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Friday, September 24, 2010

Today Looks Like The Day I Was Dreading...

The other day I mentioned Mum would probably be in hospital...It would be wrong to say that Mum is well but she did start to have better days and yesterday was an improvement but today we both suspect we have no choice but to go into hospital for tests/x-rays and yes we have almost resigned ourselves that an operation is likely and the symptoms(and having looked in a book that I have)suggest a fracture probably the other hip to what was done last year.

Whether it is worse or the same only time will tell. But if all goes well, it could be almost 3 months before Mum gets home again...Or I should say I hope that she gets home again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've Not Been Well...

and Mum is missing her sister so this blog has been allowed to lapse.

And now almost a year to the day after Mum was hospitalised with a hip operation, without warning she is in great pain and unable to walk...not with the leg that was operated on but the other one.

So I hope we are not in for another nasty shock but obviously something is not right and when Mum says I want to go to hospital, you know it isn't looking good because asking to go to hospital is something you don't usually ask to do.

So tomorrow is going to be difficult.