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Friday, July 24, 2009


I should really post a long entry about the names people have...over centuries many have been associated with the profession or position you held in society.

But some just have you wondering why or how the surname was originally chosen and why you'd be willing to keep it.

However, when watching the end of an old Warner Bros B/W movie on tv today starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Standwyck. I started to remember that she had been married to the actor Robert Taylor a rather dashing handsome leading actor of 1940's Hollywood. In the back of my mind I remembered that he had a rather unusal name that was changed for his acting career but could not quite remember what it originally was...enter the internet...

I kidd you not...Robert Taylor was born Spangler Arlington Brugh.

That is some name you must agree...

Olympics 2012...

I'm not the biggest sports fan I admit but realise that it means a lot to many across the World, however there is an event that is taking place this weekend which seems quite pointless unless you hope to be a participant in the Olympics when they take place in London in 2012 or are sure that you will have a ticket to see them. Or perhaps you are being asked your opinion to improve the facilities and building that the events will be taking place but I assume that as the buildings are following plans already agreed and the buildings already constructed will stay that way.

So this weekend the doors are being thrown open for the public and interested parties to look around what has already been erected.

One London Radio station held a draw or a competition for 45 listeners to be given tickets to allow them to look around during the next couple of days...what I assume is either an empty building or even if the facilities are installed they are in moth balls, I'm not sure that I can see the point.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If One Green Bottle Should Accidentially Fall...

I treated myself to some small Belgian beers/lagers today(not terrifically expensive and they are little fat glass bottles)but ideal for a quick drink or mixed with something else. Moved them somewhere safe(or that was the plan)and one bottle managed to slip out of its cardboard cover and though the distance to the floor was very slight had it fallen on carpet it would probably have survived...this one didn't falling on vinyl tiles.

Oh well, at least I have seven remaining(and I did not lose the lot or see an expensive bottle of booze all over the floor)but I'd have rather been drinking the one that smashed all over the floor than see the liquid spreading everywhere and trying to clear all the broken glass...

I'll see that doesn't happen again!

Maybe I don't have sophisticated taste buds but I can taste no difference between this brand and Stella Artois that I had a few weeks ago so I'll be buying it again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Not been posting much lately, though I am more happy regarding the results of my condition after recent months, other things happen, one of my legs has decided to play up. What I can do? It can happen so suddenly and without warning and you wonder why. At best all it means is that I need plenty of rest...As long as it doesn't drop off :-)
Each and every day is different. Sleeping is so difficult and trying to get comfortable and pain killers are not always the answer. And you try to do without. Well I do.

Fortunately I have no reason to go out(and the weather is set to be poor for most of this week)so I can just about manage that! But the sun is shining as I write this.

So I will relax and listen to my radio programmes and think about what to enjoy food wise...and see what I can post about on here...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Easy As Pie...

I did get around to making that fish pie I kept saying that I would...my first.

But I ended up doing a different and easier recipe than planned. Initially, I was worried that the fish may not cook and I would find it still raw. I need not have panicked. It came out fine.

Why was it easy? I chose fish with little if any bones and avoided adding a sauce this time.

So here is the recipe...it's not mine but I equally cannot see how you can claim any recipe exclusively.

Choose a selection of fish(I chose hake, salmon and cod)

Cut it into suitable sized chunks. Place in an oven proof dish.

Add a selection of vegetables(I slightly boiled some of my to be sure they would not remain hard)I added leeks, swede, carrot, celery, broccoli, some grated cheese, garlic, herbs.

I topped it with mashed potato.

Placed it in the oven for 35-40 minutes at 200 degrees...

The potato turned a golden brown but inside remained hot and did not dry out.

And it was a success.

I will do it again but with this basic recipe you van change it every time depending on what you add. But you know what's inside and can decide whether to add salt and pepper etc...