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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thinking That I May Have Another Look Out...

tomorrow and see if I can find any of those shrubs I saw at the Pound shop. It wasn't the same discount retailer today at Peterlee. And the branch at a retail park near Durham is one of the largest I have been in so maybe they'll have them and I'll be lucky.

It was an inexpensive day I suppose if you take out the cost of my computer magazine/tv magazine and one of my very few attempts to win the Euro Millions lottery. I did find some items that probably won't be used that much this year as we are so far into the Summer now but I found a kind of small cool box(said to be worth £25)I doubt it but it was only £2.99 and to freeze it you don't put frozen ice blocks into the bag. It has a gel between the layers and its freezes and keeps items placed in it cold for ten hours.

I found a really cheap one for £1 and purchased some blocks(3 for £1)and now I have the choice which one to use. If I am only taking food I can just take one of them with me or being smallish they may fit in the rucksack. Could be handy if I am out for the day and want to keep a salad or sandwiches cool/water, cola or fruit juice. At a push if I was buying frozen veg somewhere it will keep them cold until I get back home. I still spent around £10(it doesn't go very far)

Luckily what I am buying will last and won't need replacing very often if at all. Once you have what you need you spend less. Or that's the theory.

So I have the trip out tomorrow all being well, the little bingo club in the evening. Friday I hope I'll finish my housework tasks and maybe get into the garden as the weather is suppose to improve by then and my wheelie bin will hopefully be taken away. I'll finally finish that job too.

Saturday I may try and visit a kind of park I have never been to before but they usually charge admission for going there. Hardwick Park in Sedgefield but this week I think there is an event that is free. Buses stop quite early back to my town but until 9pm I can travel to Durham and then connect to a bus that will bring me back to here. Its a long way round but at a push it can be done and saves a £12 taxi fare.

Update:Things haven't changed much...the trip is planned Friday instead, I was too tired. Everything else stands as planned. The previous blog entry hasn't been changed but the text in the updated section has been tidied so it flows better and makes more sense. My compact camera isn't strong enough to get a decent picture of the wind turbines from Ferryhill and from a moving bus. I may still try and if I do I'll post it because I think its worth illustrating. Another day I may travel to Haswell again as I would love to show you the turbines so close up. With a regular 20 minute bus service I won't be stranded there. I may be able to take some images from the bus as it moves too.

More Rain...

So more tasks to be completed indoors later today perhaps.

I may have a ride to a shopping centre and see if I can find some shrubs I saw in a pound store that sadly had been allowed to dry out. If  I find some in good condition they may be good enough to put around my back garden in front of the fences after they've been painted. Some have green foliage, others bloom a couple of times throughout the year and they all only cost £1 each. I could do that trip today.

I also have the capability now to take cuttings and have the hormone rooting powder to help being them on. So I have a few ideas. Shrubs can and do shoot away amazingly quickly.

I did a machine wash yesterday and placed one of those colour catching sheets in the drum. It turned very blue. Even with that sheet I think I have had a colour run and a white checked shirt and a pair of white underpants are now blue. But its not a problem and they still look OK and as I purchased the shirt in a charity shop for 99p I don't really care. A white with blue patterning has also turned totally blue too. Well the pattern is darker than the blue that has now invaded the white areas.

My friend Andrea has given me an idea that using a laundry wash bag with it having a kind of net filter that can also stop colour runs happening. Its the first time for me. Not bad for three years of washing in a machine and its never before when I have washed clothes by hand.

Update:On the spur of the moment I travelled to a town that was often compared to my own and started around the same time called Peterlee. More for the ride as much as anything. I have never ever been there before. We're talking decades.

Overall my impression is that there are more green areas there than in my own town and it is spread over a greater area so it doesn't seem as crowded which I found to be a positive aspect. Then again the disadvanatge to that could be that unless there is a good bus service or you have a car, you are unable to move around easily, The retail area was compact but the shops that still remain are all available on my town or branches of the remaining stores can be found nearer to home. There were a lot of empty units. It looked forlorn and neglected. The number of shoppers seemed sparse and the retail area seemed all but deserted. My town's retail area has been invested in and upgraded,  But the town seemed pleasing to the eye.

Having said that though my own town's retail centre looks better cosmetically, due to low footfall and high rents there are many retail units that are also empty here and some have been demolished. So we're struggling too.

What was interesting is that from the outskirts of Ferryhill which is 7 miles from here there is a view I often see from the bus to Durham. You can see wind turbines on a distant hill and I found on the way to Peterlee I was almost in touching distance of them. They are on the outskirts of a village called Haswell. You cannot travel there directly so gauging distance is difficult. The distance between Ferryhill and Durham is approx 7 miles and then its approx 9 miles from Durham to Haswell.  But I suppose if I could go in a straight line from where the view is, we are talking approx 7-8miles away.

By car I could probably do the journey in 20 minutes from my town but on a bus you have to travel to Durham. And we've already added 7 miles from my town to Ferryhill. With all the stops along the way that journey becomes 90 minutes in total compared to 25 minutes by car, adding another hour and 8 miles from Durham to Haswell.

But I now know where the turbines are and what area I am looking towards. I told a bus driver coming home it was my first visit to Peterlee in my life and he joked "And you'll never go there again" Well, I may in that I will have to use the route to visit other nearby places. Its a long way to go for a few shops not even special.

And I'm not being overly critical as if I lived there I would feel much the same about it as I do where I live now and if I was driving a car or travelling by bus I would be going to places nearby. I'd be almost as close to Durham but nearer the coast. People often say that my town is dead too. I have said it myself. But as I travel I find that can be said of most places, most towns struggle to survive and attract people. Its not easy depending on buses. The journeys take longer, the services don't run as frequently and often finish too early.

During the day most buses only take you to retail areas and the amount of shoppers are down to what they used to be. I don't want to spend money for the sake of it and my income is limited anyhow. If I'm honest I only buy food on a regular bases. You can only eat so much after all. How often do you need to replace furniture or white goods? How many clothes can you wear? I don't even have that many people to buy birthday cards for.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not A Totally Wasted Day...

It rained through the night and most of the morning. I take my sleep as I always do now, when I can. And its lovely. I don't feel guilty either. I may if I was going somewhere and the weather was equally fine.

It does mean that I can do more when I make the effort.

My tasks today were a little "Icky"I had to take the wheelie bin in hand and re-sack the rubbish within...They missed collecting my bin the last couple of times or I did them and that means 6 weeks of rubbish in there. And the hot weather hasn't helped. I think the "Maggots" are fruit flies and to be honest there were fewer than I thought once I started re-bagging the rubbish.

When its emptied on Friday I am going to wash it out again, give it a dose of disinfectant and sprinkle it with Bin Buddy powder. The main work has been completed. I don't throw a lot of rubbish away at the best of times.

I've put a small wash load on and that means all my washing is up to date. As it has stopped raining and nothing can be spoilt should it start again I may get that hung on the washing line before I go out for the music club.

My slow cookers cleaned and some cutlery and dishes have been washed and put away. I'm going to cook some pork and chicken in the cookers before I leave tonight too and that will give me some options for meals in the next few days. Whether a kind of meat and two veg type, sandwiches, salads etc...

The kitchen is quite tidy again too. All completed within two hours.

Some garden rubbish in the passage has been moved into the garden and placed with the other garden rubbish. That continues to break down.

That's five tasks for today.

I will now take it easy for a couple of hours perhaps have a snack, get washed and shaved.

Update:A good night as always. Tinged with sadness as a "Sort of" friend was not there and word came back that his wife has had a fall. She is terminally ill which we all knew(if any of us were within his circle)and well this fall is very very bad bad. It sounds crass but such events puts everything in perspective. When my own Mum was terminally ill she had a fall and there was very little weight on her and he picked Mum up off the floor and placed her on the bed. He was visibly touched and affected by Mum's situation and had always liked her. Now sadly he finds himself in a similar place.

Marmite Crisps...

That will do me a lot of good(and test out my new Statin tablet)I've spent most of the evening eating them at the theatre. A great night and lots of popular pieces chosen. A good variety and mix. The theatre was full from what I could see. Always welcome and everyone in a happy mood.

Lots of flag waving as you expect in the "Last Night" but I had ladies on either side of me who would not raise their flags high enough and so I was almost getting them in my face and a few times that's exactly what did happen. Good job that I wear glasses.

The weather looked threatening going there and coming home but it held off. All buses connected in each direction and at most I only had to wait a few minutes. I could've avoided waiting and filled the time by a slow walk but it saved my legs.

I took as little as possible with me, a bottle of water, brolly and some money. I was only going to be out around 5 hours. And if hungry I knew I was coming home...and on the way I found those crisps.

I can avoid shopping today...I have milk, garlic and bread buns. That's all I need(the bus comes past a 24/7 Tesco's)my home is only a couple of streets away and when you are coming home, it doesn't matter if it takes a little effort when you know you will be able to rest. I took some painkillers in the theatre which helped,

The garden is too wet and the weather looks less than promising for most of the week so I'll potter around the home. I may also make an effort on the meals front too.

I've nothing planned unless something suddenly comes to light.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost Twenty Four Hours On...

I will not sadly make it to the free music event in Darlington. I could force myself but with few buses running and it starting at 2pm I would miss almost the first hour. It looks ready for a downpour. Its certainly cloudy. Indoors its 17c/64f according to the thermometer. Seems quite chilly.

I have slept most of the day away probably because I needed it.

Yesterday started out quite well. I revised plans.

I awoke around 8.30am, had breakfast, shaved and dressed. Took my chair, a coat, brolly, hat, crisps and camera. Nothing more. Passed by the shops on my town and purchased water/susage rolls. The bus to Durham was at the bus stop, straight on. Straight on to the bus to Sunderland...into the Interchange and onto another to the Airshow in Seaburn. Total travel time(no waiting to speak of)100 minutes.

Near the venue to make it easy for cars and buses all the roads were laid out clearly and my bus was taking it slowly. Suddenly a jolt, a bang and...we were going nowhere. A van entering an army/TA premises had cut across the front of the bus(if we'd been travelling at normal speed)it would've been worse. But we were going no further. Everyone had to get off and walk the remaining distance. More importantly no one was hurt.

And that added another thirty minutes(walking as I do)I was right in the middle of all the fast food/fair rides and not the area I usually go to. This meant that I missed the first couple of displays. I did find my spot eventually. And it was another great one. Had I been there on time, my view would've been perfect but considering it was OK.

This ferry is always anchored off the coast and watches some of the displays as a bonus for its passengers but they only watch some of them.

The pilots and planes did their stuff and showed their skills. The weather held, though most of the time it was dull. The sun tried to show its face, we had a few spots of rain but they blew away and caused no problems for us(but probably gave the organisers and performers a few restless moments)but we were all glad that we'd taken something warm(ish)with a hood for protection.

The final display was by the Red Arrows took place and the heavens opened towards the end of it and everyone feared it would be called off but they went ahead and managed to do all that they were supposed to do. It came right at the tail end and they were the last display of the day.

As we walked away there was one more surprise for those who stayed behind a kind of mock battle on the beach with some soldiers in camouflage so I put my brolly up and watched.

It must be a headache moving the volume of people away from the venue on all the buses so I can accept the logistics are not easy. But there seemed to be lots of park and ride buses every ten minutes or so but not the same for those taking people back to the terminal to connect to other services. Our queue seemed the longest and it took me around two hours to board a bus. The journey only lasted perhaps 15-20 minutes.

At the bus station the service to Durham was due within 15 minutes but the queue was so long, they only ran every half hour and using single deckers we had to wait for the third one which added another hour or so. The journey to Durham is an hour and because that one did not connect to the next service there was 45 minutes hanging around in Durham station(So I decided to have some chips)from the fish and chip shop next to the bus station.

Still a great day and a change for a Saturday. But that's probably why I felt so tired and have slept so well.

So I'm listening to the radio. I may have an afternoon tea(I have some fruit scones to use up)I'll have a coffee(take my meds)Its early days but I have started taking my Statins(they turned up in my last prescription after all)and so far no side effects and I am not supposed to change my diet/drink lots of alcohol which I don't anyhow and its not thought my raised cholesterol is diet related so I'll still have a little tipple and carry on as I always have. But we'll see if they make any difference and whether I can tolerate it.

I'll start to put together the buffet for tonight's bingo and two of our group are said to be returning again so I'll have to add a couple of extra items(if they come and decide not to eat anything)its more for me to bring home and enjoy myself.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

At This Early Hour...

I am tempted to say...I'm staying home and I cannot be bothered to go to the Airshow but that would be giving in.

As I have had a good day of rest and have really gone to town on the house, I have earned the right for a weekend off.

Hopefully I will post images across the weekend.

Update:I went...eventful and enjoyable. I'll post a report with some images soon. The trip home was long...two hours travel(approx 4 hours in queues and trying to connect to other services)The show ended around 5pm, I was home around 11.15pm. Tired...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hard To Believe That A Week Has Past...

since I was in the audience watching "Last Train To Elvet" written and performed by wordsmith Ian McMillan. And all the others involved in this work as part of the 2015 Durham Brass event. I had some of my own images which I posted but there was a commissioned photographer floating around taking images on behalf of the organisers and some have been put online so I cannot/will not take credit but I thought you may like to see them. As that person was able to get up close to what was happening and had a professional camera.

The Tredegar Town Band Ensemble 

Cartoonist of the Year Tony Husband

Poet Ian McMillan

A Member of the Tredegar Town Band Ensemble

Ian works so hard for his art and is all over the place travelling by train and appearing across the UK. You can hear him most Fridays on BBC Radio 3 presenting the programme The Verb too.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

On Top Of Things...

Nothing's changed regarding what I am doing today compared to yesterday but I feel good "I knew that I would" *o|^_^|o musicAll upstairs sorted. I may do a little more when I come in from bingo tonight.

I've been looking at and organising my wardrobe and I need nothing else. Its easy for blokes. I have never had so many clothes, all thanks to charity shops and the cheaper high street clothes shops and I suspect that they will last me years. Shirts, jumpers, thermals, trousers, jackets, gloves, hats, pajamas, scarves, coats. The only item I am short of probably are ties. Last time I tried to wear one I had even forgotten how to tie one. The only items that do wear out and need replacing(not always inexpensive)are shoes/trainers/underwear.

I cannot squeeze anything else into the wardrobe but there is nothing that should be thrown out.

I guess its time for me to get washed, shaved and dressed. Look for my bus pass, keys, pens and some money. And I take usually take crisps and water(and a spare packet for someone I sit with)

Update:I missed my bus but another was due twenty minutes later and I still got to my bingo in time. To be honest it meant there was less time to fill with talking before it starts. The Peterlee trip is off. I'll wait until later next week now and I need to do some shopping. I need nothing. I've increased the amount of underwear and socks I have(enough to change both daily for a couple of weeks at least)some of my latest items were reduced in price and I saved approx £4. I could've purchased some more but avoided the temptation.

As I said earlier I need ties.

I'm out all of the weekend and Monday. So Friday will be a pottering around/stay at home day with lots of resting. I'm still feeling positive and good about things. Should I go out I will only be collecting my prescription drugs and buying crisps for the buffet on Sunday night.

Already have my meals planned for the weekend too. And I am taking as little as possible with me to the airshow. I'll have a good breakfast before setting out(cereal, fruit and toast and marmelade)and buy a small prepared salad on the way and take a bottle of water.

I'll wear a hat, take a light jerkin, my brolly and some sun cream. A camera and my chair. Much of this will fit in my pockets. Some items will not be coming home with me. I am sitting in the open with little or nowhere to hide if the weather is too hot or turns to rain so I have to be prepared.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday's Been A Drag...

totally different to yesterday. Mood swings. Not really but I cannot think of another way to describe it.

I'd be lying if I said I have done that much. Then again...washing done and all put away. Other items that need putting away in cupboards have been. I'm about to wash all the cutlery and crockery that needs doing and putting away. Its something to do.

Tomorrow is a gardening day for definite. Then the rest of the week is clear. I am sorry to see the nights already drawing in even if there is nowhere to go. But I am staying strong for myself, for my Mum and Dad. I have more good days than bad but appreciate this is how things are. Its not a case of feeling sorry for myself either as the day has gone on as I often find I improve. If I fear anything its that I sound like a broken record. We've all heard it all before, I cannot pin it down to any particular thought just a general malaise.

Lets see what happens tomorrow. Only good things.

Tuesday Was Good...

I slept badly and pain kept troubling me. Really when that happens it would be better to get up. Read a book, listen to the radio, watch TV or do a task anything but stay in bed but in the middle of the night you tend to try and go back to sleep.

I awoke mid morning, had coffee, surfed the net and returned to bed and...the next I knew it was 2pm! I washed clothes in the washer using a 30 degree cycle(don't know why I haven't done that before)it was quicker too. Everything was clean and my clithes rarely get badly soiled anyhow. The only fail were some trousers with garden stains on the knees. So they now have to be washed later at a higher temperature or I'll have to see if I can find a way around the issue. I had added a stain remover. At the higher temperature they always come out. This time I may attempt a hand wash/soak. After all its one item.

I went out to get my medications(the chemist had phoned last week asking if I wanted them)when I went today they did not have any for me nor knew of the call. They called the Dr's surgery and they had not sent any over but they've been ordered now and it should be ready by late Wednesday/early Thursday. I only went out for them. I could've stayed at home. It appears the added drug of a statin is still not added to the list and the surgery says that will be added when they receive a letter from the consultant which so far they have not.

I've done more housework and put gardening equipment away. Been rearranging rubbish in the wheelie bin, I have washing on the line. I'll bring it in later today if it doesn't rain.

I went to the music club another good night and on the way home called into the supermarket for salad and tomatoes. And I have eaten a salad for a late supper, its light and healthy. I looked for something to jazz the taste a little and found a jar(ok until the end of 2016)of Christmas Chutney form Aldi's Discount store and its lovely. If its on sale again next Christmas(not that far away)I may buy a few jars in. Its a mixture of plum, apple, orange zest and spices.

What an exciting life I lead. Seriously though, I do feel quite upbeat.

I have a kind of plan regarding what I may do this Wednesday. I can change plans accordingly and take as long as I like. As I said Saturday its the Sunderland Airshow all being well. Sunday we have an afternoon music event in Darlington(free)just discovered that(blues music)and after what my friend Andrea told me I may go for a ride to a town(I have not been to before)just for the ride and she tells me that the shopping area is compact and full of the kind of shops I use and its located right next to the bus station. That's Peterlee. A bus leaves my town practically on my doorstep every hour until 7pm and back again. I may do that on Friday.

That again allows me the next two days for pottering around the home.

Monday, July 20, 2015

I End The Day On A Bit Of A Downer...

its only my own view(others are valid)but I do wonder where my UK is going politically when the only opposition party that could offer a bit of a fight on a bill that will affect the weak and vulnerable of society basically sat on their hands and went along with the Government's plans. It would appear that forty eight had some conscience and a spine that they not only voted against the Government but also against many within their own party.

This will be lost on anyone living abroad reading this and to be honest will mean little after a few days/weeks but the consequences may be long and affect how this country looks in the future. So I'll leave this subject and it will seem confusing...lost in the mists of time. Tomorrow is another day. We go onwards and upwards, pick ourselves and start all over again.

I feel a little battered and bruised so not quite as upbeat as I have been lately.

However, I have had a reasonably good day. I won a little at the bingo(broke even)no better off/no worse off.

I looked at the weather and it really looked as though a downpour was due. So gardening was out but I did risk attacking the weeds again. It didn't rain until late in the evening, the plan is to get stuck in tomorrow.

I was tired when I did get home so I have taken it easy(radio listening)a little surfing on here, soon going to bed and hopefully I'll sleep until morning. I actually found myself dozing off during the first half of the bingo, it was really difficult to stay awake.

I purchased the long awaited underpants. socks and trouser belt. Items that I need(not luxuries)basics but very little change out £20. Why such items have to cost so much is another matter, good job that they last a long time. Not that I am buying branded items like Calvin Kline. Often a shops own brands. And in the end I am the only person who sees them anyhow.

I did at least catch up on some tasks, clearing of the fridge, made a start tidying the kitchen/dining room/bedrooms again and I have put all my clothes away in the wardrobe. All on hangers and/or in the overhead cupboards.

I may also set the washer away so that I can put the washing on the line early in the morning. As the washer is the kitchen and doors are closed it will not annoy my neighbour.

Update:A bad night for sleeping. In pain and painkillers taken already before 5am. What I never get is how pain interrupts sleep and keeps waking you up but often when you are awake, the pain seems to not be as bad. This could see plans moved around.

That's Sneaked Up On Me...

I have no events/shows planned between August and the last day of September but I was reminded tonight that next weekend is the Sunderland Airshow. I can go on either Saturday or Sunday but the first day suits better bus wise but if the weather is unkind I may have to consider the second day. Occasionally you do get different aircraft on another day but not very often. Last year it was carried live online so for anyone interested in airshows it may be worth having a look.

Next Monday its a music concert at a local theatre a version of Last Night Of The Proms. So I shall stay reasonably lazy this week and not wear myself out.

More may be added to this later in the day...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gifted People...

Back from Durham and the World Premiere of Last Train to Elvet written and performed by Ian McMillan, with cartoons by Tony Husband, composer Luke Carver Goss and the Tredegar Town Band. It does appear that it will be performed at a number of places in the coming months so if you should get the chance do go and see it.

If I had sat on the right in the pews of the church I could've taken some great images but though I could see everything where I was sat meant other members of the audience were in the way and the lighting probably meant I would need to use the flash but here are the few that I have. Ian was very friendly and welcoming. He knew I was coming and he shook my hand and chatted with me going in and made a point of doing the same as I left. He even remembered my Twitter name.

It is a fantasy with a hint of fact as its bases. A circus train comes to town(Elvet in Durham)on this occasion and a branch line that has long since closed.

Tomorrow I may go back and catch some more bands in the Durham Brass Festival(weather permitting)or to a bike event being held by Durham Police but I have asked for some information on their tweet account/facebook page and the event pages too and so far no one has responded. So if I go it looks as though I'll have to do some research myself and wing it*

When I came home I cheated as I did it all in the microwaves(having two is advantage)and everything was prepared for cooking in quickly. I had new potatoes with herbs in butter, fish in a cheese and bacon sauce with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. All done within 8mins, For me that was quite an expensive meal I'd say it cost around £2.50 but with some vegetables and fish still remaining in the fridge, I can do some more potatoes another day and I suppose that comes in at the same price.

Tomorrow I'll probably take out a salad in a lunchbox to eat whilst at the event and make up the buffet for the bingo at night.

I believe the weeds are dying but I may purchase another bottle on Monday and be sure to finish them off. The grass and hedge is not shooting away so the garden is no longer wearing me out. I have some washing to catch up on. If I think the weather will be good tomorrow I may do that before I go out as I cannot catch a bus before 9.30am and I can leave everything on the washing line whilst I am out.

*Plans up in the air ...I can still go at lunchtime but its raining(7am Sunday)Band event moves into the Town Hall. The other event has some displays under cover but being a field its going to be slippery if not muddy(don't think its been raining that long)but acrobatic bike displays are probably out. May be easier to stay home.

Update:If I'd stayed up at 7am even 8am I would have seen the weather improve and I was up for it! But I went back to bed and slept...and slept...and slept. However, I have been around a few places this past week and that pleases me. So the rest of the day I shall potter around and put it to good use doing jobs around the house.

General housework, some washing, I have some items that need cooking(in the slow cookers)yes that's two at once...chicken and pork. That will allow for sandwiches and meals for the coming days. And now I shall have a quick look to the shops on my town. Not much required all basics like socks, underpants, a hat and eggs. If I go now(2pm)there is still time.

Friday, July 17, 2015

I Found A Way To Get Home And See The Whole Concert...

that was free tonight. Perhaps its my age but after almost three hours I decided it was too cold(even though I had a thermal vest under my shirt, in the end I put on my jerkin and was wearing long trousers. Others there either were more oblivious that it was cold and windy(they were in shorts/T-shirts etc...)or putting on a brave face. Also and I know its personal but when I decided to come home I was thinking "This isn't music" "Its noise!"Download laughing 12 But I enjoyed the first three acts.

So I caught an earlier bus and came home. Called into a supermarket whilst waiting to connect with the second bus and I have some ready made salads I can take out with me over the weekend.

I ate one whilst watching the show(I added some cherry tomatoes and tuna)I eat less than I used to as you know. I did manage to finish it but it was a bit of a struggle even for me.

Resting now...I will start again tomorrow. There are bands on the streets of Durham. I have a poetry and music show at teatime and if I am able to work out the buses for Sunday there is an event being run by Durham Police all day and its only £2 admission. I hope the weather is good for both events. I could not work out the bus schedules last year or the location of the police event and that was the main reason I avoided it, though if my memory serves me right I think it rained all day.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Just Had Liver, Bacon, Mashed Potato And Gravy...

for supper. I must pay attention as it had to be cooked in the oven not quickly in the microwave.

I missed a bus to Durham by perhaps two minutes and saw it take off. The next was fifteen minutes later but as the concert I was going to started at 2pm and this bus takes around forty minutes plus to reach the destination and it was not leaving until 1.03pm time was tight.

I arrived after 1.50pm and the walk to theatre is a bit far and I am slow. Luckily a town bus arrived at 1.57pm and would still be quicker than me.

I was in my theatre seat by 2.05pm. Not the one I had purchased, mine was centre of the fourth row from the front but I didn't want to disturb anyone so I took a seat in the back row, The view was great as was the sound so I stayed there for the whole show.

The music of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. A fifteen piece band all masters of their instruments. And the theatre was virtually full. I knew some of the music played, some was new but nothing was bad and it was all enjoyable.

Coming home the bus was delayed due to roadworks so I was lucky this did not happen going there. There are major roadworks happening in Durham very close to the theatre.

I purchased the four lavender plants I wanted and a pressure spray bottle when I reached my town but the hold up stopped me taking everything home before heading out again to the bingo so I took them with me. I knew I had a car ride home.

I had a win at the bingo so though I had to pay for my tickets...I would've done that anyhow. But the win covered all the plants and spray bottle I purchased today. So it was as though they were free.

Its been a good day all in all.

Even being out of the house for so long I managed to throw out a lot of rubbish for tomorrow's rubbish collection and some tidying of the house. So not a wasted day. Now I have to see if the weather will be kind and allow me to attend the concert in the evening and as it starts at 6pm and need to use the buses I will have to leave no later than 4.30pm. I may take a salad with me or have a late lunch and that means I perhaps just take my chair and some water.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Sun Is Shining But...

I still haven't greeted the day I will head out into the garden later and there is still time to do all that I have to do today in and outdoors. Also it will be more comfortable by then. It seems quite cool here in my bedroom but the thermometer says 24c/78f. Its got to be warmer out there.

I did have two bowls of cereal for breakfast so I have eaten...I am thinking of salad or salad sandwiches later. If it had not got so late in the day the plan was to have possibly another meal. I have fish, potatoes, broccoli, carrot and cauliflower or something similar in mind but that may be switched around or considered for tomorrow.

Update:Still not decided about the meals yet...I have had a Mars Bar chock ice though. I've been in the garden and made do with just strimming what was left of the unfinished lawn. I have grass growing through the cleared lawns even though it was all pulled(or so I thought)I suspect the weeds and other things were blocking light and now light and heat is hitting the soil.

Still waiting for the weeds that were sprayed with weed killer to die, they are still quite green but I understand that it can need a couple of applications and seven days to ten days to see any difference.

The bees in the garden seem to have disappeared, so this weekend I can finish clearing the remaining untidy corner and the ivy that was too near the bird box that they occupied. I'm tempted as they only seem to live here for a couple of months to let them be. And if my garden is tidy and I keep on top of it what harm are they causing.

I have been out...I thought s** it! I'll get my computer and TV listing magazine. I purchased another laundry basket(it can be used for other purposes)when not doing a wash. I found two lavender bushes in purple and may now put them into my flower tubs at the front of the house. Later in the year as I suggested before they may transfer to a border at the front or back.

I think more plants may come into the discount supermarket tomorrow so I shall see what they offer. I may choose something else or perhaps lavender but in blue or white? They may attract more bees and butterflies.

As I came to the end of strimming I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye and where before I have seen the odd froglet(?)this was an adult frog. He seemingly escaped being damaged by the strimmer. And settled himself in a place he thought he could not be seen. I'm thinking of trying to combine a wild area alongside a cultivated area,

Its been ages since I treated myself to biscuits, crackers and cake(they all have long dates on them anyhow)so I won't be going mad but I spent around £8. It sounds a lot but spread over weeks its probably only £2 per week if that. I'll probably go for a long time before buying any more in.

I can now just think about my trip the theatre and if its a nice day perhaps go to Durham a little earlier.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Expensive Night...Partially My Fault.

I missed the bus to Shildon by 30 seconds having been stopped briefly in the town centre by someone. I was so close to the stop I would've only held the driver up by twenty seconds if that. I had to decide as I did not know the location of the concert whether to catch the next one and be a little late.

I decided to take a taxi(£7)so a free night was no longer free. When I arrived it was happening where I thought it was and I now know a short cut. It also started a little late so I would've been OK catching the next bus. The money could've stayed in my pocket. I'll know for another time.

By 8pm it was a little chilly but no  rain. The acts were great. I'll tell you more soon and put up some images. Most of the audience was well behaved and some children were getting into the music but some were just running around and to be honest getting in the way of  people watching, some riding their bikes between people!!! Don't get me wrong I like to see people enjoying themselves.

Most dogs(yes some take their pets along)were no trouble but there were a couple of dogs that barked through some of the music. I don't think the performers were too happy and people nearby gave them the stare but they took no notice. I don't think the music was unsettling dogs either, They seemed to come as a pair and kept snarling at each other. At one point it turned really nasty and the owner tried to separate them. I did say "Try" They were not that large to be honest.

From France  Les Traine-Savates 

From Italy Bandakadabra

Oompah Brass from England

Perhaps if some of these acts appear on Friday I'll get another chance to enjoy them. I may get a better view(I probably could've tonight)but I did not want to move. I appear to have reached my limit of images for one blog post(there were another two bands playing, Health and Social who ended the night and appearing with them New York Brass Band(I have seen a few times)from York in...Yorkshire)Oompah Brass was an extra surprise(I have seen them numerous times)

I left about twenty minutes before the end and by doing so it avoided having to fill an hour waiting for a bus and I had an idea of when one was due but I would've been wrong had I stayed..

I popped into the supermarket on the way home. I could've waited until tomorrow using my trolley but because I have now shopped and I'll admit I used a taxi to bring it all home. I do not have to go out expect for the bingo on Thursday and the next concert and the weather looks good for the garden again.

I had a ready meal corned beef hash in the fridge which I have had for supper, ready in five minutes in the microwave. I couldn't be troubled to add more to it. It filled the spot.

I heard someone ring my bell in the afternoon but as I was tired and going out, so I ignored it. It turns out it was someone repairing the lintel above the lounge window. They appear to have done a good job and they could access it without me needing to be there. The noise initially where I assume they hacked out the damaged concrete sounded like it was my neighbours doing more DIY and was on the other side of the bedroom wall but it was at the front of the house.

Though the night could've been free, as the music club had an act tonight with a cover charge adding in drinks and raffle tickets I did not spend any extra, just that I could've spent nothing.

On the way I managed to pay a month's rent/water rates in advance. I say rent but its really the bedroom tax. So two tasks were done on the way.

With all the mix ups lately I have lost my cafetiere, I have ground coffee that needs using so I gave in and found a cheapish one in a local shop and I will see that it always easy to find. It says it makes two cups of coffees but that is one mug in reality.

I will rest now and at nearly midnight what else would I be doing? But I am not that tired but pacing myself earlier in the day I guess I had increased my energy levels.

Doing Little Today...

To coin a phrase I was"Dead to the world!" Its a dull day(hopefully the rain will stay away so the music event goes as planned tonight)but as it starts at 6pm and I have to allow time to catch a bus and probably walk to the venue and be there early enough to get a good pitch(I'll take my chair)and camera too, I will have to leave around 4.30pm and that will soon arrive.

I'm watching the weeds in the garden and I am unable to see much difference after forty three hours, perhaps I'm expecting miracles. If by the weekend I see no improvement I may buy a trowel and dig them out.

I have also seen some more containers/pots being sold by Aldi's on Thursday and I may buy a couple and transfer the plants into my tubs(they are quite reasonably priced)Lavender and Chrysanthemums. I'm thinking that if its feasible perhaps later they could be put in the border of the front or back garden. And be established as a permanent garden feature and as they grow divide them and increase how many I have.

I have made attempts to repair the sleeve that covers the folding chair and its not great but it may last a little longer and be stronger. The patch did not stick to the sleeve with glue and I have had to try and tack it onto the sleeve and my sewing isn't great.  and I have managed to draw holes together. I've tried.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Its Stopped Raining But...

I'm staying in..I've had coffee, a ham and tomato bun and some cheese and crackers. I brought a lot of my buffet home last night form the bingo so that gave me supper and some snacks before going out today. So in a way what I spend really comes back to me.

I didn't win the bingo but won £10 on a Domino card and so the night only cost me £2 so quite inexpensive for once.

I found out that there was a music event in another part of County Durham in Consett tonight for free in the park around the bandstand. In a car we're talking perhaps 45 minutes and 24 miles. By bus close on 150 minutes and that includes a 20 minute wait in a bus station.

If the weather is kind there is a similar event in Shildon tomorrow approx 5 miles and 15 minutes by bus so I'm aiming to go to that. That's on between 6pm-9pm.

Another event is happening on Friday in Spennymoor approx 8 miles but unless I leave early buses are a problem getting home and taxis expensive but last year that was great. I believe that starts later more like 7pm or 7.30pm. Ends around 10.30pm.

At a push I can try leaving 10 minutes before the end and travel to Durham and catch the last bus from there back to my town and arrive here around 11.45pm or come back via Bishop Auckland directly but I miss a lot of the concert. Or and this is touch and go...leave after the concert.

Then travel to Bishop Auckland catch a bus to a town called Chilton and then if it arrives on time is not held up I have 8 minutes and I will catch the last bus from...Durham(the same one from earlier)but if I miss it, I am in the middle of nowhere and approx 10 minutes and 4 miles from home. If that happened I could call for a taxi I suppose. I better take my mobile phone...I'll decide nearer the time.

Nothing is straight forward.

The easiest music events this week are Thursday in a theatre in Durham a recreation of a concert in Carnegie New York and the bands of Glen Miller and Benny Goodman. Seems a funny time for such a fantastic show, a weekday afternoon. At the weekend lots of free outdoor music entertainment in and around Durham City on the bridges, in the market place and outside the theatre. And on Saturday around 5pm I see a poetry event with TV/Radio/Author Ian McMillan and Cartoonist Tony Husband. I decided to go for the 5pm show instead of the 7.30pm performance.

So a few things to look forward to.

Today Turned Out Busier And More Expensive Than Expected...

I went out for my little social club in the afternoon(usually only 10-15 of us)for tea, cake/scones and a game of bingo. The garden was out as it was raining. Perhaps tomorrow. I went out early and left plenty of time to catch the bus to the club but I was so slow...as it was raining I took my brolly. I took the sleeve off it and managed(somehow)to hold onto it and a walking stick at the same time.

I purchased milk and then went to the fabric store on town to see if there was anything suitable for patching the shiny navy blue sleeve that contains my folding chair.I found that it has holds in it and the chair is starting to poke through or it could if not repaired possibly slip out of the bottom of it. So I thought I can sew holes up but if I could patch it that would be even better. They had nothing suitable. 

At best I found two thickish denim coloured patches(polyester/cotton blend)that have to be ironed on but I don't think that the sleeve will like an iron as I believe it will melt. They are not very big each are 10cmx15cm. They cost me £1.55! So I will use PVC glue and hope that works instead, if it makes it stronger that will do for me. They are not waterproof. They may not even work. I think people bumping into me and not giving me room at the Durham Miners Gala was to blame. I've hardly used the chair.

I discovered the sleeve from my brolly had dropped out my pocket after my shop today. I nearly thought "Let it go" but then decided to retrace my steps. I did and it was waiting for me at the bottom of my drive. So I took my milk and bits of fabric into the house. I was too late for the buses and booked a taxi which added another £3 to the day and decided to give myself an extra half an hour at home which the taxi allowed me.

Someone at the club has now offered me a lift to and from the bingo every Monday so if I miss the bus I'm OK and I no longer have to share the cost to come home afterwards. However, I had another little shop coming home and spent too much(lucky that I can at present)essential stuff though.

More grass seed, strimmer cord(need spare in case I run out)and/or they take it off the shelf soon as we get nearer the end of Summer and garden products are removed. A laundry basket was a special buy at the discount supermarket Aldi's so that gives me something to carry my washing into the garden when hanging it on the washing line. I chose blue but the others looked good too and the price seemed good £2.79. Its big(40litres capacity)and strong unlike some others elsewhere.

Then on offer in Wilkinsons(reduced)I saved £11 and paid £13 for three different mixes of flower seed you just scatter on soil. Each bag does 6sq metres(whatever that is)or 30 containers. One mix is specially for attracting bees/butterflies. 

I'm now thinking a wild flower bed at the rear of the back garden. If I decide to open the border down the left I may make a flower bed between or next to shrubs and seeing that I seem to kill off plants in tubs I may scatter a mix in the tubs and they'll offer colour. Just have to remember to water/feed them. As I write I am debating whether to put some of the mix into the border at the front of the house. If not this year if I sow the seeds in the Autumn they will show from Spring.

I was struggling after buying all this unexpected stuff , a kind person saw me and carried my shopping and walked me to the taxi rank. It was worth the £3 paying for the taxi. It wiped out some of what I saved. Then again saving £11 paid for the taxi rides for the whole day otherwise I would've had this cost on top.

Its a dull day but its still 24c/78f in the bedroom. Typical Summer weather I guess. Going to take it easy now. If I do anything I'll just hang some clothes in the wardrobe, may do a wash and a small tidy but a leisurely pace. I just maybe I may do myself one if the ready meals I have in the fridge.

I managed to get all my lawns strimmed yesterday despite having to put weed killer on some weeds and having to continually replace the cord on the strimmer. That added too much time to the task. Just wondering how long it will take for the weeds to die off. I cannot see much difference after 24 hours. There is just a small area that needs strimming now.

The wind managed to slam a door before I could stop it happening and trapped the cable of the extension wheel between the bottom of the door and the floor, luckily it did not cut it and I did not lose a fair bit of the cable(I would still have enough)but its annoying. Remind me to be more careful. It has at best only made a little indentation in the cable covering.

I'll post about my visit to the Durham Miners Gala on Saturday and add images of the day soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Am I Really Dressed And Ready To Go Out?

Yep...its all going too well. last year I still saw everything but I was late into Durham so made my way to the where the Durham Miners Gala actually takes place.

Today I may see more. Limited battery power on the camera and the switching on and off makes it difficult to know how many images I can take.

I also have to be careful how much I drink so I do not need to nip off to the toilet in case I lose my place and being on my own I have to take all my gear with me, Yet I cannot afford to become dehydrated.

I will play it by ear. I am drinking now(and I can go to a toilet on the way...and I have bottled water that I can take sips from. I shall make up for it when I get back home again.

Its been raining overnight but for now its drying out and the sky is clear. The bedroom thermometer says 25c/80f.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Concept Of Time...

Perhaps I'm not the one to ask. Previously I said I thought I could have all the hedge trimmings bagged within ten to fifteen minutes...wrong.

There is much more hidden inside the hedge and it too has been taken over by the dreaded creeping ivy and some branches and twigs are dead. In the future this may need a lot of thinning/replacing but for now its tidy.

It took close on two hours but that could be because there was so much or I am just too slow. I filled three bags.

I'm having a rest, I will look at the weather and if it holds I am still on for the lawns and bags this evening, after all its light until 10pm(ish)and most of what I am doing makes no noise. And the same with the washing. I can even put that out tomorrow before I head out for the Miners Gala.

Living at the back of the house I had no idea until I went outdoors just how hot it is and again it could be the reason why I am sweating even though the work was not particularly strenuous and though I am in light clothing. But I know from years ago this was part of my illness symptoms. I used to do very little before having to lie down for a rest and I was drenched needing to have a wash, a toweling down and a change of clothes. Having said that in the bedroom as I write this the temperature is 24c/78f so outside I suspect that is considerably more.

Update:Depending on how its classed I strimmed one lawn or half a lawn before giving up(I have to replace the cord)When these houses were built there was a border that split the lawns in half so they looked as though there were four and that border was made of stones and pebbles. Every person removed them and the lawns became one. But as I remember the original layout I still see it that way.

It was getting a bit late(I thought to be making noise)it took me an hour and probably would another hour to do the last one. I'll leave that for Sunday/Monday(though a newspaper says we can expect snow on Monday!!!

Unusual for me I am thinking of heading out really early to the Gala to try and see what I haven't before. The earliest bus I can catch is around 7am but things could already be happening by then and even that bus will not arrive before 8am and its quite possible bands will be marching and collecting outside of a big hotel where guests speakers come onto the balcony. But there will be four hours to kill as I think the main event does not start until 1pm(ish)and I always try to get myself a decent place to sit.

I don't sit right at the front which starts off as a good choice but usually people come in fron t of you and then you cannot see so this year I may move closer but I may need to use my ear plugs because the speakers are loud.

Gearing Up For The Weekend...

Don't know if I have plans for Sunday and if I did I may be too tired after a long day in Durham City. That again is not guaranteed. It depends on weather/health.

I have slept the day away. Should I feel guilty? Perhaps but my thoughts tend to be if I have done so...I needed it.

I am now having a coffee and then I am heading outdoors. To start an afternoon of work so its not a total waste.

I was tempted to do what I did a couple of years ago and travel to Durham and see preparations for the big event tomorrow but I shall save my energy,

I reckon I can sweep up and remove twigs and leaves from the hedge within ten minutes. Depending on what I can do regarding rearranging the bags of garden rubbish I suspect I can have that done within ten to thirty minutes.

It helps that they are altogether and I am not having to move them which really does take some doing, using one hand, the other hanging onto a walking stick or risking tottering and eventually falling to the ground. The few items to go on the washing line will take a couple of minutes if that. Just finishing off drying them off from the other day.

I have a shirt, a couple of pillow cases, socks and underpants which this time can be done quickly as a hand wash. Perhaps I will still get those lawns skimmed. That machine is not as noisy as a hedge trimmer and this is the back of the house. By leaving it a while and because the weather has been quite mild these past few days the lawns are dry so they should be easier to cut back.

I am thinking that I may start to paint the fence on Sunday or at the start of next week. Another job done.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

I'm Not Well...

but you accept what you have and get on with it. You also realise you are better than some and I don't compare myself with others but...though I was tired and in some pain...especially on the way home. Was OK(ish)at the start of the day.

However, it was the day of my hospital appointment. I met my new consultant. I am impressed and like him. I have faith in him.

It was like talking to a friend and no sign of superiority or aloofness.

In short he is happy with my results and my continuation regarding my illness and condition. Unless something goes wrong I am not seen until November but if I feel ill or have concerns I have to get in touch with his department.

There is one slight concern. He didn't seem overly troubled. My cholesterol is higher than he'd like but as I have often said its doubtful my diet has anything to do with that. Its what can happen with kidney damage.

There is now talk of having a low dose Statin tablet and he is to contact my Dr. He says that many many of his patients take them and they do/can make a difference. I believe I am borderline but on or above the number that set alarm bells ringing.

I did not want to but I gave in after getting into town from the hospital and had to get a taxi home. Too tired to garden and I ate a chicken salad and slept most of the afternoon away. Now its BINGO!!!

Tomorrow I'll garden, rest and then hopefully attend the Durham Miners Gala on Saturday.

Update:Apart from sweeping up/bagging hedge cuttings. The hedge is done for now. I did the last bit with a lop lopper(?)when I came in from bingo(which I did not win)I would've used the electric trimmer but there are two young children living over the road now and I thought it was too late to use it.

More Of The Same I'm Afraid...

It rained...but housework was done. Then I did nip out when there was a break in the weather and tackled the hedge. The actual work easier than I thought but being short and having to attempt to climb a little step ladder was a struggle. The good news...perhaps 0.05% to be done and a sweep up of leaves and its done and it takes ages to grow again but I'll stay on top of it now.

Housework done...I'll put half a dozen items on the washing line that need a little more drying. If the grass dries out I'll strim the back garden lawns again.

Chicken salad and fruit. Lots of water. I may rest(even if I don't sleep tonight)I don't want to miss the hospital. I don't need to shave and I can keep what I have on for today. As I don't plan to stay in town after the hospital I can avoid needing to take much with me. The bus stops outside the hospital too.

Now its just a case of hoping it all goes reasonably well.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

We All Have Differing Political Views...

but lately the news has been dominated by the financial state Greece finds itself(on going)and has been for at least five years. Largely ignored by the media. But for now its the story they are going with. If you've not been following the crises or you come across this entry years from now it probably will mean very little. It will either have worked out ok or caused a major financial procedure affecting more than Greece.

Generally the budgets that happen in the UK wash over me and make little if any difference...money gets taken with one hand and given back with the other. Someone benefits, someone suffers but leaks in the media suggest that many many people are are going to be hurting after the budget later today. Few if any will be untouched. We have low paid workers being threatened that state money that tops up their wages will see help reduced or taken away. The Government wants companies to pay a Living Wage and make work pay but its unlikely many companies will. People who need help due to illness or are caring for someone may see their benefits removed, reduced or frozen. Some hard fought for benefits will no longer exist.

Not sure where this one is going to go for the mass population or me on a personal level. For now its all unknown. Superficially we are told that the UK economy is going great but many are not feeling the improvement in their own lives. I am unsure how the population will react. We have seen some unrest in other countries in Europe and some in the UK but that was before this budget was announced. We also have problems with such events being ignored or briefly mentioned by our domestic media.

I will hopefully do the gardening in the morning, I have a couple of items that need putting on the washing line for a final drying and some clothes to put away in the wardrobe(new items and what I have washed)I will listen to the budget at lunchtime, have a chicken salad in the afternoon and whilst I am able(and the ticket was booked ages ago)I have mystery play in the evening to attend staring a few well known actors from TV series over the years. I have no shopping to do or any reason to go out until the bus to get me to the theatre.

Then early on Thursday morning I am on an early bus for my hospital appointment. After that I am unsure. I suppose it depends what I am told. I could also be seeing the same person as last time or the new consultant that took over.

Update:Woke in a panic and bounded out of bed(well as near as for me)it was 9am and that meant an hour to get to hospital. I'd missed the chance of any bus getting me there. At best an expensive taxi ride. Then it hit me...its only Wednesday. Panic over. Relief once more. Its raining again. Lets get it all out of the way in the hope that the big event at the weekend is not rained off The Durham Miners Gala. Summer? And the same for all the free musical entertainment planned in the coming week often in the open. There is little enough of that at the best of times.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Too Painful...Too Slow...

Too late. That's how it started but in reality the nurse was late with my appointment so I could've avoided using the taxi and taken my time. The bloods were taken and she did the full range for my hospital appointment on Thursday.

I paid some money into my bank to cover my utility bills. I did collect money at the post office thinking I was too early but there was something there for me.

I called in at the discount supermarket and managed to get a honeydew melon for 59p. Some crackers and pears but the last are more expensive than the usual supermarket so it probably evened things out. Some cheese.

The charity shops around here are often quite expensive, you are helping a cause but not saving much in reality. But one whilst it is still here sells most items for 99p. Recently its been poor on choice but today I found some nice shirts(mainly long sleeved)I came away with nine! They only cost me £8.91. Some from Topman, Next, other quality brands that I unfamiliar with and some from the F&F range from Tesco's and ASDA's George label.

The hedge trimming and strimming of lawns was called off due to rain(will try again tomorrow)but as it did improve in the afternoon I did a quick load of washing(shirts, trousers, tea towels, shorts and thick coats including a Dressing Gown)in reality they were quite dry as they came out of the washer but they went out onto the washing line. In the breeze and sunshine and I suspect they will be all ready by the time I go out to the music club. At least I have saved on the use of the dryer.

I am cooking a chicken in the slow cooker for the next few days meals and I have just eaten a ham salad. Small portions but I am full.

Only have to shave and dress quickly and I am away. I have approx eighty minutes before my bus arrives.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Another Storm...

on Sunday. A humdinger. I stayed home and got stuck into the garden again. Before it rained I managed to strim the front lawn. Trimmed 95% of the hedge. Now have 40 bags of rubbish to attempt to get rid of.

Later today weather permitting I shall finish the hedge. Strim the remaining lawn in the back garden. Use my newly installed washing line for drying clothes I have managed to get dirty whilst gardening.

Heavy work then complete. I can decide when to paint the fence/sow lawn/feed lawn/use weed killer, I was out there first thing moving rubbish bags and filling more sacks. I had a young female blackbird keeping me company who was totally unafraid.

I would've started this morning but I have to be out by midday(ish)so my planned work will be done around 5pm onwards. According to the thermometer in the bedroom is 26c/84f but I feel comfortably cool and there is a breeze coming through the open window which helps. I suspect when I get out there I'll notice it. Another good reason for doing the garden/washing later. If the weather turns or I can't be bothered I may just leave it on the line and bring it in tomorrow.

Update:It rained/I shopped a little. I'm tired. Going to do the tasks after having bloods taken in the morning. I can still rest afterwards and I have Wednesday in between the Dr's surgery and Hospital appointment. Its quite a miserable night to be honest. Not much of a Summer so far. There's talk of rain/thunder and lightening tomorrow too. I hope I can finish off the work. It means I have very little to do.

A night of radio listening for me and perhaps a ham salad.

I had to give in and sew the velcro strip into the peg bag. Not the greatest piece of sowing you'll ever see. It does mean that the velcro stays put. Such a shiny surface, it kept coming detached and the fabric was so thick it took me nearly two hours to complete the job.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Just Ignore What I Say...

As I said earlier...it was raining. Still I decided to go to the fete at Howden Le Wear. I quickly dried my washing in the dryer(I gave in this time)deciding I needed trousers rather than shorts. Went back to bed to rest after eating breakfast. Two bowls of cereal so I probably could've avoided taking any food with me.

Then slept and slept(if you can call it sleep)in between great pain and being uncomfortable. I woke too late to even consider going. Perhaps next year? Tomorrow by hook or by crook I will go to the day of music in Durham. Now as I have picked up I find the alternative choice I had has already started so I have missed that too.

The only good thing is the weather has picked up and the sun is shining, its quite a pleasant day to be honest. So as we were...I'll go back into the garden later and finish the work I started yesterday and when dusk arrives I'll work around the area near the bees again. In the end not a wasted day.

That velcro is so good on the peg bag and the surface its stuck to means that when I try to separate it, it comes away from the bag! So I have to open it carefully or perhaps I will need to get a needle and thread out and tack it a little. I may see about getting that washing line up later today. I need to tack the shoulder strap on the sleeve of the folding chair which is pulling away from the cover so another little task to complete.

I will consider having a look out later in the afternoon even if only as far as the town centre a few streets away.

I will keep it simple and have chicken salad for my evening meal. No preparation or cooking.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Another Hot Day...

but I guess its humidity that makes the difference. It says 28c/86f on the bedroom thermometer but I feel quite cool and comfortable. Not going anywhere. Going to garden later and can into the evening should I wish to. I have plant food and have combined lawn feed/weedkiller but will pop out and get a dedicated one for the barren ground where I plan to sow new grass from seed.

It seems silly to use the one dedicated to greening grass where there isn't any in the first place. I have a spray bottle of weed killer but that again would take forever if used. Its ok for quick applications.

I may be missing over the weekend as though there is a 10 day event happening on my town I am afraid there is nothing except for two music events of any interest to me and they clash with better events in neighbouring towns. So I will be going out of town.

On Sunday(though I miss 90 minutes due to Sunday bus services)there is a full day 9.30am-4pm of brass bands playing in the grounds of a museum...for free. I'll take my folding seat and some snacks/water though there is a café there.

The trouble is when you are on your own, if you want to go into a café or to the toilet, you have to pack everything up and then put it all out again afterwards.

Tomorrow in Howden Le Wear(never been there before)there is between 11am and 2.30pm the North East Theatre Organ Association's Fantastic FREE Festival of Organs and there are many stalls including Plants, Cakes, Tombola, Teas. The special guest organ is Perlee Street Organ.

Its a look out if nothing else and a bit of a different day to what I had planned. I can do some gardening in the evening if I should wish to. I have sun cream, light clothes and a hat. Being a shorter event I can take a bottle of water and a packet of crisps.

Update:I have weedkiller, it cost me £5 but that seemed reasonable by comparing products. I wanted one that I could put on with a watering can. I found a new can for £3.50 in red and held 7litres(not that I would carry that amount)I couldn't, I'd be all over the place trying to keep my balance and I have to choose when I am able and rest for sometime during/before and after. I then found one that held 6litres for £2 so I purchased that instead. And a spray bottle.

I'm resting until 8pm then I'll get a couple of hours in. I can listen to the radio whilst I work and I'm not making any noise to annoy neighbours. The only garden machines I have are the hedge trimmer and strimmer and they won't be used before Monday during the day.

Oh and I found some velcro for 24p enough to close up the peg bag when its outside and hanging on the washing line. That's another job for me this weekend....seeing where I can fasten a line to as the clothes post went rusty and hasn't been in the garden for decades. Never been offered a replacement. Don't think its worth investing in a rotary dryer.

Further Update:Its wet and horrible so wondering if I should head out as planned or stay home. I may still go as its a bus ride and a change. The weather may change(it has a habit of doing so)and I can go later than planned. I only have to get dressed and shaved.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

I Can't Save The Flowers...

They've died in the flower tubs. If I can find new plants I will replace. The hard work has been the priority. It seems to be working...Annoying now we've had too much water and if it had come a few days sooner they probably would've been ok.

Wednesday I was out 5am clearing more rubbish. Then rested, it was too hot to do anything. I was accompanied again by a blackbird, looking for insects and yes saw a froglet again. I do feel sorry that its protection has been removed. When I was well and had access to a car some years ago, I used to take them into the wild area of the town(bit like nature reserve)where there is much greenery and a little river running through it. Wish I could do that again.

I managed to get a wash load done. Decided I'm going to do more hand washing. Certainly, I plan whilst I have access to a garden to use a washing line again for drying clothes so I purchased a peg bag and some pegs.

Two pairs of gardening gloves(thorn resistant)I have worn/damaged the pair I purchased a couple of weeks ago but then again with all the heavy work I am not surprised. I will still use them as they still have life in them.

We had the mother of all storms in the afternoon(another is starting now)It passed over and made no difference to the temperatures. I found my brolly which I took with me(just in case)on my theatre trip. All buses and connections ran on time. I found a town bus as I came out and that saved me a long, slow, painful walk back into the town centre and meant I caught an earlier bus home. Did not have to hang around much. As it happened I did not need my umbrella and I was safely home before the rain has returned. I was in a leisure shirt and shorts.

A great production of the mystery play "The Ghost Train" and afterwards half a dozen of the cast did a question and answer session with the audience. Sadly(a sign of the times perhaps)economically or a lack of interest in provincial theatre, there are approx 862 seats and I think approx 220 were in the audience. For the talk approx 20 of us stayed behind. They played it straight as it was meant to be. A thriller written in the 1930's but as times have changed modern audiences do laugh at some of the dialogue. Some productions "ham it up" and take liberties but this production is true to the way the playwright planned it to be.

Even with all the empty seats someone large in every way sat right in front of me...but with all the empty seats I moved two seats to the right and had a perfect view.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Early Morning...

And I've already been out and done a couple of hours gardening. I don't believe I can manage much more today, its too warm already and this last bit is really hard to shift. I've lifted what remains so the roots may die off with no contact with the soil. So I'll try again on Thursday but I will bag what you can see in the first image later today.

Then Friday/Saturday I'll put the lawn feed and weed killer. Then I shall have to leave it a few days and start cutting the lawns that are reasonably ok and not overgrown. Then I can add the clippings to the bagged rubbish and then I hope who I ask to remove it will take it all away.