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Thursday, February 17, 2011


The latest Census in the UK takes place on Sunday 27Th March 2011.

I realise that I have filled in two so far(before that)My Father took care of such matters...

I'm trying to think if I objected to any questions I was asked before but cannot think of any but as I get older I think I find such forms more objectionable and less likely to want to fill them in and I wouldn't say it's because I have more or anything to hide as such but with all the different ways Government and official organisations can and do have access to personal details I am not really sure that the Census means anything any more.

It could be argued that past census details are handy to historians or people tracing their family trees but today I'm not sure it means anything.

I have seen the questions being asked on the 2011 Census.

Where they once would've asked for your marital status and you could say single, divorced, separated etc.

An example of how things have changed...there is no term for being single...the nearest you have now is "Have You never been married" but in the same line it is classed with a question about civil ceremonies for gay people.

Which is almost classing anyone who is single will automatically be gay(and I am not making any derogatory reference to be being gay)I just don't understand why its been lumped together. Those who are gay may be asking the same in reverse.

Another asks when you last worked and where. I honestly cannot remember and the company I worked for as far as I know went out of business or moved. So I don't know what date to put on the form but equally it has nowhere to add extra information where you can explain that since then you have maybe been on training courses, been looking for work or have been seriously ill or have a long term health problem. Or that you may be looking after someone else who is not in the best of health.

Only specific answers can be given or you can only tick boxes beside the nearest appropriate answer to your situation.

It asks what qualifications you have(I'll accept that is to maybe find out what you have studied over your working life)but as most of mine were gained at school and in training courses quite some time ago I honestly cannot remember what I actually did qualify in so it will be guess work and if they don't match with previous censuses I have filled in...tough!

It asks if you have central heating, a car etc...you might have but that does not necessarily mean you can afford to use them. But if you say you have them when statistics are issued they can say look at the high standard of living everyone has.

They keep saying each Census will be the last we shall see. They are supposed to be confidential but with your name and address on the form, they are not really.

I'm not a fan...but with the threat that you will be fined or sent to jail if you do not fill in the form but what can you do?

I Made Some Cupcakes...

And I can report they are the first cakes I have ever made and they were a success...Vanilla with soft butter icing sugar on top.

Yesterday, I made Lemon Drizzle Muffins...the best part was the Lemon Drizzle icing...the muffin was overbaked and a bit chewy but with a mouthful of coffee or tea acceptable. I am the only one eating them, Mum is not so keen.

I must learn how to cook certain items and not necessarily go by the recipe. It said cook for 30-35 minutes...I suspect I could've knocked that down to 20-25 minutes and I need to adapt to the oven I am using. Fan assisted ovens tend to cook more quickly.