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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I feel ok...on this second anniversary of Mum's passing. That is either someone watching over me and helping me find my way or that inner strength that people talk of that you find that gets you through the difficult times that life puts in your way.

The weather is dull and not very nice. I thought of having a look out but I have food and its not needed. I have a lamb hotpot in the slow cooker which is tasty(I've had a bowl already)I will have another for my evening meal perhaps around 6pm and I may have a final one when I come in from the music club for supper. Its mainly vegetable based and the lamb has gone a long way.

I'm avoiding spending on food as I may bring some stuff back from the food festival happening locally in Bishop Auckland this weekend. Lets see if this year I can do it justice and get a fair amount of images and videos. Last year I attended on both days. Perhaps I will this year and if I leave in good time on the Sunday I can still make it to the Remembrance service at my church.

I cannot really get anything else in my fridge/freezer but if I stick to jams, drinks and bread etc...I can still come home with something.

I Probably Paid For It In Reality...

But in a raffle that I purchased a couple of strips of tickets I won a KitKat Chunky Bar Easter Egg with a cuddly rabbit.

I won an Easter Egg...

I think my Hotpot will now be eaten later in the day...I have had a cranberry and orange hot cross bun which I enjoyed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Know How To Live...

I've slept, had a late look out to the supermarket(missed any bargains)the place closed at 6pm yet opens again at Midnight. I purchased some bread, tomatoes, kitchen rolls, pears, strawberries, blueberries, cucumber and eggs. Yet spent around £13...Ouch!

Now have a lamb hotpot in the slow cooker for later(mixture of vegetable and mushrooms ...I have had some cheddar cheese with garlic and herb, butter and crackers containing sesame seeds

I am resting listening to a music/interview programme with Dolly Parton, then a documentary about Pirate Radio of the 60's and finally a music/interview programme with Jools Holland and guest Mike McGear*.

I haven't watched much TV lately but if its on the internet I will watch the quiz looking at 50 years of BBC2 TV, a documentary showing the making of the comic quiz "QI" a documentary about Houdini hosted by the comedian/actor Alan Davies and the new version of Daphne Du Maurier's Jamica Inn. So I am making use of my TV licence. Its not going to be pretty and lots of speculation but there is a drama(warts and all)about Tommy Cooper too.

Tomorrow I plan to do very little, I may be in a reflective mood as it is two years since I lost my dear Mum.

Update:Meal will be even later because I had the slow cooker set at warm and its been that way for four hours...doh!

*Best known as Paul McCartney's brother and member of the Liverpool band The Scaffold.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter To Those...

who pass by my blog...and this time of year has a special meaning and for those who have no faith I still send my best wishes for a peaceful and reflective time spent with family or to those who are alone.

Its been another quiet, sleepy day here...it looks a bit chilly outside and the sky is colourless. I could do with some salad items but I am not venturing out...should've purchased them yesterday when I had the chance. I don't need them, there will be a little buffet tonight at the bingo club and if I am still hungry I can have something when I come home.

Last night it was tomato and beef rolls. Today its been a couple of fancy yogurts...perhaps tomorrow I'll do a meal that could be seen as associated with Easter with some turkey. I don't have any Easter eggs/Easter cakes but probably can still find a little treat to have with a cup of tea or coffee if I search through my food store.

I have some raffle tickets for tonight but not sure if I'll be lucky or what will be there prize wise. We're told that there is a good turn for the entertainment slot...we'll see. Its supposed to be half of a duo that appeared on the tv series The Voice. I would not know as I do not watch it. Also, these past few weeks the numbers have been down and the acts have been playing to a sparse crowd and even the prize money in the bingo etc...has been less.

I'll chuck some rubbish out later, its bagged just to be moved to the wheelie bin. Have a quick shave and I'm ready. I'm probably missing some event somewhere but haven't seen anything advertised and things pick up again next weekend. Also some monthly afternoon concerts start up again on the last day of April.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ninety Nine Not Out...Well Maybe...

I was in Durham earlier today. The sun was out and I did plan to stay longer but gave up...I was a bit tired and I thought, I'm not spending for the sake of it(though I did spend on some biscuits that will last me a while)on the way back to the bus station.

It was a hard slog trying to get people to sign the petition to save the NHS but we tried...I picked up some tickets for my friends who are going to the lunchtime concert with me next Friday in Durham.

And I was caught by a gypsy fortune teller on Framwell Gate Bridge. When you are challenged mobility wise, its hard to get away...I was given an extremely short reading, she's either genuine or has a standard line in chatter. Perhaps they all do. I was told that I am not rich but will keep my independence and will live until I am 99 years old.

Many, many years ago(over 40 years)I was told by another person with such powers I would live to be 100 so we'll see. I'll get back to you on that.

The sun is still shining but I'm taking things easy. I haven't eaten much today...in fact I don't think that I have had anything yet but I feel fine...haven't decided what I will have as yet. I have enjoyed a nice cup of milky coffee since getting home. I am used to small portions, sometimes spread across the day and I do seem to follow a diet similar to the well known 5/2 diet so some days are a bit like fasting so I don't often feel hungry.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I Went To Bed Thinking...

Suddenly, if the weather is nice(and it is)I'll drag myself to Whitley Bay and see the sea and the new promenade that has been designed and built as they try to invest in the area again after some years where the area has been neglected. And then morning came and I slept...and slept...and slept. And you know what? If my body says I need that rest...I listen and say if that's what it is telling me I'll do it. I decide at the time, all plans are negotiable.

Tomorrow the plan is Durham Market Place and helping out with the save the NHS campaign again but we'll see. Next weekend we have the food festival locally and...next Sunday if I attend another memorial service which means a lot because of Mum and Dad of course but I have attended at least six possibly more since so I will decide when Sunday comes...I may go to the food event both days or choose one over the other. Or miss the whole thing...depends how I feel.

So its Good Friday...in a kind of reflective mood...I often am and perhaps the religious slant on the day increases that even more...not sure...

Perhaps I'll make the journey to Whitley Bay or somewhere else next week...perhaps I'll stay inland, watch this space as they say...

The slight blocked nose/cough/prickly throat may not be a cold...I never got hay fever but it can start at any time in life and I think perhaps that's what it is. The disadvantage is that probably all medications I can take for relief is probably not ok if you have kidney disease and are on strong meds anyhow.

So my thoughts turn to food and I guess as its Good Friday I will go along with a "Fish Dish!" Deciding if I will go with salad, vegetables and potatoes or something else.

Fish, chips, spinach, broccoli, sweet corn, peas and ketchup for Good Friday. I bothered this year...

If I go to a second course(not something I do that much)I am thinking ice cream and strawberries. If I go to a third course perhaps I will have cheese and biscuits.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not All Microwave, Ready Meals Are Bad...

Just that on a limited income the better meals I probably avoid paying for unless they are reduced, on offer or adapted. I can have them because of the above and because often I eat smaller portions and buy less food perhaps than I once would have.

So everything was done via the microwaves and everything came out at the same time. Took approx 6 minutes.

So tonight it was...braised beef with carrots, onion, cabbage, broccoli, peas, sweetcorn, spinach, root mash and gravy(approx 400calories)cost of meal approx £2(saving of £1) It was a fair portion I would say.

Ok so I cheated...braised beef, root mash, carrots, onion, cabbage, sweetcorn, spinach, peas, broccoli in 3 mins


Last evening ended with a show at a local town hall in the company of my friend Andrea(who occasionally)leaves a comment on my blog but we talk, e-mail, message and bump into each other around town. But also after some months who should turn up but someone I have not seen for some months. Its a bit complicated but I have talked of him before and he's someone that you have to be a little careful of because he's a bit of a "Walty Mitty" character and you have to take what you are told with a pinch of salt. Also you have to be careful because though he is obviously seen as able to lead an independent life he is special needs and resides in a kind of sheltered accommodation set up.

So Andrea was on one side and he was on the other...ho hum! Hopefully, this did not distract her enjoyment.

So to Quicksilver...sadly just as happened at the theatre on Monday we were down on audience numbers which is so sad as for those who organise these concerts, keep prices down, look for a wide range of acts the risk is always there that they could fold.

Perhaps its the austere times and cuts...perhaps its the time of year, perhaps its the old problem I find that there is so little going on in the evenings that many businesses find it is uneconomical to stay open. For me bus services don't help.

Right that's the downside...now the upside...Everything you need to know of the duo who perform as Quicksilver can be found on their website(Link highlighted above in red)that's Grant Baynham and Hilary Spencer.They performed their own material but carefully choose quality material from others writers including Jake Thackery, Victoria Woods, Flanders and Swann and Tom Lehrer to name but a few.

They have a busy schedule for the year and come back(sort of)into these neck of the woods in June. It was a great night and we got the chance to chat after the gig. Nice people.

Grant Baynham and Hilary Spencer(Quicksilver)at Bishop Auckland Town Hall April 16th, 2014

The opening act was ably taken care of by a local artist who appears at a number of clubs and festivals including our own club on the town and that's Tony Martin(yes, he really does have the same name as the famous American singer and actor)He was one of the first singers I saw as a novice perhaps 18 months ago. I have become more aware of live music and folk in particular than the whole of my life on the planet.

We are fortunate to have such talent close by.

Tony Martin appears at Bishop Auckland Town Hall April 16th 2014

Well, I Did Venture Out...

I caught a bus around 3pm to a neighbouring town and by 3.45pm I had purchased my new pair of trainers and could've chosen any but went for the same as I have now. The RRP if that actually means anything is approx £55, I paid £19.99. It was my first time in the shop but I have passed it many times on the bus coming home. They had a shop in a nearby arcade but had closed that. When you don't walk well, you find all the short cuts and I found the quickest route possible.

I could not play sports as I am and my interest in sports is minimal but I will when I have more time consider returning for some leisure ware. On both the range available and price...

I suspect that I will always use charity or discount stores and as old as I am even when I am classed as a pensioner I will not dress as a traditional pensioner once did. It will be T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and the like and because they are more comfortable and easier to put on, I will wear trainers. And by visiting such an outlet though it really does not bother me, everything is designer. Sports Direct.Com.

I then called in to Poundland and purchased the first few items being put on the shelves of the Jane Asher Bakeware range. More to come...quality wise, they are good enough for me. And I should be able to put them to good use. I went for pastel blue but the range is available also in green, pink and purple. I did not bother with eight items(tea towel, oven mitt, icing kit, kitchen timer, cake dish, a cover, muffin liners, a container you put flour in which has holes in the top which allows you to put a dusting on worktops or items being made)

I purchased an oval and oblong baking dish, a container, a cake slice, a balloon whisk, some cutters, measuring spoons and cups, mini scales, a bakery book, a spatula, pastry brush, a sieve. I am waiting to see what else is put out and may still buy some items that I did not. I understand there are some jugs, mixing bowls, trays and cake mixes still to appear.

I had my meds, painkillers which helped and had some sandwiches of bacon, egg and sausage for my meal today and what should have cost around £2.50 only came in at around 80p and I had three for that price. Calorie wise they were 695.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Things Can Change From Day To Day...

I had to go to the music club by taxi...such a struggle. But so worth the effort, a great night.

Tonight, as I am in the company of my friend we are fortunate to have a car ride from door to door to the show. That is very kind and much appreciated.

As for myself, I am drained of energy today...and my joints are so painful but I will have to go out soon and purchase some trainers as mine have worn out. Thankfully, the shop is near a bus stop so I can avoid much walking. It is so tempting just to stay put. I also may have picked up a small head cold again which doesn't help either. I should get shaved and I will but I am going out for now as I am...