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Thursday, March 31, 2016

I have A Compost Bin :-)

Nearly killed myself getting it home...even using the supermarket shopping cart. Its big!!! The other item I wanted sold out earlier today but...they called another branch and they're holding one for me so I'll collect that tomorrow. Its a 40 min trip on a bus but the bus stops outside the store. That item(the weeder)is easy to carry.

I went into a popular cheap high street shoe retailer and they are not selling size 9 white slip on/tab type trainers. They cannot get any from other branches. I can have them in black but I don't want black. I can have white if I am size 8 and below.

I purchased two pairs of casual deck shoes. They came to £10. By buying two pairs I saved an additional £6. They'll do for now. Perhaps as the year progresses they get some in. Or I may have to go into a sports retailer. Actually, thinking about it, that's probably a good idea. Another job for tomorrow perhaps. Even a supermarket may be selling them.

I've just made a salad, ham and prawns sandwich and am having a weak coffee now. Then I'll shave and head out for the bingo.

I thought my shopping trip may last an hour but it was nearer 3 hours in the end.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Perhaps my first real task may be accomplished tomorrow or soon after. The discount supermarket at the bottom of my street is selling Composting Bins. So all the rubbish I have been wanting to get rid of(and I usually only have grass cuttings and hedge trimmings)will now go into that.

I was wondering where I'd find a decently priced compost bin easy to get home. I can put it in a shopping cart and bring it home. I believe it takes/makes 220 litres.

That will be a good job done. The grass still hasn't shot away yet so I may be able to put work off that for a few more weeks and the weather still is changeable and a bit frosty in the evenings. Most weeds have stayed away but this time instead of a weedkiller, I am thinking of buying a weeder too when I buy the compost bin.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Passes By...

And guess what. The weather is better. Still no plans for going anywhere today(unless you count the music club tonight)

Feeling positive. Actually better then I did yesterday if I am honest.

I was cosy in bed listening to the programmes I mentioned in the previous entry, enjoying them and...still managed to fall asleep. I missed half of the documentary on Bobby Darin and all of the Caruso one. Thank heavens for ways that you can catch up.

Around now four years ago(perhaps slightly earlier)Mum was coming to the end of her life and was moved to a care home on my town. That was a big learning curve. It still goes on and it always will.

Well, I have rubbish to shift. Meals to cook later. I'm about to have a light breakfast. Probably coffee and toast.

Debating if I should(whilst I may)attend some extra events going on locally soon(starting in April)the Free and really low priced ones I'm almost certain I will. Some are a little more expensive and I'll have to jiggle money around if I want to go or think sod it...do so whilst you can as age, health or income may mean in the future you cannot.

Also you may think about how you'll be in ten, twenty or thirty years and you could pop off tomorrow. I'll be a funny "old" stick if I'm still around in thirty years. And by then I could be in a care home for all I know or anyone does. That does not mean I am feeling down about all that. I may not like it but you can't change things.

Its quite likely the bingo I play with friends will end in the coming years and the same is true of the music club on the town or it may change as others take over its running(if anyone wants to)and money spent in those places could be directed elsewhere. It may change due to demographics(people being older)or bluntly dying off(as we all will and the music played/who performs etc...)but it works for now.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Wow Easter Is Almost Over For Another Year...

Having a quiet Easter Monday. The weather not great but nothing like Storm Katie that has been affecting most of the South of the UK. Its been rough.

We had rain here. I wasn't heading out in that. Its improved but at this late part of the afternoon its easier to stay home, listen to some radio and perhaps prepare a meal later.

Sunday was out because shops(were closed)and I needed nothing(I don't always want to walk around shops)and hey it was a Sunday service.

Its a bit like that today(buses are better)but again shops don't appeal.

If things are better midweek perhaps I'll have journey to the coast. Or anywhere. Perhaps I'll get some images.

I used to like some Talk Radio but its too shouty and "In your face!" Well the new relaunched version is. Its complicated. We had a new talk station launched perhaps fifteen to twenty years ago. Yje difference was there had been a dedicated talk station in London since 1973 but this was a national one. It was then taken over and became a sports talk station. Now that company has decided to launch a general talk station as a sister station plus a second sports talk station but I'm not impressed. I miss the original and I liked many of the original line up at that time. Perhaps I've changed. Maybe I wouldn't like that if it still existed but I would've hoped that it would choose similar presenters and not be as brash. After all how many presenters stay for yen or twenty years especially in commercial radio.

I have just listened to a drama of Rumpole of the Bailey on Radio 4. I often listen to the radio version but never thought to watch the TV version. Tonight its music documentaries on Radio 2. One on Bobby Darin and another about Enrico Caruso. What a difference in styles.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I'm Having A Small Look Out...

going looking for fish, some fresh vegetables, vitamins and possibly some cheap trainers. If I go around Noon I think I can be home by 3pm(ish)I am thinking trout flakes and salmon fillets. I have to decide if I am doing a more traditional meal as in vegetables/potatoes and fish or a fish salad.

That's as exciting as today is planned to be. The weather could be better. Its dull and windy. You don't mind so much when you at home or close to home.

The route I am taking today is close to all the shops I wish to visit so that makes life easy too.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter...

Well you know what I mean. Depending on your Religious stance you'll see that differently. As in the reason for Easter and what we are celebrating at this time of year. Then whether we say it as a personal greeting.

I managed two small visits out this week mainly due to determination.

I decided to treat myself and get some lovely food in(spending a fair bit on fresh high quality fare)That started on Wednesday(including Thursday)most of which is fruit and veg/salad.

Its still OK and will do a fair few meals. Sadly as yet, its mainly in the fridge. As gout has returned and no, I cannot blame what I am eating because I am pretty well up on anything to do with food and remedies for many common ailments and illnesses. I have access to many trusted websites on the internet and books in the cupboard.

The good news is the gout med and painkillers have kicked in and given relief but plans for doing anything over the weekend has been put off.

Thursday I managed before knowing this was to return to get to Durham Cathedral for a morning service associated with Easter. I would've liked to have attended others to do with Easter but that wasn't possible and even without the gout bus services over much of Easter make that difficult.

I was planning on making a fish meal traditional on Good Friday but decided it wasn't worth trying to go into the supermarket for it with this returning. I can have it another day. Fish was the only the thing I was short of unless I break into canned tuna or salmon.

So I am relaxing and feeling positive and I'll beat it again. I am enjoying the Easter break to be honest.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sleep Really Does You Good...

I was dead to the world most of the weekend to be honest. I don't feel guilty.

I didn't take a lot of "Food" to the club but I have returned with most of it so I can cheat at lunchtime and have some beef sandwiches(or keep them back for a snack)I'm mindful of gout issues so the meat is very thin. I've had porridge and fruit and am happy to have breakfast whether I have it at an early hour or later in the day. They say Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries are good for a number of health reasons. I forgot about my bananas. Perhaps later today.

Here's a surprise and it shows how common gout is. Lets just say someone I know quite well was at hospital for blood tests and X-Rays earlier in the week. I am told though the X-rays are not back yet, the blood tests confirmed...gout. Not a "Big" red meat eater nor a "Big" drinker. Perhaps it comes down to another reason. It used to be said rich food was the major reason. Maybe its a medical issue or just the quality of food has improved. We also try more unusual foods as I say later many have moved away from simple foods.

Last century and beyond, the majority of people were probably eating grains, fruit and root vegetables whilst the better off were eating rich foods, meats like game and drinking port etc...also they were probably quite sedentary. The majority of the public were probably working very hard often doing physical work in the fields or in more modern times working in factories and mills etc...

I have another chicken and vegetable casserole ready to go in the slow cooker. I really must think about doing a sweet and sour chicken meal or something that has rice as an ingredient soon. Someone who used to read my blog made home made curries that's another idea, You can eat hot meals at this time of year just need to avoid heavy and large meals.

As the mild weather seems to have returned for Spring I think I really will consider getting back eating salads again. I make what I have go a long way.

I am not so sure that my gout is caused by what I eat that much. It could be a reaction to medication, that sometimes things don't work as they should. And of course side effects to strong medication.

Happily and quite simply I have extended the life of two pairs of trousers that pleases me too.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

It Would Appear There Is...

a bug going around. Yes, this late in the year. A fair few people were missing from an event I was at on Friday. But it went well and was very enjoyable. The gig finished with a great "Americana" Band. I think that's the right term "The Whiskey Dogs" All the way from Hull and Bridlington. That's a fair distance.

I was going to have a look out today and decided against it. I think that was the right decision. I may do the same again tomorrow. Its called pacing myself.

I'll so some washing, tidying and do some meals.

Took a bit of a double take when reading the local free sheet over the weekend. I don't know the person well but around the time Mum passed away not much earlier one of Mum's friends had also passed away with terminal cancer.

He's told me at various times about the problems he and his wife faced and what he has faced since. He has also a disabled/ill daughter and he's told me of her problems(and yes also with claiming state help)I may've mentioned this in an earlier entry. So I won't go over old ground for a variety of reasons.

I was impressed the other week when we talked to see him climbing onto a bicycle. And he had all the gear on as in hi vis jacket and safety helmet. Its not worth going into what his letter was about in the paper but until the last line where his name appeared I had no idea that he had written it but more to the point he is 87 years old. Of course, then thinking about it, it would be so. If my dear Mum was still here she would be 90 years old now.

Is much happening at present? No but I am honestly quite happy. Simple is good.

I would say however(and I know everyone has their own political opinions)but for me the last few days have been interesting, positive, hopeful and also scary in the UK. Some of it is due proposed plans from the latest budget. Some is due to infighting between members of the Government and the implications.

If I started to explain some reading would be angry and disagree. Some would agree and be happy and others would be bored. If I was running a dedicated website and blog devoted to politics and had the time to give, it would make sense writing in great detail. I won't say that I won't at some point in the future but now isn't the time. Because much of what may happen is unknown. Situations are unfolding.

But you know what. Many, many countries are in turmoil and governments are having their own troubles. We are not alone. I do realise that a lot of the media is biased and many things that should be reported are not. That goes for domestic media and newspapers though we are told we have a free press and media.

I also find that the BBC World Service will tell me stories from across the world and I can see its value for others who feel that their own media does not tell them what's going on but to be a genuine source of information the station should also tell some of what is happening here whether good or bad and tell the world. But the recent events in the Government(and I listen a lot)seems to have been omitted.

Therefore I can see(though you have to be careful)the worth of social networks. And when I watch or read the news I don't look at it at face value. I go away and question what I have been told. Just as this blog is my take on the world, often those who report on events, are giving a personal opinion rather than facts. One word can alter its meaning. Its probably always gone on but I do believe its worse now with so much media available 24/7.

On a positive note...Its Spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


The long awaited concert booked ages ago happened on Tuesday. An Evening with Lulu. I am glad that I can say I have seen her. Myself and a couple of others had a great view...until we had the largest bloke in the theatre sit in front of us. He was wider than the seat with a stocky build and quite high compared to everyone else so we had to try and see around him. Usually its not such a problem as the this theatre and the layout of the seats guarantees a great view wherever you are.

Look...the show was great. I liked her. She gave her all and performed a full programme. She moved well, she looked good(years younger than her physical age)and she sounded terrific too(when I could hear her)

I'll qualify that...the sound mix needed some tweaking so her voice could carry over the band but they were so loud(and had many powerful speakers)they drowned her out. The sound had so much bass it was more like a rumble even our seats were vibrating.

The second half was better because the band stripped down a little so you could hear her better(perhaps they'd fiddled with the sound too)

It over ran slightly so even with a bus back to the station I had to hang around for the last bus for almost an hour. That's OK. Lucky there is one.

Wednesday nothing happened, I rested(Shoulders were aching a bit)I watched the dreaded budget. I'm telling fibs. I meant to and I fell asleep. But I listened to the reaction that followed.

Today, I'll admit it. It was a bingo night. I broke even and was approx £6 up so the night was free. It was...just for fun. I had had an exciting little shop before going purchasing Strawberries and Bananas(just to stay healthy)That was all I planned to buy but(and it shows that supermarkets)could be like pound shops if they wanted to be...I spotted some items for £1.

Though I usually keep my doors/windows locked, I found some door alarms(one for the front and back doors)a thermometer, pillow protectors(two in a packet)and a pill organiser(which holds pills for upto a month)and my luxury was some lemon Viennese Whirls(on offer)to share with others on Sunday.

I'm easily pleased. Therefore the £6 came off my shop.

Oh at short notice I found a music club quite close to home(it has a little concert once a month)and the entry fee and drinks are quite inexpensive and kept saying I'll go and I forgot. This time I made the effort. I knew the guests that were singing so knew I would be in for an entertaining night.

And they are trying to keep music alive and we don't get much on this town, hopefully I'll go again.

The monthly music club has come around again for tomorrow. Its a little bit expensive but you do get a few acts and food in the deal(and if I get a free lift home that helps cut down the cost)go whilst I can is my motto.

The compare has had an accident(its known as in the public domain)and amongst other things he has broken his nose, it needs more work(he cannot breathe)so at short notice another local celeb(who sings/tells jokes is filling in for him)I was talking with him on Monday as he'd come through to this Monday venue.

At present I am not out as much but I feel chipper but when I do its all local entertainment which is quite "Cheap"and(without meaning to be offensive)amateurish. But they are quality. To be honest I doubt I would have the courage or be able to get up and do what they do.

I'm going to rest now, have a coffee and listen to the radio.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Tortoise And The Hare...

I am the former...at present. Having a scooter would not help at present as I could not take it on a bus so I choose my journeys carefully.

I have a show tomorrow night(but that was booked ages ago)and I've made up the cost by now. A concert with 60's pop icon Lulu. At least going I have found yet another way to get to the theatre that involves even less walking and that is especially good because we're not talking of level ground but inclines.

And as said before coming home I have another route that gets me back to the bus station(another long walk avoided)and often it means I connect to an earlier bus so avoid waiting around in the bus station.

Since the last entry I have seen a classical music concert of American Music. I enjoyed the second half better than the first. I think most of the featured music was by Leonard Berstein. The first half I didn't recognise one piece and other I did but it was not as I remember it Applalachian Spring and I did not enjoy it.

Saturday and Sunday I attended The North Of England Brass Band Championships.  I am glad to have done it but I wouldn't do so again. There are various sections and in each section the bands play the same test piece. An adjudicator sits in a curtained off area with no idea who is playing and decides who is the best to his own criteria.

Its one man/woman's decision. I am biased and I thought my local band Ferryhill Town Band was as good/better than some of the other band in the section they were part of but they were unsuccessful this year so they are not taking part in the National Championships later in the year. Perhaps next year.

The weather these past few days has been beautiful but I have had nowhere to go(well I have been to all the above)but they are indoor events and because some were in the evening I could not go somewhere and the Championships kept me indoors during the daytime. I managed all of the rounds on Saturday but gave up on Sunday by mid afternoon and probably missed one and half sections.

Some test pieces you don't mind hearing them many times but others though testing the performers and you appreciate they are clever, they become boring.

Though the weather has improved I am preparing a chicken casserole in the slow cooker. Soon if it stays like this I will be having more salads and cold food. So preparation will be reduced as will energy used but meals will be still as healthy.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not Too Happy To Have Done...

very little today but too be honest, the mind was willing but the body was not. If I felt as I did today I would not have been able to go to the concert last night. The difference between one day to the next. We work with what we have.

Just because you make plans or perhaps buy a ticket months ago is no guarantee you will still succeed. I have a ticket and hope to be watching a concert tomorrow but that decision could be made as late as 4pm.

I am going out now(well soon)the bus is near home, I'm on the town and won't be out very long(You know what I am doing right?)I get a lift back to my front door.

I'm thinking of having a jacket potato for supper topped with a little cheese and bacon. 8 minutes if that in the microwave.

Most exciting task getting rid of some rubbish for the wheelie bin collection tomorrow. I'll probably do that tonight rather than wait until rushing it first thing on a cold Friday morning.

Away for coffee now and possibly a little cake. And meds too.

Lack Of Publicity Is Often Why...

an event is missed.

I spent a lot of my day surfing the net looking for a phone number to verify an event I wanted to attend was taking place.

Numbers were not on the internet. The couple I did have were not being answered.

I racked my brain to think of other organisations that may have a number or information on the event.

Eventually the source of much information in a community but under threat of closure came through...a library.

They gave me a phone number and looked on their system and said the concert was scheduled for tonight.

With little time to spare I hopped on a bus. It had been raining all day but I managed to hit a time where it had stopped. All the way to Durham I kept thinking should I stay on the bus or try and switch at some point so another bus would get me nearer to the venue and avoid a difficult walk.

That's what I did so a 35 minute journey became a 90 minute journey with an 8 minute wait between buses.

I had time and I decided to treat myself to a portion of chips before going into the concert and also thought whilst there I'd book for another concert on Friday. I am not going to very many theatre productions this year unless something is sneaked into the attractions at short notice. A lot of those announced are not of interest to me.

Many I am hoping to attend are likely to be amateur events and will be very inexpensive.

Tonight I was in a beautiful historic room in Durham town hall and a witnessed a Spring Prom performed by the Durham University Concert Orchestra.

I will get better images another time. And of the orchestra. I was too close to the front of the room and the lighting is too dim and getting a decent exposure tricky. Especially due to the lamps. The roof is interesting too.

Its a 60 piece orchestra. They were great. The programme was varied. We had Richards - Trailblaze, Whitacre - October, by chance on the day that producer George Martin passed away(associated with The Beatles)known affectionately as the Fifth Beatle, they played a suite of Beatles songs. The second half, Vaughan Williams - English Folk Song Suite, Elgar's Nimrod. Holst's Jupiter from The Planet Suite, Wood's - Fantasia on British Sea Songs.

When I came out it was cold, wet and miserable but I felt good having enjoyed the music. Now I know of the new place to catch buses I made it to a bus stop within a few minutes. Within 5 mins I was on one, back into the bus station and within 8 minutes on my way home and not waiting around in the bus station for up to an hour and I was home just after 10pm. It all went like clockwork. I will be watching out for another concert by this orchestra.

The Friday concert is based on American music including works by Copeland and Bernstein. You do miss having a car or being able to share events with a friend and sharing costs and yes a better bus service but it could be worse and it is doable. And I am making an effort.

Amazingly its almost 1am so I will go to bed and rest, listen to the radio, have a weak coffee and snuggle up to a hot water bottle.

I'm trying decaf coffee, someone who has had gout said that helped him. Its a bit more expensive I was paying 50p for 100g, this is around £1.29 for 100g but coffee lasts me ages. Will it help who knows? I have got rid of my gout at present so I cannot tell.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Though Criticised and Vilified Somewhat...

in recent weeks on certain matters I have been proven right by playing a waiting game and though in the coming weeks/months things could still go pear shaped some of my worries have been removed. I am not having to pay out a massive fee to the government nor to a solicitor working on my behalf.

In all the time I have written my blog I think I have only refused to publish perhaps 2-3 comments. I work on the assumption if I publish a blog I am fair game for criticism and so comments were published whether I respond or not but you can only be kicked so much. And perhaps a line is crossed so if some wonder what I am going on about forgive me and allow me to moderate. Three unpublished comments in perhaps 8-10 years is not too bad a ratio.

When I started all this some time ago no one could understand why it could not be sorted immediately. The bank to some extent was criticised by those who knew me and those who know of these things and they could not understand why such a seemingly straight forward procedure was taking so long and going to cost so much.

Its very rare I get things wrong when I am dealing with matters. I usually am usually only affected by things out my own control.

There are three possible reasons that come to mind. Maybe four. The rules have changed in general. The bank has changed its procedures. They have decided that enough time has passed by to stop me being affected by the original instruction. The amount they were classing as probate was too low(which we have been saying all along)

This post is a bit cryptic but not to those who were quite strident in their criticism of me and for anyone who has been reading. The criticism was by those who know me elsewhere on the internet or my very small circle of "friends" only on here.

For anyone who believes there are those who watch over us, a certain date is coming around and you do wonder that you are being looked after.

Still Around...

No mention of bingo and buses...

Saturday I was very close to Durham Cathedral watching a musical produced by Durham University, I did no t know the composer, the tunes and it was a departure for the performers as it was the first time they had produced such a small production(very stripped down)only four performers and the music accompanying was only a piano. It was brilliant. "Opening Days"

Last evening at my local music club we were entertained by the trio "Other Roads" Again a superb night of music and at a very very low price for a night's entertainment,

Tonight if I am up to it I am going all cultural and attending a "Proper" Classical music concert(not a Proms type concert)and at the weekend a highbrow play I saw over 30 years ago(probably longer)Ibsen's Hedda Gabbler.

Pity that I have to travel so far to see these performances but it could be worse and I guess we are coming into the right time of the year.

My gout seems to have disappeared finally which also helps for now. I have some meals lined up too(not very expensive)but simple and tasty.

Friday, March 04, 2016

At The Risk Of Being Criticised...

Lets just say my consultant cannot give me a clean bill of health but on the other hand I am ticking over. The gout could be being caused because my kidney do not always flush away the calcium crystals when I urinate and therefore it may not always be a food issue. I count my blessings and am thankful of the care I continue to receive. Nothing exciting following...

It was really busy at the hospital today and all patients were being warned of delays. I was only ten minutes late in being seen(an advantage of going early)but rather than hanging about in the cold to get home I took a longer bus journey and a diversion and still was home around the same time.

Being tired I had an afternoon nap. Not something I do that often and of course I had been up early to get to hospital.

Back into my attempts to have something nice for my meals again but my favourite for cost, easiness and taste are still casseroles. Lots of vegetables and you can economise on meat so there is enough to get protein but without eating too much.

My good deed of the day was a friend had lost a slow cooker when a flat was cleared after the person died and she only wanted a small one enough for small meals and for herself. I told her of a very good one that looks good made in white so looks quite nice in a kitchen. And for the price of £10 it has a function some even more expensive does not have. Many have a low and high setting but this one also has an auto function.

I keep hearing of all the bad weather coming our way but another day has passed by without it happening so this weekend I hope that I can venture into the garden and get some tasks done which will be done at a leisurely pace.

Tomorrow I may have a little run out for some chicken and salad items. And have a listen to two programmes I have missed this week on the radio. An edition of the long running series Desert Island Discs(many of which can be downloaded/listened to online)and the long running radio drama/soap The Archers. I don't follow TV soaps but I do follow this and 13mins daily or as in the omnibus on Sundays mornings its not too much time to give up.

In theory I could've been listening to it for decades(and perhaps wish that I had)I have had times where I have and then gone away from it. But I would guess that I have been listening fairly regularly for around eight years now. And there is a story line at present which is splitting the audience but I want to see how it will pan out when they decide to bring it to an end.

Update:Its around 8pm. Plans went slightly off kilter. Gout returned(back on the meds)and hopefully as I did so quickly it will be headed off quickly. Weather wise I avoided going out because of the amount of rain coming down. I'll pop out tomorrow for the salad(I can catch a bus that stops virtually outside where I want to be)until teatime anyhow. I wanted to go out today to return a shopping trolley I used to bring a little shop home last evening around 9pm. I couldn't walk and carry it, being so close to home it was easier to use it. So that will be returned tomorrow too. I can go from shopping to Durham.

And as its much cheaper than some nights out I get to I have discovered that the theatre group that put on "Kiss Me Kate" in January are doing a musical in their university near to Durham Cathedral and tomorrow is the final night of its short run, I don't know it so I may give it a go. "Ordinary Days" tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose lives are unexpectedly interconnected by circumstance. The series of funny and fortuitous events in this intimate, fast-paced musical proves that ordinary days can be simply extraordinary.

Going to listen to some radio, have a weak coffee and some toast and marmalade. Rest and start afresh tomorrow. I don't have to rush out first thing in the morning so I can wait until mid afternoon.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

We Survived February 29th...

Today I was going to attempt making a start in the garden but we've had wind and rain overnight. And now its too late to make a start. Perhaps tomorrow. That will depend on the weather of course of which the suggestion is it will be colder and there could be snow. Then again its only March. I'm sorry that its so late now as the sun is shining and its turned out better after all. Daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses have been showing for some weeks now.

I had a few small wins on the bingo(small is the word)its mainly for fun and company. I think I won £4 and on Sunday night I got £6 because a friend in our group won. It would've been more but before we shared between us, someone else called too.

Oops(I mentioned the "B" word again...)

Coming home yesterday I called into the charity shop, I haven't done that for a while, found two M&S jumpers and paid the princely sum of £1.98. One is in a red wine colour and the other in lilac.

Staying home and I'll have more of my pork casserole, may set the washer away or leave it until tomorrow now and if the weather stays fine get it onto the washing line for drying.

Going to play some Facebook games and do some tasks around the house. And the Music Club to look forward to tonight.

Hopefully getting an early start this year and will be on top of it all to enjoy it. But lets get the hospital appointment out of the way first.

I heard a radio programme at lunchtime. A financial survey of 2,000 older people showing that older people are really happy.  I'm sure many are and good luck to them all, its good to know more are if that survey is reliable but the clue is that the survey was instigated by a bank/building society.

The radio show kept asking callers "Is this the best time of your life" A slanted question and I think we would like to know the ratio of happy callers to unhappy callers and who was not put through to the studio. 99% of callers were taking holidays abroad and doing expensive hobbies and all in excellent health.

A positive attitude does make such a difference to your outlook on life. I was glad that they did at least acknowledge that some older people have health and financial issues, Someone was unable to do what she once could because she had had a stroke, another was caring for his wife who was bedridden and had been for four years and he himself is 83.

Some can't because they have no choice or because they prefer reading a book, gardening, making something, being involved in the community etc...one size does not fit all and happiness is personal to the individual. Simple does not always mean being sad and miserable. Sometimes you have to accept your lot and count your blessings. I can see it from both sides.