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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Everything Is Back To Front...

In general its all coming together and all may be well...if that bath issue is sorted. I have found out the linoleum floor in the bathroom is now being installed in the toilet too. It will save me the cost of carpet there but I guess the option is there to add carpet should I wish.

What has now happened follows on from the start of last week, when the central heating was installed there was talk of a radiator being put in the kitchen. The truth is its not needed so I had accepted that it was not installed. I don't spend  hours in there and now the ventilation hole in the wall and door has been blocked, its not that cold. Well, they called today and they have insisted it is to be added.

This means draining the system again and all the work that has been done filling holes, painting of the ceiling, walls, plastering etc...may be spoilt and have to be done once again. It's unlikely I will use it. I certainly wouldn't with the door open against it and I don't usually keep opening and closing the door or work in the kitchen with the door closed. There is a radiator in the hall virtually inches from where the new one will be be.

Anyhow here are some images of how the kitchen is. I have been adding some images to previous blog posts as I try to get back into the habit of blogging again.

And here are a few images of how the bathroom is going but obviously the work is not completed.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Wasn't Up To It...

I found that my mind was willing but the body was not up to going to the events in Durham(statue unveiling and WWI celebrations)not the right word but I cannot think of the appropriate one to use. I did however manage to get to the theatre so not all the weekend was lost.

I did manage to take(or so I thought)a picture of the statue and a group of people dressed in costumes of a military nature in front of it and the plan was to share it here. I thought it had taken it...sadly I find it has not so that's the end of that.

I shall write more later(hopefully tonight when I come home form my bingo club.

In my favour I won a Domino card(£20)but when you take in what I spent on the night, I am approx. £7 in pocket better than a loss.

I have filled up all my kitchen cupboards with food taken out whilst the kitchen was installed. Found a cabinet has a damaged door corner(will see if it can be fixed/needs replacing)but it means the coating is missing and you are seeing the internal material and the washing machine which the workmen moved into the passage instead of wheeling it into an adjoining room now has a slight crack in the plastic casing around the top of it but I don't think that will affect its performance its just cosmetic and once in place won't be seen.

The site boss is supposed to visit tomorrow so we'll see what happens initially he was supposed to be sorting out the mismatching doors/bath damage.

At least I have made a start on clearing away debris and I can leave unused rooms upstairs untidy and do them last. There is no reason(even if they need painting/carpeting/curtains and blinds putting up)the Dining Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Landing/Hallway and Toilet can be tidy and empty of rubbish/old furniture. Think I shall do my bedroom last of all(thinking of buying a new bed too)but this will take time.

Update:Have not shown you the bath damage have I? The boss did not visit but I suspect that will still happen. The first is when the damage was first discovered, the second is when they tried to make it better it is but can be improved on...I wondered if the answer could be to make the box that encloses the water pipes behind the sink could be increased in size giving me a bigger shelf and by bringing it forward it would hide the hole still further?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

If I Am Up To It...

There are some events taking place in Durham Market Place on Saturday to do with WWI but I can only stay for short time as I have to come back to my town because I have been invited out for my tea and then myself and sort of friend will be getting in a car and going back to Durham to see a kind of farce/comedy play starring some vintage comedians/actors from old TV shows. They are doing the story of Robin Hood. It stars Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball. I hope to take images of the events in Durham. I think it will be an early start to squeeze all that in.

Then on Sunday sadly the bus service starts too late so I may miss the events planned or I will be pushing things...as a stature is officially unveiled and dedicated by the Bishop of Durham of a Bugler who represents the Durham Light Infantry. I understand tickets are being issued for the event but before/after there is a parade for all to see and a service at Durham Cathedral which again could be difficult to attend. It will be a case of being there and seeing what I am able to.

Images will be taken if possible and its a bit of a break form all what's going on here.

Next Wednesday I see Joe Brown at the same theatre in Durham as the play this weekend then on Friday attend a meeting all about saving the NHS, so quite a diverse week ahead, in between that I have my bingo nights and my music club to attend.

Its all happening in Durham...

Twenty Four Hours Of Fun...

Firstly I wrote a long comment in reply to Lesley(previous post)and my blog managed to lose it and now its a bit more complicated even for me to publish comments...on my own blog!

So I will write that comment up as a new blog post. here...

I started yesterday despondent with how the work was going in my home, then the site boss visited in the afternoon and what he said gave me hope that all will be well and any repairs made good. I was even given better news that I am not just getting a shower head but a shower and a floor suitable to match for when you have a shower installed.

The hanging of new internal doors would be delayed whilst they completed other tasks. And there was even talk that they will pain my kitchen and bathroom(not something they usually do)but as it has been offered great.

This morning they are...hanging the doors(so that plan goes out of the window)I have sneaked a look at the work being done and they have managed to take a lump out of the wooden door frame that the bathroom door is being attached to so how will they repair that then?

Anyhow I'll start at the beginning what my plans are if/when hopefully all is well(The boss promised all holes, dents etc...will be made right. Its fine when you are talking to one person but so many different people keep calling. And its difficult to collar who you want to talk to, feel happiest with and whether one person has a different plan/information to someone else. I only know his christian name and nothing else.

When I went to bed I did have a plan and felt more positive so lets stay with that for now.

I have decided to put more kitchen gadgets on show and...use them(I have more working surfaces now)so I will have the cooker(naturally)but I will have two microwaves(one is a combination oven)a halogen oven, a slow cooker, a toaster and kettle. I will keep another kettle upstairs in my bedroom as I have for years and that saves going downstairs unnecessarily.

In the lounge I will have my TV and some new arm chairs and a sofa and perhaps nothing else. Keeping it minimalistic. Before then I will have got rid of the old suite I have now(that has seen better days and is probably 40 years old(that's lasted well)and the stool that matches it.

As the fridge/freezer will now be in the kitchen in the Dinning Room there will only be the folded Dining table and chairs(unlikely ever to be used but you never know)and the tumble dryer is in there. Again nothing else.

I may turn one bedroom into a TV room but as I have a TV and computers in my bedroom that may go on hold. I have thought of bringing a microwave upstairs for quick snacks and that could be put in one of the bedrooms(again that would save me going downstairs sometimes)and its no different to what happens in a flat/bedsit.

For now the other bedroom may be left fairly empty except for a wardrobe to store bed linen and/or clothes. But in time I may buy a spare bed for any guests that may stay, not likely but you never know.

If they do as promised(the extra painting to the kitchen and bathroom)because some rooms were hardly touched, out of the ten rooms(I am including the hall and landing in that figure)five may not require any decorating at all or just a small bit of touching up. So that saves me some time and money. And of course when items are put back where they should be or I can throw some things out my home will start to look as it should.

But I know I will have to replace carpets and that could be expensive. But I think the painting etc...should be done before I consider laying carpets.

I think I shall also be investing in a new single bed or a slightly larger one for myself. And whilst on I shall also have some new curtains put up and probably new blinds in the lounge, bedrooms and kitchen. This all be done over time and not in a rush. If it takes months or up to a year I don't mind.

But quite a bit will be done over the next few months especially the getting rid of furniture etc...and being alone if needs be I can sit on a dinning room chair in the lounge if I decide to use that room during Winter but as friend on Twitter said living upstairs in the colder months is warmer anyhow.

I may be able to rearrange items that I store in the internal wardrobes. So we'll just see how things progress, its all up in the air at present but as I may've said earlier it has been done in double quick time which can be a blessing or mean corners are cut...

Monday Central Heating. Tuesday rewiring, plastering and installing of new power points in a different position(and I think I have a couple of extras that I did not have)Wednesday kitchen installed and continued work on the bathroom. Thursday, doors are being hung, work in the bathroom continues, tiling and holes filled in regarding the Kitchen. Not sure how long they will be here today. But the previous days on average they were here for approx five hours from 8am-1pm.

That's quick in one way but that was because they also spent ages standing around talking...work time you could actually knock another hour or two off especially when you have up to five people all working on different tasks.

I will probably post some images of before or after but I don't think I have any of the Kitchen as it was before they started. Just images after they demolished it and when its finished.

The garden is finally being pulled into shape so that will look OK as the year ends and we head for the new one.

Another problem hopefully has a good ending, my laptop no longer allows me to use the letter "S" on the keyboard and I believe the contact is broken but my computer repairman thinks he can get a new keyboard for it for perhaps £50 and then it will only be labour costs. I thought that I may have to purchase a new laptop so that will save some money for now...You try writing texts/blogs/twitter posts without that letter included, its not easy. I am now on the old refurbished desktop.

Hopefully everything is coming together.

UPDATE:Spoke to soon...the doors they have hung are now an issue as 5 of them are white and 4 are a kind of dull fawn colour and I really would like them all to be one colour. Can't decide if this is a genuine error or they hope that I will just accept the mixture. I have checked with others who have had doors installed and they are all one colour.

Here are some images but to be honest they do not really show much difference, its more noticeable in "Real" life. The white ones really stand out. Would I lie to you?

Well, it turns out it is simpler than that they paint the doors that are not already white, I can live with that and that has been started after the weekend(2014 09 15)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I'm Still Here...If Anyone Cares...

Not sure where I am though...house is a tip as it is taken apart and its been blitzed since Friday. It will be ok when finished no doubt but its all been done on the cheap and if it had been done privately I suspect the workmanship would be better.

Heating was installed on Monday(approx 5 hours)Today the kitchen was rewired, electric points/fusebox moved, many more gadgets wired into the electric and they have been attached to the ceiling. You can't miss them. If the house was private I think that they would be disguised more. And today's workmen created cracks, holes and dents that were un-necessary which I hope when its all over, can be hidden. Took around 5 hour,

Will write more later...

Monday, September 01, 2014


I have images to add...but that's where I was on Thursday, since then practically at home. Not had the energy to do much at all which is a pity as the weather has been kind and there have been a few last minute Summer events that would've been fun. Speed Boat racing on the River Tyne. Flower Festivals in Durham being just two. I gave up...this morning I woke in a lot of pain and needed my painkillers.

I haven't been in Scarborough for perhaps 29 years and it looked the same as I remember it all those years ago. But it was fun...we had fish and chips plus a decent mug of tea, an ice cream later and came home with another hat, the kind the umpire wears at Cricket matches(made for the Burton's Menswear Chain)and that only cost £1.

It took approx 3 hours to get there and around 2 hours to come home...I think we could've got there quicker if had not made some rest stops and perhaps used the motorway. More to follow...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy...And Yet Not Busy!

On here...been on Twitter...because lots of Tweets being exchanged regarding an almost national march to promote public awareness of privatisation of the National Health Service. I have been told I was seen in a TV report but I cannot find online, I did not see it when broadcast and it will drop off line in a few days anyhow.

I will post a report and some images soon. I should be ok doing that because they are all over the internet anyhow and we were/are putting them online to get maximum publicity. It started in Jarrow and ends in London.

I think today will see all that I can do regarding the storing of items(out of the way)ready for the work on my home which starts on September 1st.

I have at least one room I think I can stay in and keep out of the way. Virtually untouched. Not saying that it won't be noisy though. Glad I have earplugs this time. I've nowhere I can go to keep out of the way.

Tonight I have a show to go to so its not all work and no play...again I will say more of that when I have seen it.

Update:Who did I see? I didn't mention did I? Actor, singer, writer, comedian...Bernard Wrigley. What hasn't he done? TV, radio, music, films. I will say more soon(I sneaked a couple of images)I did not have time to ask and I get a bit jumpy about taking them but I do like to illustrate the blog.  He performed for so long I missed my bus again and was dependent on another service getting me to another town(sort of)to catch another on another route home. The driver succeeded getting me to my stop with ten minutes to spare. Stood in the middle of nowhere, yet two days earlier it was really busy as I was part of a march going from Jarrow to London to attempt to reverse/get the attention of the public and media to stop the NHS being privatised.

Bernard Wrigley

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sorry Folks...

I went nowhere...so the plans are to change that and start again later today. Most excitement was a walk to Tesco at around 9pm. Minutes before the local police tweeted a picture and I realised the area was at the bottom of my street.

The police van was still there. Some young biker was having his bike taken away and according to the hashtag on Twitter it is going to become a can of pop...there was quite a few teenagers/young adults hanging around. When I came out of the supermarket the van, the bike, the police and gangs had disappeared and it was quiet.

I only came home with crisps, cola, cherry tomatoes, cheese, smartie cookies and some ready mixed plaster. Some of that is just for nibbles at the bingo tonight.

May post a blog entry and images of the NHS March retracing the Jarrow to London route...