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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Apologies to anyone who has tried to post a comment

I'm sitting and deciding what to write next, wondering how far I dare go in my views but equally a few friends have made it known to me that they have read what I have posted and may return for more...Thanks...I need all the support I can get ;-)

Some have tried to leave comments and to be fair I have enabled some of the features that will allow this to happen but I will let you know by e-mail when it is possible.

I am still trying to understand how the settings on my blog work so I imagine its going to take some time. Just to let you know that I am working on it and to apologise should you have wasted time trying to say "Hello" and add your views which are important to me.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My First Posting

Well, second actually as the first one failed to go online so I hope that I can remember what I said...

Why Blog? That's a good Question. Why would anyone want to read my views or opinions? Again, I cannot say. Will they remain in hyper space for years to come long after I leave? Who knows. I have read some very interesting blogs recently so can only hope that I come up to a similar standard.

In reality perhaps we write blogs as a way to explore our thoughts and feelings, our own being. I cannot promise anything outrageous just random views and opinions. Not everything will be black and white. Some opinions will be a little grey or fuzzy around the edges. Hindsight is a wonderful thing as you can cherry pick how you see an historical event, it is different when living through the occasion.

I am generally not a supporter of the Politically Correct and prefer if we must, learn from errors made in the past and to be allowed to read, see or hear information from the time. I am generally against censorship but appreciate in reality when it suits me I would probably happily remove some things that are broadcast today on television or filmed and pass at entertainment. As I say few things are purely right or wrong.

I am not in a hurry to leave and hope I am allowed a few more years but I never thought that I would hear myself saying that "I would not wish to be being born in today's society" even though some things being talked of do seem very exciting. I do embrace some of today's exciting developments and do not dwell in the past but appreciate that alot of what happened in the past make me and the world what it is today. Equally, I am not like Canute trying to hold back the tide. But there are quite a few things I am sorry to see taking place but maybe that's just me and everyone will say that at some point in their lives.

I am generally very happy and easy going about most things but maybe writing on a blog or messageboard it does make you think and perhaps express thoughts that usually remain locked away. Is this the real me or a persona? Will I be liked? Who can say.

Perhaps, seeing things written on a screen I will change my opinions and views, even see conflicts where I could take an opposite view with myself, as the title of the blog says it is the Random Jottings of Gildersleeve. I wonder how much of myself I will give over the coming weeks, months or years.

Only time will tell. Sorry if some of you are friends who have read anything I have said before.

Thanks for your interest.

I hope to return soon.