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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Still Haven't Shaken Off The Lurgi...

Laid in bed Sunday with hot water bottles...

Found I felt not too bad by the evening so ventured out to the bingo club and hey you are taken door to door.

I sounded worse than I felt.

Monday I was out in good time for my bus to the afternoon bingo session but I decided I needed something to drink during the afternoon and that I better have some kind of sweets to suck in case I started coughing.

So I changed some money at the bank. Popped into the supermarket and found some honey and menthol sweets, four small cans of lemonade, some bananas and suddenly I thought I can't be bothered to walk to the bus stop. My energy was zapped. Reluctantly I booked a taxi.

However, I won £10 so the afternoon was free. It covered the cost of the taxi and almost the shopping.

Someone popped the idea in my head at the bingo about having soup which is quick and easy and means you are getting nourishment so when I came home I had a big bowl of pea and ham soup(took perhaps 3 minutes in the microwave)and I took to my bed and slept again. I reason if I am sleeping as much, my body needs it. I tried to relax and listen to the radio but found I missed most of the programmes.

I awoke around 2am and decided to do some hot water bottles again, have a coffee(a few biscuits)and have climbed into some pyjamas again. OK I have had a chill/cold but this May has been quite cold anyhow.

To be honest I felt that I had to get up because I was feeling a little bit down and its said if you you feel that way, its a good idea to do something. So I had a quick surf around the internet. Played a couple of Facebook games and wrote this. I'll probably go back to bed in a few minutes and face the day ahead and see if I can have a look out. Start to bother with my food again. An odd break from food I don't worry about and I think sometimes actually has more benefits than you would expect.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

That Was A Rough 48 Hours...

After the bingo on Thursday night someone felt my forehead and said I was burning up. I went to bed and stayed there practically for thirty six hours. Drifting in and out of consciousness but sleeping was difficult because I had a headache that wouldn't shift. It was worse when I tried to lie down.

This morning I wanted to sleep because when you do you lose the headache. I just could not get off. I gave up and phoned the patient advice line 111 and the operator was pretty good but the Dr I was handed over to was pretty useless to be honest. And though he had supposedly had my notes from the operator passed to him he had nothing in front of him and I had to go through them again.

In the end I took painkillers and took to my bed and did manage to sleep again and by mid afternoon I felt OK again. And now its hard to believe how ill I've felt this past 48 hours.

Looking forward to an easy Sunday. I'm not doing anything whatsoever.

I was ill but I was waiting for a knock from the repair people on Friday after being in for them on Wednesday and Thursday but if they knock on the front door you can hardly hear anyone. If they would knock on the glass next to the door I could really hear them. A friend is going to hunt out a doorbell for me. That may make all the difference. I'll have to ask them to call out again on Monday when the call centre is open. And say knock on the glass. Its safety glass so no one can be hurt.

I managed to get out to a ceilidh I had booked a few weeks ago which I thought I was not going to get to. They reckon 47 tickets were sold but we were small in number perhaps 20 attended. We haven't quite understood why you'd buy a ticket and not turn up. An odd ticket might be lost due to illness but for 27 not to turn up? I think they are going to try it again and hope numbers will be up next time. It was meant to run 8pm-11pm but finished approx 30 minutes early but luckily our taxi was able to pick us up early, we had booked the taxi for 11.15pm in case the night over run slightly.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

You Know You Are Not Quite Your Usual Self...

When you find that you stay up overnight when there isn't really any reason to. The only good thing is that I can sleep when I wish.

I've pulled an all nighter, now as I know someone is coming to do another job to my home in the morning it seems pointless going to sleep until he's been.

An interesting developement after yesterday's visit. I had to sign a form saying how happy I was with the work carried out but the form also asked if in the future I would be happy to pay for the service...what are we paying our rents for?

I may not mind if it was a simple repair if they charged a fair price but would not be happy if it was going to be used as an additional way to raise money from people often already struggling to pay their rent(its said that the majority of people who rent from a H Association)are more vulnerable to begin with.

I wonder if this the H association's answer to the austerity measures the government are threatening to bring in?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The rot politically has started and much is unknown as its not reported in the media or staged managed. Had a long chat with someone I trust and I have found out a lot.

I know I will return to this but assuming I am around a while yet, there will be much to say in the coming five years.

Personally, all debts are paid for now, I owe nothing to no one(It won't stay that way)but lets live for now.

No, I didn't win on Sunday. Nor did I win on Monday either. Attended the music club on Tuesday night and...purchased some more fruit. At last they had some Blackberries in stock too. So its porridge or cereal with fruit in the morning. I'll probably be up early(around 8am)as there is a repairman from the H Association down for a repair. A door needs trimming. It won't move over the carpet. And then someone is supposed to call on Thursday and Friday.

I was going to have it for my supper but I've been cooking some Jersey potatoes and vegetables in the slow cookers and with them I am going to have some fish. Probably have that for a late lunch.

I may have look in the charity shop and see if there's anything nice clothes wise and perhaps travel into a neighbouring town and see whats in the pound shops.

I have been lucky and have my ticket for the RAF concert in Durham Cathedral for Friday 5th June. Something to look forward to.

Debating whether to travel to The Sage in Gateshead to follow my local brass band who are doing a concert there but if I go I have to either leave early and miss some of it or dash off immediately afterwards and hope the buses run to time and I can connect with the last bus from Durham to my home and there is a window of approx 10mins between buses. Haven't decided yet. I may not do so until the Friday. It could be too much of a risk. The concert sounds as though it would be fun and there are some extra guests taking part.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Has Flown By...

and been good. Not that I've done much, almost time to shave and head out for a game of B-I-N-G-O!!!

A little buffet ready...crisps, cheese, cake and rolls containing corned beef this time. Will luck be a lady tonight!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Not In A Good Place...

In approx four decades of being able to vote in the UK I have never felt so disillusioned with the result. I am fearful, scared and I don't like the direction my country is going. I don't know if I'm out of step with others, a dinosaur or its down to technicalities of the voting system, the wrong type of people in Parliament. That parties are generally too similar and few if any are offering nothing new,

I want a caring society. I don't see that being offered by the people who make the decisions. I know(and you can call it anecdotal)from what I am experiencing myself and from talking directly with people within my circle and lots of contact with people on social networks.

Many who have voted as they have and its their right to do so I feel are choosing that way because they haven't been touched by adversity and events that can happen often without warning and your whole life can change or thinking about when we they grow older and perhaps financially or health wise it will change the place you find yourself.

I will move on, its still raw, I will attempt to live in the day and hope is all most of us have personally or wider than that.

I do believe that we will see more unrest on the streets if people feel their voice is not being heard and from a variety of sources it is said that 65% of those who could vote either didn't or actually voted anything but for the Conservatives but the splitting of the votes helped secure their success and what will happen in the coming five years.

Now to other matters...I had to get out last night and away from all the doom and gloom. At around 7.45pm I discovered an event was happening in a neighbouring town. I started to get ready determined to attend. Then it looked as though I'd missed the bus and the next would be too late. Then it looked as though I had another way of getting there but again that involved two changes of bus and still meant I was too far away from where the event was happening and would be late again.

At 8.10pm I looked again and found that I could make it. So I quickly dressed and legged it out the door into torrential rain and being slow I discovered I arrived at the bus stop...5 minutes late. I almost gave up and started for home and for some reason decided to wait another five minutes. Buses are are rarely late in the evenings because the roads are quiet and running only hourly they are able to make time up. However, by waiting it did turn up and I was away.

I arrived in Ferryhill approx at 8.55pm and the place was deserted. The rain wasn't giving up and there was no sign of anybody in the market place. Though there seemed lots of cars in the carpark. Even the pubs looked quite empty. So I popped into a shop for butter and potatoes(filling in time to be honest)and thought I'd catch the return bus home at 9.30pm assuming it had been called off.

As I made my way to the bus shelter I noticed some lights in the distance outside the town hall and investigated further. There was the town band playing hymns, a vicar giving a service and what had attracted me there in the first place. They were lighting a beacon in remembrance of the 70th Anniversary of VE Day. One of many being lit across the UK.

My only event connected to the occasion. I am unaware of any others happening on my town or locally. I've heard of street parties etc...according to the media but how true that is I have no idea. There is a concert on TV and Radio tonight in London at Horse Guards Parade but usually they are disappointing.

Anyhow, I stayed and watched the event in Ferryhill(my camera's battery was low)so I could not take too many images and what I did some failed. I had to set the camera so the pictures were light enough in a dark setting but that makes it easy for them to become blurred.

Afterwards and after being quite bedraggled those who stayed behind were offered refreshments and by the time I stayed for that and they closed the Hall it was getting close to the time of the next bus and it meant I did not have to spend an hour at the bus shelter. Also one of the officials closing up had a car and lives in my town so he gave me a lift home which was appreciated and kind.

So here are my two images of the evening...

Getting around isn't easy when you depend on public transport and some towns are virtually cut off. Tomorrow night I have discovered that the Bishop of Durham is attending a church my Father did as a child and teenager in the town of Shildon only 4 miles away but being Sunday the buses out of Shildon stop by 7.20pm and you are stuck. So unless you know someone who will give you a lift in their car, its a taxi job. Even the local train service stops around the same time. I have to decide if its worth travelling there earlier by bus(free)and take a return trip home but it will cost me £7. Perhaps I'll let that event go.

I may feel a bit down but I think I shall try and cook something nice for my evening meal(thinking fish, Jersey potatoes, vegetables)

Update:Glad to say I have slept well and have woken feeling great and upbeat. Fired up to fight the good fight. I guess it was a 48 hour thing.

I have only just found out about a free concert in Durham Cathedral with an RAF band for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and I'm trying to obtain a ticket but I fear that I may too late.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

The UK Votes And Naturally We All Have...

our own opinions who should govern us perhaps I'll have another rant and try and explain why I feel as I do, the only problem is I will be the first to probably admit that I may know what I want and feel to be right but could I deliver if I was in charge...I don't know. I don't think those already in positions of power do either.

I do know that I would like to see a more caring, fairer government and society than we appear to have and have especially had over the past five years. That bothers me more above everything else. If that means I am more of a socialist/communist/humanist than so be it. I already voted by mail last Friday. I can't do any more than see what the results are on Friday morning and all the ramifications that will follow for days, weeks or months.

On this day I feel really rough, I've taken to my bed(hoping to sleep a little)but I'm all aches and pains and think I may be fighting off a cold too.