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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Been To The Dr...

My Dr is on holiday...however, the Dr I saw thinks I am doing well...he says that even though I think I am not having issues and therefore cannot see why I am having difficulty sleeping and panicking. It is probably all connected still to bereavement and worries about what may happen in the future months with changes coming due to the Government plans and sorting out of Mum's estate. He thinks I am doing well and will continue to. He also says that I should enjoy my birthday and be glad that we are all living longer. He believes it will come good.

He says I have the support of the Dr's and should things get difficult they will do all that they are able to to help me.

He checked my blood pressure which was fine. He checked my breathing and my chest is clear but as I have a little wheeze and I cannot clear the mucus away from my throat(whilst the prescriptions are still free)he wrote me one out for a cough bottle which was made up specially and its seems to be shifting the problem.

Funnily enough, the past few days I have found myself not thinking too deeply, I'm not panicking  as much as I was and am able to turn over and generally get back off to sleep. And the past few days I am not waking up as early so perhaps I have turned the corner.

I stayed out yesterday after being at the Dr's and caught a bus to Durham and then visited a shopping centre I have heard of for over 3 year but never have. I planned not to spend money(but I did)approx £40 mainly on food but its good stuff and I'll have nice meals for at least a month and that only works out around £1.50 daily so its not that bad.

I went out around 9am(to the Dr's)and I didn't get home before 6pm so it was a long day in the end. I had a cheap and quite small ready meal(Chicken, gravy, sliced potatoes, peas and carrots)but it was enough and quite tasty and then I went to bed supposedly to listen to the radio but I fell asleep and slept the evening and early hours away.

Tuesday, did I say I sat in with my special needs friend whilst his Father was taken to hospital ready for a big op on Wednesday. He was informed that some medication he was on should've been stopped three days before he went into the hospital(but no one told him)and so...Wednesday they cancelled the op and sent him home. He's only been waiting for 18mths and even that surprised the consultant. So we don't know what happens next. Whether they'll take him back in next week...some months down the line, whether my friend's Father will decide not to bother and take his chances.

So in one way Tuesday was a wasted day for everyone...even me sitting in with my friend but then again we chatted, we watched a little TV and then in the evening we went to the Music Club so in another way it wasn't a waste of time and it stopped me thinking about things. Frighteningly , I watched an old comedy sitcom that came on and then I realised in two years time it will be 50 years old and when I watched it first time around I was only 8 or 9 years old. Where did that time go?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Where Have I Been?(Part Three)

On Saturday afternoon I attended a kind of class at my local church and I think I was hoping for some kind of comfort and healing of the soul but to be honest I found it a waste of time...it lasted around two hours but as we were only twenty in number, it was going to be difficult to get up and leave.

Not really sure what was actually gained at the end of the two hours.  And though we talked of all the church can be to the community on both a personal and greater good for all I noticed one thing was not mentioned by anyone present..."God" and spiritual well being.

Interesting that "God" wasn't mentioned not even by the vicar.

Anyhow...I found that I felt that I wanted to attend a service on Sunday morning...and guess few if any local churches were holding a Communion service. The few that were you cannot get too unless you can find a taxi or someone to share their car with you. And from my own situation(until I get a mobility scooter)I could not walk to the churches that were holding a service. They are also held as early as 8am. And again public transport on Sundays start so late you miss being able to get to a church in time to attend.

I discovered that Durham Cathedral was holding a sung Sung Eucharist at 11.15am and that I could manage to catch a bus at 9.40am which I almost missed and that would've been that. But the driver took pity on me and actually pulled up(he probably should not have)a few hundred yards from the stop and let me on board)

I managed to get into the bus station around 10.30am and then struggled the steep walk to the Cathedral and I was shattered by the time I reached it. I just arrived with perhaps a couple of minutes to spare. The last part of the walk really is difficult. And again they have a Cathedral bus that runs Mon-Fri but not on weekends when you'd think there would be a lot of visitors. Especially on Sundays.

I didn't feel well enough to take Communion but I was there in spirit and I was confirmed many decades ago. It was an experience that was new to me and something I have never been to before. I cannot tell you how moving the experience was overall with the choir voices soaring around the building and when the powerful organ joins in, its amazing. It was for Pentecostal Sunday.

I have every intention of going again and it would appear it is a regular service. Perhaps I can turn the day into a complete experience by starting at the Cathedral once per month and then people watch or sit by the river and take along a packed lunch and a flask of tea or coffee. Or hop on a bus afterwards and travel to surrounding locations but again I have to allow time to get back here with the limited bus services.

I have a ticket for free concert on June 5th at the Cathedral celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain and performed by the RAF Band.

Yesterday was a mixed day...I had to get out but with a Sunday bus service(Bank holiday)that was somewhat restricted...I found the local neighbouring town pretty dead to be honest and most people looked miserable...many shops were closed and those that were open to be honest if you shop there most weeks/days there isn't much that you are going to want to buy/spend money on.

Buses were packed but that could've been simply because with fewer buses running they were bound to have more passengers. When they arrived at their destination they just seemed to disappear. I suspect the retailers that were doing the best trade were those selling sausage rolls, sandwiches and takeaway coffee/tea/drinks. Or people going into cafés for something to eat/fill in time.

I(knowing I was going to the bingo in the afternoon)just sat on a seat on the high row(as its called)people watching and I ate a ham bap and drank a bottle of water I had on me. I managed to fill a couple of hours, not sure how and felt quite miserable. That's not me...but there you go.

I played bingo and had a chat in the afternoon...came home managed to have a ready meal which filled the spot and I went to bed and as I said earlier I managed to surprise myself and sleep reasonably well until 5am this morning. Avoiding feeling too down or panicky.

I may go and have a chat with my Dr later in the week. Even if I receive no help, I don't think it does any harm keeping him informed how I am.

Anyhow I shall away because I only have around an hour to sort myself out before I have to disappear and my day of helping my friend starts.

I hope its a good day for all of you that are reading my blog.

Where Have I Been?(Part Two)

The good deed? My friend who was already special needs to some extent is even more so since his stay in hospital and he has lost what independence he had. His memory and nobility has been affected and it means he has to stay closer to home than he used to. we keep hoping that he will improve but as time goes on the fear is this is unlikely.

Today, his elderly Father has to go into a big hospital in Newcastle for a big operation and someone needs to stay in and keep him company whilst his stepdad and Mum travel there and have to sort things out. So I'm the one who is going to keep him company.

Then hopefully this evening we will go the Music Club and have a couple of hours of music. Its always good but I missed a good one last week(and a few performers turned up who have been missing for some months)We're hoping his Mum will be there too if she gets home in time.

I have to be out early because they have to away not long after Lunch and to save her cooking lunch for my friend and themselves and so they are not hungry later in the day she has arranged for a delivery of fish and chips for not long after 11.15am so everyone has one decent meal for the day. And as I am going to sit in with my friend I have been included. I guess looking after my friend will take my mind off my own selfish woes. Even for a couple of hours.

Now I said that I had stayed close to home and been a bit too miserable for my own liking...not strictly true...

Whilst able to I decided to buy some more tickets for some theatre productions between now and the end of the year. Some productions are getting too expensive, sometimes its difficult to get home when dependent on public transport and I don't know how my health will be.

However, sometimes what is on offer I am not interested in...but I do have the following...Two mystery plays and because I booked the two(I received a discount of £5 on each play)One is the Ghost Train, the other a Sherlock Holmes story.

A music show recreating a concert at New York Carnegie Hall between Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. The Judy Garland Story(which has one of Judy's daughter's in the cast...Lorna Luft)Last Night of the Proms, another concert of Syd Lawrence's Big Band, a life story and then a recreation of a show with someone taking off Tommy Cooper, All Star 60's night starring pop groups of the 60's Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Badfinger, The Troggs(without the lead sing Reg Presley who passed away approx 2 years ago)and The Pacemakers(without Gerry Marsden)

There are some better shows(well priced in Gateshead)but with the problem of getting home(if they would run a later bus service by an hour)I could see some really good shows but sadly staying at a hotel is too expensive(and rooms are often unavailable)and a taxi would add around another £50-£60 to the night. Its the same problem with shows that happen in Newcastle too.

I am also hoping to attend a Folk festival in Sedgefield in September(not cheap but we're talking)three concerts lasting around four hours(two in the evening)one on an afternoon. And if I buy a ticket for all three I can save a little money but I will have to book a taxi those nights which will add approx £30 across the two nights.

But I can at least use my bus pass and a bus service to get there so I save money one way. If I could find someone that is travelling back my way in their own car I could perhaps get a free lift home or offer something towards the cost of the petrol which is cheaper than a taxi.

I can only do all this because of being extremely careful with money and this government could affect me even more so with their plans over the coming five years and beyond.

They could increase what I pay in bedroom tax(I was hoping that a change earlier this month)would see another £1,000 annually in my budget. There is a rumour that the tax will be extended to affect people not affected at present. There is talk of them actually increasing the charge, then we have talk of freezing benefits or taxing them which is as good as saying you are having a cut. And most people are genuine and not scroungers.

Oh and lets not forget they are bringing in another reduction on what a household can receive...a benefits cap but most people realise that few if any(charities and experts also say so)ever get anywhere near the capped amount but it sounds good when quoted in the media or press and sadly many people believe what they hear which is often wrong.

The problem(putting the ill, disabled, those who care for loved one's etc...aside)is that many jobs are paying such low wages, they are having to be topped up by state help. And if renting often rents are not affordable. But I'm going off on a political rant. Which some will agree with and others won't. So I'll stop for now.

Where Have I Been?

Its a mixture of both good and bad.

My internet keeps dropping out and I cannot decide if its the old desktop I am using(as I still have not replaced my laptop)and that also comes back to not getting the wheels in motion again on sorting out Mum's money...that has been caused in a roundabout way by another hiccup in the procedure but also I decided as May had a fair few bank holidays in the month I would let those get out of the way and also my birthday which is this coming Saturday. But I know that I have to start the ball rolling again much as I wish that I did not.

I and quite an amazing amount of people I know just cannot shake off the final few symptoms of the illness I had at the start of May. In general I have shaken it off and I can breathe quite easily and no wheeze but I just have to make a slight change in my breath in the throat area and I can set away a wheeze and a coughing fit.

I am seemingly not alone...there was a fair bit of coughing and spluttering at the afternoon bingo yesterday. The week before I gave the evening session a miss and I have been told that numbers were down because of people with chest infections/coughs etc...I even missed my music club last week and decided not to go.

I have stayed close to home to be honest and much as I quite like my own company and home...I have been going a little stir crazy. Thinking too deeply about things(politically)also thinking about my own mortality and realising time is moving by too quickly. And though a good sleeper usually and I love my bed. I have found myself waking up in the middle of the night in a bit of a panic!

And I have had to get up...perhaps have a coffee, mess about on here or look for tasks to occupy me in the early hours.

Perhaps I have turned the corner on that again as last night I found I was able to get back to sleep if I woke up troubled and I managed to stay asleep until 5am and I got up had a coffee and I haven't gone back to bed and I doubt that I will now.

I will have a quick tidy around, get shaved and I have to be out by 10am as I am doing my good deed of the day...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Still Haven't Shaken Off The Lurgi...

Laid in bed Sunday with hot water bottles...

Found I felt not too bad by the evening so ventured out to the bingo club and hey you are taken door to door.

I sounded worse than I felt.

Monday I was out in good time for my bus to the afternoon bingo session but I decided I needed something to drink during the afternoon and that I better have some kind of sweets to suck in case I started coughing.

So I changed some money at the bank. Popped into the supermarket and found some honey and menthol sweets, four small cans of lemonade, some bananas and suddenly I thought I can't be bothered to walk to the bus stop. My energy was zapped. Reluctantly I booked a taxi.

However, I won £10 so the afternoon was free. It covered the cost of the taxi and almost the shopping.

Someone popped the idea in my head at the bingo about having soup which is quick and easy and means you are getting nourishment so when I came home I had a big bowl of pea and ham soup(took perhaps 3 minutes in the microwave)and I took to my bed and slept again. I reason if I am sleeping as much, my body needs it. I tried to relax and listen to the radio but found I missed most of the programmes.

I awoke around 2am and decided to do some hot water bottles again, have a coffee(a few biscuits)and have climbed into some pyjamas again. OK I have had a chill/cold but this May has been quite cold anyhow.

To be honest I felt that I had to get up because I was feeling a little bit down and its said if you you feel that way, its a good idea to do something. So I had a quick surf around the internet. Played a couple of Facebook games and wrote this. I'll probably go back to bed in a few minutes and face the day ahead and see if I can have a look out. Start to bother with my food again. An odd break from food I don't worry about and I think sometimes actually has more benefits than you would expect.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

That Was A Rough 48 Hours...

After the bingo on Thursday night someone felt my forehead and said I was burning up. I went to bed and stayed there practically for thirty six hours. Drifting in and out of consciousness but sleeping was difficult because I had a headache that wouldn't shift. It was worse when I tried to lie down.

This morning I wanted to sleep because when you do you lose the headache. I just could not get off. I gave up and phoned the patient advice line 111 and the operator was pretty good but the Dr I was handed over to was pretty useless to be honest. And though he had supposedly had my notes from the operator passed to him he had nothing in front of him and I had to go through them again.

In the end I took painkillers and took to my bed and did manage to sleep again and by mid afternoon I felt OK again. And now its hard to believe how ill I've felt this past 48 hours.

Looking forward to an easy Sunday. I'm not doing anything whatsoever.

I was ill but I was waiting for a knock from the repair people on Friday after being in for them on Wednesday and Thursday but if they knock on the front door you can hardly hear anyone. If they would knock on the glass next to the door I could really hear them. A friend is going to hunt out a doorbell for me. That may make all the difference. I'll have to ask them to call out again on Monday when the call centre is open. And say knock on the glass. Its safety glass so no one can be hurt.

I managed to get out to a ceilidh I had booked a few weeks ago which I thought I was not going to get to. They reckon 47 tickets were sold but we were small in number perhaps 20 attended. We haven't quite understood why you'd buy a ticket and not turn up. An odd ticket might be lost due to illness but for 27 not to turn up? I think they are going to try it again and hope numbers will be up next time. It was meant to run 8pm-11pm but finished approx 30 minutes early but luckily our taxi was able to pick us up early, we had booked the taxi for 11.15pm in case the night over run slightly.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

You Know You Are Not Quite Your Usual Self...

When you find that you stay up overnight when there isn't really any reason to. The only good thing is that I can sleep when I wish.

I've pulled an all nighter, now as I know someone is coming to do another job to my home in the morning it seems pointless going to sleep until he's been.

An interesting developement after yesterday's visit. I had to sign a form saying how happy I was with the work carried out but the form also asked if in the future I would be happy to pay for the service...what are we paying our rents for?

I may not mind if it was a simple repair if they charged a fair price but would not be happy if it was going to be used as an additional way to raise money from people often already struggling to pay their rent(its said that the majority of people who rent from a H Association)are more vulnerable to begin with.

I wonder if this the H association's answer to the austerity measures the government are threatening to bring in?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The rot politically has started and much is unknown as its not reported in the media or staged managed. Had a long chat with someone I trust and I have found out a lot.

I know I will return to this but assuming I am around a while yet, there will be much to say in the coming five years.

Personally, all debts are paid for now, I owe nothing to no one(It won't stay that way)but lets live for now.

No, I didn't win on Sunday. Nor did I win on Monday either. Attended the music club on Tuesday night and...purchased some more fruit. At last they had some Blackberries in stock too. So its porridge or cereal with fruit in the morning. I'll probably be up early(around 8am)as there is a repairman from the H Association down for a repair. A door needs trimming. It won't move over the carpet. And then someone is supposed to call on Thursday and Friday.

I was going to have it for my supper but I've been cooking some Jersey potatoes and vegetables in the slow cookers and with them I am going to have some fish. Probably have that for a late lunch.

I may have look in the charity shop and see if there's anything nice clothes wise and perhaps travel into a neighbouring town and see whats in the pound shops.

I have been lucky and have my ticket for the RAF concert in Durham Cathedral for Friday 5th June. Something to look forward to.

Debating whether to travel to The Sage in Gateshead to follow my local brass band who are doing a concert there but if I go I have to either leave early and miss some of it or dash off immediately afterwards and hope the buses run to time and I can connect with the last bus from Durham to my home and there is a window of approx 10mins between buses. Haven't decided yet. I may not do so until the Friday. It could be too much of a risk. The concert sounds as though it would be fun and there are some extra guests taking part.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Has Flown By...

and been good. Not that I've done much, almost time to shave and head out for a game of B-I-N-G-O!!!

A little buffet ready...crisps, cheese, cake and rolls containing corned beef this time. Will luck be a lady tonight!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Not In A Good Place...

In approx four decades of being able to vote in the UK I have never felt so disillusioned with the result. I am fearful, scared and I don't like the direction my country is going. I don't know if I'm out of step with others, a dinosaur or its down to technicalities of the voting system, the wrong type of people in Parliament. That parties are generally too similar and few if any are offering nothing new,

I want a caring society. I don't see that being offered by the people who make the decisions. I know(and you can call it anecdotal)from what I am experiencing myself and from talking directly with people within my circle and lots of contact with people on social networks.

Many who have voted as they have and its their right to do so I feel are choosing that way because they haven't been touched by adversity and events that can happen often without warning and your whole life can change or thinking about when we they grow older and perhaps financially or health wise it will change the place you find yourself.

I will move on, its still raw, I will attempt to live in the day and hope is all most of us have personally or wider than that.

I do believe that we will see more unrest on the streets if people feel their voice is not being heard and from a variety of sources it is said that 65% of those who could vote either didn't or actually voted anything but for the Conservatives but the splitting of the votes helped secure their success and what will happen in the coming five years.

Now to other matters...I had to get out last night and away from all the doom and gloom. At around 7.45pm I discovered an event was happening in a neighbouring town. I started to get ready determined to attend. Then it looked as though I'd missed the bus and the next would be too late. Then it looked as though I had another way of getting there but again that involved two changes of bus and still meant I was too far away from where the event was happening and would be late again.

At 8.10pm I looked again and found that I could make it. So I quickly dressed and legged it out the door into torrential rain and being slow I discovered I arrived at the bus stop...5 minutes late. I almost gave up and started for home and for some reason decided to wait another five minutes. Buses are are rarely late in the evenings because the roads are quiet and running only hourly they are able to make time up. However, by waiting it did turn up and I was away.

I arrived in Ferryhill approx at 8.55pm and the place was deserted. The rain wasn't giving up and there was no sign of anybody in the market place. Though there seemed lots of cars in the carpark. Even the pubs looked quite empty. So I popped into a shop for butter and potatoes(filling in time to be honest)and thought I'd catch the return bus home at 9.30pm assuming it had been called off.

As I made my way to the bus shelter I noticed some lights in the distance outside the town hall and investigated further. There was the town band playing hymns, a vicar giving a service and what had attracted me there in the first place. They were lighting a beacon in remembrance of the 70th Anniversary of VE Day. One of many being lit across the UK.

My only event connected to the occasion. I am unaware of any others happening on my town or locally. I've heard of street parties etc...according to the media but how true that is I have no idea. There is a concert on TV and Radio tonight in London at Horse Guards Parade but usually they are disappointing.

Anyhow, I stayed and watched the event in Ferryhill(my camera's battery was low)so I could not take too many images and what I did some failed. I had to set the camera so the pictures were light enough in a dark setting but that makes it easy for them to become blurred.

Afterwards and after being quite bedraggled those who stayed behind were offered refreshments and by the time I stayed for that and they closed the Hall it was getting close to the time of the next bus and it meant I did not have to spend an hour at the bus shelter. Also one of the officials closing up had a car and lives in my town so he gave me a lift home which was appreciated and kind.

So here are my two images of the evening...

Getting around isn't easy when you depend on public transport and some towns are virtually cut off. Tomorrow night I have discovered that the Bishop of Durham is attending a church my Father did as a child and teenager in the town of Shildon only 4 miles away but being Sunday the buses out of Shildon stop by 7.20pm and you are stuck. So unless you know someone who will give you a lift in their car, its a taxi job. Even the local train service stops around the same time. I have to decide if its worth travelling there earlier by bus(free)and take a return trip home but it will cost me £7. Perhaps I'll let that event go.

I may feel a bit down but I think I shall try and cook something nice for my evening meal(thinking fish, Jersey potatoes, vegetables)

Update:Glad to say I have slept well and have woken feeling great and upbeat. Fired up to fight the good fight. I guess it was a 48 hour thing.

I have only just found out about a free concert in Durham Cathedral with an RAF band for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and I'm trying to obtain a ticket but I fear that I may too late.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

The UK Votes And Naturally We All Have...

our own opinions who should govern us perhaps I'll have another rant and try and explain why I feel as I do, the only problem is I will be the first to probably admit that I may know what I want and feel to be right but could I deliver if I was in charge...I don't know. I don't think those already in positions of power do either.

I do know that I would like to see a more caring, fairer government and society than we appear to have and have especially had over the past five years. That bothers me more above everything else. If that means I am more of a socialist/communist/humanist than so be it. I already voted by mail last Friday. I can't do any more than see what the results are on Friday morning and all the ramifications that will follow for days, weeks or months.

On this day I feel really rough, I've taken to my bed(hoping to sleep a little)but I'm all aches and pains and think I may be fighting off a cold too.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday...Its All Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas...

The lunch went well. I'll be OK if I have nothing else to be honest. After paying a taxi home and bingo cards because I had a little win I was £6 in pocket so over the last two days I am £6 up. Had I not shared the "Sticky Thirteen" last night I would've been £21 up. But once again I am not down overall for now.

All I have purchased today is a 6 pint carton of milk. That will last me 7-10 days. Its mostly used to make milky coffee. Since Mum passed away and its not been a conscious decision but I have switched from tea to coffee.

Coffee used to be a drink we had after our evening meal and usually the milk was boiled up on the stove, now usually I just add it to water boiled in the kettle and often have sweeteners rather than sugar.

Now I plan to listen to the radio most of the night and stay relaxed and upbeat. There is a concert on the radio with a Gershwin feel but until it airs I am unsure if I am going to like it because they've changed how the music is to be performed/played.

Update:I didn't like the concert and gave up after thirty minutes, perhaps you had to be there,

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday Draws To A Close...

Its been OK. I had some of my food for supper a few minutes ago as I thought that I may. I won at the club tonight...I won "Sticky Thirteen" but had to share, so instead of being £15 in pocket I did at least break even and so the night was free. But its a win! A total win would've meant this next week was virtually free or all the food I purchased last week cost me nothing.

The weather has improved so maybe the Bank Holiday Monday is going to be OK for anyone who have plans after all.

I'm going to listen to the radio a bit as I usual do on a Sunday night. I may doze a little...I've heard if you don't do something...anything, within ten minutes that you will drift off and I do seem to do that often.

I did have a small accident in the early hours with my bedside lamp and managed to touch the hot light bulb with my fingertips...ouch! Remarkably it hurt less than it may've and in the end only affected one finger so lucky I guess.

Lazy...perhaps but I shall rest during the morning unless I decide to have a quick bus ride for a couple of microwave bowls where I know there are some.Then as its a Sunday service I will head out around lunchtime, catch the 12.40 bus which gets me close to the little bingo club, I'll be there by 12.50 and sitting ready to play bingo and first get my fish and chips meal which is due to arrive between 13.00-13.15. Probably won't need anything else for the day. I may have a light Breakfast if I wake early(possibly porridge and fruit)

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Should I Stay In Or Go Out Tomorrow...

Its not a good idea to commit either way until the day arrives. The weather, sleepiness can all get in the way. And I'm restricted where I can go anyhow.

I'll probably listen to the radio, finish little tasks and make up my buffet for the evening. Quick and simple...ham rolls, cherry tomatoes, some cheese possibly crisps and little Cadbury chocolate rolls* But not everything will be eaten and some items may not be taken and I get what's left to use during the following days.

I think between four of us tomorrow it will come in at around £1 per person and percentage wise I'll still have 75% of the whole amount for me.

The weather was poor today, cold to be honest and we had rain but not much and its needed. I've been living on Yeast spread and bread the last day or two. I'll make an effort again on Sunday. I'm going to climb into bed soon. Should I doze off that's fine. Seems too early but what are you going to do. I was at the supermarket around 9pm and both it and the streets around here were dead. Many houses already in darkness.

*New product with Banana cream filling.

Update:Right decision made...I slept the morning away. Its rained much more than yesterday, I feel good and that walk to the supermarket last night means I can stay indoors today. I have ample food stored but more importantly have the basics...milk, bread, butter, eggs. fruit and cereal. So I can survive easily. Food budget is low and any spent goes on fresh items. As space is created in my current fridge freezer or I perhaps buy that extra freezer in coming weeks that could reduce further as frozen vegetables make more sense than fresh because its as good, lasts longer and is often prepared.

Friday, May 01, 2015


And I have three days to do as I please.

No one can contact me and I can't do anything that involves authority figures or organisations because they are closed.

There's a great music event taking place in a coastal town Saltburn on Monday. The tickets are inexpensive but being a Bank Holiday the buses are more like a Sunday Service and I would have to leave early to come home or take a long complicated journey home if I stay. And I still cannot stay until the end.

We still don't know what the weather will be like, not as warm as they hoped I suspect. But hey the afternoon of bingo is still on this Monday and the person who organises it has arranged a "Free" meal of fish/chips and mushy peas before the session so there's my food taken care of for that day. I guess that's Monday taken care of.

And of course Sunday night its the usual bingo and turn. I will therefore get out a little bit.

Did I say I'd paid for my TV licence? Well I have...its done and out of the way and luckily I was able to do it! And today I sorted my internet out. I'm locked into 24 month agreement(with 14 day cooling off period)but I have paid my telephone line rental a year in advance(again lucky that I can)I had a month to run so that's really paid off for 13mths. I saved £35.

Locking myself into the two year deal compared to the deals being offered to new customers who get their broadband free or for half price from my supplier and then pay the full fee(and other providers)I have been given my broadband for free. So across the year I have also saved another £42. I will save that again in the second year too. So that's a total of £78 saving across this year and even if things get tough I don't have to find the money and I have the internet for the foreseeable future. As long as I have a computer that works.

If I change the phone plan I probably could save another £60 over the year(evenings and weekends only)but if I leave it as is I can call anytime, we're only talking 46p per day and I have no restrictions on how much I use the internet. They've said use it. And say I am one of the lowest uses of their service. Even on the first contract I had with them which did have restrictions I never ever came close to the cap on the allowed use.

In theory I could with what I have saved stay as I am or sign up to something like Netflix. But that's for the future. That's a lot cheaper than Sky's satellite platform.

I don't use the phone much and most calls are free especially if I disconnect before 60mins is up, I can reconnect again straight away so that's two good jobs accomplished.

Think That I May...

fill in my postal ballot voting paper and send it off later today. I don't suppose I'll change my opinion now.

I'll start my task of chasing up Mum's money after the Bank Holiday weekend. The same with the garden. At least the house is tidy(or will be)I can start filling up the wheelie bin again(nothing is on show)what I have to do is in a cupboard.

I may buy a few more plants for the garden or tubs(thinking)Geraniums. I have grown them before but I can buy 4 for £1.79 and they are well grown.

I will have to sign up for another year of my internet very soon(and I can save a little extra)if I pay for the telephone in advance for the year and I going to see if as a loyal customer they can offer me a deal of some kind.

I have been very good when having my coffee rarely eating any biscuits or cakes but I gave in and purchased some basic favourites to have with a cuppa...chocolate chip cookies, malted milk and custard creams. And if I eat it sparingly I have purchased a supermarkets own brand of Marmite which I quite like on toast. I can't tell the difference, only the price.

I played bingo tonight(but didn't win)I feel quite good. I ate a proper meal when I came in from the club and avoided my original plan which was going to be a quick snack of scrambled eggs.

As I was having to eat my meal and wait for it to be cooked I did watch the second episode of the comedy starring and written by Peter Kay but I missed the earlier political debate with the leaders of the three main parties and to be honest I'm not sure I'd have watched it had I been here. I couldn't be bothered to watch it on catch up and I have heard reports about it since on the radio and no doubt it will be all over the news when we all wake up in the morning.

You'll have to forgive me but I'm enjoying resting lately in my bed. Its comfortable, I'm happy and cosy and its easier to lie down and listen to the radio than just get up and sit in a chair. Of course as Spring turns into Summer or more events happen if health allows I will get back out there and make the effort.

I shall now go away and think about what I should make for my meals this Friday and I may have a couple of items I can take to the charity shop of Mum's again. There really cannot be much remaining.