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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oldies But Goodies...

I heard a song/group I had forgotten about on the radio today...a song from the 60's.

First one was a version I had not heard and I was told by the DJ this was the original performed by Dorian Gray I'm none the wiser. I was told this version did not do as well as the other one that came out by White Plains. It was called "I've Got You On My Mind"

He played Dorian's version(it wasn't bad)Then again it was written by a popular duo of composers Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook who also had some hits of their own.

Dorian is a member of Unit Five. One of those bands you hire for functions and it's been going for years. I think it is credited as his.

Then later in the programme he played another hit by White Plains..."My Baby's Love's Lovin'!"

So I was prompted to download these tracks from the net.

With all the choice I have not found Dorian's version so far.

But I looked for both by White Plains...plenty of choice and various prices but...though re-records can be ok if performed by the original artists, I still often like to be able to have the original version I have known for years. As played on the radio but all I can seem to find wherever I go or whichever CD I look at it is a new recording of the song.

Perhaps it's a rights problem with a record company or due to some issue the artist has.

Is it too much to ask for the original songs that we know and love? I've downloaded three songs but the orchestration is better to me in the original and the backing vocals(probably because of the age of those singing)is lower than on the original. I've had to chance to have good listen now and am disappointed.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Computers...I Want To Scream...

I'm no further forward with the repair of the computer. Two weeks and it's still not fixed. It's very much a fifty fifty situation what to do. I asked my repairman what to do and he's given me a number of options.

A new pc(he says bought pc's are actually cheaper and more up to date)but we have to find one with the same specifications or better than the one I had. (He says that I was just unlucky)

Manufactured computers are lower in price because they are made in such great numbers.

At present he says that he quite likes Acer computers. What do I know?

He can repair the one I have and we could decide just to replace the motherboard(that's what has gone wrong)and we may as well go with the new Windows 7 operating system and bypass Vista.

Or he builds me a new one and a lot of the parts in my present pc are reuseable(and the same box could be used)and could/should last ages. If he builds one from scratch he'll probably have a better idea what to do if it fails in the future and he knows all the parts he's putting inside.

I've tried to say to him, as he's the computer expert I'd rather he'd do as he would if it was his computer that had gone wrong.

He's going away to see if he can find out some prices of new computers and come back to me. A new one would mean that your Motherboard/installed operating system is in with the price whereas if he repairs the present one I'm paying roughly the same amount on the Motherboard and operating system alone and it's still an older machine(even if I have only had it 12-15 months)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If You Do Something Wrong...

It's said that everyone deserves a second chance. It's not that straight forward. There are so many crimes and wrong doings from Murder to fraud(and everything in between)

Different countries and the populations of those countries depending on their personal situation, religious view, culture will decide how forgiving they are and that includes the punishment metered out.

Times also change and so views expressed become outdated or neglected and are forgotten about and then in some societies views are forcibly censored and in the past books have been burned.

So in the case of music and literature there have been times where someone has committed some misdemeanor and the public either forgives or ostracises the public figure.

In doing so broadcasters then wonder because of the likely backlash whether to air music, films, books or programmes that feature these people.

Even if these programmes were made years ago and they are no longer given new work.

But sometimes the works were important and played a part in the history or culture of a country.

There are certain artists(I need not list them here)Authors etc...that I liked. But lets stick to music...for various reasons some music is no longer on radio anymore, there is no way that a record company would issue their works today. So that music is lost so unless you have old copies of these discs in your personal collection those tunes are lost for good. Or so I thought but maybe there is a way around this(but again you might say that this loophole should not exist either)because the artist is still earning money from the rights of the published works.

The loophole happens to be the internet and where you can download tracks to your own computer, you still may have to wrestle with the problem about an artist getting income but maybe their work should be kept separate from their crimes and after paying for their crime and being punished, you could argue that they have aright to earn money and if it's from their work at least it is not from perhaps charity or the benefit system.

I don't know if I have an answer, its one of those situations where I don't really think that there is an answer.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've been a little that way inclined lately and not been cooking the variety of food that I was(that is sometimes because of my medical problems)that need fixing(I'm not going into that again)but also time.

Having said that we are still eating "Good" food and having a good variety(and that also includes)deserts, puddings and sweets that follow the main course. I eat well but I would not say that I overload with large portions.

I want to get back to eating garlic that I was adding to a lot of my food and I do believe that in general you can get all that your body needs vitamins/minerals/nutriants wise from your diet if you can afford to buy the best. I realise more than ever though that many on low incomes are unable to.

So I do not go along with all the hype that exists around the health industry that promotes all kind of suppliments to improve health and they are often very expensive(again putting them out of the reach of a large proportion of the population)

In fact the people who buy most of these items are probably in the section of society that could afford to buy the food that would do them good(perhaps they have an excuse for not cooking their own meals)and are more likely to use pills and potions and buy takeaways or go out for a meal.

I do believe if you are careful there are some good and worth products out there that will enhance your health, possibly delaying or stablising certain conditions or hopefully stopping certain health problems happening.

But if you look at the ingredients on many vitamins/minerals suppliments some seem to be in all of them, so it is easy to buy one that offers most of everything. Start buying seperate items and you'll really start to spend too much and probably become obssessed.

I don't take many suppliments but even myself I have started to cut back(or will as I finish off what I have in my store already)

I don't know how long the offer will be kept on but a local high street pharmacy has a buy two get one free promotion of such goods. The lowest priced item being the free.

It's tempting to just buy one item but if you are careful what you choose such an offer is worth considering.

Especially if two items you purchase you would do so anyhow. I still take Cranberry extract daily, Garlic capsules and there is enough to last two or three months so thay are good value to start off but the new item I am trying has more than 23 nutrients and it's quite a list...

Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid

And as I do have eye problems(whether it helps or not)it also contains Lutien for healthy eyes. I'll try anything. Everything to gain and nothing to lose. And it avoids me having to buy seperate Vitamins like Vitamin C and Zinc or Vitamin B Complex etc...so again you are saving money.

I think(from memory)these cost around £6 but there are 90 tablets in the container so that's only working out at approx 5p each day. It's similar with the Cranberry extract and because of the offer my Garlic is free. The only other tablet I get from a local supermarket if I am in town is Korean Ginseng and that works out even cheaper.

Here's another point about duplication of vitamins etc...Mum has been taking(as advised at the hospital)Vitamin D tablets for her bones. But now she's back to taking Cod Liver Oil it has Vitamins E, A and...D. So she could and maybe should in theory drop the seperate Vitamin D tablets. As they are un-necessary and you may be taking too much if you have both. If she continues to eat well Mum should get most or all of her other nutrients but I've suggested if she takes a Vitamin B complex tablet and Vitamin C with Zinc daily that will give all that is needed.

I don't know if my health regime has helped with my kidney problems but so far it hasn't made matters worse...fingers are crossed as I once again go to see the Consultant later in the week and I have my bloods taken tomorrow and for a few days you always worry a little that all will be well.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Hello I'm Back Again...

But for how long...

My main computer was taken away(again)9 days ago for major repairs.

It's even had my repairman confused. It's the same problem as before. I go online and it freezes or crashes within seconds. It might decide to the same as I write an entry here or on a forum. I may not be doing anything at all and it reboots even though it is not scheduled to switch off or on. And of course the dreaded blue screen of death apears often.

So the repairman has changed/checked cables, deep scanned the hard drive, taken out and replaced various parts like the modem, the graphics card, tv tuner card etc...and it's made no difference whatsoever. He's had the computer switched on and monitored and it's behaved the same for him.

The latest is that the motherboard seems the most likely culprit to have failed and the website that should allow for upgrades...doesn't offer one. So it's either try flashing it but that could kill the computer anyway(but if it's not working how will that matter?)

Then it's buy a new Motherboard or take all the parts out of the computer that are ok(its not that old)and my repair man may build me a new one customised.

So who knows what will be returned to me when all the work is complete but after all this work, expense and being without it for so long I am expecting it to be all singing and dancing. And to be something special.

I have been promised that it will have the newest Windows operating system installed which bypasses the Vista version that it had on it and was very new. Unfortunately, there is a change as to how Windows allows their software to be used and so though I have only had the computer perhaps for a year when you get a new mothervoard the operating system has to match the serial number of the computer so basically a new computer...it's a new version of the operating system so my repairman and its cheaper when its installed at the time of buying a new pc I may as well have the newest incarnation of Windows too.

This does mean I have a perfectly good version of Vista sitting their doing absolutely nothing.

At least my old pc of approx 4-5 years is still working, still using the XP Windows system. Perhaps though that computer is simpler, it was actually better. And it was built for me.