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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More Rain...

So more tasks to be completed indoors later today perhaps.

I may have a ride to a shopping centre and see if I can find some shrubs I saw in a pound store that sadly had been allowed to dry out. If  I find some in good condition they may be good enough to put around my back garden in front of the fences after they've been painted. Some have green foliage, others bloom a couple of times throughout the year and they all only cost £1 each. I could do that trip today.

I also have the capability now to take cuttings and have the hormone rooting powder to help being them on. So I have a few ideas. Shrubs can and do shoot away amazingly quickly.

I did a machine wash yesterday and placed one of those colour catching sheets in the drum. It turned very blue. Even with that sheet I think I have had a colour run and a white checked shirt and a pair of white underpants are now blue. But its not a problem and they still look OK and as I purchased the shirt in a charity shop for 99p I don't really care. A white with blue patterning has also turned totally blue too. Well the pattern is darker than the blue that has now invaded the white areas.

My friend Andrea has given me an idea that using a laundry wash bag with it having a kind of net filter that can also stop colour runs happening. Its the first time for me. Not bad for three years of washing in a machine and its never before when I have washed clothes by hand.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not A Totally Wasted Day...

It rained through the night and most of the morning. I take my sleep as I always do now, when I can. And its lovely. I don't feel guilty either. I may if I was going somewhere and the weather was equally fine.

It does mean that I can do more when I make the effort.

My tasks today were a little "Icky"I had to take the wheelie bin in hand and re-sack the rubbish within...They missed collecting my bin the last couple of times or I did them and that means 6 weeks of rubbish in there. And the hot weather hasn't helped. I think the "Maggots" are fruit flies and to be honest there were fewer than I thought once I started re-bagging the rubbish.

When its emptied on Friday I am going to wash it out again, give it a dose of disinfectant and sprinkle it with Bin Buddy powder. The main work has been completed. I don't throw a lot of rubbish away at the best of times.

I've put a small wash load on and that means all my washing is up to date. As it has stopped raining and nothing can be spoilt should it start again I may get that hung on the washing line before I go out for the music club.

My slow cookers cleaned and some cutlery and dishes have been washed and put away. I'm going to cook some pork and chicken in the cookers before I leave tonight too and that will give me some options for meals in the next few days. Whether a kind of meat and two veg type, sandwiches, salads etc...

The kitchen is quite tidy again too. All completed within two hours.

Some garden rubbish in the passage has been moved into the garden and placed with the other garden rubbish. That continues to break down.

That's five tasks for today.

I will now take it easy for a couple of hours perhaps have a snack, get washed and shaved.

Update:A good night as always. Tinged with sadness as a "Sort of" friend was not there and word came back that his wife has had a fall. She is terminally ill which we all knew(if any of us were within his circle)and well this fall is very very bad bad. It sounds crass but such events puts everything in perspective. When my own Mum was terminally ill she had a fall and there was very little weight on her and he picked Mum up off the floor and placed her on the bed. He was visibly touched and affected by Mum's situation and had always liked her. Now sadly he finds himself in a similar place.

Marmite Crisps...

That will do me a lot of good(and test out my new Statin tablet)I've spent most of the evening eating them at the theatre. A great night and lots of popular pieces chosen. A good variety and mix. The theatre was full from what I could see. Always welcome and everyone in a happy mood.

Lots of flag waving as you expect in the "Last Night" but I had ladies on either side of me who would not raise their flags high enough and so I was almost getting them in my face and a few times that's exactly what did happen. Good job that I wear glasses.

The weather looked threatening going there and coming home but it held off. All buses connected in each direction and at most I only had to wait a few minutes. I could've avoided waiting and filled the time by a slow walk but it saved my legs.

I took as little as possible with me, a bottle of water, brolly and some money. I was only going to be out around 5 hours. And if hungry I knew I was coming home...and on the way I found those crisps.

I can avoid shopping today...I have milk, garlic and bread buns. That's all I need(the bus comes past a 24/7 Tesco's)my home is only a couple of streets away and when you are coming home, it doesn't matter if it takes a little effort when you know you will be able to rest. I took some painkillers in the theatre which helped,

The garden is too wet and the weather looks less than promising for most of the week so I'll potter around the home. I may also make an effort on the meals front too.

I've nothing planned unless something suddenly comes to light.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost Twenty Four Hours On...

I will not sadly make it to the free music event in Darlington. I could force myself but with few buses running and it starting at 2pm I would miss almost the first hour. It looks ready for a downpour. Its certainly cloudy. Indoors its 17c/64f according to the thermometer. Seems quite chilly.

I have slept most of the day away probably because I needed it.

Yesterday started out quite well. I revised plans.

I awoke around 8.30am, had breakfast, shaved and dressed. Took my chair, a coat, brolly, hat, crisps and camera. Nothing more. Passed by the shops on my town and purchased water/susage rolls. The bus to Durham was at the bus stop, straight on. Straight on to the bus to Sunderland...into the Interchange and onto another to the Airshow in Seaburn. Total travel time(no waiting to speak of)100 minutes.

Near the venue to make it easy for cars and buses all the roads were laid out clearly and my bus was taking it slowly. Suddenly a jolt, a bang and...we were going nowhere. A van entering an army/TA premises had cut across the front of the bus(if we'd been travelling at normal speed)it would've been worse. But we were going no further. Everyone had to get off and walk the remaining distance. More importantly no one was hurt.

And that added another thirty minutes(walking as I do)I was right in the middle of all the fast food/fair rides and not the area I usually go to. This meant that I missed the first couple of displays. I did find my spot eventually. And it was another great one. Had I been there on time, my view would've been perfect but considering it was OK.

This ferry is always anchored off the coast and watches some of the displays as a bonus for its passengers but they only watch some of them.

The pilots and planes did their stuff and showed their skills. The weather held, though most of the time it was dull. The sun tried to show its face, we had a few spots of rain but they blew away and caused no problems for us(but probably gave the organisers and performers a few restless moments)but we were all glad that we'd taken something warm(ish)with a hood for protection.

The final display was by the Red Arrows took place and the heavens opened towards the end of it and everyone feared it would be called off but they went ahead and managed to do all that they were supposed to do. It came right at the tail end and they were the last display of the day.

As we walked away there was one more surprise for those who stayed behind a kind of mock battle on the beach with some soldiers in camouflage so I put my brolly up and watched.

It must be a headache moving the volume of people away from the venue on all the buses so I can accept the logistics are not easy. But there seemed to be lots of park and ride buses every ten minutes or so but not the same for those taking people back to the terminal to connect to other services. Our queue seemed the longest and it took me around two hours to board a bus. The journey only lasted perhaps 15-20 minutes.

At the bus station the service to Durham was due within 15 minutes but the queue was so long, they only ran every half hour and using single deckers we had to wait for the third one which added another hour or so. The journey to Durham is an hour and because that one did not connect to the next service there was 45 minutes hanging around in Durham station(So I decided to have some chips)from the fish and chip shop next to the bus station.

Still a great day and a change for a Saturday. But that's probably why I felt so tired and have slept so well.

So I'm listening to the radio. I may have an afternoon tea(I have some fruit scones to use up)I'll have a coffee(take my meds)Its early days but I have started taking my Statins(they turned up in my last prescription after all)and so far no side effects and I am not supposed to change my diet/drink lots of alcohol which I don't anyhow and its not thought my raised cholesterol is diet related so I'll still have a little tipple and carry on as I always have. But we'll see if they make any difference and whether I can tolerate it.

I'll start to put together the buffet for tonight's bingo and two of our group are said to be returning again so I'll have to add a couple of extra items(if they come and decide not to eat anything)its more for me to bring home and enjoy myself.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

At This Early Hour...

I am tempted to say...I'm staying home and I cannot be bothered to go to the Airshow but that would be giving in.

As I have had a good day of rest and have really gone to town on the house, I have earned the right for a weekend off.

Hopefully I will post images across the weekend.

Update:I went...eventful and enjoyable. I'll post a report with some images soon. The trip home was long...two hours travel(approx 4 hours in queues and trying to connect to other services)The show ended around 5pm, I was home around 11.15pm. Tired...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hard To Believe That A Week Has Past...

since I was in the audience watching "Last Train To Elvet" written and performed by wordsmith Ian McMillan. And all the others involved in this work as part of the 2015 Durham Brass event. I had some of my own images which I posted but there was a commissioned photographer floating around taking images on behalf of the organisers and some have been put online so I cannot/will not take credit but I thought you may like to see them. As that person was able to get up close to what was happening and had a professional camera.

The Tredegar Town Band Ensemble 

Cartoonist of the Year Tony Husband

Poet Ian McMillan

A Member of the Tredegar Town Band Ensemble

Ian works so hard for his art and is all over the place travelling by train and appearing across the UK. You can hear him most Fridays on BBC Radio 3 presenting the programme The Verb too.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

On Top Of Things...

Nothing's changed regarding what I am doing today compared to yesterday but I feel good "I knew that I would" *o|^_^|o musicAll upstairs sorted. I may do a little more when I come in from bingo tonight.

I've been looking at and organising my wardrobe and I need nothing else. Its easy for blokes. I have never had so many clothes, all thanks to charity shops and the cheaper high street clothes shops and I suspect that they will last me years. Shirts, jumpers, thermals, trousers, jackets, gloves, hats, pajamas, scarves, coats. The only item I am short of probably are ties. Last time I tried to wear one I had even forgotten how to tie one. The only items that do wear out and need replacing(not always inexpensive)are shoes/trainers/underwear.

I cannot squeeze anything else into the wardrobe but there is nothing that should be thrown out.

I guess its time for me to get washed, shaved and dressed. Look for my bus pass, keys, pens and some money. And I take usually take crisps and water(and a spare packet for someone I sit with)

Update:I missed my bus but another was due twenty minutes later and I still got to my bingo in time. To be honest it meant there was less time to fill with talking before it starts. The Peterlee trip is off. I'll wait until later next week now and I need to do some shopping. I need nothing. I've increased the amount of underwear and socks I have(enough to change both daily for a couple of weeks at least)some of my latest items were reduced in price and I saved approx £4. I could've purchased some more but avoided the temptation.

As I said earlier I need ties.

I'm out all of the weekend and Monday. So Friday will be a pottering around/stay at home day with lots of resting. I'm still feeling positive and good about things. Should I go out I will only be collecting my prescription drugs and buying crisps for the buffet on Sunday night.

Already have my meals planned for the weekend too. And I am taking as little as possible with me to the airshow. I'll have a good breakfast before setting out(cereal, fruit and toast and marmelade)and buy a small prepared salad on the way and take a bottle of water.

I'll wear a hat, take a light jerkin, my brolly and some sun cream. A camera and my chair. Much of this will fit in my pockets. Some items will not be coming home with me. I am sitting in the open with little or nowhere to hide if the weather is too hot or turns to rain so I have to be prepared.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday's Been A Drag...

totally different to yesterday. Mood swings. Not really but I cannot think of another way to describe it.

I'd be lying if I said I have done that much. Then again...washing done and all put away. Other items that need putting away in cupboards have been. I'm about to wash all the cutlery and crockery that needs doing and putting away. Its something to do.

Tomorrow is a gardening day for definite. Then the rest of the week is clear. I am sorry to see the nights already drawing in even if there is nowhere to go. But I am staying strong for myself, for my Mum and Dad. I have more good days than bad but appreciate this is how things are. Its not a case of feeling sorry for myself either as the day has gone on as I often find I improve. If I fear anything its that I sound like a broken record. We've all heard it all before, I cannot pin it down to any particular thought just a general malaise.

Lets see what happens tomorrow. Only good things.

Tuesday Was Good...

I slept badly and pain kept troubling me. Really when that happens it would be better to get up. Read a book, listen to the radio, watch TV or do a task anything but stay in bed but in the middle of the night you tend to try and go back to sleep.

I awoke mid morning, had coffee, surfed the net and returned to bed and...the next I knew it was 2pm! I washed clothes in the washer using a 30 degree cycle(don't know why I haven't done that before)it was quicker too. Everything was clean and my clithes rarely get badly soiled anyhow. The only fail were some trousers with garden stains on the knees. So they now have to be washed later at a higher temperature or I'll have to see if I can find a way around the issue. I had added a stain remover. At the higher temperature they always come out. This time I may attempt a hand wash/soak. After all its one item.

I went out to get my medications(the chemist had phoned last week asking if I wanted them)when I went today they did not have any for me nor knew of the call. They called the Dr's surgery and they had not sent any over but they've been ordered now and it should be ready by late Wednesday/early Thursday. I only went out for them. I could've stayed at home. It appears the added drug of a statin is still not added to the list and the surgery says that will be added when they receive a letter from the consultant which so far they have not.

I've done more housework and put gardening equipment away. Been rearranging rubbish in the wheelie bin, I have washing on the line. I'll bring it in later today if it doesn't rain.

I went to the music club another good night and on the way home called into the supermarket for salad and tomatoes. And I have eaten a salad for a late supper, its light and healthy. I looked for something to jazz the taste a little and found a jar(ok until the end of 2016)of Christmas Chutney form Aldi's Discount store and its lovely. If its on sale again next Christmas(not that far away)I may buy a few jars in. Its a mixture of plum, apple, orange zest and spices.

What an exciting life I lead. Seriously though, I do feel quite upbeat.

I have a kind of plan regarding what I may do this Wednesday. I can change plans accordingly and take as long as I like. As I said Saturday its the Sunderland Airshow all being well. Sunday we have an afternoon music event in Darlington(free)just discovered that(blues music)and after what my friend Andrea told me I may go for a ride to a town(I have not been to before)just for the ride and she tells me that the shopping area is compact and full of the kind of shops I use and its located right next to the bus station. That's Peterlee. A bus leaves my town practically on my doorstep every hour until 7pm and back again. I may do that on Friday.

That again allows me the next two days for pottering around the home.