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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Costly Mistake...

I'm sure it is genuine error but that doesn't help me...

Mum has to spend a lot of time laying down(if you read through my previous posts)you'll know Mum broke a bone in her back late 2008 and then approx 9 months later broke a hip.

So I thought I'd invest in an mp3 player and a docking station...

That way I could put a selection of music or radio programmes for her to listen to and I can change the selection and Mum has lots to listen.

However, though happy with the mp3 player...the docking station was so quiet it was useless, also if you let go of the player when it was attached to the docking station, you could not hear a thing.

So I returned it today not for refund but another docking station which is more powerful and slightly more expensive but my local branch of Argos was not expecting any in for a few days so I asked for a refund.

I think you can guess what's coming...

The assistant was so busy sorting out the receipts and reserving me another docking station at another branch in a neighbouring town when she asked for 3p to round up the amount to give me, she put the 3p in the till but did not get the £30 out to give to me and was quickly onto someone else.

She insists that she did. I asked for the till to be checked, it was out by £20 so errors have already been made today but as it was not £30 they don't believe they are wrong and that they did not give me my money.

I only had 3 pockets in my trousers and I had not even got around to putting money into my wallet(if I had been given it)because that was in some carrier bags with shopping and I know how I had my money arranged.

But it's their word against mine so they not only have the docking station but also my money!

They've taken my name and telephone number(written on a piece of paper which will probably be lost somewhere)and they say at the end of the week if they find that they are out by £30 they will be in touch.

If they are I'll be the first to say so here but I'm not holding my breath. I've worked in retail and I can see it from both sides.

Unfortunately, in the end, you start to doubt yourself.

The moral is to pay more attention and be sure to check your change.