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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Reason For Missing My Blog...

Some years ago my Mum's sister was seriously ill and it was touch and go whether she would survive. After a long stay in hospital and with modern drugs she came home and I would guess had another ten years.

Unfortunately, around five weeks ago she was taken into hospital and...symptoms suggest the same illness had returned, over the weeks she had grown weaker and early yesterday morning she passed away.

Mum has taken the news reasonably well but she used to talk to her sister on the phone many times during the day and the rest of the family(there are not many remaining)live or spend a lot of time abroad. Mum will miss her.

It will seem strange to think that we will never phone that number ever again. I don't think that she suffered, I understand that she started to sleep more and slipped quietly away but whether she knew what was happening, believed or had thoughts or dreams during the time, we'll never know. It's all happened so relatively quickly.

We're thinking of you Aunty...


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I've Been Missing...

Apologies for that but a close family member is ill and in hospital and it does not look good...

I hope to be posting soon...

Meantime I have give up on the refund etc...at the store where I originally purchased the docking station for the mp3 player but a local supermarket came through with a pair of speakers from the States(USA)and you can plug an mp3 player into them. You have to charge the mp3 player/speakers every so often using a usb port on the computer but so far the player and speakers are giving approx 30 hours of use before they need charging up(that takes approx 1-2 hours.

But its one of the best things I have ever bought and Mum now would not be without it...it plays practically non stop...and we have a mixture of music and radio programmes playing music she is not likely to hear on the radio very often. We have all kinds of music on it and it's great that I can switch things around so the selection stays fresh.

I have been able to take the bit rate down so that the quality threshold is not as high as they are on here and though you cannot tell I have on the mp3 player it means I can squeeze even more onto the player...

So in the end something has worked out.