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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Think I Have Worked Out What Has Caused My Condition...

to worsen these past days...I was slow on the uptake...I have gout again...*:( sad*X( angryI don't know why that did not occur to me. I think I already was having issues but this topped it off...

My big toe was hurting in bed last night(still is)and I started thinking I eat small portions, a good mixture of fruit and veg etc...and thought what am I doing that is different? In recent days I have been having Marmite and toast.

I looked up symptoms of gout, causes and cures. And guess what one of the causes can be...Marmite! I like it but it doesn't like me*:(( cryingI probably can have it but will have to ration how much and how often I do.

I am fortunate that I can stay close to home at present and that the work around my home has ended so I can take it easy and rest so I am not doing any tidying until I feel able to.

Yes, I need carpets laid/curtains and decorating done but the two most untidy rooms I can avoid and close the doors on them. They are the worst because the carpets have been ruined to be honest. The bathroom/toilet are ok, they just need some curtains. But with frosted glass, nothing can be seen. I have placed a new mat and towels in the bathroom. Curtains will help keep the house warmer...I am thinking of lined curtains through the house.

The Kitchen needs curtains and possibly a blind rehanging. I am thinking of putting down runners on the floor to keep the tiled floor easier to clean, stop further damage but as they are fitting a new back door in approx. a week and more tidying up will be required afterwards I do not need to rush that work.

The Dining Room needs a little work and carpet/curtains but not much else, it only has a Dining Table/Chairs and the Tumble Drier. The lounge I will get rid of the present old suite of furniture and replace it, curtains and carpet, some painting.

The hall and landing need carpet/curtains and a little bit of touching up.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back From My Theatre Trip...

pardon my language but if I said I was knackered...that was an understatement. I'm in a period of particularly bad mobility. I expect it will be so for life but I hope there is enough improvement to allow me to do what I have managed to since Mum passed away and I am not heading for needing a mobility scooter/wheelchair outside of the home.

Taking it easy again today as I have another trip there tonight. I have more time this evening. I may take a taxi back to the bus station if it is a long time to wait for the bus home. Going there I hope to connect to a local town bus or I have certain points I know that I can stop and have a rest.

Who did I see last night the Scottish comedienne Susan Calman. It was funny and she was well received(almost a sell out)I had the perfect seat middle of the row, slightly higher than the row in front and no way that those sitting in front can block my view. 

But the whole show was about being gay. And life as a gay. Not a problem and the audience was a good mixture of ages, sexes and orientation. But I probably would've liked a bit more variation in the routine. Which tends to happen on TV and radio. I do like Susan and her regular appearances on many popular programmes.

Tonight it is a terrific night of music with Chris Dean's Syd Lawrence Big Band.

Today I have done a little more tidying up, again I will shave later. I have to leave earlier tonight as buses run less regularly and the show starts earlier than last evening too.

I have had coffee, toast with Marmite and a couple of Kellogg's All Bran Breakfast Biscuits. Had my meds too.

I will probably finish my bread buns this afternoon(again using my ham, tomato and lettuce)but I am gearing up to using my new slow cooker and microwaves. If I had not been going out today I may've done more but initially I think I shall start tomorrow with a cod fish cake and perhaps a salad(Its not just an ordinary fish cake)I'm also thinking of having a go at a roast meat meal with vegetables and gravy again.

I have seen quite a novel slow cooker that has a divided pot making it easier to keep ingredients separate. But I think I can get around that by using roasting bags/foil which I had started to do around a year ago.

I  have also in recent days purchased some items that I haven't perhaps for years...like bacon. With a little plate/paper towels I can do that quickly in the microwave and even avoid using a frying pan on the main stove. Then again it is possible to fry bacon without adding any oil. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Taking It Easy Day...

I have to be reasonably rested so I am able to get to my theatre show tonight...I attempted a small shop yesterday...going there(and we're only talking two streets)was slow and painful. I leaned on the trolley in the supermarket and though I saved on the items I purchased I had to give in and get a taxi home.

If I time it right tonight I will catch a bus from approx. three streets from home, connect to a bus when I arrive in Durham and that stops virtually outside the theatre and if the show ends in reasonable time I will have time to get back to the bus station and back home. The route also has various seats that I can stop off at along the way. And I will...

As I have got back into having toast at Breakfast, I was thinking either bread has increased in size or electric toasters are too small. There is always some bread sticking out of the toaster which never gets toasted properly.

Next time I buy a toaster I think I shall buy one that takes four slices of bread and perhaps only toast two slices and lay them on their side and that may solve the problem. Or is it just me that has this problem? *:)) laughing

I am better today walking wise so finished what I was unable to yesterday. I think that I shall take some ham, tomato and lettuce baps with me tonight to have before or in the interval at the show. And I'll either buy a bottle of water at a supermarket nearby or take a bottle of fruit juice. I'll leave around 6.30pm to allow plenty of time to get to the theatre without rushing. That should give me approx 45 minutes to get from the bus station to the theatre and if the show lasts approx 100 minutes with interval included, I have approx 20 minutes to catch my bus home. Though there is another but that would mean hanging around for another 75 minutes. I only have to get shaved and perhaps change my shirt. I will have a rest and listen to a new play on Radio 4 by Alan Bennett.

I know its coincidence but as I went past Argos an elderly lady was coming out with a microwave and it was the model I purchased myself earlier in the week. So it looks like a popular choice either because of the special price, brand or both.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Yes, My Home Needs Painting And Quite A Bit Of Work...

But I think by the end of the weekend things will be in some kind of order, I think that I need a new vacuum cleaner to take up the dust and I will need to take up the coverings that were put on the carpets.

I think that I shall be moving on getting rid of the sofa and chairs in the lounge quicker than planned.

Its a new day and If I can keep it up I am back into some kind of routine. I have had six hours of good sleep. The house has been quite warm so the heating hasn't been needed and the one advantage so far with the new heating system is access to virtually instant hot water. Otherwise the old system was still pretty good. Because if I made certain that I did not run masses of water off and occasionally heated the water in the tank for a few minutes it remained hot for many hours.

I'm back to watching some of those classic TV series and I'm starting as I mean to go on...some days I may have a cooked breakfast but this morning I am having cereal/grain, fruit and toast with Marmite.

I will have to buy some fruit juice again(or if I can get the juice maker working again)make some of my own.

I have had coffee already and some of my meds.

Update:Not a very exciting day...not much to blog about, just some general tidying up around the house and then I can begin to see a way forward.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Won At Bingo Tonight...

I called and realised immediately it was a false call. It was one of those games where you play a line, then two, then the full house. That can confuse. I thought I had the house but there was number 90 in the top right corner. I thought I stood no chance. But it came out soon after. I won £15 but as the night comes in at around £5, I am £10 up overall. But its very welcome.

Now home, had chicken sandwiches, coffee and already have an episode of Bonanza under my belt and I'm now onto The Lone Ranger, it sometimes feels a bit like the old Saturday mornings at the movies which many cinemas used to run for children.

Microwaves Are Installed...

And looking good. They were heavy and I wondered how I was going to get them up onto the counters but I used a bit of brain power and put them on a big stool so they were higher than the floor and then I had to lift them only half the distance I may rearrange one of them later, we shall see.

In a previous post I mentioned that when I was out recently I found myself in the company of one of Mum's friends. For a number of years I wondered what had happened to a teacher I knew quite well even though I was not in his class my best friend was and he lived almost next door to my friend but the street he lived in was full of professionals. Doctors, Psychiatrists , Teachers, Shopkeepers, Magistrates, Councillors etc...

He used to walk down my street to the shops but its been such a long I thought he could be dead or moved away, to be honest he was teaching when I was not even a teenager but in a roundabout way and again because of someone I know I have found out he is still alive and what has happened to his wife and son. Once again, I am tempted to say what a small world it is. Its awful what I hear regarding how so many end their lives. It brings home important care and the Health Service is to continue their quality of life and help keep people independent for longer.

I did a little shop too. Just some fruit and salad. I have plenty of food in the house and now that it is stored more easily I am spending less.

Now in a bit of a slack period but that's nice and I am going to take things slowly and pull the house around. And will get ready for my weekend at the theatre. I was about to say then there is nothing for a while but a few days into October there is an intimate conversation with the actor Tim Brooke Taylor.

Generally, Not A TV Fan But...

I have not really watched much TV for a fair amount of time but whilst the house has been taken apart I have had to spend hours with little to do...and I have found that to some extent I have found the interest again. Having said that, I am more likely to watch TV series' rather than films or the news and a lot of what I am watching I associate with when I was growing up and much younger. Its like being in a time warp.

But not having seen them for many years they are like new to me and many episodes were not shown in the UK. And a lot of my viewing is overnight or in the early hours. Lately, I am mainly switching between Bonanza, Bonanza, CBS Action with some E4/C4 and the Drama channel thrown in(this is in the UK)and my main viewing is Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Sherlock Holmes* Hawaii Five-O, Streets of San Francisco, Dragnet, The Beverley Hillbillies. Perhaps the most modern shows I am watching are The Big Bang Theory and Everybody Loves Raymond.

*Not being paying much attention to who is playing Holmes in this old TV series but he looked familiar, then I saw his name in the credits Ronald Howard and it all fell into place. His father was the actor Leslie Howard(Gone With The Wind/The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Joe Brown...The Everly Brothers...

I realise that I have not mentioned my trip to the theatre last week. that did not quite go according to plan.

The buses from my town to Durham run every 15 mins Mon to Sat but after 6pm drop to approx one per hour as I discovered therefore I got into Durham for approx 7.10pm and I did not connect with a local bus that usually saves me a bit of a walk(being slow is bad enough)but when it hurts...also it is uphill and quite steep. I made it with two minutes to spare and then had to ask everyone in my row to move to get to my seat.

It was a great show with great musicians and I'm not sure I can do it justice. I'm afraid I did fall asleep temporally but missed very little. I blame being tired from rushing there and with all the work going on at home I had had little sleep the night before. It was also quite warm in the theatre too.

The following are the best images I was able to take of the night...they were not so hot about banning taking pictures, some artists and theatres are more understanding and not so heavy handed about the taking of them and within reason realise that more often than not all the public wants is a memory of a terrific night.

Now this past Saturday night a group of us managed to go to what was once called a Workingman's Club at a little place(I say little)called Chilton. I have passed it many times but never realised what a big hall it has attached towards the back of the building. We saw a show that lasted approx 200 mins but we missed the last thirty minutes or so because we did not know that after the main act the opening one returns to close the evening and we already had a taxi booked. We also had reasonably priced drinks, we took some buffet food and...we had the chance to play a couple of quick bingo games for serious money. Upto £250,000.

The image below isn't too good but it gives you an idea of what the main act was...a tribute to the Everly Brothers. They were very good but with such a strong back catalogue of songs they could not fail, they also included some other songs of the era by other popular artists such as Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent and Roy Orbison.

We have another ticket booked for October to see a tribute artist portraying Buddy Holly. The tickets were only £5. And when sharing a taxi, a couple of drinks and bingo it cost approx £19 but that works out around £4.75 per week(68p daily)what can you do for that?

The twist was that one of our group I met approx a month ago and the Irish accent made me think that I knew her but I did not like to ask in case I was wrong and she had been doing the same with me. I haven't seen her much and only a few times in years. She was a friend of my Mum's and for some time after Mum passed away I would give her an occasional phone call. Turns out she knows another person that I now know. It's a small world and all that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I May Soon Be Left Alone...

Coming into the final straight regarding house upgrade I believe but still having problems. When doing the kitchen the workmen moved my slow cooker and microwaves into the passage(covered by a roof I'll grant)but temperatures become low(I originally asked they put in another room)tonight I started cleaning them and getting rid of the dust, then opened them up...I will have to throw them away and buy new. I can't be bothered to attempt to claim from H. Ass, The interior finish was all buckled and cracked and/or rusty.

Fortunately, I had some cash(and think I have found some items at Argos that may fit the bill and have a saving of £70 and I have a spare slow cooker in the house that is new. You can see the state they are in the images and in the final image the flaked off bits of the interior. For some reason I am having difficulty turning the image around the right way.

Oh and they managed to scratch the newly laid tiled floor replacing the washing machine...I managed to persuade them to replace the worst marked tile but they did not offer to replace the remainder and it was really easy to do but I think I am expected to live with the other damage. 

It may not look too bad and no further damage if I put down a couple of carpet runners, there is slight damage to my washing machine which I am told can only happen with chemicals but it works so I'll live with it...the writing has been smudged(there is no scratch)so maybe they were wiping the machine for some reason...

For now I am going to be approx. £160 out of pocket replacing items before I start replacing curtains, carpets, painting and replacing some furniture. Good job I am doing the work slowly and not rushing it.

I have started to put out my kitchen gadgets on the worktops. In time I will arrange them better(perhaps put some that are used less often)in cupboards or in the pantry. The only two items not displayed are my George Foreman Grill and a food processor but at present I have no plans to do much baking of cakes etc...In time I may try out the bread maker but often bread in my local supermarket is on offer/reduced and it can last me ages so that is the easiest option.


Update:Sorted...I have found(I believe the model is discontinued)a white Morphy Richards micro/combi oven 800watts, with grill and convection oven reduced to £79.99(approx half price)so the two I am buying are coming in at the same price as one would normally cost me.

It has had lots of good reviews and should be ideal for me. Though it is larger I found the spare slow cooker I had in the house too. It is a better one and has more control(in black)but apart from the halogen oven(that's in glass and silver)unless you count the lid and holder and slow cooker...everything is in white or will be.

The new kettle is now a rapid boil cordless model and I am about to use a basic kettle upstairs for drinks when upstairs. In time I may install a basic microwave upstairs for quick meals.

So back in business. The Microwaves are being moved from the Argos retail branch in Durham and should be in my town a couple of streets away after 4pm today.

Another visit minutes ago and they are taking away my old microwaves, TV, slow cooker and kettle so that will save me hanging on to stuff and eventually having to pay for it to be removed.

There is no boasting intended of what I have or own, not everything is a well known/expensive brand, many were on offer and some items have not been used that much so they seem new or were boxed until the time was right to use them. I reckon all of the above items come in under £300. In time I may need to consider a new stove again.

I'll soon put up some new images of completed kitchen/bathroom/toilet now the work is done and the damage is hidden/repaired.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Everything Is Back To Front...

In general its all coming together and all may be well...if that bath issue is sorted. I have found out the linoleum floor in the bathroom is now being installed in the toilet too. It will save me the cost of carpet there but I guess the option is there to add carpet should I wish.

What has now happened follows on from the start of last week, when the central heating was installed there was talk of a radiator being put in the kitchen. The truth is its not needed so I had accepted that it was not installed. I don't spend  hours in there and now the ventilation hole in the wall and door has been blocked, its not that cold. Well, they called today and they have insisted it is to be added.

This means draining the system again and all the work that has been done filling holes, painting of the ceiling, walls, plastering etc...may be spoilt and have to be done once again. It's unlikely I will use it. I certainly wouldn't with the door open against it and I don't usually keep opening and closing the door or work in the kitchen with the door closed. There is a radiator in the hall virtually inches from where the new one will be be.

Anyhow here are some images of how the kitchen is. I have been adding some images to previous blog posts as I try to get back into the habit of blogging again.

And here are a few images of how the bathroom is going but obviously the work is not completed.