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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Even If I Had Wanted To Post Here...I Couldn't...

A few people know that my pc has been down for approx a week. I went for my regular hospital check up(so far no call back so I assume the tests went well)but upon my return I turned on my computer and...well, I didn't actually. It refused to power up. I tried various fuses and pressing in of the button on the computer case...nothing. I tried for a number of days afterwards but why would it start again, if it had failed me for hours? I called in my repairman who called yesterday with powerpack ready to replace it and...he walked in pressed the button on the pc and...it all started up again. Go figure. Made me look stupid.

I thought I'd get him to fix up my laptop so if this happens again I can fall back and use it so I am not off line for days...and so I can perhaps e-mail downstairs without coming upstairs to the bedroom all the time.

I had, over the weekend(attempted to use the laptop)but it would not connect and I had bought it a couple of years ago but for various reasons(not used it)it would not connect and now it appears the battery is not charging. I was told that replacing batteries is expensive and if replaced we may then find its a fault somewhere else. The telephone modem inside having had him try to connect yesterday also seems faulty. So as it's out of guarantee and laptops are very expensive to repair(it's dead money)I have decided to write it off. It cost far too much but laptops are so cheap to buy these days if I decide to get another, I'll start with a new model. No point repairing an old model, the repair will probably cost money that could go into a new upto date one.

Besides the new Vista operating system is out now and looking at the price of it seperately, I may as well have a pc that has that installed rather than buying a laptop and then purchasing it too. That £180 or whatever it costs may as well be saved and go towards the actual pc.
I may go ahead and get a new desktop pc...my repairman does and can build computers to specification but he now says tell me what you want and I'll maintain the computer for you and buy one that has the capability to do what you wish and I'll add extra's in where they cannot be found so maybe that's the way forward.

All this has made me think of finally going Broadband like many I know on here have but which company to go with. I worry that I cannot in the future afford to run my internet connection(thinking of how financial it appears many of us in the UK will find our State pensions not able to give us a basic decent standards of living)and how many jobs(if you are working offer low pay(and outgoing expenditure continues to rise for basic utilities such as rent, electric, gas and so on)

So its finding the right ISP and who to go with watching both service quality against price. Just when you think that you have made a correct choice, you hear a horror story and the situation in the UK is different to the USA or mainland Europe.
So we'll just have to see how things go. I have had some information from friends online which has helped somewhat and I am trying to compare services using messageboards and comparison sites. In the end it may prove better to stay with the company you know, if you have been reasonably happy.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Update On The Town's Development

There's been an election in the UK...well, in Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales in the simplest terms politicians have been voting on who will govern in their own assemblies and/or parliaments, whereas in England it was a local election. Choosing representatives for district/borough and town councils. The results can be seen as an idea as to how a national election might turn out if it happened to day or just as a protest to say to the Government of the day, improve your performance otherwise you might be on the way out.

In my town the political spin was stepped up and as the election drew nearer leaflets were put out telling the townsfolk how progress had been made regarding the delay over the new retail development and the demolition of public amenities(Health Centre and Library)that have seen better days. And you couldn't help but think the information was being released to influence the "Floating Voter"

Well, look you know my initial thoughts on this development and you've seen pictures of the older part of the town centre's retail area and the new area in a previous entry.

Once again, things are supposed to be moving soon but the block of shops in the older part of the town that is coming down has been secured and boarded up but although the following picture is dark, you may be able to spot something I saw by chance, one board looks as though someone managed to climb up to quite a height and had taken a saw and cut a massive hole in it so now all the towns pigeons have a roost inside a building all to themselves. Can you imagine what that must be like.

This window is also in the picture below at the top of the image at the right end of the building(this is the health centre due to be razed to the ground but from this position you may think this window is part of the same building, it's not its another building behind that one)Think I have a clearer one I can substitute this for later.

Turning around, as in the next image, this is the start of the new development.

The above area is often covered in litter, the litter bin is broken and the seat has graffiti written across it. This seat is not hidden away but in full view of one of the main roads of the town and over the road from...the magistrate court and is one of the main routes(When walking)of entering the new area. It's in front of a bank.

To the right we have an area that has been covered in stones and piled high but you can see though the area is still unbuilt on, virtually all the stones have disappeared.

The stones are missing because they've all been kicked elsewhere. And possibly in recent days someone has bothered to sweep many of them up and remove them from outside of their shop fronts.

But as you can see above some are still to be seen.

What baffles me is why an empty area was left covered in rubble ever since this project was completed as far as it has. The image below and you can see one of the few trees that has been snapped off. This is all again in full view not hidden away.

The problem is that the few retail units available have nearly all been taken and they offer nothing new but probably realise that their business would improve by being next door to the new superstore. Especially if, they are not in competition though you could argue that Argos is similar to Tesco's as they are now selling items instore and via a catalogue(and online)

Other retailers now include a job centre, a bank, opticians, solicitor and now unless I find out otherwise facing the Job Centre...a betting shop. I looked through the window and its design looks that way to me. I think there are two retail units that remain empty and then all units are taken.

I have to admit that the staff of Tesco's are helpful and the range of goods available has much improved. Many are nice to me and I think I can say they like serving me. But you know any supermarket I have used I seem to treated well. As I have said before if you are unable to travel out of town and you have only one retailer selling food...where are you going to go? They do know how to run their business and for me, it is the highlight of my week(How sad)and often when I say I'll be quick, I get lost and find myself coming out of the store hours later.

What the supermarket has done within the shell of the building is amazing, what they have squeezed into the available space and the extra floor with lots of electrical goods, computers and DVD's, CD's, PC Games, fashion and a café. If money was no object, I am sure I could spend lots more, though I seem to spend plenty already.

The above is the closet I dared go to the store(I was still outside)Even I know that taking photo's inside would require permission but an over zealous trolley pusher warned me to stop, the first time in all of my life anyone has suggested that I am unable to take pictures around the town that I live in. Which I object to. Well, with a modern digital camera, it is possible to take photo's from quite a distance away, off premises and if you are not being unreasonably critical that does seem over sensitive.

This entry is more about the development and who isn't really taking care of the area and how when the public is offered new amenities they allow it to look a little rundown even though it's only a couple of years old and some units still have to be occupied. As far as this retailer being mentioned it is in a pretty positive light.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

BBC Poaches Virgin's Cridland

So says The Guardian

And you may see that James has occasionally popped in with his views and he has a very good Blog/Website(link on the Left hand side)

So congratulations on your new post...hope you bring some exciting ideas to BBC Radio and help it keep its standards high and quality. And whilst taking it forward in this modern digital age, also take a look at some of it's output where some of us have felt it has neglected say those over the age of 35 years.