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Friday, February 12, 2016

Music Club...

on Tuesday was great. I took a little buffet but in the end there was only myself eating it. And it kept me going until yesterday.

Its been a quiet week hence a lack of posts.

I haven't been out that much but if I am up to it and the weather is kind I may go on a bus ride.

I have slept well(eaten reasonably OK)not feeling tip top but not feeling down in the depths either.

It appears that DAB radio is to expand soon and we'll have access to dozens more radio stations but where my older radio seems ready to offer a way to upgrade the software, the newer one I purchased a few weeks ago may not so I am not happy about that. But we'll see.

I'm going to pop out and get my computer magazine and post a letter. That's a rare event these days.

At least its getting lighter in the early evening now so we can say the says are becoming longer and you can see that it is.

At this rate getting the garden into shape looks even more likely. I've seen an article in a local newspaper with the name and phone number of someone they say erects/delivers garden fencing at reasonable prices on the town so you never know. There's no rush though.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Slow Day...

Not much going on(that's better than the alternative)I have my political head on and could say so much but I'd frighten some away by boredom or perhaps attract negative responses, Generally though on my travels I find more people that seem to agree with my take on things and I am willing to listen to other views. And my political rantings tend to be shared elsewhere on the internet.

We're always told don't talk about religion and politics but perhaps for all the arguments that can come from doing so...maybe by not doing so we have no right to complain when we don't get the country or world we would like and those in power do whatever they like. Not always with a mandate.

The sun is shining though it seems a bit cold outside. The fence is still standing(for now)I plan to start on the garden again when March arrives. Just giving myself a a few more weeks before I start getting active again.

Taking a little buffet out with me tonight(what remains from Sunday)so I can nibble a little...crackers, crisps, cherry tomatoes, cheese, cake and some ham and caramelised red onion chutney. If I end up having my own little party that's fine. I won't have eaten that much before anyhow.

There is music and a raffle. And unlike last week I will be there this time.

Monday, February 08, 2016


Saturday I went to see the Chinese New Year event in Sunderland but by the time I got there the weather had turned very wet so whether it was always the plan the Dragon dance took place in the corridor of the museum and people had to line up along the sides or that decision was made at short notice I am unsure. It was a bit cramped so the opportunity for seeing it or getting images was difficult.

They only performed twice as far as I know(that is a guess on my part again)as if the first display was as early as it seemed it was probably missed by many. I always thought it would be taking place outside but due to the weather it would be called off or the other alternative an areas known as the Winter Gardens covered by a see through glass roof and containing plants. Not knowing the building I was ready to give up but I got word that they were planning to perform around 1pm.

Somehow I managed to fill the time and still be there when it happened. That was more by luck. As it took me a long time to walk to the museum, then I rested and as I was about to go the display was due to start. I was also surprised to find two dragons and again I had almost disappeared before the second display. Sadly, though worth seeing it was difficult to get decent images. Cramped space and due to lots of movement of the Dragon dance some were blurred.

Slowly I returned to the town centre and spent a good half hour or more sitting in a soft leather chair in a shopping mall before getting the bus home.

On Sunday I took off for the Marina area of Hartlepool(I've never been there before)but that did not go to plan. Near the first stage of the journey where I had to change to another bus...there had been a car accident and the road was blocked and my bus could not turn around. These things happen and more importantly I don't think anyone was hurt but I could not see anyone just the cars. And a police car was parked across the road blocking off the road. Two low loaders were positioned to take the cars away. They did not look like write offs but both had pranged the front wing of the drivers side. The Police said we'd be held up for 10 minutes bit it was more like twenty,

When I arrived at the bus station I had missed the connection by 3 mins. I had to hang around for an hour until the next bus. I went into a shop to keep warm. Then when I arrived at the Marina the weather had turned cold, windy and there was the threat of rain.

I could find no seats and this is a massive area and what I wanted to see I seemed unable to find access or was closed so I ended up in another b***** supermarket over the road filling in time until the next bus home was due.

When it did it took arrive it took me around a roundabout to the other side of the road. I then had to get off and hang around in the cold for twenty five minutes under a bus shelter before it commenced its journey. Then unlike the journey to Hartlepool where you virtually get off one service onto another, if there isn't a delay, returning home there is a gap between services and I had to sit in the draughty bus station for fifty minutes.

Not the greatest day out I almost wished I'd stayed at home. I am not convinced that I will be in a hurry to revisit the Marina any time soon.

Update:I have been talking to a few people about the Marina area since and they've all said its not as it used to be and many interesting businesses and exclusive shops have disappeared. Coming home on the bus within minutes of the Marina what a lot of run down areas. I lost track of how many buildings are boarded up and falling into disrepute. Possibly because they were a niche idea. People have moved. Instead of leaving them as empty properties which are never likely to be used as a retail unit again and with many not on a popular/regular bus route.

I wonder why they are not demolished or turned into converted flats especially for those who do not need large houses especially when we keep being told that we are short of social housing? It could revitalise neglected areas. Someone will give me a reason why this isn't being done. Its not Hartlepool's exclusive problem. These past few days I have gone through many unfamiliar towns and found it is the same there too.

Saturday, February 06, 2016


At least my home is tidy again and not just because of a visit on Wednesday(its the check on the gas central heating)

Therefore, I can't go too far from home...I was going to see Fairport Convention(perhaps the last and only time I could)on Tuesday but opted for a cheaper but as enjoyable option at my music club with two favourites.

Going to do some cooking this weekend...its the weather for it. Taking some snacks with me for my trip today but generally try to trek out with little or no baggage. And I don't need much food. I probably could manage without.

Talking of food...many of us were pleased to see a major supermarket trialing boxes of seasonal vegetables for £3.50(US $5.08)which they claim will feed a family of four for a week. They have to start somewhere so the trial is commencing in 128 stores. However, customers delight and praise has turned negative because many areas are not included. Not one store(not even their super stores)in the North East of England. I have read there are none in Wales or N. Ireland so some of the countries we share this Island with are left out.

Its even been suggested some stores that did have stocks only had as few as twenty boxes. And they were only available over a 24 hour period so if you could not get into the store within that time span or the twenty boxes had gone, you were out of luck. You cannot even buy online. I am so happy I found the list of stores taking part before wasting my time going in search of a box.

Its a trick the greengrocers could/should be filling or even other supermarkets, the demand is obviously there as it probably always was and used to be years ago. Before everything was produced to be as perfect as possible.

You may've guessed by that last sentence what makes this trial special is that the vegetables in these boxes would normally be thrown away or never reach supermarket shelves because they have imperfections usually only in their appearance. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with it. Hence it being sold under the name of "Wonky Veg"

Not A Place I Know Well...

and can say I have been there a lot but luckily there is a bus to Sunderland hourly until teatime. And though sometimes we are not served well by public transport it is close to where I live. It takes around 90 mins and saves me changing buses and adding extra time to the journey.

I don't know what the weather has in store today but its a look out, I'm only sitting on a bus and it comes to a destination so if I want to I can even go to sleep. If I manage to get the same bus home it stops even nearer to where I live than the outward journey.

I have never been before...its the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens where they will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. It runs from 11am-3pm but I doubt it will change much between those hours so I may not need to stay the whole time and I am going for the 9.30am bus which later than originally planned so I will be there for around 11.30am. Its better than going to early and hanging around waiting for the place to open.

So I am away now to get all my gear together because it could be chilly, also to get shaved. Of I am ready nice and early I can relax and know all I have to do is leave as it gets near to the time to board the bus. Not much walking involved either.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Yesterday Was Father's Day...

It was a struggle to get to the Crematorium to see the book of Remembrance only in that no bus goes past it(people I talked to think that's wrong)and its a long walk to it for elderly/bad mobility and then inside its a long road to the building. On the plus side the weather stayed fine.

According to the travel website and a timetable outside the Crem at a bus stop a bus does go past offering a limited service bit I waited for 30 mins and none materialised. I missed a bus by seconds back on the road where one does run(only two per hour)and had to wait for 30 minutes. It was too far to attempt walking back to the town centre,
    I felt calm and quite comforted seeing his name in the book and it was as I remembered and as though I'd gone every year and never missed doing so. You don't want to leave as you have a connection whilst there. I took a photo so if its gets more difficult I have my own record of his entry in the book.

    I had a little win at the bingo in the evening that paid for my fruit and cucumber so you could say it meant my shop was free or I had a free night at the bingo.

    Been talking to someone who recently erected a fence and they believe I can get the cost down still further, I am hoping to get the name of who she used. There is also the possibility according to her that my Housing Association may do the work if I am prepared to pay and it could still keep costs down. As she almost used them for her fence.

    She also could see my point of using a natural break of shrubs and bushes to keep down costs and they wont be blown over or damaged by winds. Birds and possibly hedgehogs may prefer that idea.

    The weather has been mild the past day or two but it seems to be getting blustery again so I will probably stay home again and concentrate on hopefully the trip to Sunderland tomorrow and the Chinese New Year celebrations.

    Thursday, February 04, 2016

    I May Have To Spend Money...

    on the garden fence but we'll see if I can find someone locally who does odd jobs and see what I can find in the way of reasonably priced fencing.

    Fortunate that at a push I can just about find the money. If not I'll dig out the credit card and pay it off over a few months.

    Killing off/removing some of the ivy growing over and from the other side during summer probably instead of helping has worked against saving the fence. It could have been protecting it and helping to stop it moving.

    I'm not going to worry over it though. That won't help anyone.

    I suspect I'm talking £300 plus labour.

    *Not planning on going anywhere again today, still shaking off my cold. Lots of sleeping too. Annoying if you are enjoying something on the radio. I drift off quite easily.

    I can do that even when not sleeping. I have heard it said that if you don't think or do something within 15 minutes your brain kind've shuts down not unlike when you set a computer to rest after so long. It could be a load of clap trap for all I know.

    Perhaps I'll do something nice for my tea or have it for supper when I come home. Something warming.

    I may seeing I am up at this silly hour have some porridge and fruit followed by toast. And for my trip on Saturday(Chinese New Year)for the first time in perhaps over a year have a full "English" Breakfast of bacon, eggs(fried or scrambled)mushrooms, sausages, tomatoes and baked beans. But if I am leaving around 7.30am(and I will have to)I will have to be getting this ready around 6am.

    I can cheat though by preparing the bacon/beans/tomatoes maybe even the eggs in the microwave(s) to save time. If I don't mind some items being cold and as you eat food does cool down. I could do some of the food in advance.

    So tonight will be my first look out since the theatre in Durham and I'll get to play bingo again.

    *I said that I wasn't going out but I may...why? Its 32 years today since my Father passed away and because its not the easiest place to visit without a car it could be twenty five years since I saw his name in the book of remembrance at a local crematorium and so today I think that I am going to make the effort to see his name, Reflect a little. I may attempt to take an image of it too.

    Wednesday, February 03, 2016

    I Missed The Music Club...

    Made the right choice...the body wasn't up to it. Had a peaceful day and night on Tuesday. Woke an hour or so ago and felt the opposite. Perhaps I dreamt something.

    Well I will have a coffee, play some games and take to my bed again, should I sleep, I may feel different by morning.

    If the weather allows and I feel upto it(hence resting is a good idea)I'm hopping on a bus early Saturday and travelling to Sunderland to watch an event celebrating the Chinese New Year. Towards the end of February there is a smaller event in Durham I hope to visit the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, the end of the New Year activities. But we'll see.