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Friday, April 24, 2015

Having A Down Day...

Can't tell you why. I often find I am susceptible to these feelings and something does happen so will wait to see what suddenly comes out of nowhere and knock me sideways...but its not a bad, bad day.

Wednesday(the third anniversary of Mum's passing)was calm, peaceful and happy. So there's the difference.

Yesterday went well regarding the visit from the Housing Association but I detest those visits and unlike some such organisations my landlord seems overly officious and strict. Luckily, it went well and hopefully I will be left alone again for another year. It was more easy thanks to the continued support from my friend Andrea and I like having her here as a witness.

Back to Wednesday...I don't have many events planned for this year and I am watching my health and finances more but I did have a concert to attend that I had booked some time ago. A couple of weeks ago it was the US singer(but mainly songwriter)Jimmy Webb...this time it was Albert Hammond(who will be 71 years old in a few weeks)he's doing only a few shows in the UK and luckily Durham was chosen for one of them. It would be easier to say what he hasn't done in the last five decades than what he has done. Writing songs for just about anyone and everyone in the business and if you love music its a fair bet you've some of his songs in your music collection or have heard them on the radio or used on the soundtrack of a film.

He wasn't precious, very approachable and came into the audience and shook hands, didn't mind people taking images as some performers do. I could've got many more images than I have and wish I had taken the time to but I will put some into this post.

He also delivered for a reasonable ticket price and honestly he doesn't need to perform and playing smaller venues he's probably not making a profit so perhaps its the buzz of performing why he still does or he uses the larger venues so he can still perform in smaller ones.

He came on stage at 7.30pm and stayed there until 10pm. No intermission. A great night.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Day Continues To Be...

quite good actually. I'm not thinking deeply. I'm quite peaceful and untroubled. The sun is shining and it seems warmish. Indoors its 62f/16c so probably is even hotter outside.

I've just about completed all the tasks that I can before tomorrow. Just a quick tidy/dust of the kitchen and dining room so its gone quite well. I'll leave those last task until I come home tonight from the concert with Albert Hammond. I don't want to tire myself out before going to the theatre.

The vacuum cleaner has failed me but I don't want to buy one now, I shall wait until my finances are sorted in the coming weeks/months. Did you know that the word "shall" is going out of fashion and being dropped from conversation. I heard that awhile ago on a radio programme about the use of the English language.

I only have to get shaved(again)pop a shirt on, trousers and as its quite a nice day I may look for a light jacket to put on rather than a heavy one.

If I go out sooner for the bus I may for now buy a brush and dust pan and its the day my computer magazine comes out and the TV magazine so I may have something to read on the bus there and back(in the interval if the concert)If Albert comes out to the foyer after the concert(many do)and I am between buses I may try and take a couple of photo's. I'm not bothered about "Selfies" with me in the picture too. If I ever get around to having a tablet or a smartphone perhaps one day I will.

Housework Almost Completed...

I did it when I came in from the Music Club...only a little left to do which I will later this morning at a sensible hour but if any remains I'll complete it after the concert tonight featuring Albert Hammond.

The main task for today will be to see if I can get the vacuum cleaner working. The house is tidy/dusted and polished.

In my shopping list as I "Have" to spend money from Mum's estate otherwise I will see no benefit(it will go on bills otherwise)are:Beds, curtains, carpets, lounge furniture, laptop, tablet, microwave, vacuum cleaner, mobility scooter(perhaps a stair lift)garden equipment, decoration of the home. I have to prove purchases with receipts. I may be allowed a little holiday(just not a world cruise)*;) winking I have over the years made things last and am very much a kind of make and mend kind of guy.

I have been offered support and kindness from two very good friends(one will sit in with me on Thursday for the visit form my landlord and act as a kind of witness)and another is offering help to get my garden into shape. I am very grateful.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm So Sleepy...

Not that I am now up and about and I have tasks to do between now and Thursday. Also two music events...The Music Club tonight and we have an official turn on our little stage and tomorrow its Albert Hammond in Durham which just happens to fall on the third anniversary of Mum's passing(I did not realise at the time but am determined to enjoy it.

Last evening I attended a a murder mystery at one one of the smallest theatres I have ever been in...perhaps the smallest ever. But it had proper seats, lovely velvet type curtains in a blue grey colour, a fairly decent size stage and it only held approx 72 people in the audience and because we were so close to the stage everyone on stage was able to talk at a normal level, they did not need to throw their voices to the back of the room or need microphones to raise the level.

It was a play written by Brian Clemens who wrote many TV plays and series like The Avengers and The Professionals. It was called "Murder Weapon"

All the details are here  

It was great and the cast were very good. Five principles and two who made small appearances. I hope I shall attend other plays they stage.

I don't have many images of Mum and Dad or of myself but as the third anniversary comes around of Mum's passing tomorrow I came across this of my parents wedding day in March 1948 so I put it on my blog for no other reason than I felt that I wanted to.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Almost Sorted...

For the visit on Thursday now...I may report the house repairs to the person who calls then. We're only talking three days and recently phoned in repairs have been ignored.

I'm out of the house in approx five hours...play bingo and then head out to Durham for the thriller play at the little theatre hidden away from view. My first visit. Hopefully not my last. The Weapon by Brian Clemens.

I'll take a bottle of water, a packet of crisps and perhaps a chicken bun to keep me going until I return home probably after 10pm.

I only need a quick shave but at a push I could getaway without doing that if I have to.

Its a bit scary...my friend who was slightly mentally impaired but managing quite well has been affected by his stay in hospital and his short term memory has been affected still further(we all hope temporally)but its not looking good. Its his birthday soon and he's forgotten that and how old he is but he's here and has people around him that care and keep him involved in things. He tires easily too.

And like me he now needs help to be mobile. I can manage with a walking stick(s)but its a struggle and I'm as I have said thinking of investing in a mobility scooter or a power chair. He probably would not be allowed to use those so he is dependent on a walker and/or Zimmer frame both inside or out. So he has become housebound which he has accepted with good grace.

He was seriously ill and in hospital for a long time and kept in an enforced coma type state and those drugs can have affects. That plus two heart attacks, who knows what all that has caused.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Was Too Tired To Do What I Planned To...

which is a pity as really all it entailed was a bus ride and the destination was virtually where the bus terminates. A local food festival. But hopefully, I'll attend next year. And perhaps other events throughout the year. ..but I didn't feel "Human" until late afternoon.

But I'm ready for the bingo club this evening and the thriller at a little theatre in Durham tomorrow(Its a case of pacing yourself)and not setting goals too high. You do what you are able to.

I've had a ready meal(meant for two)but I found it was enough for one person to be honest. Diced potato, chicken, leeks and a creamy sauce.

I'm taking it easy, just have to get shaved and dressed, listening to an afternoon of easy listening music on the radio. And feeling reasonably "upbeat"

Update:Luck was on my table at the bingo but not for me...one of my group won two houses of bingo worth a total of £60 and another person won one house worth £30 and as a number she chose was the number that was called as the final number on a bingo game she won £35 for that so that £65 in total.I reckon with other games, drinks and taxi fares they were each approx £40 in pocket this week but as they don't win every week over the year they are probably lucky to break even or be down but its a bit of fun and a night out. I don't spend as much myself. If you are going to win you'll do so.

I purchased a ticket for a Ceilidh with a band I know for May 16th and luckily I can save the cost of a taxi because a bus passes by, both there and back but I may have to hang around to catch the last bus home. Its a fairly inexpensive night but it may go up if I have buy a few drinks through the night. I'll try and make what I buy last as long as I can. I do know the band that is playing and they are good.

I haven't that many theatre events planned at this time. Down considerably to the last three years because of a number of reasons...Some acts I have seen a couple of times and though I like them I want to save money towards something I haven't seen, some productions are too expensive or difficult to get to, some haven't been announced as yet and some are are simply not of interest to me. Also some shows are being staged more locally to where I live and are well priced around the £4-£8 price range. Or even better are free.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


It could be warmer and sunnier but its not raining which I'm sure will please the food festival taking place approx 7 miles up the road. Its taken me until 1pm to wake up enough so I feel ready to face the world.

Joints feel a little stiff and painful and occasionally I have had some numbness(pins and needles)in my fingers but that's a bit like trapped nerves as if I move into another position it goes away. I can only lie in certain positions for a short time before I have to shift to another in an attempt to find a way of getting comfortable.

I'll potter about until 5pm when I shall get shaved and dressed. Then take the shopping cart back to the supermarket and retrieve my £1 and head for the bus stop which drops me off practically outside the church where the Police Choir are appearing.

If the person I am seeing it with brings his son(I understand that he's coming too)I may be fortunate to get a lift home. If not...there is a bus at 9.03pm and 10.03pm depending on when the concert ends otherwise I will walk very slowly home. Taking lots of short cuts.

So I shall disappear and do some more little jobs and not waste the time I have. If I work today I can consider going to the food festival tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Few Jobs All Happening At Once...

I found some more plants available for my tubs so I have added marigolds and impatiens with the pansies  now.

On Monday I will have to report a fairly large repair that needs doing to my home. I have managed to make the job last practically 50 years but now it will even beat me. I think every house on my block has had to have this done, only with everyone else buying their home they've had to pay for the work to be done.

The front downstairs window has a surround of concrete and the top one is starting to crack and crumble away. And if not done soon a big piece will break off and drop to the ground. I could wait until Thursday and mention it to the person calling from the Housing Association but I may as well report it as soon as possible.

Its been a strange day weather wise. If you put a scarf on, you get too warm, take it off you are too cold. The sun has been out though and Durham looked nice. I attended the little music session and found out this evening the singer was performing at another place in Durham with a big band and the tickets were quite reasonable but public transport is not reliable or it ends too soon for the location the concert was to be held so I had to give up on that idea. I have seen the trio before and two members play in quite a few ensembles usually only the name changes depending on who is singing and whether a trio increases in size and becomes a quartet or whatever. Its light jazz. In July someone is appearing playing alto sax who actually played in Ray Charles' band. That may be worth seeing.

I reheated my soup in the microwave after getting home. It was quick and easy. If I'm up to it I may go the food festival that is happening in a neighbouring town but I really think this year I will refrain from buying anything because much of what's available though high quality is expensive and I don't need food.

I did spend a little but not a lot. Mainly salad items. I'll get a few meals from those items and I found some cheap nail clippers(misplaced the ones in the house)and found a pack of three in different sizes for £1.29. I spent most money on my plants. Twenty Marigolds and twenty Impatiens for £7.16. I wondered how I was going to get my shopping home without a shopping trolley or using a taxi but the shopping cart didn't have a brake on it and I only live close by so I used it and came home with everything in it and I'll take it back in the morning.

I have the police choir concert tomorrow evening.

One of my "Bingo" gang that we go with on Sundays I have been told has gone into hospital today but so far that is all I know...

My notice remembering Mum has appeared in the newspaper today and that was correct. There is a remembrance service next Sunday for people to remember their loved ones at my church so I may attend that next week.

I think that I shall have a rest now and a mug of coffee...