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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ouch 2!

Did I say that I/we should be more careful?

That plan went out of the window...

Mum's had two falls which gave me a bit of scare but...

I had one too...

Don't ask how but I managed to sit on my chair at the computer and fall off. At the time I couldn't quite understand how or why it happened...

I managed to slow the fall down but twisted/hurt my back, the arm that helped slow me down was injured but has a massive bruise and in the last day or two my neck is hurting and possibly I banged my head on the bedroom wall.

I was trapped for around 20 minutes, trying to move when mobility is a problem and isn't good at the best of times but I was trapped between my bed, the chair and the desk the pc is sitting on and no matter what I did, could I free myself.

It was a bit of a nasty situation.

Oh well, I'll make certain it doesn't happen again.

As to my leg, it is healing up a lot better that I feared.

I sound such a wuss when I think of what others are doing be they as a professional soldier or working for the emergency services...or exploring.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


OK I disappeared again...

Well, apart from looking after Mum, I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself too.

Some months ago it may seem strange but I found myself sleeping on my bed without any covering sheets.

I haven't missed them nor have I felt the cold.

If anything a lack of bedclothes actually means I feel less restricted movement wise.

Also, I haven't strayed far from the house(not that I ever do)and again a lack of clothes is a reason this time...


Approx a week ago I managed to spill boiling hot water from a kettle over my left leg.

You can imagine how sore, red and blistered it's been.

As I look at it now, the red patch is reducing very slowly, the blisters haven't burst(thank heavens)and surprisingly the skin hasn't peeled.

But I have just noticed that the blisters have finally gone.

Now, all I can do is wait and see if I am left with any tell tale scars and/or how long it will be before hopefully it looks as it did before the accident.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Our Turn To Fight...

against proposals for a wind farm to be situated approx 1 mile from my town.

It is said that it will be the largest in the England(45 turbines)and each will be three times the height of the iconic statue near Gateshead known as the Angel of the North...That stands at 66 feet tall approx, these turbines will be nearly 200 feet in height..

I'm sure that other wind farms have as many turbines so I have to assume the height of them is the problem.

I'm not totally against renewable energy and perhaps it could work but we have a problem in the UK, yes we do have windy areas probably because we are an island but because we are an island and space is precious it is difficult to find suitable locations that satisfy those looking for a suitable location to catch wind but equally so they don't blight the landscape ad are too close to where people live.

Its not just how they look but the noise that is said to accompany them.

Its early days and there is little if any information available but it appears from some reports that this is being driven by our present Government and in particular our Prime Minister.

It's early days so there is little more to report but our local MP is on the case...

Friday, May 06, 2011

I Am A Fan Of The Late Les Paul...

So when I heard by chance on the radio a few days ago someone attempting to perform a Les Paul song with a vocalist so similar to his wife Mary Ford my ears pricked up.

I later discovered it was another guitarist with a long history and reputation...Jeff Beck with Imelda May. Some further investigation resulted in my discovering that a concert or event had been held at the Iridium a Jazz Club In New York City honouring Les Paul who had passed away earlier in the year.

Over the decades many of the musicians that have gone on to play much of the music that is enjoyed today from heavy rock, rhythm and blues and so much more virtually all say Les Paul was the one that made them pick up a guitar in the first place, the list is too long to attempt to do it justice.

Its thanks to Les we have many of the recording techniques used today and a lot of what is done digitally, he was doing with analogue equipment, he was also doing this in the 40's and 50's.

So its very brave of Jeff Beck to attempt to produce and perform in a concert and on a CD his versions(but obviously using the arrangements that we know and love of Les)and doing a pretty good job of it. He obviously has a great affection for Les.

I say this as much as anything because Les had access to a lot of equipment and tapes etc...in his own studio and probably if he wanted to create a live performance sounding close to what was heard on record he'd have to bring some of that to the venue...I suspect Jeff is doing it all "Live" and that has to be really hard.

Having said that the album pays tribute to Les Paul there are many more great songs included by other greats in the business so all in all its a good album.

I haven't seen the album in the shops...we don't really have any record shops around here any more.

But some looking around the Internet and various places where you can download mp3 files I came across the whole album.

I have to say I am very happy to have found it and perhaps I can suggest that you may enjoy it too...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat...

I've not bought many over the years but happened to have some in the house in the fridge and last evening I decided to have an orange one and a caramel one...

I'd forgotten just how good this simple biscuit/sweet tasted and enjoyed it so much.

It was invented, if that's the correct word, in 1935 and the basic formula hasn't been tampered with(though some new versions have been launched in recent years)

Most of the most popular sweets that are enjoyed are quite old...and some old favourites that were taken off the market do with pressure from the public return.

I don't think Kit Kat will be disappering soon.

The firm that originally made Kit Kat and many others were taken over by Nestlesthe Swiss firm some years ago...

Still so many great companies have been gobbled up by others...Cadbury's was taken over by the American firm Kraft not so long ago.

I Still Believe In Voting But...

whether I think it really changes anything is another matter...we are living under a democracy but when the party in power is being propped up by another or it has an overall majority meaning there is no compromise and the governing party cannot be held in check, its almost like living under a dictatorship.

At the present time, we are told that although this is one of the richest countries in the world and it is true our lifestyle is better than most and many would happily swap where they live to come here(and I know in reality I wouldn't wish to move)all I hear is that the sick and vulnerable are/will suffer as basic services that make society work are removed and unemployment rises. The help the poorest in society needs is reduced(whether that's benefits/welfare or services)

Many in work struggle and many wages are low. For many all they think about is work. They work long hours, travel long distances and return home and within a few hours are asleep and getting up and doing it all over again...My Father did and I watch people around here, an example being a neighbour who is renting a room(I assume he's not in a position to buy a house or obtain social housing)It may be that he's renting because the work he has secured is in another location to where he would normally live. He goes out at 8.30pm and returns at 7am then spends best part of the day sleeping then goes through the same routine again.

Many who have retired or will in the next few years have seen their pension schemes reduced and yes, they keep putting back the retirement age so you leave your employment later.

I'd hate to be starting out today...Sweeping stereotypical views...maybe. Anecotal...perhaps but I do see it and the media does plenty of this to back up their views.

Today, there are elections taking place across the UK to choose local councils, assemblies and the Scottish Parliament.

Alongside that we have a referendum...the first in something like 30 years(I think the last one was asking whether we would like to join the Common Market)Europe but many argue it is nothing like the organisation we voted to be a part of all those years ago and many people would welcome the chance to vote again as to whether we remain in the market. We have been promised such a referendum a few times but so far it hasn't happened.

The referendum is asking whether we want to vote as we have for decades one vote and whoever gets the most votes wins(First past the post)or where there could be five candidates standing and you put your order of preference, one being the best and five being the worst. If one candidate does badly their votes are transferred to the next worse candidate and so on until one candidate has at least 50% of the vote...

Seems a case of faffing on and in a safe seat such as around here it will make no difference whatsoever as usually only two parties tend to slug it out with each other and one party always wins so its a safe seat so the result would be the same whichever system we decide to go with.

In my area there are no local elections to vote any officials onto a council, all we have is the referendum. I suspect turnout to be low and the votes regarding which system we adopt are not being counted until tomorrow.

Well, by tomorrow we'll know one way or the other.

I'm Still Here...Just About...

Some computer problems(perhaps time to think about replacing another computer(Well it is approx 10 years old so...)

Lots of files to edit and burn(will I ever catch up?)

And Mum has needed some extra TLC(Tender Loving Care)She had a fall in the night a few hours ago but seems to have survived it.

My last blog entry mentioned a Tree Survey taking place...

Our garden looks as neat and tidy as any in the area and as our gardener/friend is keeping the shrubs and trees cut back and lawns mown, I'd be quite proud if anyone was to inspect it now...as his son is a tree surgeon if I need any advice, I can call on him.

We await for our borders and tubs to be filled with flowers, the truth is that some tubs are still flowering as they have during Winter but its still cold at night and the chance of frost hasn't gone away as yet.

However the weather experts say it will remain unsettled and cold for a few weeks to come but...they are risking their reputation suggesting that June and July will be hot, hot, hot!

So we'll wait and see...