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Monday, June 30, 2014


Often simple really is best...

If money was no object I would have come home with so much more from the "Homegrown Food Festival" in Northallerton yesterday but income is limited so even the small amount of treats I came home with had to be chosen carefully.

It all ran like clockwork to be honest...

Caught a bus at around 9.30am

Caught a train around 10.44am

Arriived in Northallerton by 10.55am and I found a reasonably short route to where the festival was being held.

I planned to stay to the end of the event but when you have spent your allotted sum and seen all the stalls on the site, it made sense to take your time and return home unrushed and in plenty of time.

The weather was kinder this year and the rain held off, the sun even shined. I missed the entertainment provided in one way because this year I managed to get into the marquee and watch a cooking demonstration with the popular TV chef in the UK Brian Turner. But I am sure his programmes and books are seen around the world.

So I was on the train home at 2.30pm. I was in Darlington by 2.45pm. I did not fancy the walk from the railway station to the town centre and worked out it would take me longer than waiting twenty minutes for a town bus...

So caught it at 3.09pm

Then boarded a bus for here that was already waiting and I was in my home by 4pm. That gave me three and a half hours rest before going out with my friends for little bit of a social life. I came home with some of the food I took so that will keep me fed for today(ham/cheese rolls)cherry tomatoes. I did not feel tired but obviously was as I was starting to doze off during the final set of the singer in the club and I did fall asleep as soon as I came home and did have a nap waiting to go out for the evening.

Amongst the three meals Brian cooked(all very easy and quick)was a left over chicken meal and he said it is cheaper to buy a full chicken rather than separate pieces of chicken and what he said probably makes sense and is true but when(as I often do)find it on offer or reduced, I can often find buying specific cuts are less expensive.

So what did I buy?

Three loaves of Artisan bread(I really must have a go again at making my own)but again as I have said about the chicken, sometimes I can buy it so cheap and being single I can save time(not baking my own)money not having to use an oven and buy ingredients. Though it is nice to say "I made that" and perhaps make something a bit different.

I purchased a Brie and Cranberry loaf, a Mediterranean one and a kind of Olive Oil based loaf.

I also purchased some locally brewed beer that was in a limited quantity of 250 bottles and produced specially for the day.

It was a look out and a bit of a change for a Sunday. It was a little difficult to get images because the stalls were surrounded by lots of customers(which is good)but I had taken the wrong memory card which was almost full. When I realised how sunny the day turned out I wish that I had remembered to put on some sun lotion.

Embedded image permalink

I've added the image above to prove I was there...sadly I am the bald person in the centre of the picture in the dark shirt. Ho Hum...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Looks like it has. Already put my buffet together for tonight. Just have to get washed and shaved. The earliest I can get out of this town is 9.30am and if I can manage a slightly faster walk to Darlington Railway Station I may be in Northallerton by 10.55am so I'll miss the first hour of the food event I am going to.

Coming home I may leave early but even if it gets past 17.00, I can be home in time for the bingo club tonight, The event finishes by 4pm but if its as popular as last year stalls may be starting to sell out by 2pm.

Without the train this is one occasion where I would be unable to attend this event. Mon-Sat there is a bus service but come Sunday...

See you late tonight...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Keep It Simple...

I have certainly done that.

The meal I promised myself is now planned for later today. I got a bit stir crazy last night and ventured to the Supermarket around 10pm and came back with some offers that will last me a while and some fruit/bread and eggs.

Really, I have had very little but you are "What you eat" I have eaten a sandwich in the last few minutes of nothing more than tomato, spring onion and lamb's lettuce. I feel so clean inside.

Sunday I am heading for Northallerton in Yorkshire for a day out followed by my Bingo night* Today, I think I am staying home but if the gardener lets me down again...plans may change. If I do get somewhere I shall take the camera and see if I notice anything worth snapping and putting on the blog.

I haven't seen much sun this year and I never really was one for sitting in it for hours attempting to get a sun tan. But being of fair skin and little hair(these days)I decided as I hope to get out a little more I should get some sun lotion for my face, hands, arms and bald head. Annoyingly, I have some in the house but cannot find it so this new one will do...

*Little change of buffet food this week...probably cheese/ham rolls, cherry tomatoes, some crisps and perhaps as a treat...some chocolate cake. What is not eaten I will bring home and use myself.

Update:Nothing much to add to earlier matters. The gardener failed to show...Its just gone after 9pm and I'm going to go to the supermarket...again...need some bread/bread buns. I won't have time tomorrow to buy tomorrow...I will charge the camera tonight and hopefully get some images of the day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ticking Over...

Bingo, purchased some coffee and someone gave me a portion of home made chicken curry for a meal...

Possibility of a train spotting trip next Wednesday afternoon.

Laying here debating if I want to make the effort to make a meal/sandwich or whether to wait until tomorrow. I can survive on very little and rarely am what could be called hungry. What I fancy but I may have for breakfast is bacon, eggs, tomato, baked beans.

Lots of talk in the media today about how bad sugar is and now we are being told that we should have water with our meals. Not fruit juice/soft drinks...I always remember water being on the table when on holiday in the hotel. Never remember doing that at home...in general any drink was taken after the meal and was usually tea or coffee.

I do not eat much sugar(knowingly)and often drink tea and coffee without, do not add it to cereal or porridge. If I decide to sweeten tea or coffee I am likely to use a sweetener. I have tried the new and popular Stevia but cannot get away with that. Its too sweet and I dislike the taste. It is, I hear very popular in Japan.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Reasonably Happy Day,,,

though let down by the gardener, now talking of work being carried out on Saturday. Tried to sort out issues with my Housing Association but the person to contact is on annual leave until July 7th. Thought of taking advantage of an unexpected day out but have decided to stay home and rest. Listen to the radio, sleep a little. The weather though not bad and it began really sunny, it is cooler and not as sunny any more.

I have been quite good and managed to have yoghurt and banana sandwiches for breakfast and that still leaves me the rest of the day for more fruit and the planned salad. I may have to go to the supermarket if I am unable to find some coffee or teabags in my food store. I did not realise when shopping yesterday. I do think that I have some if I have a look.

And I can always drink water...

Update:I managed to scrape enough coffee to have plenty of drinks until tomorrow and made the effort for a decent salad of ham, crinkle cut chips, celery, tomato, cucumber, spring onions, lambs lettuce, a bread bun and chutney. Will see if that does for today or whether I have some fruit or ice cream later. Quite happy with that.

My New Door...

Its only a door but considering the previous one was on the house since it was built approx 60 years ago I guess it is quite a big event. I'll see if I am able to find an image of the original but I have a feeling I may only have one of it after it was damaged a few weeks ago and had to be boarded up. The design I have still allows quite a lot of light, is less draughty and I have some curtains that I will hang up after all the refurbishment work is carried out. No point doing decorating until everything has been completed.

Old Door...from outside...

New Door...from inside...

A Super Douper Day...

I took it easy...got washed, shaved and dressed. I had not eaten much at all so, I had a serving of pies and peas at the music club last evening. We were firstly entertained by Roly Hindmarch with Rab Raymond.

Then as the food arrived(well just before)John Wrightson and Joan Edmondson weaved their magic...

And finally the main act of the night(well lets say they played the main set of the night)but to be honest everyone gets a guest night at some point and often play for free...so the night ended with Copperhead Still.

I called in at the supermarket on the way home and from what I buy generally I should be so healthy. I have tomatoes, cucumber, celery, mixed salad, spring onions, ham, strawberries, bread and bread buns. That's good with what I already have in the house.

I am going to try and be good and start this morning with some yoghurt and fruit for breakfast. And later I am thinking salad. Its the weather for it and its a nice light meal. Perhaps during the day I shall snack on fruit as a put off. Time to pull my meal plan into order again...

I took my blood pressure when I came in and am really pleased with the reading after a night out, eating, having a drink and walking home...(112/68)in the ideal range.

Bedroom temperature seems more acceptable tonight 22c(72f)and having slept well, I do feel quite restful. For the time being there is nothing laying heavy on my mind...

I will play some games on Facebook(probably)may post some images here of the entertainment at my music club.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Lack Of Energy Or...

just that it takes more of an effort to do things so I tire but...

The day went reasonably well...The workmen arrived around 10am and the new door was fitted by 11am(ish)I am already used to it. I have lost very little in the way of light into the hallway and it is tighter fitting so the hall should be warmer and less draughty.

I caught my first town bus and now have discovered that its limited service runs very close to my home. If I can put up with the time it takes to get to where I may need to be, its useful. I used it to go to the bingo this afternoon as it drops outside the building. However, I had to sit on it for 25 minutes from start to finish. That did save a very slow and painful walk and time wise it would have taken me as long.

The amount of people present meant that we were playing for £1 a line/£2.50 a house. I won a house and missed a line. So out of pocket even if I had not missed out. Its a bit of fun...

I went on to sort my ticket fiasco and that went quite well. I got an admission(Off the record)the cancellation was due to poor ticket sales so I hope the rescheduled show does well. It may be more intimate in the new setting. Pity that the procedure had to be done in person and not over the phone(saving time)but that's how things were arranged. To be honest the new venue is more centrally located and nearer the bus stop for home.

On the way to do this I fell asleep on the bus but that's alright. I connected easily to another one that stops outside the theatre. But what a tiring walk back to the town centre because of major roadworks ongoing for around a year and there are no direct crossings now. You have to double back on yourself and take a long detour. OK I suppose when mobility is good.

I hit lucky for a bus home(fell asleep on the bus home)and upon reaching home had a coffee, an ice cream lolly and...fell asleep again. If I need to rest I'll take it. Having trouble staying awake now. May have to take some pain killers as time passes by.

Update:Took medication, I have relief SmileyI thought when I woke a few minutes ago it was morning instead it was around midnight thirty and I had only slept perhaps forty minutes but such a deep slumber. I have just weighed myself and I need to lose at least 7lbs in weight, I am 149lbs at present but I have lost 2lbs within a week. I will eat sparingly as there are pie and peas tonight at our music club plus a turn. We are giving the organiser of the club a Birthday card signed by all members and hopefully a collection taken will buy at least a bottle of whisky.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


A show I was looking forward to at a local theatre this coming Monday with Tim Brooke Taylor is cancelled and the first I heard about it was when a letter dropped on my doormat on Thursday. There is an offer of a refund but they were hoping to reschedule. The website says that it is now on October 3rd. Hoorah!

The bad news is that I have another show booked for same night with comedian Jason Cooke. I only booked it a few days before the first show was cancelled. There are no refunds(unless that show is cancelled)so I now have to decide whether to...

Rebook my first choice because I suspect this person will not appear again and I really wanted to see him or accept the refund and see the second show.

If I decide to go to the first show, I lose money on the second show but I suspect because of the age/popularity of this performer, he will do another in the future. I don't know if I can give the ticket away and if I could to whom. I'm even prepared to lose the money on it. If I thought the theatre could resell it I would consider that as an option rather than have an empty seat. Perhaps I'll have a word with them over the weekend.

Its a dilemma I have never found myself in before.

On a lighter note if the weather stays fine this Sunday, I am able to get out and do something unexpectedly because my gardener has cancelled. So all being well I hope to be away early in the morning. I'm thinking Durham City...there is an International Food event in the Market Place. That is near the theatre where I have to sort out my ticket problem and in the afternoon there is a Brass Band Concert so I can do all three things and they are within easy reach. I may also take my chair with me...Have chair will travel...

My only concern will be if I need to pay a comfort call...and I have to decide if its safe to leave it and perhaps ask someone to watch over it or pack it away and then put it up afterwards, then again I am blessed with a strong constitution on that score so...

Hopefully I can take some photo's too...

I don't think that I posted images of the last concert I saw at the start of the month with the Ferryhill Town Band at the Durham Light Infantry Museum so here are a few...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lovely Weather And...

I'm going nowhere...It's not right. Well, in some ways it is...some people are unable to go places because of work, lack of income, health issues and so on. But when it is so nice outside I feel that I should be doing something but it takes such an effort.

Sunday is the day my garden will be looked at again but just maybe if the gardener leaves by 1pm I can get out for the afternoon. I can't go far because of a limited bus service and the bingo club in the evening...but may get to a brass band concert.

Monday I have my new front door fitted and again depending on whether it is fitted in the morning or afternoon the little social bingo club may have to be missed. And as I said previously the planned and looked forward to theatre show in the evening has been cancelled.

So later today is the only suitable day to get out and about. I could do simple things like going to collect some tickets for some theatre shows later in the year but as they are paid for I don't have to...I could stay in the town and watch the world go by down by the river. I could go to another town and get a refund for the cancelled show but there is nothing new to see and nothing I want to spend money on.

Then I could make the trek and just ride around on buses or go a little further and see somewhere I haven't been in years...I was thinking of Richmond in N. Yorkshire...a lovely place. Holds lots of memories but I know it will take a lot out of me and I will need to take pain killers. I may have to take my portable seat with me but if its not used, it will become heavy to walk around with. Many places have too few seats for the public to sit on and this seems wrong with the amount of people that have mobility issues and with a population that is ageing.

Then again, as my limbs are hurting here as I lay in bed, I am tempted to stay close to home...

I'm not complaining honestly...See following comments. I stayed home and I feel positive and am happy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm A Luvvie I Guess...

When today started I never thought that I would be booking some more theatre dates but I have...I usually avoid what would be called "Stand Up!" comedians especially the newer performers but there is a handful I have thought that I may like to see. Usually they have sold out, play large venues or I have found out too late that they are appearing.

However, if health allows in October I am seeing Jeremy Hardy(often a panelist on BBC R4's News Quiz)Susan Calman(ditto)and Jason Cooke(Lately best known for his creation)BBC2's Hebburn. I am fortunate that all of these performers allow concessions and I am eligible.

Its only a couple of quid per show but it does help. Having said that Hardy is the most generous by reducing the full price by £8 and doing so that has been like giving me a discount on a full priced concert starring a performer that has worked with just about everyone in the music world for the past six decades or more but is best known for fronting "Amen Corner" in the 1960's, Andy Fairweather Lowe. With all the discounts etc...I am seeing tip top people for an average of around £10 a show. And I think that's great! In these austere times often prices do seem a little high for everyone.

The gardener has switched things around and will now not visit until Sunday so plans will be changed and I may have to stay at home instead. If he comes on the morning and is away by lunchtime I may still be able to go to a brass band concert in Durham but the garden has to take priority.

On 29th June I may be catching a train to Northallerton to visit the food festival event as I did last year. So I have a few events to fill the coming days and Summer.

Still Here...

I did not get out...lots of sleeping but through being tired not because of feeling down, in a reasonably good place...

Better than a dear friend not far from where I live who was at home, in a nice safe area of my town and found she had been burgled which probably took all of thirty seconds to a minute. I know they say do not confront such people but if her son had been there at the time I have a feeling that they would not have succeeded in their plan and they could very well be requiring medical treatment or would have been apprehended.

I am angry and upset this has happened but so thankful that my friend is safe. But even if you have faced worse in your life and you are strong in character, of course you will be shaken. There will also be disbelief and that horrible feeling that your personal space has been violated.

Sounds as though it was an opportunist burglary...unplanned.

It kind of puts many worries and things we may complain about into perspective.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Its Been A Few Days...

The weather has been kind...I've not been too far from home but done a bit of this and that.

I will post an entry about the visit on Saturday(my first)to the steam railway line in Northumberland "The Tanfield Railway" just have to get myself together and do it justice...wish I had taken more photo's whilst I was there. Perhaps, if I get back there by myself I will.

The problem is that most of the open days are on Sundays and yes that means the bus service is limited.

Anyhow, how exciting has it been? Not a lot...

The bus service(Sunday)meant messing around, second guessing the best way to get to Durham where I had promised to help with the campaign for the saving of/stopping our National Health Service being sold off to private companies etc...It was a successful day and everyone approached seemed willing to put their names on the petition...including quite a few Dr's.

A 45 minutes bus ride ended up being 100 minutes and I changed buses three times. Coming home was easier.

Bingo in the evening I won a house but shared it with two others so that meant winning only £7 but any win is welcome.

Today I won two houses at the afternoon session but wasn't paying attention so missed both. I'm blaming being half asleep. I had fallen asleep and woke with a start and had dashed over to the bingo and within fifteen minutes. I had been having quite a few sleeps where I kept going off into seemingly the same dream and most of it seemed to make sense.

Though I don't remember much of it now...it was a nightmare and I think some of it was about me being a fugitive avoiding the law and being accused of something that I had not done. Trying to convince others of my innocence and try to get them to realise that if I was apprehended what they would hear would not be the truth.

Other than that I did some food shopping, paid my rent, checked my utility bills, sent in some meter readings. Since then I have had a ice cream lolly and a coffee. That's all. Now I am resting listening to the radio. I may cook something later. I'm thinking of something simple like a salad, some chips and perhaps a beef burger. But I could change my mind of course*

I purchased my first body spray in decades. I avoid such items where possible and the same is true of spray deodorant because I have seen how pores can become blocked and I believe they should be allowed to breathe but I decided as I often do have a problem of soaking my shirts because of sweating, occasionally it could benefit me using a body spray especially if I am out somewhere all day but I won't use it daily or let the residue build up.

Debating whether to take it easy tomorrow or go somewhere but where. Richmond in Yorkshire has just popped into my head.. We'll see. Cannot go too far as its the night of the Music Club on my town.

Wednesday it is the day for my gardener to return and in the evening a show in Bishop Auckland Town Hall again. Wonder if I will have to try the late bus to a neighbouring town and hope to connect to the last bus from Durham or will I have to catch the last one from B. Auckland?

*I did...ended up with tomato sandwiches and some chicken crisps sandwiches. There's always tomorrow...

The Visit To Tanfield Railway...

My video does not do the Tanfield Railway justice...it has been going for at least 40 years and depends on volunteers. It is in Northumberland and if bus services were better on Sundays it is quite easy to get to because there is a bus stop outside the site. I made a visit last Saturday and all the volunteers are friendly. Dress in appropriate clothing to match the station and the steam trains that travel the lines. I really hope to be able to visit again.

The countryside is picturesque and you really do feel as though you have stepped back in time. It would seem as though other events and engines are planned around the year but for the first time, this really was a wonderful introduction. There are many video on You Tube but this is a very small video I took as the engine reconnected to the carriages at the end of the line to make a return journey to the station.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Calm, Peaceful And Reasonably Happy Day...

Told you I'd turn things around Smiley happy 048.gif The hay fever has improved too.

Most exciting thing I may do today is washing my hair...and soon. I say wash my hair, its more a case of washing my headSmiley

Then not long after that its "Bingo" no big prizes and unless you win a few times you come away out of pocket financially.

So much is happening this weekend that I could have gone to...but as I have committed to a vintage car display and steam train event, I'll stick with that but it is the weekend of Durham City's Regatta and even if I was to go on Sunday it is up against another Brass Band Concert elsewhere in the city and that campaigning event for saving the NHS so something has to give.

I now have the dates of the annual Air Show and it does not clash with any other plans so if health and weather allows I may try and see it again. And take my new chair with me. Its a long day otherwise and there are few if any seats there. That event is some time away.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Don't Do Hay Fever...

But think I have it...no streaming eyes thankfully but my throat is a bit "iffy" and I have slightly blocked nose. Coincidence that my garden has started to be knocked into shape?

I now have a date for my front door. Monday June 23rd June. I see Tim Brooke Taylor in the evening in conversation at a local theatre.

I have done very little and to be honest there is no reason to go out. Where would I go at 8pm? A ride out on a bus for the sake of it and seeing what I have seen many times? The supermarket(I see that nearly every day and it means spending money)

Having one of my unsettled days where peace is hard to find. I'm troubled but not sure why exactly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finally Hope To Discuss...

whether I can have a shower installed instead of a bath and whether there is room for a shower rather than a bath but if a bath can fit in a room...a shower can...right?

A day of sleep. It has rained off and on throughout the day...perhaps an hour ago we had some thunderclaps but they did not last long and there was no rain...

I gave in yesterday and purchased one of those folding seats that you can carry in a kind of bag with a shoulder strap. Its not too heavy and sometimes there are too few seats when you go to some locations/events and I need to sit. I cannot stand for too long. Its also more comfortable/easier than trying to use a rug on the ground. How often I will use it, I have no idea but it only cost £6.50 so not very expensive.

I will get shaved and dressed soon and head out for the music club. Tomorrow, could be busy as my garden is due to be tidied and put into some kind of order...

I have kept it simple meal wise these past two days having chicken, egg, tomato, lettuce and bacon club sandwiches worth in total £5.20($8.71)but I had only paid £1.02($1.71)

Monday, June 09, 2014

What A Night...

On Saturday night I headed out to a local theatre and was greeted with torrential rain. I wondered what I could do. Thankfully, it stopped and I made it to the bus stop dry and it remained fine until I came home.

It was a charity show raising money for coaches for disabled children. It was hosted/organised by a showbiz legend in the North East of England but probably best known further North than where I live and when there were many clubs in the area that offered entertainment and drink to "The Working Man" I know of him and have seen and heard some of his work as I was growing up via local TV and Radio. They no longer exist and probably if they did they would no longer acknowledge many of these performers.

It was great. The host was Bobby Pattinson...he was funny, approachable. Age should not matter but he is 80 years old. 

The youngest on the bill was comedian and singer Steve Womack(57 years old)

In the second half a favourite comic of mine(never seen him on stage)and its many years since I have on television was Freddie "Parrot Face" Davies but he does so much more than the character that made him famous of Samuel Tweet and we have already e-mailed each other and had a lovely exchange of thoughts between us. He is now 76 years old but you'd never know it. They are young at heart.

Now if that impresses you the final performer played a difficult piece of music on a piano flawlessly, told jokes and he was 92 years of age Bobby Dennis.

Found the following article a few minutes ago...what a great night, it was a privilege to be there. I am sure that I have seen all of them on TV at some time.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Still Full Of Aches And Pains...

Was my fall the other night really so bad? Plans were scuppered when the gardener said he would call today but not sure I could've managed to do much even if he was not down for a visit. No sign of him as yet.

I have to be away no later than 5pm as I have a theatre date tonight. I need to give myself extra time with the effects of the fall. I had originally decided to travel to a festival in Middlesbrough and take a bus from there  to the Durham for the theatre show. Now I will just do that.

I have a feeling there won't be much to write about until/after the night at the theatre...

Update:The gardener is coming on Wednesday now...its pouring with rain anyhow... I am soon to shave, get dressed and take off...and here's hoping for a fun evening of entertainment/variety.

With all the flattening of the grass due to branches of the trees being dragged everywhere its not as bad as it looked earlier in the week so the work may be easier to do.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Feeling A Little Weird...

wondering if I should just have accepted the bath and have I caused myself un-necessary problems putting myself in the sights of the very people I try to have as little contact with...also coming to terms with being treeless in the garden after nearly 60 years. Especially as other people/neighbours still have theirs. Then again it helps if the property is owned and not rented as in my own case.

My neighbours were very interested...most could care less but one has caused much grief over the years...so no doubt though the trees caused no problems for his garden, he'll be very pleased that they've gone..

Update:The one tree that I do have that is not in a difficult place has been constantly chopped by him over the years and he's just been in touch asking when/why that tree has not been seen to...its not on the list to be removed so he'll be disappointed and whilst here, unofficially they tidied it up for me so he should have less to be unhappy over...but no, still unhappy.

Its All Go...

The house has been measured up for a new front door, it should be installed within two weeks.

The tree surgeons have arrived and are felling two trees in the back garden that have been there for approx. 60 years.


Someone was coming to measure the property for new internal doors and the new toilet and bath. Turned out that was an error. Its been done a few weeks ago. Having mobility issues a shower might be a better option but I may have to be assessed by Social Services if I want some thing different to a bath. Not sure why because in this case a shower is just an alternative to a bath and many decide to go for a shower these days.

A quick chat with social had them admitting that they may only wish to give extra handrails etc or gadgets for the bath that are really a waste of time. Like one of those boards that go across the bath what you sit on etc and dangle your legs in the water, whereas my Housing Association may be more inclined to allow me a shower or adapt the separate toilet and bath into one room converting it into a wet room but if they'll give me a shower instead of a bath perhaps that will do. Then I could avoid any contact with them. Even if I can climb into the bath now, its not so easy to get out. I am not a fan of social services having seen the hassle they caused Mum when she was very ill and dying, if I have to have a bath, I can use the sink as an aid for getting in and out as it is so near.

As the bath is being replaced it seems easier to do such jobs now whilst they are being replaced and I am likely to become worse physically in the future. Makes life easier for me and saves additional costs at a later date.

Why do they make life more difficult than it needs to be? I will have a word with the person who is measuring up and see if he can sway things so I can avoid going through Social Services. I said I'd think about it but they still took details about me...I meant to book a Dr's appointment for today but with all that's happened its too late but my Dr is in surgery on Monday morning.

Oh and now my gardener is coming back to get the garden in shape over the weekend. At last! He called earlier today for a quick look.

A Little Sore...

I am back from the first ever Gay Pride Event in Durham City...perhaps in the County of Durham...the organiser who gave a speech aid it was...a drag queen mentioned a guest in the "Cabaret" playing Darlington some months back but the difference could be that it was not officially called "Gay Pride"

It is easy to upset people but I am honest if nothing else...I was comfortable at the event and though straight myself and many who were present were. Only a small amount were what could be called flamboyant.

I think I chose the wrong venue for entertainment, the other one that I nearly went into was in full swing by 7pm. The one I chose there was entertainment from 8pm, it started at 10pm and the place was empty until 9.30pm and I had to leave before it ended. But I saw approx an hour. In fact I until things picked up I was sat on my own reading a computer magazine *=)) rolling on the floor

Perhaps the entertainment looked better if you'd downed a fair amount of alcohol but to be honest it wasn't great. In hindsight I could have come home much earlier, I was sat on my own with a couple of ciders. In reality I could have actually spent the night without any drink, no one was that bothered but I felt that I should.

I spent approx £1.20($2.02) more than had I gone to my usual bingo and that was less because I found £1. Two drinks were £7.20($12.10)People were kind and spoke to me and offered me a drink of wine but I made do with the cider. A fair amount of alcohol was purchased and at those prices it would not be a cheap night. It makes what I pay at the local pubs on town seem a bargain. Well, you get three drinks for the cost of two in this nightclub.

The club was noisy and it had a retro 70's club feel about it or how I imagine one was like and most of the music was Disco music of the time and if you stayed long enough it was on a loop which came around a few times. It was loud but by the end of the evening they turned the volume up even more, you could not recognise the music being played and and could feel the vibrations through the seats and your body, it was just a rumble...thank heavens I was wearing earplugs.

If you go to that club regularly, I suspect someone would have hearing damage in no time. Would I go again...ask me in approx a year. There is a massive three day event in July in Newcastle and 65,000 people are expected there but that will be too much of an effort.

I don't know if I missed promised street performers arriving later than planned. I heard there were to be fire eaters and stiltwalkers amongst those present but saw only two stiltwalkers myself.

The weather was kind and it did not rain...I caught my bus home ok and I cannot blame the booze as I managed more uneven terrain in Durham than at home but almost home I fell heavily. I knew I was going and could do nothing to stop it. I jerked my head. I have a sore hand(luckily the pad of my hand protected things somewhat)though a bruise is now showing and the wrist is affected now but not bad enough to say it is strained. I have hurt my thigh(or hip)twisted a leg/knee but I don't think that I have done serious damage such as breaking anything. Well, I hope not. At least I can rest again until my theatre trip on Saturday night which is in the same area as last evening. A fall isn't fun and not when you are alone on a deserted street at Midnight.

Durham looked kind of special and I now wish I had gone out and taken more images especially when I arrived. Here's one of the castle against a striking sky.

I have so much data stored on my computers I'm fighting a losing battle, not helped by burned discs of saved material being lost/damaged by having to move stuff when I got hassle unfairly from the Housing Association which some older readers of my blog may remember. However, I am saving and sorting out images/video's and erasing memory cards so I have space to add new images of adventures coming up that I hope to go on soon...

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

In The Previous Post...

I mentioned that Sunday was a bit of hard work...I haven't given up on my friend...I am risking a theatre comedy in September and in approx eleven days because he likes trains I am going to one of the World's oldest steam railways and on this particular day there is a big vintage vehicle exhibition too.

I will put up some images/video afterwards...

Some nice people still exist...once again I did a small shop yesterday making the error of not taking a rucksack or trolley with me(well I was already out and a shopping trip was not planned)I only live two streets from the shops,  a woman who had lots of carriers and explained health problems herself saw me and refused not to help and carried my shopping me. OK I was perhaps two minutes from home by then but it would have taken me much longer than that. And the carriers were heavy.

Kind people are out there and it often comes unexpected. I must remember that fruit and large containers of milk are heavy and must not be carried in shopping bags whilst trying to use a walking stick in the other hand. But I had found some extra items that had been reduced and were too good a bargain to miss. Not a bargain or saving when a taxi is required. I try to plan things more carefully.

Monday, June 02, 2014

It Were "B***** Great!"

Having taken it easy on Saturday too...we were blessed with fine weather for my first trip to a brass band concert in the grounds of the Durham Light Infantry Museum in Durham...which is next to County Hall. There is a little walk but thanks to some seats along the way and a bus stop quite close by...it is doable. Unfortunately, Sunday service gets in the way...

More so coming home...the concert by Ferryhill Town Band lasted almost two hours but then thanks to the walk we found that three buses were due to arrive at 16.23 and the bus we were to connect to get home leaves at 16.30(runs once an hour)and we arrived at the station at...16.30 and boarded it with seconds to spare. Otherwise it meant waiting for another hour. The bus due at 16.23 arrived three minutes late which did not help. The other two still had not arrived.

An earlier bus which runs perhaps a little more regular had left at 16.08 which we missed by perhaps five minutes.

The DLI museum is smaller than I thought it would be and the person I went with had seen everything within 30 minutes, as I wanted to be sure of seeing the concert and was unsure how many would attend, I did not go around the museum this time. The staff were very helpful and friendly and we are now on first name terms which is nice. My friend purchased a day pass, I purchased a pass that lasts the whole year(It was only £1 extra)but like him one visit may be enough.

The concert was great and I will put up some images. However, next time I hope to go alone...no offence to who I went with but his attention span is challenged somewhat and whereas I would have given the concert my full attention I found myself being interrupted and whereas I keep any talking quiet and short, I don't talk when people are performing but my companion is a bit too loud and starts talking about things that can be talked about at any time and I was aware that it might annoy others present who wanted to hear the music and not him.

So I kept looking for excuses to move to another location. Its not done deliberately, there is a little bit of "Special Needs" about him and to be honest I do like to sometimes give him the chance to do something other than stay at home. And I know that he enjoyed the day because he said so. And that(to use a term that he often does use)and I used as the title of this entry was "B***** Great!" But in hindsight I realise that I missed such a lot of the lovely programme of music the band played.

So if I manage to attend more of the concerts over the Summer I will try and do so alone. I have some other days out where I will be taking him and they are not affected by him talking because there isn't any music being played. I hope this does not make me sound horrible.

In August I have a small vacation and I will be keeping him company for approx 3-4 days and I am not kidding myself that it will not be hard work. I did kind of get talked into it. I may try and go away for another trip on my own later in the year. Even if its just for a weekend.

It was one of my better days where I was able to pace and control physical pain and mobility because I had rested for a few days but I was really tired by the time I finally reached home and most of the night I have been in a deep sleep inbetween being in pain and having lots of aches. Its taken almost twelve hours to shake them off or shall I say to improve enough to have some peace. And I plan to do as little as possible for the rest of today and probably tomorrow.

Later in the day I found that there had been another visit from the company who is doing the work around the property but unannounced, as I was not expecting one I was out. I have to arrange another visit. Its been suggested to me and I may look into it. Getting into a bath is more difficult these days so I may ask if I can have a shower instead of a bath when install a new bath and toilet.

 They are measuring up the replacement door on Friday so that is moving quite quickly. Today I was given two fully lined curtains which I plan to put across the doors so in the evening it keeps out draughts and offers extra privacy. If I decide against this and they are a useful size I may be able to put them in a bedroom.

I have found out some more information about the "Gay" pride event on Thursday I am attending. Bit concerned my camera's battery may not last long enough. It won't if I take video's. I shall take what I am able and may stick to stills rather than video's. There are going to be lots of street entertainers(buskers, dancers, stilt walkers, fire eaters etc...)Not really sure what to expect...I hope the weather is kind.