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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funny How Your Plans Often Change...

at short notice. Weather permitting and energy being ok...I am still on for Saltburn's food festival and band concert on Sunday.

Saturday night the musical based on the life and music of Glenn Miller "Bugle Boy"

On Friday I think I may travel to get my tickets for a show in the town hall in a neighbouring town for August/September to see Prelude/Keith Morrison and Kieron Goss/Lacewing and a ticket for that light event in Durham for November.

But into the mix and by chance on Saturday before the musical in the evening I may be heading to Barnard Castle to see a free concert between 2pm-4pm by the Durham Constabulary Brass Band. I did not even realise they had a brass band.

Again by chance the monthly Farmer's Market is being held there but whether I go to it is another matter as I hope to go to Saltburn the following day.

ETA:I am determined to go to Whitby after what I have seen on the internet, also the fishing village of Staithes. Because we are already into August and nights are drawing in I better be quick about it. Circumstances are likely to change to. I think I was in Staithes decades ago as a child but I was listening to a tribute to a favourite of mine Bernard Cribbins on R4, he mentioned doing a children's series called "Jack's Old Boat" I found an episode online and it is set on location in a picturesque location and as I wondered where he said "Staithes"

If I go on a weekday and catch a bus around 6.55am I can be there by approx 9.30am and its only another 15 min or so to reach Whitby. I think this week is out but next week a possiblity and I'll take some photo's and video's.

Not much to report except I picked up my medication today, decided it was time to stock up on my vitamins/minerals and got quite a good deal where it will cost no more than £1 a week. I popped into the supermarket and found some deals on fruit(not reduced)but selling at a lower price than normal...blackberries for £1 and salad stuff, as I left I also found some treats reduced too. So quite a good day...fish is even on the menu again, normal price I found a box of  four quality haddock fillets for £2 so I think that is a good deal too.

Here's my recent food haul...cakes, biscuits, bread and bread buns worth £14, I paid £3 saving £11.

It looks a lot for £3 and it is but does not look that much at the original prices.

The Music Club...

that I attend held a concert last evening and because the artists appearing did so for free...which they often do...and there was a larger crowd than normal, lots of raffle tickets were sold(people donated prizes)and in previous weeks a Tombola was held by the time people put loose change in a tray as they left...almost £1,000 was raised. Perhaps it was, we'll find out next week.

However, in these times of recession I know I am unable to give what I once would have like to towards charities and good causes. However, this amount was boosted by the generosity of a number of people and I mean sizable donations. Its amazing that such amounts are not missed or can be afforded.

However, it was a great night of entertainment and I am sure the charity that benefits from the donation will be very grateful.


I have said before "I don't dream much" or perhaps I should say I probably do but don't remember them.

However, I realise that those I do recollect are, even if they turn out to be weird, are based on recent events that happen around me. With all the worries about people losing their homes at present and the other day I saw someone rescuing a pigeon in the town centre...both of those themes worked their way into a dream I had a few days ago...

I seem to need more sleep at present, that could be normal and age related. When I sleep(and my legs don't keep me asleep)due to a variety of reasons, pain, restlessness etc...I can sleep reasonably well but I sleep when I feel ready to. I either cannot keep my eyes open or have suddenly gone off and the first I know is when I wake up. But as my diet is reasonably healthy and all went as well as it could at the last visit to the consultant for now I don't believe I have deteriorated further.

I am probably more susceptible to tiredness because of the health issues I have and two things are likely in the future, things stay as they are or will be worse but its a life long condition so it "Ain't going to get any better"

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

They Don't Make It Easy...

Previously I mentioned that something happening on Sunday, its another food festival...I know, I know...how many more?*8-| rolling eyes

Well, its the very first one in the coastal town of Saltburn. Now, the disadvantage is my visit will be affected by public transport issues again.

The earliest bus means I cannot connect with buses in neighbouring towns that get me to my destination. So the earliest I can arrive is 12.35pm. I miss almost three hours. The other option is the local railway station(quite a walk)and an earlier train but this weekend the train is not running and a replacement bus has to be caught, that takes passengers to Middlesborough railway station and then you have to change to the train service.

But it does mean I will not miss much, if I go early I may have time to enjoy more than just the event. There is a free band concert in the bandstand. This week it is the Billingham Silver Band.

Getting home is a problem, if you do not leave early. There is a way to stay a little longer but it adds a lot of time and miles to the journey*X( angryOne route makes the journey last nearly six hours. On a normal day that can be reduced to approx two hours.

The people who take care of my emergency phone came back today, all is well. But get this, I told you yesterday that they never leave a card if they miss you, nor a number or message on the phone...today I was told, they are not allowed to. How crazy is that? If anyone is able to think of a reason why, I really would like to know because I cannot think of one myself.

I have had another restful day...

Made myself some salad sandwiches with the bloomer loaf I am using up(only containing a mixture of lettuce/spinach, some cheddar cheese, tomato and spring onions)drank mainly water, a mug of coffee and five *Jaffa cakes*:"> blushingmy treat.

Tonight my music club is holding an event to raise money for charities connected to Cancer in some way. So I shall get myself ready soon and make my way.

*For a short time a freezer shop chain is offering twin packs of Mcvities Jaffa cakes worth approx £2.50 for £1 so I may buy a couple.

I've Missed A Day...

So what's been happening? Not much.

I dozed and took it easy. There was more rain today but in the end though I planned to stay indoors I did go to the Supermarket around 9.30pm and came back with some bananas, tonic water, spring onions and some Angus beef burgers. Oh and I found over £7 of bread and rolls for £1.

My main meal(may not seem exciting but I used up some items from the fridge)reduced and that needed to be eaten ASAP...some fancy rice, roast potatoes and one of the burgers. Some items are left for another day.

They're at it again...I had callers wanting to check the emergency phone as they do every so often but why do they never ever pop a card through the door when they miss me as they always call on speck.

I was unable to answer immediately as I was having a sleep but I phoned the office and they'll come back tomorrow. I keep saying put a card through the door and I'll arrange a time for a home visit, they never do. They never leave a message or number on the answer phone either. A simple task made difficult. How much time do they waste with others if they are like that with me.

I have nothing planned but as I hope to attend the following event this year I have found out its advisable to have a ticket(they are free)for the Lumiere I have never been before or seen it on TV etc...but suspect because of buses I will have to leave earlier than some to be sure of getting home. But at least it will be dark early by November, so the effects should work.

Tickets were released to the public from yesterday and I expect it to be a popular event so may travel to Durham later today to get one.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is It Really Sunday Night Again...

yep, its my little night out, its a little bit like the old fashioned working "mens" club which I used to hear of years ago...a drink or two(well, usually for me now its a tonic water)a game of bingo(oh dear)a pub quiz, a kind of card game and a turn...it fills approx 3 hours, why do the turns sing so loud?

I always take my ear plugs now...I had them yesterday at the airshow...I had taken them out when the last airplane performed...good grief that shook you to pieces with a roar to match...

Officially, nothing planned for this week but will see if I can find something to do. I have a musical lined up for next weekend with the story/music of Glenn Miller called Bugle Boy that's sneaked up on me...energy, weather and transport permitting there are a few things happening on the Sunday so next weekend could be interesting.

Not sure if I dare take any images this time as I will be seen as I am only three of four rows from the stage so cannot hide...when the Osmonds do their show in October I wonder how many will ignore that rule?

I'm tempted to contact them and ask if no flashes are used and you don't affect others by obstructing their view will they allow images to be taken? Then we know one way or the other. A while back some performers said it was ok to do so.

I Planned To...

attend the Airshow again or a big bike event in Durham at Police HQ today but it has rained all night and into the morning. When I say rained I really mean rain. The first really good one in weeks...if that had hit yesterday we'd have all been drenched and the day would have been disrupted. I thought the bike event would be in trouble but its going ahead, Sunday bus service means its too late to go. If I'm honest I am enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

ETA...the sun has of course come out now so both events may be surviving and having another good day but it has taken until 1pm to improve.

If the Airshow takes place today again there will be a live feed and then it will remain on line at You Tube...

Here is all that happened yesterday when I was there but I advise skipping some of it or watching it in stages.

It may lack the atmosphere but when some of the displays were far away and the planes were tiny to the eye and also on video they are easier to see on a video like this and unless you have an expensive camera, tripod etc...even I gave up.

You need a point of reference to train the camera on, often finding only sky, and any video ends up shaky. Also the battery soon ran out. Another problem with many digital cameras is that the LCD screens are not always easy to see in some lighting conditions and its still handy to have a viewfinder. Mine doen't have one.

The Red Arrows were amazing as always, its over thirty years since I saw them perform over Bournemouth beach(they're there next week)but I have to say many of the displays were as clever, dangerous and exciting.

I liked the "Twisters" but it turns out the pilots were ex Red Arrows anyhow, the Matadors were wonderful, what could be done with helicopters was amazing and the RAF parachutist team were great. To be honest all of it was and I hate singling out any particular person. They are all experts at what they do. They may thrill us with their antics but the thrill they must get is unimaginable.

Do check the video out, I was there and I have...

Here are a few of the images I did manage to take...

All the usual food outlets and fair ground rides were on site for families to enjoy/spend their money on.
A big passenger ferry from a local port took a detour and gave those on board a prime view of the first couple of hours but did continue their journey to wherever they were destined and did not stay all day.

BBC Radio Newcastle was wandering around the event interviewing people and I missed getting a better picture...I was quite intrigued by the equipment being used to relay the interview back to base that was carried around on the back of the engineer(?)I had not seen one before but it reminded me of the kind used by soldiers on the battle ground.

I was positioned in probably the best location which considering I had never been before was quite clever and I was near to where the commentator was and most of the camera work for the video posted on You Tube being sold via a DVD.

To be honest my photos/video's aren't good enough to post here which is a pity but there you go...now I'm starting  to think if I should invest in a proper SLR digital camera whilst I am able or is that unnecessary expensense and how often would it be used especially there is only me to look at most of the photo's I take.  
You may be tired of all this areoplane chit chat but if you search there are some great videos and photo's online via YouTube and Twitter and now I wish I was there again today. But I am watching some of the live feed via the net and its interesting some of the extra features of today's event and some extra's from yesterday such as the footage from the parachuters point of view. It may be even better than yesterday.
I watched the Breitling Wing Walkers which I did not see when I was there and so far I can find nothing of their display so click on the link and see a display from another airshow from last year. Its so dangerous I came across another wing walker who lost her life when performing in the States in June. Horrific!
Here's some more of the show from Sunday Link for now...

 Don't ask why but some of my problems posting images/video's to my blog seem to have been resolved themselves, I could not view video' posted on Yahoo so perhaps the fault was somewhere else other than my own computer.

Twenty Five Years!

That's how long The Sunderland International Airshow has been going. I attended my first yesterday. Generally it was well organised and moving all those present mainly by public transport was managed reasonably well considering the numbers present but it had its moments.

My day started around 8am with a quick wash and shave. Knapsack packed with water, sandwiches(reduced in Tesco's the day before)and a four bar Kit Kat on offer(100% extra in the packet for the same price)and a couple of small packets of crisps(again on offer)

Out of the door later than planned, as its a bit of a walk to the bus stop and I'm slower than I used to be I convinced myself that I would miss the bus but all was well. I arrived at Durham bus station with approx 3-4 minutes to spare and boarded the service I had been advised to specially catch to the show but found no concessionary fares were being accepted so had to part with £5. But knowing what I know now, I could have caught another(for free)and found another way there and still been there in time.

Oh and well into the ride and with a full bus, it broke down but the replacement arrived thankfully within 5 minutes, the bus had a slow water leak that had been missed, warning lights and sounds started. The driver topped it up but it didn't help, with the temperature raised it wasn't going anywhere. As we changed buses the boot was open and I assume the plan was to bring the temperature down and get some air circulating.

The driver had advised a one way ticket as he told me an alternative way home that allowed me to use my pass. Lets say many buses that took us home after the day even as he had advised would  not allow the use of passes and it looked as though I would have to part with another £5 but depending which queue you were in, I did find some were free, I took a slight detour into the city centre and boarded another bus to Durham and back to my town and all the connections worked.

It was a bit confusing finding the right queue to stand in and the where the end of them were and I was directed(wrongly)into three or four queues before getting into the right one.

Everyone was well behaved, friendly and kind during the day, sharing what they had. Someone offered a chair they had brought for some of the time I was present.but at the end of the day I still managed to find the one person who had a nasty attitude and had a go at me(and did not like me answering/standing up for myself)

I was finding out whether I and others were in the right queue by hunting out a bus official and its just coincidence that this person was in a wheelchair but she started making her mouth go(and what a loud mouth)the only one who did, thinking I was trying to jump the queue but she was just nasty, the kind I could imagine always getting into arguments(and the rest of the family dare I say were the same)these would be the kind that would be seen as problematic by the media when they make documentaries(they behaved similarly on the bus)but its kind of funny "when I gave back as good as they gave" it was probably unexpected. One of them said "Don't talk to her like that!" I said "And don't talk to me that way either"

I'm so easy to get on with and placid trust me to get the awkward person. Forgive me, I don't usually judge people but did this time. I won't say she was common because that term can actually be positive and apply to many.

I was home around 8.30pm and realised how tired I finally was. But all in all a good day.

Look at that, I have posted about the day and have yet to talk about the event. Later...

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Party Has Begun...

Unknown to me there was a feed via You Tube of the start of the Sunderland Airshow this evening. There are some long gaps and poor sound here and there but if you jump through the video there are some great displays and it ends with a fireworks display.
An hour in watch the memorial fly past...with a Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft...
One hour twenty two minutes in you can watch The Red Arrrows...
Two hours forty minutes in you can see the Typhoon...
Three hours twenty six minutes there is a display from the Twisters...Interesting in that their display is done against a dusk sky with lights, now how difficult is that?

Update:Not sure how much of your broadband allowance watching these videos would use but its a great idea and tomorrow and Sunday the show is being broadcast live and posted on You Tube afterwards.

I Wonder Why...

as I have been able to get out and about more recently, I have been feeling a bit melancholic in the past week or so...I'm managing to keep on top of it and hope it is just a blip. Perhaps its because I know when Summer is over I have to start clearing more of stuff away, look for documents and things misplaced during the recent run in with the Housing Association, I'll be back in the loft again, the only good thing is that I will be getting rid of rather than bringing more stuff in. Then there are the changes caused by Government policies etc...and oh yes, I need an operation and who would look forward to that?

Perhaps subconsciously they are in affecting me and are hovering in the background.

I must be getting old...I have to build up to doing something that requires energy, sleep/rest afterwards(often for a long time)and I often fall asleep without warning so know all about having a nap or 40 winks.

I did so approx an hour ago...I was about to listen to The Archers and Desmond Carrington on the radio and suddenly I find I had missed the first and missed half of the latter.

I must not sleep in tomorrow morning I'm supposed to be away to the Sunderland Airshow, my first. I suspect my camera's battery will run out before I take all the images I hope to especially if I take video's. But you may enjoy the link and seeing highlights of last year's show.

I will decide whether to take my knapsack or cool bag. I can manage on very little and if I make the effort to have breakfast even more so.

I'm thinking cereal, fruit and yogurt. Perhaps some toast with jam or marmalade(its been a while since I did that)

I may take some water, some fruit and I have some ready made sandwiches that were reduced, I can manage on two(they are worth £2-£2.50)high in calories, good quality ingredients like chicken, bacon, lettuce and I can add something else myself if I so wish. What I don't eat tomorrow I can on Sunday. And I will decide if I should do something else that day or stay at home. I have to plan but often decide on the day.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Now...don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my first visit to Bridlington today but I was sidetracked and found myself not able to wander alone and at my own leisure but in a group. The group ended up spending more time in the typical gift shops you find in many seaside towns...and where I purchased nothing they purchased(and its only my own opinion...)tat! Things like a salt and pepper pot with the image of the singer Daniel O' Donnell on them.
I would have sat looking to sea and perhaps walked along the harbour but then again there wasn't that much at the seafront and everyone seems to end up shopping or popping into a local café drinking endless cups of tea.
I gave in and had a tea myself and yes Fish and Chips. Well, I won't put too many images up but enough so you may enjoy seeing the seagulls. So ok I took the first image with telephoto lens but these birds really are large.
I believe the following is another type of gull and was in the harbour moving around in the sludge whilst the tide was starting to come in again.

Another seagull in the sea ar the harbour drinking seawater which apparently they are able to do.

The following ship kept going  to sea with passengers but never really seemed to go anywhere. Just out of the harbour a little way. Anchor there for awhile and then return. It is decked out in a Pirate theme.

There is a lot of work going on which looks like the building of sea defence measures further along the beach and out at sea the following rig which we think could be drilling for oil or gas.

The following is the harbour/marina where ships and boats are moored, the tide was just starting to come in.
Finally, a general shot looking at the coast, the sea and beach but it does not show the work going on. The truth is when all the work is completed there will be more to see and access to a longer walk along the seafront. To be fair with more time I think there are more places you could visit in and around Bridlington by catching a local bus to perhaps some municipal gardens, parks and other attractions or places to visit so not a bad to base yourself etc...

It appears in the last 24 hours before we were in the town and this area Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were walking around, now they would have been some images to feature here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here Are A Couple Of Short Video's...

Taken of the Deer in the grounds of Raby Castle at the weekend as I rushed for my bus home...

The news has been announced that makes going there again difficult if you want a trip somewhere on a Sunday...the bus I caught is now to run only every two hours not hourly. So that will also affect those who live at the end of the route in Barnard Castle too. This happens from the coming weekend.

You've seen the photo's taken at the 1940's event in Sedgefield, if you'd like a look, here are a couple of video's from that event too. Still trying to find out who is performing...
Update:A performer became stroppy and though many similar amateur videos and commercial videos exist on You Tube a complaint was made so to save hassle I took it down. There's always one. I saw it as a compliment. So as said previously if an image/video is removed you know why but hopefully if done in a tidy way, you'll never know...only if I am unable to find it myself.
The other night a professional performer was telling a story about a soldier badly injured who had asked for a song to be performed and the singer could not do so because only one group/performer/band or whoever is allowed to. The performer could not understand it himself. That's the way its getting these days. We've gone from underprotection to overprotection in many cases IMHO.


I Made The Effort To Watch Some Television...

In the lounge last night to save some Internet usage and then wish I hadn't bothered. Oh I don't hold any animosity to our Royal Family and the birth of any baby(especially for those involved)is a miracle and is precious but I settled down to watch my choice of programme to find it had been taken off air and instead it was wall to wall coverage of talk of the birth of the Royal Baby.

I don't even mind that it is talked about but we had lots of correspondents stood outside of the hospital(with no news)people standing in locations where the Duchess of Cambridge spent most of early life but again...no news. And so it went on and on...

All we need to know for now is that a healthy baby boy weighing 8lbs 6ozs was delivered at approx 4.20pm and naturally everyone directly involved is happy. Anything else is "fluff!"

Much as I like church bells the planned bell ringing at Westminster Abbey today starting at 2pm is to last for three hours. Even that is too much for me and I am thankful I am nowhere near the Abbey.

The fact I prepared a salad and decided to eat whilst watching the programme I had chosen kept me in front of the TV longer than planned but when finished I disappeared ASAP and went back to bed...well it was after 10.30pm anyhow.

The media will keep using general terms about how delighted the population is about the news, you know the sort of thing "The whole country is happy" etc...no they're not, forgetting those who are against the monarchy whatever they do, there are many with no particular interest either way. They are ambivalent.

I also know that I will hear no one talk about it when I go shopping later or go out socially tonight.

A few important stories sneaked out but were ignored especially by the TV news which is the way many receive their news these days.

I came across a few political stories that are worrying and will affect many(I'll not go into them now)but they are still doing the same thing by issuing suspect PR surveys about the effect the Olympics has had bringing business to the UK and people taking up sport and when you start to look in greater detail the language used, the statistics are suspect but it looks good superficially. The businesses that have set up may have done so anyhow and few if any can be tied to the Olympics with strong evidence.

Monday, July 22, 2013

In This Weather...

I can survive on so little. All I have eaten so far is approx half of the loaf of bread baked by Sue as seen in the previous post, some danish blue cheese spread on it with some tomato, watercress and spinach/lettuce. Nor do I feel dehydrated even though I haven't drunk much.

They say its the hottest day of the year/summer today so why do I feel cooler and more comfortable even indoors? The thermometer in the bedroom is saying 24c. So its definitely cooler.

The big news is that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been admitted to a private hospital and a Royal birth is imminent. I've no strong feeling for or against royalty nor about this story. I'll concede more coverage when the baby is born and the news is announced but it has been dragged out for the last fourteen hours by the media. And there is no news. So when there is some...

It was going to happen but the big news for someone like myself who is quite into the media is that veteran broadcaster David Jacobs is to cease presenting his weekly music show on BBC Radio2. It could be his age but as I started writing this post...I know it was kept quiet(and rightly so)that he disappeared off the air approx two years ago and the lack of a reason why meant people speculated.

Even Mum and myself did. Mum liked him and his show losing her own life before he returned and never finding out why. He returned around within weeks of Mum passing away.

Today we realise just how ill David is and how well he has done to continue broadcasting. The BBC mentions that he has been treated for Liver cancer and has Parkinson's disease both serious and dibilitating.

David Jacobs

I wish him well and thank him for all the years of entertainment he has given Mum and myself.

As for BBC Radio 2 and the vacated slot I can only hope they find a suitable replacement and continue to give this slot over to a programme featuring similar music and does not use it as an excuse to drop such music from the schedule as there is little enough of it played already. I have tuned in every Sunday night for years. And the block of shows between 9pm and midnight(the others presented by Russell Davies and Clare Teal are favourites too)

Update:It's been announced another long serving radio great is having to retire due to ill health James Alexander Gordon.

TV wise another great from my childhood and early adult life has passed away but he hasn't produced any new material for years Alan Whicker.

A Taste Of Teesdale...

I awoke yesterday expecting to arrive at a food event later than I wanted to because being dependent on a Sunday bus service they start later any how but a quick look at an official heavily promoted website I could get there sooner. I made it Darllington before10am(just)there were two services leaving at 10.01am and the other 10.08am. Wrong! One service does not run on a Sunday and the other leaves at 10.48. So I had to hang around for almost an hour. That had been a bus at 9.48am but no way I could connect to it.

The route it took to Staindrop meant the nearest I could get to Raby Castle involved a fairly long walk(even if you are fit)and if you have mobility problems like me, more problems than I realised it would. I felt like giving up a number of times. But if I had that was defeat and I still had a trek getting back to where  I had started.

Going home I arrived at the bus stop with 5 seconds to spare otherwise it was an hour to wait for the next one.
The event was well attended with many people attending all day. The choice of food/drink and craft stalls were a lovely and the only downside was a lack of money and knowing that what I did buy I would have to drag home in a shopping trolley by bus. I would be lost without it though.

If time had allowed I would have got better images of the Deer but time was against me. I took a couple of short video's too. Also some images of the exterior of the castle.
I have posted a small selection below...

I treated myself to some artisan bread.A bit expensive but worth it and once again it has made me want to have another go at doing my own. The two loaves on the left are courtesy of the Moody Baker who appear at many events in the area but they also have some shops too, the loaf on the left is from a local baker 7 miles away and on the right Sue's Bread who has built up a clientele that order from her and collect. It would not work for me sadly. But I will buy again if our paths cross and they may as Sue has a stall at Barnard Castle once a month.
It seemed a very popular event and was well supported. There was a lovely selection of stall holders and my friend was there too. I sat in the gardens and ate a beautiful chocolate Brownie and came home with some home made ginger beer both made by The Gingerbread Mam. Can't show the Brownie all the evidence has gone.

Some of the beer was a thank you for kindnesses recently shown to me, one bottle has already found a new home.

The weather was hot and humid even if the sun was missing and to be honest it was probably better that the sun was not blazing but as I came home it was starting to show its face.

It was easier coming home than going. Many of the bus services in my part of the county stop by 6pm on a Sunday so you are limited what you can do anyhow.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Barely Mentioned...

It is difficult for me to realise that it is 43 years since Man first walked upon the Moon. What a lot has happened since then and yet I find myself asking...where did the time go? I was still a child and had a life to live. Now the sands of time are running out.

I believed this image to be in the public domain but since runing the cursor over the image I see that there is, possibly the Press Association. So give credit to them.

Already Planning Ahead For Next Weekend...

I have never been before...it is The Sunderland Airshow and its "Free!" I may attend more than one day but there is another event I can visit on the Sunday but that has a charge though. It is all to do with Pirates.

Tomorrow its the event at Raby Castle, Staindrop...£1.50 to get in...a reduced charge to look around the Castle £4.50 instead of £10 so if the buses don't let me down and the weather is kind it should be a good day.

Just  had my evening meal, cheated a little bit...I cooked some fresh cauliflower and broccoli but had a reduced ready meal in the fridge which I had with it...Wiltshire ham hock, leek and potato gratin with a creamy sauce made with mature cheddar topped with roasted ciabatta crumbs.

The 1940's Weekend Part Two...

Mainly images of the vechicles and equipment that was peppered around the green, I should know what they are but sadly do not but they seem to be the genuine article...mainly from the war years.



The Old Church In Sedgefield.

Flower Bed Near The Church "V" For Victory.

The 1940's Weekend Part One...

I awoke later than planned and changed my itinerary accordingly. Cancelled the trip to Durham, got myself slowly ready discovering that when I caught a bus I could be in Sedgefield in fifteen minutes.

So I am back from the 1940's themed weekend. Those who organised it tried their best but I decided not to drag the visit out. I'd seen most of what was there within an hour(I did stay for two)

As I climbed on the bus for home the female vocalist had valiantly battled on with a faulty PA system was doing so again and was well received. Sadly that same person appears to have complained after some months of one short video of her performing instead of seeing it as a compliment so I have had to remove it. It might've even got her more bookings. Though she is fully booked, I hope the images can remain of the day.

Its funny how so many video's are viewable on a popular website and remain there forever/years and others cannot, its all so complicated. I find its easier not to post or remove items so as you go through my blog if a video or image has been removed I apologise and you know the reason why.

Quite a few locals had made the effort to dress in clothes/uniforms of the time...If I'd had a meal(in a pub)or a drink I could have stayed longer.

It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours and was happy that I went. Its over 40 years since I was last there. I did enjoy my time but there isn't much there. Perhaps that's the attraction. Its quite unspoiled.

I actually like places like that to live in. But it does mean you need access to transport to travel around but well, there has to be a reason for people to come to such an area. I suppose such an event does just that.

Well, there is always a little bit of history everywhere isn't there? When I alighted from the bus I was greeted with the following...it is 306 years old.

I did not catch the names of the entertainers though I tried.


A Song And Dance Man.
  Look At This Cutie Dressed In Cap And Camouflage Jacket. Must Of Been Hot Though But They Did Go Home Quite Early And No Doubt There Was A Drink Of Water Waiting.

Replica Spitfire On The Green. £5 To Have A Photo taken In The Cockpit/On The Wing Next To The Cockpit.

Another Airplane And Below Someone Sings George Formby.


Not Many But Some People Danced.

 Some More Images In The Next Post(Again They Can Be Enlarged By Clicking On Them)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Who Needs An Excuse?

I've been so good for months rarely eating and cakes or biscuits. I gave in a few minutes ago and had a Pineapple Cube Cupcake...well, one day I may not be allowed to so whilst I can...

I have another fifteen to get through(not all the same flavours)I hasten to add. I'd like to make some and think I am able but at approx 38p each not sure I could make them any cheaper(ingredients/energy)and on my own they may go stale quickly.

Its another scorcher and I don't think I'll be eating much today but will wait until later. The windows are open, blinds/curtains closed and I'm staying indoors.

Think Saturday/Sunday will be busy and I will slap the old sun cream on...and yes, it looks as though its Durham in the morning, Sedgefield in the afternoon and into the evening. Sunday Raby Castle(the bus service is a problem)I could lose 90 mins of the day because they start so late but I am hoping I can get around that and get back an hour so I will only miss 30 minutes. They don't make it easy.

If I can make it there...I can enter the grounds for £1.50 and should I decide to look around the castle it will cost £4.50 instead of the usual charge of £10. So we shall see how it goes.

ETA...We have a breeze at last and some cloud cover so it may become a little cooler...hopefully!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Wilting...

In the heat...as little on as possible, windows open, blinds and curtains closed still struggling.

Well, I attended the hospital for my check up...

More positives than negatives...

They were happy with the blood pressure reading, the bloods(no sign of diabetes)Cholesterol doesn't seem a problem, no protein in the urine, weight is down(even though I was approx 8lbs lighter for a few weeks before)I was bang on 10stone. Still advised I do not require statins so I did the right thing not to start taking them.

Had it verified that the possible reason for my kidney condition/damage was taking Ibuprofen which considering I never was one for taking pills or had much pain that required taking any painkillers is ironic. So I can blame myself for taking them or the locum Dr who prescribed them. Then again most take them without adverse effects and there was no reason why I was going to be unlucky.

I discovered but I did not want to know that I appear to have 60% kidney function or that is how they calculate things but my condition is stable, they are happy and seem not overly concerned. I got the impression today that my function had improved and was perhaps 70%(if that is possible)

What was interesting is that the regime of drugs I have been on for approx 17 years is a prototype that my consultant invented or followed and has been very successful and yet a different model of treatment and choice of drugs on patients at a hospital approx 32 miles away have not had as good results so I have been fortunate to be located where I am and to be seen by my particular consultant.

We suspect the drugs have taken their tole in other ways(mobility problems)but they have kept my kidneys going and I am still here so which is better?

I find(and I don't know whether the attitude of dr's/consultants has improved)or whether it just because of how I talk to them and don't treat them as gods but equals(or am I just fortunate)but I find just as I have with MP's and councillors I have recently been in contact with, we talk easily and comfortably with each other. The  Dr I saw today even admitted that he gets aprehensive when he has to go for an appointment and yes his blood pressure goes up when he has it taken. I suspect its worse when you are a Dr because you know what the likely outcome of treatment or a condition will be.

Unless something unexpected happens or I decide I have to proceed with another medical matter, I am not expected for the next check up until November 21st.

Felt Like I Was Playing...

cat and mouse with the usher, as though I was being naughty. I could've taken better images and more of them. But I snatched what I able to and kept it to the minimum but I was not annoying anyone, used no flash or blocked anyone's view.
The worst image is of Gary Wilmott comparing the show. I had a clear view and had a section of the theatre to myself(approx 16 seats)My original seat was pretty good almost on the aisle but they were selling flags and hats, most of them were fine but one item was a nuisance. It was a headband with a kind of Union Jack top hat attached and when worn, it blocked the view as it was solid. And though few of those had been purchased, the person in front of me happened to have one.
How fortunate that I had all those seats to choose from and could move to another.

The above images of the British Philharmonic Concert Orchestra showing the set up before the show started and then when they had taken up their seats.

Jeff Moore and Anna Clare performed together and alone.
Gary Wilmott compared, joked and also sang but I was wary of over doing taking photo's.

We were treated to a selection of light classical and light music in general. A very enjoyable night. We had the usual popular Proms favourites, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory, Nimrod, Pomp and Circumstance No.4 and some pieces I know but cannot necessarily name.
We had Ivor Novello, a selection of Abba songs, some film music The Great Escape, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, TV themes from series such as Top of the Form and Blue Peter and a favourite of mine the piece that introduced Paul Temple on the radio for years Coronation Scot. The Happy Wanderer, Oh and the song from the Kiss Me Kate's score, Brush Up Your Shakespeare.
Lots of flag waving and you'd think I'd be safe but someone managed to give me a hurtful glancing blow across my head. At first I wondered what it was, the thing is that no one was sitting/standing in the row directly behind me. They managed to do that from two rows away.
It was a good night and I was happy that I made the effort to attend.