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Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Could've Gone Later And Not Missed Much...

I left home half an hour later than planned yesterday. I found that the first visit I had on my itinerary was not happening for at least an hour bringing planned day of music too close to midday where I hoped to be in the town centre to see the Town Crier and perhaps raise a toast to England's Patron Saint, St. George. We all were given a small glass of Port. Ladies were given roses too. I'll admit I have never done that before.

A little crowd did congregate at the appropriate time but I'll be honest, it was hard work getting anyone interested...a mixture of apathy or some probably still unaware that it was St. George's Day. The Welsh, The Scots and Irish would be far more ready to embrace their nationality. Yet we are often told how patriotic "we" English are.

It was said that there were performers playing jazz around various parts of the town centre but I had difficulty finding them.

Eventually there was a music event found but that started at 12.30pm and I was scared that if I did not head for the afternoon of music I knew to be happening in a pub nearby I would not find a seat or it would be too crowded. So I only saw them perform one tune.

The pub was really tiny and I was lucky to collar a stool and stay put all afternoon. No one was watching so I probably could've survived on one drink but I did spring for a second. As the afternoon went on it became quite packed. And the shape of the room means that some probably were unable to see the acts as they performed. We had a set by the Ruth Lambert Trio, the duo Dean Stockdale and Noel Dennis and Lyndsay Hannon with her band(She later sang two songs with one of the big bands at the evening concert)

It was fun though. That took care of my entertainment until 5pm. I managed to kill approx two hours between then and the evening concert at the leisure centre in town so did not come home. I went to the theatre and purchased a ticket for the final show before it closes for refurbishment. That show happens the day after my birthday and is hosted by Christopher Biggins and celebrates the history of the theatre and is a mixture of acts, a sort of variety show.

The concert was great but unknown to me as I sat downstairs in the foyer waiting for the doors to open, a queue at started on the stairs and many seats were already taken and again unknown(nothing was said on the tickets)that a lot of the room had been reserved for some attending.

Being St George's Day some pubs were celebrating the day and the old St Cuthbert's Church was flying the English flag around the spire. 

Both bands were great...there was the Durham County Youth Big Band who played for approx 30 minutes. 

Then another the Durham Alumni Big Band played from 8pm until 10pm performing many classics by Baisie, May, Kenton, Heath and others. The term Jazz incorporates so much music and can give a misunderstanding of a large body of music. The same thing happens with Folk music.

I managed  to get to the bus stop in time for a bus home at 10.15pm. I had free wi-fi access in the leisure centre which was great. I was able to stay connected to the internet before and inbetween the acts at the concert and also on the bus home. For as long as the tablet's battery lasted. It helped fill in some of the time.

I also had some access at the pub in the afternoon.

Hopefully I'll  add some images later this evening so this post may change a little.

If I had not been doing other things today I may've returned today as there are some other events taking place.

I was heading out early today to the food festival, to look around an historic landmark and then go to to tonight's concert but I think I'll be OK if I get their by lunchtime. And I will leave directly from there to Durham rather than come back to my town first. Waiting to see how the weather is too. So I may get another couple of hours in bed.

I said I felt a little down on Friday...well of course Friday was the fourth anniversary of Mum's passing so that probably played its part. In reality four years ago this happened on a Sunday Morning just as the London marathon takes place so I kind've associate the two events with each other. That happens today but I won't be watching. I never have. Actually I felt pretty OK on Friday and it went quite well.

Update:Scrub the earlier estimate when I would be at the Food Festival...more likely to be 1pm now and we'll have to see what is left, I should still get a look around the castle though.


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