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Friday, November 30, 2007

How Do You Like Your Bread?

One news story to break today almost sounds too crazy to be taken seriously. Baroness Gardner Of Parkes stood up in the British Parliament to complain that all she can find in the shops and supermarkets, sandwich bars etc...is thick sliced bread. More importantly she seems to believe that eating thick bread will lead to obesity. It appeared that she wanted the Government to do something about this.

For once a Government spokesperson Baroness Royall Of Blaisdon said that "that is an interesting and important point"(Really?)

Surely, if you eat thicker bread, you'll feel filled sooner and what would be the difference to say eating one or two thicker slices to the equivelent but maybe three or four thinner slices. Also, isn't bread supposed to be the staff of life and surely if you are using the health aspect, bread is better for you than cakes and biscuits? Anything eaten in moderation or eaten in greater amounts will be good or bad for you.

And lets not forget all the lovely fillings you can put in your sandwich. A sandwich is often under valued.

I don't know which retail outlets she shops in but I can find loads of different types of bread and of various thickness. Not forgetting that if you buy an unsliced loaf you can cut it to whatever thickness suits your personal taste.

She was interviewed on BBC News 24 and one retailer she mentioned as only offering "Thick Sliced Bread" happened to be a high quality outlet but not one of the least expensive to purchase any food from. Maybe she should consider looking in the stores that many of this country's population has to use.

They also had a master baker on the same programme and he said himself he'd been in a superarket earlier in the day and seen quite a range of bread and he himself had eaten a sandwich for lunch which was thin sliced.

This has to be one of the daftest stories I have heard in a long time.

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