the balloon.

I nearly always have my digital camera with me 24/7 charged up and ready to go. So I chased after it as fast as I am able but it dipped behind trees and was travelling away from me.

So as the detour had taken me nearer home, I came home with the shopping.

Again by chance I happened to glance out the corner of my eye and he'd returned in my direction and I was able to take some still images, I started to take a video to show how fast it was moving but he disappeared again behind some houses and I only managed to shoot perhaps 4 seconds and it wasn't good enough to save.

So here are the images that I did manage to get...They are best I have had so far.

If you clickon the images(you can do that twice)you will see even greater detail and the last one shows how near it was to houses and how many were in the basket below the balloon, I think I counted eight passengers.

Monday, June 24, 2013

In Approx 3 Months...

It will be three years since they started removing this eyesore which I posted about in November 2010. I thought that I would return to the topic as around a month ago, I posted an image of how that part of the town looks now. Ok its only been replaced by a supermarket and a carpark but its so different.

Images three to ten are exactly the area shown in the last view of this blog entry. You can see how much space there is now the original building is no more.

Something similar is going on in another area of the retail area. Finally, shops that were built approx sixty five years are being refurbished and to be honest newer shops that were built later and gave an second floor of units could and should have been removed but that's impractical according to owners of the retail area. A new staircase has been erected to reach shops on a second level and in another area a massive concrete ramp has been removed which has opened out the centre and given it a more spacious feel and that area could be perhaps used for events.

Another area of shops on a second level have been abandoned but there are no plans to reuse them or demolish them so some of the horrible previous eyesore will remain.

Another area is to be demolished and that part also includes the town clock which they say will be relocated.

Most of the work is said to be completed by November this year.

Strike The Last Post...

The Travel website was wrong. So I sat on a public bench near the bus stop for 75 minutes rather than go back home. I couldn't be bothered. Then again when I managed to reach the next town I found there were no buses to Northallerton again wrong information. It was one of my difficult mornings too. Too much information coming here...I needed a public toilet desperately. I found the shopping mall though open 10am-4.30pm open their toilets only between Noon and 3pm, figure that out!

A sympathetic security guard gave me access to a disabled toilet. Another person was caught short but refused his offer to help. He did say he doesn't understand the policy of the mall either.

By 11.30am I had wasted nearly 4 hours and got nowhere. Should I come home? No, I decided having made the effort I would struggle to the train station and caught my first train in perhaps 30 years. I was in Northallerton within approx 15 minutes. Quicker than the journey from my town to Darlington. I also realise that the train brought me into the town centre from a different direction to how I used to drive into the town by car. That would explain some of my confusion.

It was a conspiracy now...everything working against me and that made me more determined. No town buses were running in Northallerton either. I had to walk...later realising that I had taken a wrong turn and added un-necessary distance, literally going around the houses, the return route to the railway station was quicker even if I was slower.

The event was great. I saw my friend on her stall. I like the fact I can call her a friend and she has taken me under her wing.

I didn't get much chance for photo's but did take one video of a kind of trad jazz band The Swale Valley Stompers. Hopefully, I will see them again.

I'm sure my friend will not mind me teasing by saying there are exciting plans afoot and possible new items being added to the range of goods that are sold. I am passionate about what she makes and the quality and I have no connection to the business in any way.

Anyone who manages to go to Newcastle Upon Tyne will find that Fenwicks also stock her products(so you know they are good)

Well, I was shattered when I came home, mobility was impaired(and I had developed another health problem as the day progressed)

I have some lovely items to enjoy that I managed to bring home safely, a couple of cupcakes, a banoffee pie, some chocolate pookey(that's a gift for someone)so I don't taste that this time...and something difficult to describe. I will add photo's soon. I should use them quickly but you try and stop me:p Pookey is a kind of cinder toffee. This is called "Posh Pookey"

I hasten to add this is not my friend selling her wares. But someone with a remarkable ability to stand very still. With rolling pin in one hand and a tray of burnt pies in the other. She was selling programmes and bags to raise money towards the cost of holding the event.


Coming back into this area there were spectacular rain clouds from the train window(I wish I had taken a video or photo's)then at the railway station to connect to a local train back to my own town I discovered it was delayed and the service was disrupted because there had been a lightening strike in the Stockton area and it had caused total signal failure on the service between Darlington and Saltburn. This worked in my favour because the train I had chosen from Northallerton would have arrived after the local train had left. So I didn't mind.

I have a couple of video's of trains speeding through Northallerton station and you can see the clouds gathering, one train driver even tooted his horn as he passed, no doubt because I was taking the video.

Train At Nortallerton(Having problems uploading videos hence a link for now...)

It wasn't brilliant sunshine at the food event at the but we did avoid most of the rain and blustery winds for the day and were lucky. I would happily attend again. It was one of the best so far. Lots of variety of stalls and well run. Only its second year.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Found One Early Bus...

To get me to Northallerton at the start of the event so must be on board the one from my town at 8.20am. And do the return trip no later than 4.20pm. As the event ends at 4pm I won't miss much and may leave sooner if I have seen it all.

Dare I saythat  the sky has cleared after rain overnight so here's hoping. Perhaps later some photo's/videos will appear on the blog.

Away for a quick wash and shave. Put clothes on and I'll be out the door...I've settled on a litre bottle of watered down orange juice, tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, two small packets of crisps for when/if I get thirsty/hungry.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Was Briefly Touched Last Night...

when listening to a concert of music by Sammy Chan on the radio, perhaps because Mum had come home the day before...

Curtis Stigers sang the song "Time After Time"(Not the song of the same name by Cindi Lauper)My dad(when he realised how much Mum obviously meant to him)ended a letter with the words of that song. And I found myself having a little cry.


I will be spoilt for choice when I attend the Homegrown Food Festival.

And Gingerbread Mam's stall will be the one I will be heading for...ginger beer, banoffee pies, chocolate cinder toffee but possibly ginger beer scones.

Now I have promised two beers for a friend(who'll pay me back)I am thinking as a thank you for another, scones, chocolate cinder toffee and a beer for supporting me when the Housing Association was making life difficult and for myself a couple of beers, scones and a banoffee pie.

I may hunt out some artisan bread, depends, some bakers manage to offer speciality bread at prices similar to what you pay for mass produced bread in a super market, others are expensive.

But when as the other day I managed to find two loaves of bread worth £2-£3 in the supermarket reduced to 10p and no baking, why would I not buy it?

Occasionally you want that spongy white bread for sandwiches.

There are two sizes of cauliflower in the local supermarket and the price increases accordingly...in searching out one with a later date I found one priced and classed as smaller but it was actually the same size as the more expensive one, so I was quite happy about that.

I saw a new margarine in the Flora range on the shelf...one that contains seeds such as sunflower, linseed etc...£1.50 for a small tub of 225g. I can do it much cheaper myself by adding any seed of my choice to any butter or margarine and the amount I wish.

I am thinking of baking a seeded loaf quite soon. I was only missing grapes, ham in my food store which I now have. After my spend tomorrow I can avoid buying food for a while other than fruit and salad items...

Today, it was another salad sandwich, tomorrow perhaps a bacon and cheese turnover with baked beans and a reduced cheese, bacon and potato bake for the main meal. For breakfast fruit salad and yogurt. Later I will cook and put other items back in the fridge for another day to extend their shelf life and give me more meals.

I have two packs of tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches worth £3 and I paid 78p so will have them, possibly some water, tea or a small lager and I can put some fruit in my rucksack for my trip.

Weather says 17c wind N.Westerly direction 24kph scattered showers.

As I Have Rested...

the sudden plan was to have a ride to the North Yorkshire market town of Richmond later today. Take some photo's/video's. Possibly look at the castle, the market place, a little park I spent time with my parents and perhaps relax by the river...but it is raining so I may have to call it off temporarily.

Still on for Sunday though and the food event in Northallerton, also in Yorkshire(the weather is not looking good for that either)but whereas Richmond can be done another time, this event only happens annually.

I may take a flask and perhaps some sandwiches for Richmond but if I manage breakfast both days, I can wait until I come home.

In theory thanks to bus services, I'll only be out during the day, otherwise I'd have to stay overnight.

UPDATE:Weather put an end to that. It is a day of both wind and rain. I will try to go to Richmond before Summer school holidays begin.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Innocent Times...

I know that there were as many terrible events happening in the world when this series went out but it brings back so many happy memories of a happy childhood and being part of a close family and having wonderful parents.

You can't but I can understand why sometimes you wish that we never had to grow up but for a few minutes its good to return to those days and still have that sparkle and realise it still in there somewhere.

The US TV Series Bewitched...I had a link here but days after posting, it was removed.
Sadly my favourite Darrin played by Dick York really suffered when his health deteriorated but what an inspiration he was.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catherine Craig And James Willoughby...

What a wonderful concert last evening, so inexpensive but worthy of a larger venue. I was sorry to see so few attending, I hope that the venue doesn't fold. For those who missed it, it is their loss.

Copperhead Still opened u[ the gig(local band)we are fortunate that one of the group often appears at the free club in my town on Tuesdays, he was missing this week, now I know why.  Then American vocalist Catherine Craig(think Nanci Griffiths, Emmylou Harris)and guitarist Martin Willoughby(who has played with the Strawbs, Joe Brown, Mary Hopkins, Roger Whittaker amongst many others over the years)and worked with the record producer Tony Visconti.

She also came and talked to all us and shook our hands...their own music was great and insightful but her version of Dixieland(song associated with the US Civil War)and Amazing Grace moved so many of us. She also gave a story before each song.

If funds had allowed I would have purchased the CD that was for sale. I may still try from the website. I was going to ask if I could take a photo but did not get around to doing so. I will try and trace some material and videos to post.

Mum Came Home...

I did feel ok and it felt like it was the right time. I feel fine now but have to admit after the person who brought Mum home had left us together I did shed a few tears and said a few words. Seems strange that someone you could feel, touch, hold and talk to, who gave me life is now in a burgundy sweet jar then placed in a cardboard box. That's all there is to show for a life.

Well, of course it isn't as I have my memories and what's in my heart and that's what matters. In a way a line has finally been drawn. Another step in my journey of recovery and a new chapter in my life.

Love you Mum x


A new departure for me. Yes, I've had baked beans. I even like broad beans but if I am honest I've never really looked at beans in general. But now as I try new ideas and bulk out some meals to make them go further I am starting to incorporate this ingredient into meals as a main ingredient or as a side dish. In the case of the following half a can is one portion of the five a day idea. And at 59p that's two meals worth if added to something else. Not very high on calories, 200 for a whole 300g can. No need in this case for soaking.

If successful or I come up with something tasty I'll share it with you. Today I have had no reason to go out so I have rested. So far I have had a couple of yogurts and a banana, later a small salad with limited ingredients and some fancy cheddar cheese with some hovis digestives. Later I think I will have my first hot meal for a week or so...
I have a bacon and cheese turnover to heat up. I will add baked beans and some jersey potatoes boiled, then sliced and lightly fried. I reckon that comes in at around £1 and with my earlier meals that's around £2 for the day. Which isn't bad!

I'll add since writing this post I was in my local supermarket, it hasn't the choice the SM I found these and for the same size they are charging between 90p and £1.15. I will hunt some more out if I get the chance.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Think That I Have Come To The Conclusion...

in general though there are many foods I have never tried, we probably all stick to a few items that and.I am not much of a fan of pasta in all its various guises. But I can and have eaten it. The other item I am not really keen on is pizza.

Otherwise, I am quite open to everything else. Obviously there are some foods I have never considered and perhaps I would be surprised. Off the top of my head squid, oysters, scallops, whelks, cockles, muscles, snails and offal(in general)comes to mind. It could be that if I tried them and they were prepared and I was not told I might think them to be delicious.

I will eat most fish, meats, vegetables and fruits and will eat them raw, cooked, roasted so don't see myself as a fussy eater.

I think what we eat may often be governed by what we ate as children and on cultural/religious grounds depending on where in the world you live and what is available, also if income is low you may not have any choice in the matter.

Mum Comes Home Tomorrow...

Well, you know what I mean...

She left the world a person with feelings, she comes back in a green or burgundy coloured type sweet jar, containing a kind of bag and then in a cardboard box.

Luckily, at this time I don't feel weird/spooked by this. It would appear should I decide to scatter Mum's remains and can think of somewhere special it will not be as big a problem as feared.

Permisson may only be required in certain circumstances. Again, there's no rush...

This may sound awful but being stored in a cupboard is no different to that item that many of us have at the back of a kitchen or in the loft that is forgotten about or you keep promising to give to a charity shop or use but never do.

Looks Like Tonic Water...

could be working. I drank a small amount at bedtime and there was an improvement.

So I'll see how the experiement goes.

Yesterday, I had to use two walking sticks when I went outdoors but it helped to take more weight off the legs when walking but it gets a bit more awkward having to carry two instead of one when doing some tasks.

I found some more nice yogurts on offer, I would be reluctant to pay full price but half its quite a bargain, I think I have forty eight in the fridge now. But they are used as quick snacks and often at breakfast instead of milk. It seems a lot but not when often I have two each day. Some are fancy so can be more like a desert. I may have said before, yogurt until recent years would not have been on my shopping list.

Then again I think they have been improved up on over the years and the range of flavours and how they are made has changed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Sun Has Got His Hat On...

but I've nowhere to go specifically. I won't go for the sake of it. Though as I write I may make the effort and try to think of somewhere to go on Thursday/Friday. Thinking cap on...If the weather is ok and I feel up to it I may go to Darlington South Park. It holds memories of childhood, picnics with Mum and Dad, in later times car rides taking Mum there, in recent years it was upgraded and improved so they say. But I haven't seen it. So I don't know how much is the same or has changed.

I have discovered there is a free proms in the park on July 6th starting at 7pm so I may take a blanket, something in the rucksack. Take some photo's and video's. Taking part are:

  • The Royal Signals (Northern) Band
  • Hurworth Concert Band
  • 102 Battalion Reme Pipes and Drums
  • 405 Squadron Air Training Corps of Drums
          with guest vocalists
  • PLUS The Last Night Party Colours and Standards Sunset Ceremony(depending on the public transport I may miss the last part of the event)

    I'll pack my rucksack with some snacks and drink, there is a bus that goes past the park which will save me having to walk. There is a café in the park so who knows, I may have a tea and perhaps an ice cream as a treat. Perhaps I'll take some photo's.

    I had another troubled night with sleep interrupted. I did manage to get some this morning. Found the following which may explain why. Arthritis. Too early to say if it will work but a remedy mentioned quite a bit is the drinking of tonic water because of added quinine which is said to help stop or reduce leg cramps and a variety of similar problems.

    It got off to a reasonable start. I have my fridge in some kind of order and am starting to use up its contents.

    I had a healthy breakfast(well, it was eaten more at lunchtime)banana, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, oaty cereal, a kind of fibre stuff you sprinkle on meals and semi skimmed milk.

    Just have to decide what to have later.

    I have some food refuse bagged up and ready to be throw out. I may have a look out for an hour later in the afternoon. I have may do what I have been doing for some time. Most of the food is ready and just needs placing on a plate or in a roll. And now I usually have some boiled eggs or potatoes ready.

    I just cook extra at the time.

    I am at a concert tomorrow and have to possibly face the fact the person who messed me around towards the end of May with that trip to Newcastle/Gateshead. Not sure what the reaction will be as I have avoided getting further involved. It is not a lie when I say I have not been well and getting around has been difficult, on top of that I had my problems with the Housing Association that caused stress.

    I will make it clear that I am unable to do anything too strenuous so future trips he plans are out. And any future trips I do manage will remain known only to myself.

    After tomorrow night in the next three months there is only one show I wish to see at that venue between July and September. Hopefully, it will improve in the last quarter of the year.

    I think I am finally getting it together.

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Sunday I Would Have Liked To See My Friend...

    and attend the Steam Punk event in the Hartlepool area on board an old ship called HMS Trincomalee Gingerbread Mam had some new items in her range of beautiful cakes, sponges and drinks. The weather stayed fine too.

    But I hope to catch up this weekend in the Yorkshire market town of Northallerton. I still have a lot of food to get through but am getting near to possibly doing some home baking and one of the new special items available for the Steam Punk event has intrigued me...alcoholic cupcakes...

    I found a website with some great recipes, see here just move down the page a little...

    On Sunday I hope to afford and come home with some of my friend's Ginger Beer the image may have to be rotated.

    Its a little different to what you get in the shops and has more care taken over it so it is special.

    If there was room, today was a great day for reduced top quality meat and fish at the supermarket but I came away with some lean lamb mince and a pack which contained two mini chicken breasts with a couple of sausages, bacon and gravy(half priced)so they'll do me a few meals.

    I have had a lovely healthy salad(added some extra items)celery and beetroot. Most of the usual salad items were there, some thin sliced turkey and did I say(apologies if I repeat myself)some Danish Blue cheese. Never thought you'd hear me say that.

    The only missing item were potatoes in some form. I have some fruit for later to snack on. Good that I don't tire easily of salads and fruit.

    I treated myself to some more Jersey Royals that are finally on sale at half price.

    Two Days Running...

    I awoke to the remnants of a dream. Those that interpret dreams probably will have some insightful meaning for such a troubled dream.

    One of those deserted world scenarios where no one is about except gangs of undesirables and dogs snapping at your ankles. Other mixed up stuff that was just weird not scary, just weird. 

    The suggestion is that my dream means loneliness and getting away from people that I feel society is rejecting me and yet I'd say that is less so. Does analysing of dreams work or is hokum? I don't know to be honest. You can be too obsessed with looking within. And yet it can give answers to problems, difficult one to say what is right or wrong.

    I got up and checked when my next hospital appointment is(lost the appointment details)its almost a month away(relief)had a drink of lemon green tea, took my meds and have gone back for a rest.

    I will have a tidy up later and throw general rubbish out(food stuff)and put dishes etc...away.

    I may have to buy some more fruit later(berries don't last that long)perhaps I should consider canned/frozen as an alternative.

    I have read of a wash you can do(1 part vinegar, 3 parts water) then you dry the fruit carefully. It doesn't change the taste but the fruit then lasts longer and doesn't get that fuzziness all over it. Perhaps that's a solution.

    Weather doesn't look promising as yet but it seems reasonably warm so that's something.

    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    What's That All About?

    Appropriately, on Father's Day I have recollections of my Father being in a dream whilst I slept(don't remember what we were doing though)but the other bit that has stayed with me is that when I went into the passage beside my home, the door and door frame of the one that leads into the back garden was missing and had been stolen.

    No doubt some dream expert could read something into its meaning.

    The Mousetrap...

    So last evening it was my turn to experience the legend it has become in theatrical history. Written by Agatha Christie it has been performed in London's West End for sixty years. I can't say too much about it as that would spoil the pact between the audience and the actors that we must "Keep the secret"

    It is obviously one of Christie's first murder mysteries and it shows(in hindsight)a lot of weaknesses that don't add up. I did guess who the the murderer was but not some of the extra information that followed the disclosure.

    I have a feeling this plot was extended and improved upon in another story as she became more experienced in writing.

    Keeping the secret does mean I cannot say too much at all except the plot involves a newly married couple who decide to run a guest house in the country and the plot revolves around them and their guests. As it is Winter they are cut off soon after the guests arrive due to snow. It does have some stereotypical characters who were probably used a lot in plays and books written at the time.

    It was well acted by a cast that are well known to anyone who follow the soaps on tv and the long running BBC radio series The Archers.

    The tour(the first of this production)continues around the UK and across the World(I understand it is or has been)touring Australia.

    If you get the chance I still think it is worth seeing. It is the first play I have seen on stage in around thirty years.

    Saturday, June 15, 2013

    Not A Good Night For Sleeping...

    restless and in pain. More of an annoyance. Did finally get off around 5am and slept for five hours. Today I do my good deed of the day...I'd rather rest and take it easy but someone wants to look at and perhaps buy some fish from an aquatics shop for a new fish tank they have purchased and he asked me to go with him. The only good thing is at present the cost of travelling there and back is free.

    I will come home and get ready afterwards and if time allows have either a salad or fruit salad. No need to cook so its nice and simple. Most of the ingredients just need washing. I've already boiled some eggs too. I have some baked potatoes already cooked that I can just heat up or have cold.

    The weather(rain and wind)could be better but the pet shop and the theatre are close to the bus stops so I won't have to spend ages out in the open.

    I better get myself ready as the bus arrives in approx 40 minutes...

    Update:Back home...job done, he purchased some Angel Fish and Silver Sharks...plants to put in the tank, £53 lighter...him, not me.

    I'm about to get washed and shaved, change my clothes, make a quick salad(no cooking)then off to the theatre. I must pay attention so I don't get lost in the plot of the story. Not good when its a murder mystery...

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Its Only In Recent Weeks...

    I have discovered that I have an answer phone service and that the intermittent dialling tone means that a message has been left for me to pick up. Why did no one tell me? Its quite handy to have. Not that many people call me. It would appear I have had it for over a year.

    I also went unlisted so only a few have my number. Those who I have given it to, a few that used to have it when it was public and the odd unsolicited number that manages to get through.

    Well, I think I'll settle down for the night, sounds as though a wind may be getting up outside which doesn't bode well for the weather over the weekend. Then again, it doesn't look promising for quite some time looking at my favourite weather site. Its raining too.

    I do have a treat for tomorrow night, if well enough, a trip to the theatre to see the touring version of Agatha Christie's murder mystery of The Mousetrap.

    Then I have Sunday to recover.

    I Think That I Have My Diet Sussed...

    Its not much of a summer so far but today I invested in a fair shop but most of it has long expiry dates...lots of fruit, vegetables, cheese and sliced meats. The plan is mainly meals that require no cooking. That can be eaten cold. Or in rolls/sandwiches.

    I have all my vitamins/minerals and some fancy tea bags too. I would say in general I am 75% vegetarian and 25% meat, fish and diary.

    I may up my cooked meals as we head into Autumn/Winter which will be here soon enough. I hope this pleasure is not closed to me in the future should my health deteriorate further which is possible.  Did I say that my very good friends, I've mentioned "The Gingerbread Mam" and my other friend who stood by me when I had to deal with the Housing Association and introduced me to the music club on the town, have fired my interest again and I'm quite a fan of ginger now...and I also now have in my store some fancy teabags with a variety of flavours too.

    When I eat that is proof that my nature is something back to normal. Even if I eat less and have smaller portions. Also, though I have fears(who doesn't)they are being controlled and yes, I do find myself able to laugh and sing again without feeling guilty or stopping immediately because its wrong. All part of recovery process.

    My mobility is poor but I have had some relief from pain and am able to avoid the painkillers for now. I will not give in until there is no choice.

    One of my followers(another dear friend)who showed great kindness and support, has had worrying times(kept it private)but thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel and all seems well. You know who you are. Just acknowledging your post.

    Have managed to find "our" site again so I will hopefully return again...

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    How Can I Go Wrong With My Diet...

    They say one of the best to follow to avoid illness or staying healthy is to stick mainly to a Mediterranean diet.

    As I write I have fresh raspberries, bananas, blueberries, kiwis, strawberries, cherries, apples, melon, tomatoes, swede, cabbage, olive oil, kale, carrots, rice, potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, leeks, asparagus, kale, spring onions, celery, watercress, spinach, beetroot, carrots, peppers, chicken, yogurt, nuts, cheese, eggs, milk, fish and spices. There are frozen and canned items too.

    Not really sure I could have much more "good" stuff to choose from. All I need is imagination and the effort to try and do something a little different or cook items in a different way. A lot of the above can also be made into meals or sandwiches without the need of cooking which is even better.

    I rarely bother with cakes/biscuits/desserts...just a habit that I seem to have grown out of.

    To be honest the word "Diet" has been hijacked to mean losing weight and really whatever we eat is our diet. And unless you have a medical condition that restricts what you are allowed to eat most foods will do no harm and it comes down to portion size, calorific values, exercise etc...whether you want to maintain the weight you are or lose a few lbs.

    A current couple of favourite diets at present is the 5/2 diet without trying I think my diet is quite close to this one. Another is called The Caveman Diet. That diet is better to ask what you don't eat on this diet as it seems to include just about every food you can think of.

    I Want To Sleep And Am Drifting Between Consciousness...

    and being unconscious but am unable to get comfortable. My legs ache. Its going to be a bad night I fear.

    I went out earlier for adhesive tape to make a repair on my camera(design fault means a little door on the case won't stay shut)flimsy design and I suspect it will happen again if it was replaced but otherwise it is so good I'm keeping it. I forgot to buy the tape and came home with some fruit and yogurt on offer.

    There are still some nice people around(I did not take my shopping trolley and should have)and was struggling with my stick and carrier bags...a young man and woman walked me home and carried them for me.

    Its not the first time...in recent years people have shown kindness...

    I also found out some news about my housing association(in a roundabout way)and has not seemingly been in the public domain as yet...so interesting times ahead...The HA news would affect all who rent from them over a large area. Possibly interesting times ahead.

    I have more food to do me good or least harm(fruit, yogurt and vegetables)I managed to remember the tape later for the repair of the camera.

    ETA Almost twelve hours later finally I have some rest with my legs and may get some restful sleep, good job I have no plans or need to go anywhere.

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    Not Saying I'm Bouncing With Energy...

    but an improvement on yesterday.

    Had planned to do a late meal when I came in last night. Ended up eating ham and tomato sandwiches. No effort needed. Disturbed sleep. Think I dreamt a fair bit. That was mainly about being in a dentists and my Dad was possibly in it giving me assurance and support.

    Looking out of the bedroom window, the weather doesn't look promising(dark clouds)so expecting rain. Nothing planned so it doesn't really matter either way. I'm told that we had a fair bit of rain and thunder yesterday but I must have slept through it as I have no recollection of it.

    Saturday I see the touring version of Agatha Christie's Mousetrap. Possibly I may go to the Marina in Hartlepool on Sunday, I never have so far and see HMS Trincomalee but the ticket is quite steep and unlike many attractions it is not free. So that may put me off.

    I suspect quite a lot of the area is going to be expensive and you'll need to be well heeled. If I do go I'll probably be taking my own food and drink.

    I am going to try and plan my meal for later that's as good as it gets. Thinking vegetables and roast potatoes but to decide what to have with it.

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    Another Day Where I Feel...

    torpid. I have slept a lot. I'm not going out until the Music Club tonight. I have just managed to take my meds. I have also had my first meal of the day.

    Reasonably healthy I hope, banana, cherries, strawberries, cereal, sprinkling of fibre and yogurt.

    Later, a sandwich of ham, tomato with spinach and watercress.

    Not much effort needed and nice and simple.


    Couldn't sleep and by chance was looking around You Tube and found an episode of a popular comedian in the UK and many countries between 1955 and the early 1990's. I don't remember seeing this before so for fun..."Its The Benny Hill Show"

    His observation of TV at the time are spot on and his take off of Hughie Green and Oppertunity Knocks are so close, we also hear an early rendition of his hit song Ernie, no doubt being tested in public.

    Wiped Out!

    Been that way most of the weekend, yesterday and though its late as I post this my get up and go has done just that.

    I have slept most of the time away. I did manage to drag myself briefly outdoors late Monday evening for a very small shop and thanks to my shopping trolley came home with some long life milk, jaffa cakes, wholemeal baps, onions/red onions, mushrooms, relish and for the first time in my life I have purchased some soy milk.

    Later on I managed to put another salad together and used up another burger so food is not wasted. Will avoid buying anything else for the minute. Its not needed. Hopefully, later today I'll get some fruit, yogurt and some kind of topping into me for breakfast possibly some cereal too.

    I may be lacking in energy but I still try to have a balanced diet.

    Still Dependent On You Tube For My Video's At Present...

    Still looking for ways to put video's directly on my blog as I used to...

    Here are some from the event on Saturday for the anniversary of Darlington covered market.

    Jumping Horses

    Darlington Operatic Society

    Singers At Darlington Event

    Punch And Judy

    There is talk that this event may be held annually after very good crowds attending.

    It Was Good To Get Out...

    So a couple of hours at the music club were what the Dr ordered and the chance to forget about work and the visit on Friday... It was an open mike night but plenty of talent and quality. Some images follow. I will have another attempt at posting some videos of the night and see if I can avoid having to link to You Tube...

    At last thanks to my friend who goes to the club too and introduced it to me, I can add names to the faces.

    Ian Rutland.

    Brother and sister Rab Raymond and Babs Thow.

    Roly Hindmarch, Babs Thow and Neil Mason.


    John Wrightson and Joan Edmundson.


    John Weighell, Ian Rutland and Barry Lydon.

    Annoyingly with the spotlights positioned where they are you get the reflection in the TV screen. That is probably because of where I sit and perhaps others don't see them as much.

    Some videos hopefully will appear quite soon but it can take over an hour for 5 minutes of video. Initially I may have to use You Tube again and experiment with other options later. In the meantime I have found that You Tube has some software that can improve the look of some videos so I have retouched the earlier ones from the club that I posted last month. And will see what difference I can make to the new one's.


    For a really detailed report please try the following web address...
    (originaly posted last week but I caused some problems that could not be corrected so had to delete and repost)

    Sunday, June 09, 2013

    A Little Rant...

    You can say that the answer is not to support the following retailers in the UK and go to an independent one but the nationwide businesses of Argos and Tesco sell cameras by the Japanese company Sony.Recently I got a very good deal.

    I decided I should have a spare battery for my digital camera and tried to buy one today in both these stores. In Argos I was told "We don't sell them, try Sony direct or the internet!" Tesco just said that they don't sell/stock them.

    That's very bad. You sell the product but in theory offer no way of continuing to use the product when the camera requires a new battery. I get the impression this affects more than batteries for Sony products.

    I have found an independent computer retailer in Darlington who will order them for me and the Sony version is £29.99 or there is a Duracell version for £19.99.

    I will give them credit/publicity when I do. So thumbs up for them, thumbs down for Argos and Tesco.

    What Did I Have For Dinner Tonight...

    The meal that I had tonight was unplanned and something else was pencilled in but like a bolt out of the blue whilst out this afternoon I thought salad and burger, considering I haven't had a burger for years where did that idea come from?

    Can't believe it...I eat a meal at a time that is reasonably early and normal. As I put the food on the plate I thought, "I'll not eat all that!" But I did and enjoyed it.

    Basically a salad(spring onions, sweet red pepper, watercress, spinach, tomato, cucumber, radishes, Jersey potatoes, Cheddar cheese with sweet pickled onions and green chives)and for the first time in years, a burger in a bun with onions. It was a decent burger but I had to cut the bun down as it was too big.

    I had a couple of yogurts when I came in from my afternoon out too. Then again it was my first meal since 11pm yesterday which meant that I was able to have my blood tested in the pharmacy at Tesco's for diabetes and it was fine so that's always good to know. The last time I had that test must be over twenty years ago.
    A little secret, the last two meals I have shared images of, the plates have had Christmas trees on them.

    Saturday, June 08, 2013

    Darlington Celebrates The 150th Anniversary Of The Covered In Market...

    I did not get the chance to actually go around the building that was being celebrated and that is a pity but I did manage to look around the extra entertainment laid on in the town's market place. It was ok but as happens too often I was a little disappointed. However, here a few images of the day...I only stayed approx two hours.
    Many of those involved were dressed were dressed in Victorian costumes to acknowledge the time the market was built.
    There was the following lady who told stories.
    The folowing duo I only came across towards  the end of their performance and wish I had seen much more of them, they were friendly and funny. They had an act but were so willing to interact with the public and have their photo's taken.

    Quite a few were willing to get up on the Penny Farthing bike.
    Here the Darlington Operatic Society performs.

    There was a Punch and Judy show, all the traditional characters and storyline but brought up to date. Frighteningly approx 50 years ago this performers Father was working with my dad and when not doing "The Day Job" was giving Punch and Judy shows and did one in my home on my Birthday.

    Ten out of ten for trying for this duo but they were very quiet and with no help to amplify their voices it was difficult to hear them. I knew most of the songs they were singing.

    There was the traditional Jumping Horses and it probably costs a fair bit to transport/erect the ride, maintain it etc...but to be honest £2.50 seemed a bit expensive and it was a very short ride. There were some sugar boats too.

    Plenty of people were ready to part with £4 for an Ox sandwich but again that was a little steep for me.

    If I can get them posted I have a few videos of some of  the attractions at the event which I'll put up in the next blog entry but for those who are unable to watch videos I thought I'd put the still images up first.

    Update:This event took place over two days and the impression is that many more street performances took place on the first day to what I witnessed and I found some Facebook links that has images in three albums so if you'd like to see much more please click on the highlighted links.

    These beat the images I have posted and there are more than I could post on my own blog...

    An Added Feature For My Blog...

    I understand that I can add sound and there is also software that will allow readers to have the post as it is now but the option of a voice reading it to you or both. Also my videos made on the new camera allow me to put a commentary on the image as I film it so if I can think of something to say I may be making it even more personal.

    We'll see what I can find to take images of over the weekend on my travels.

    You may have noticed by the time of this post that my plans have changed.

    Friday, June 07, 2013

    I Always Feel Different In The Morning...

    I have plans afoot how I may spend the weekend health permitting and to unwind from this past month to be honest.

    I may go into greater detail but lets say the visit from the Housing Association went OK. I really was working against the clock and to be honest I have stuff I want to throw out but I want to do it at my own pace and for free using the normal wheelie bin collection but I was rushed and ended up hurting physically, mentally and hit in the pocket. Now,I may get some strength back and lose the bruises.

    So I can go to Darlington's 150th anniversary of their covered market with lots of events and people dressed in Victorian costumes. Or the Farmer's Market in Saltburn and also see the kite making/flying that is happening. Or I can go to Durham and a kind world food market. But I could attend the Durham event or kite event on Sunday. Or I could try and be clever and spend half a day at the Farmers Market in Saltburn and go back to Darlington tomorrow,  Durham and the kite event on Sunday or spend the full day at two of the four events.

    I'll sleep on it. There is some lovely food to choose from but I simply haven't any space in the fridge freezer(I'm struggling now)though its a nice position to be in...but it does mean I am missing out so I will be looking and not buying. The weather may also play its part in my decision.

    I couldn't be bothered to go out today so have been resting and falling asleep(off and on)

    Made a quick salad this afternoon(well that was the plan)but no green stuff so cobbled a meal of mature cheddar cheese with sweet pickled onions and green chives, sliced sweet pepper, spring onions, boiled eggs, baby tomatoes, diced roasted ham sliced off a small joint. It turned out quite well.

    Update:Late on I had ham, jersey potatoes and cabbage, broad beans and runner beans.

    When I go out tomorrow I may make my own sandwiches, perhaps a flask of tea or coffee.
    I hope to take some images and post on my blog and will also hunt out some links to stories in the local press.

    Wednesday, June 05, 2013

    Have To Be Careful What I Say...

    but from a very reliable source I have been told that my Housing Association have been treating me harshly aecdotally stories reach me people in dispute or with a dislike of it. My own experience has been stressful but some may argue that if you have had problems that will colour your judgement.

    It could be between now and Friday I may have taken this further and if that person helping me thinks I am being harassed/victimised he may halt the visit altogether but we shall see.

    I still have to decide if this is the course of action that I should take and whether it will make matters worse. It may turn out alright and I can move on.

    Tuesday, June 04, 2013

    I've Never Been So Relieved...

    to be able to say all the bags that I planned to relocate from the garage have finally been moved. Not looking forward to having to go through them but will asap.

    When I come in tonight from the music club I have a little bit of a mess to clear on the landing and in the dining room(will take some of it to the charity shop first thing in the morning)and the rest will go into cupboards.

    Then I shall over Wednesday and Thursday try and actually remove, throw out what's left in garage and have it taken away by gardener between now and Friday...

    It has taken a lot out of me and I am tired, I wanted to go down to the supermarket and get something nice for a meal but will use what I have in my store. I will save my energy to get to the club tonight.

    My legs are covered in bruises(I assume from pressing against the rungs of the ladder)

    The work has been more difficult due to the hot weather we've been fortunate to get at last but I have not been able to enjoy it...hope it lasts a bit longer.

    I may give in and try and have a good nights sleep and start afresh tomorrow...that gives me two full days(and a bit)to be ready.

    Pity That Food Banks Are Needed...

    and this plays into the Government's view of them and takes some responsiblity away from the State...but in another way if it works it is a great idea and stops a lot of food being wasted.

    ASDA to give food to charities

    On the other hand, if this is as reported here, this is the opposite side of the coin...taken on trust, it will be interesting to see if there is a response/reply.

    Foodbank Shuns ‘Undeserving Poor’

    New Day...

    I think I can finish moving items into the loft from the garage by 2pm. Then a quick tidy up, put the ladder away. Today I have already taken clothes to the charity shop and put my washing away. If time allows I shall wash what hair I have left and get shaved.

    Then I think I shall rest...maybe I can actually enjoy the decent weather we've suddenly been blessed with so far I have missed it all.

    Around 7.15pm I'll make tracks to the Music Club and forget everything for a few hours and then tomorrow my gardener/odd job man will take away the rubbish I have put out already and I have two days to try and throw out more rubbish from the garage before the visit again on Friday.

    Then I shall rest for at least a week and probably sleep a lot. I ache from top to toe and all the climbing up and down the ladder to the loft is making my calves hurt, I'm not sure I could climb the ladder much more...its not easy hanging onto a ladder with one hand and lifting a bin bag with the other. Also if it is too heavy you struggle, if it has less in it, it means more journeys up and down the ladder.

    I wanted to attend this on Friday but with their visit I am unable to...luckily, there is another day to the event...assuming I feel like attending after what they may say when they call. i wanted to travel to Saltburn again and see the Farmer's Market but will just have to go to the Darlington event instead,

    Monday, June 03, 2013

    Les Dawson...

    At the weekend ITV screened a programme in the series "An Audience With..." for those who don't live in the UK it is not aired much these days but in the past performers music and comedy appear in front of an audience of their peers and do an act and then they have a question and answer session.

    Well, Les passed away some twenty years ago and using modern technology they brought him back to live but in reality most of it was "Stars" reminiscing and lots of clips from programmes he had done over the years so there wasn't that much of him via the new technology and of course what he was saying was lifted from previous TV appearances.

    I wasn't going to watch but gave in. I preferred the memories and clips featured to the hologram of him. I still don't know if the image looked flat in the studio or was in 3D, they never said.

    I'm Knackered But Plodding On...

    Have no choice...I am so tired and I will pay for this overwork. Lugging stuff from one place to another, climbing ladders with my mobility problems and a hernia to boot. I am determined to succeed by Friday afternoon...

    Will have a break and do some general tidying(put clothes that I have washed away)and plates/dishes etc...I prefer to bring in the garage stuff late at night.

    I may have to call on my gardener/odd job man to shift some more rubbish for me...more money to part with...

    It Could Backfire...

    But I've dragged the ladder in from the garage and with great difficulty I am throwing rubbish out of the loft which I know to be of no value...then the plan is to put some of the bags in the garage in to the loft that has to be sorted and shredded. Then hopefully there will be less in the garage but even that will be cleared and it will be much tidier for the visit on Friday...

    Then I can go through what remains a bag at a time and not be trying to do it so quickly. I'm not saying it will be easy to get it up the ladder but I'll die trying...who would have thought I'd be doing this at this unearthly hour of the morning.

    Just having a little break before getting back on with the task...and even those bags will be emptied asap but if I can use the wheelie bins it won't cost me money...they only take so much each week and getting it taken away privately when you don't have access to transport isn't cheap.

    Have slung my remaining home recorded video tapes out and my vinyl record collection out and some old part works(remember them?)which you purchased weekly and then put them into binders...I was going to get rid of all this anyhow in my own time but having to do it so quickly isn't good for my health.

    Found a dead bird in the loft which I will get rid of.

    Saturday, June 01, 2013

    Busy, Busy, Busy...

    I took it really easy today and am not much use to anyone...I popped out for some spare sacks/bin bags and cheated picking up lots of reduced sandwiches which saved me havng to cook anything...so I had some salmon and cucumber with mayo and my first wraps containing southern fried chicken with tomato and red pepper mayo...enough to fill me and that's around 900 calories.

    Tomorrow hopefully after a decent night's sleep the plan is 2-3 hours to see all is ok in the house, that's just a general polish and dust. Then a look through the wheelie bins to see what the gardener threw out without my knowledge.

    Another wash and put clothes put away...

    Then its a remembrance service at 4pm. Last year I sobbed through the whole service if I do again so be it but I think that I may be more composed.

    Around 7.30pm I will have my look at the local club. Play a game of bingo, have a quiz forget my troubles for a little while.

    Then on Monday I will see what I can let go from the garage so there is less when the Housing Authority returns on Friday afternoon and hope that they are reasonably happy. That gives me approx 4 days to see how things progress.

    Happily my friend has said that she will be here to support me when they return.

    The Five Faces Of Mann...

    So last evening I saw a concert given by most of the original members of the 60's band Manfred Mann and fronted vocally by Paul Jones. I have to say...he's looking good for his age(I hate bringing that into the equation)I don't and I am almost twenty years younger than him(He's seventy one BTW)and he sounded good too.

    We were given a selection of songs from an album that has been reissued hence the "Five Faces of Mann" tour. But we also had extras thrown thrown in from the other members appearing on stage and their long careers including Tom McGuinness who had connections with Gallagher and Lyle. Also a group called McGuinness Flint and their biggest hit perhaps was "When I'm Dead and Gone"

    And we were also given a fair selection of the hits we ll remember from the 60's that Manfred Mann had Pretty Falmingo, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, The Mighty Quinn, Sha La La, 54321, Come Tomorrow and so on.

    They have an official website of their own The Manfreds Its worth booking to see them if you get the chance whilst you may.

    They also have quite an active Facebook page and seem quite happy to put up images of their concerts...

    What A Difference A Day Makes...

    I awoke with a headache and pretty well exhausted but as you may have seen on a previous post the Housing Association is harassing me again and I am now seriously thinking of taking it further even to my MP. I don't like the people I am dealing with, I find them deceitful, arrogant and smug.

    I am restricted to using wheelie bin collections as I do not have access to my own transport to get rid of items. And one week they take normal rubbish, the next week recycled items.

    Later I will post photo's to show you in reality how little I have, you will then see how over the top they are. I should not have to defend myself the way that I am having to. One of my neighbour(his own house I'll grant you)has so much in his garage he cannot put his car in to it. But no way is he a hoarder. And I suspect virtually everyone in the land has one room that is untidy or used as a storage room.

    I know that you only have my word that what I say is as it is and true but having lived here for over five decades I think that speaks volumes.

    At this rate if everyone is being treated like me, no one would dare have any personal possessions for fear they'll be unhappy. It is getting to the point where all I have in any room is the basics...in a bedroom basically "A Bed!" In the living room,  a TV, somewhere to sit etc...and nothing personal.

    I don't even buy anything much these days. My only two regular purchases are food and clothes. And at present I don't need any more clothes for the foreseeable future. I'm also happy with my food store.

    If I was to die tomorrow my home could be cleared really quickly. I'm not sure there is anything that anyone would want to reuse. Not even for a scrap merchant.

    But I'll get stuck in later today or no later than tomorow. I'll devote an hour per room again(mainly dusting/polishing)That gives me almost a week to do the big stuff. After the last to do with them I could not do a great deal for a few days my legs were covered in bruises and I could hardly move.

    They start their new letter off in a way that you feel as though you are being patronised, being talked to as though you are a child and being patted on the head. On the day of the visit they said they were happy, in the letter they say you have made progress. The house is virtually empty of anything personal and no room is cluttered so how can it be any better?

    I hope that my friend can come and sit in with me again when they return...

    But now I'll always be on tender hooks waiting for their return visits. You should feel happy in your home not worried. It all seems a bit sinister.

    Disappointed And A Partially Wasted Day...

    I went to Stockton and the event that was planned and it was a waste of time...the charities/organisations offering advice for a healthy lifestyle was just a few people with leaflets sitting in small tents...though it was only 2pm, the cooking demonstrations seemed to be over and the few ordinary market stalls were few, the best one was selling fruit and veg but as I needed nothing I spent nothing.

    I found a small area where some birds of pray were on show but the impression was that they were not doing demonstrations but allowing children to have photo's taken by parents with a bird sitting on a gloved hand.

    There were a couple of other birds but they were being used in photographs, one was an owl. Pity not to have photo's of the other birds but in this day and age I thought it best to avoid including the children as it was the only way to feature the birds even though it was a happy scene.

    Many years ago the venue above got all the top artists and performers from the world but it closed and was allowed to fall into a poor state and for years it has been talked about opening again but for the first time I came across the mural outside the building, we will have to see if anything comes of it.

    Its hard to believe it played host to artists like the Beatles, Lulu, Billy Fury, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly etc...though very young I know I saw Frank Ifield and Charles Hawtrey in pantomime and it is quite possible that the Shadows were in the same show. They did write a piece of music on one of their visits to the area called "Stars Fell On Stockton" If you enlarge the images to their biggest possible its quite impressive.

    The strapline is "Bringing the stars back to Stockton" It would be great if they could as it is nearer to this part of the North but unless it could attract the kind of performers that appear at the Sage I'm unsure what stars there are these days to attract. It was a different time in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

    I came back to Darlington and decided to fill in time until a concert I booked ages ago. Here is an image of the town clock and covered in market which next weekend celebrates its 150th Anniversary and the High Row. And people are going to dress in Victorian costumes.

    Finally my view of the stage at the concert I attended. I could have had some great shots but failed because I had the settings on my camera wrong. I'll know for another time...I will post a review soon. It appears that the group have posted images on the net themselves but mine would have been brighter and closer.