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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Managed To Fill Most Of Today...Somehow...

About to have something to eat and get ready to go for a small shop before going to the little Bingo Club.

Tomorrow I may not be around too much as its the start of the music weekend.Tomorrow night The Coal Porters, John Weighell, Flossie Malavialle and The John Wrightson Band.

Saturday afternoon/evening its Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Pete Abbott, Broadband, Marske Fishermen's Choir, The Haley Sisters, Young 'Uns, Whiskey Dogs, Babs Throw and Bobby Surgeoner.

Some acts are regular on the North East circuit, others come a little further away.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Most Of Yesterday...

Was spent sorting out an order I had arranged regarding vitamins at a retailer whilst they were on offer(half price)on a three for two system. I ended up having to buy what I could(they mixed the order up)and then coming home via a detour and picking up extra items in another town in another branch. But it gave me a look out and an unexpected ride on buses.

The weather was kind until late afternoon when the rain started and it became a little chilly but for most of the day I was able to get away with a wearing a t-shirt and without the need of a coat.

So much rain in the last 24 hours though, any gardening is out but I have some new daffodil bulbs and a variety I have not seen before for planting.

I think it will be a day of pottering around my home and not considering going out.

If staying in I may consider the effort of bothering with a decent evening meal even if I don't bother much during the day.

I have to book taxis for coming home from the folk festival I am attending this weekend. There on my own in the evenings on Friday and Saturday night but on Saturday afternoon I will be with a few people from my music club for an afternoon show and we have to take any food/drink we want with us(as there is only tea and coffee available)so I shall probably have to organise something with another person attending. Though personally with a decent breakfast and local pubs in the village...food is easy to find. I really don't need much at all.

The first concert doesn't start until Friday night. So I am here until 6pm(ish)home by Midnight. Sunday if I go its a sing around which is free and a free buffet laid on(eat what you can)Saturday is my longest time there approx midday until midnight.

Its a good job many of the events are indoors because I don't believe the weather looks that promising. All the official shows are sold out.

I'm still in a reasonably good place emotionally. Of course you think about things but anything troubling for now can be put where they should be and they are not dominating my waking hours.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Don't Know Today's Plans...

I slept reasonably well but awoke around 4am aware that I have had a troubled dreams(I cannot decide if they were nightmares but I had to get up. And I feel better having done so. After a coffee and a little time online I may try and get another couple of hours before officially rising.

To be honest I slept through much of the radio programmes I was planning to listen to on Bank Holiday Monday. I didn't see anything to particularly to take my interest on the TV.

I spent most of my evening eating ham and Pease Pudding baps(I remembered I had some PP in the fridge)I often forget and it made them a little nicer.

The weather looks quite dull though admittedly its still very early and it could improve as the day goes on. That may play a part in what I do today. If I do go out, tomorrow it may be a day to potter around the garden and home. Or vice versa.

I have found my blood pressure monitor machine again and the few readings I have taken are better than they were when I was taking them earlier in the year. So at least that appears stabilised. Though that is probably because I take water and blood pressure tablets. Even the new statin tablet may be helping(I have been on that for perhaps a month so far)but that could still be too early to know if its helping.

My diet could mean I do not need the blood pressure medication however all my consultants and Dr's say the drug I use is actually protecting my kidneys so it does more than reduce/control the blood pressure so I have to take them regardless.

I'll see if anything happens that I can add to today's blog later, if not I'll see you around.

Monday, August 31, 2015

We're In The Money...

Well, over the weeks you lose more than you win when going out playing bingo and having an odd drink but last night in a variety of ways I won £48*&lt:-P partybut felt obliged to buy my fellow Bingo cohorts a round of drinks. But even doing that I still covered the cost of the night and taxi fare. And was still £27 in pocket which as I have been spending a little more lately is welcome.

Again I have a fair bit of the buffet which I brought home so that saves me some time and cost of buying of food.

Not much planned for today I have to admit and bus services(Its bank holiday)means that I will stay close to home.

Yesterday went according to plan and I was entertained in Durham through the afternoon. The weather was kind. If it stays that way the final event of the weekend will hopefully be a success as it takes place in Barnard Castle with the backdrop of the ruins of the old castle. And a town still with a historic feel. But it won't surprise you if I say that is not one bus to Barnard Castle on a Bank Holiday and a quick look at a travel website suggests that if you want to go there on a Sunday for a day out there is one bus for the whole day.

It becomes ever more apparent why many people end up spending so much time at home and don't go out and that most routes just take you to shopping centres and malls. Its just luck if that town happens to have a parkm a museum or an historic place of interest to visit.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Catch Up Time...

I've found a way to get rid of my grass cuttings(if slowly)The laying down of fabric on the lawns has been delayed. I'll explain why later in this entry.

Thursday and Friday I had my supermarket shopping done early on the morning between 6am and 7am and it felt great being up and about at such an early hour. The weather was sunny and quite warm too.

OK I had not emptied my wheelie bin in a month but lots of rubbish was got rid of on Friday. Being up so early and with a few tasks completed I even went back to bed for a few hours.

I'm still generally in a good place emotionally.

Some people feel that vitamins and minerals are a waste of time but I take some even though hopefully you should get all you need from your meals via fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. I don't take many but today(well Saturday)I found some bargains.

A new vitamin/mineral tablet on offer in a reputable retailer which has more of both in their tablets(or possibly capsules)which means I can drop some that I have been buying. That saves money.  It is on promotion so is half price at present(that saved me approx £5)then because I purchased other items on a three for two offer I saved another £5 so it was like getting one item for free. The other item contains ginger, glucosamine and Chondrotin but it also includes items I usually buy seperate such as fish oil and again I no longer have to do that. Therefore I am saving money again.

So I am quite happy how that has turned out. Whilst the promotion is on and I can buy at half price and in theory get one one item for nothing I may buy some extra, Its worth the overall saving.

What I am now taking

What I have dropped

Debating what I can weigh the garden fabric down with, I need stones so may have to raid my rockery for some. Its been suggested I get myself a trowel for planting my flower bulbs or a bulb planter that I can use when standing up. So I may look into that in the next day or two.

I think that there will still be some of the oven/grills I was after in the shop so I will possibly buy that on Monday after I have been to the afternoon bingo. Buying the vitamins at the weekend meant that I had no reason to go out later in the day on Friday so I did not buy the lottery ticket either. I probably wouldn't have won so saved a couple of quid.

Saturday I traveled to Durham, a little later than planned but I was there by lunchtime. I caught the tail end of a street performer but some are appearing again later today according to the website but it would seem that they have changed the plans. The next act had to cut his performance short due to a really heavy rainstorm. That's when I went shopping and found my vitamins etc...when I returned the next act had been on and almost finished. I settled down and watched the remaining acts. 

Many of them are calling into Durham on the way back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the two countries that seem to have the most "Street" entertainers are from Australia and the US. 

My favourite act was Adorkable Derek from Texas in the US. He was a comedy mime act, he worked with members of the audience, adults and children and ended by climbing a very high pole and doing various dangerous acrobatic stunts.

The event in Durham has been going for around nine years and I think I have been attending the last three or four. Before that I had no idea of its existence. I hope to be there again today.

Its the bingo night and with buses running a Sunday service its fortunate that the entertainment is starting a little later but coming home I may virtually be walking through my door and going back out again. So I may have to prepare my buffet early in the day before I go out and keep it in the fridge or somewhere cool. And grab it when I get home. Its mostly easy(no preparation)Crisps, crackers, tomatoes, cheese, cake so all I have to do is some quick sandwiches/buns. That's what will take the time.

Think I'll have another coffee and a couple of hours sleep and then get ready for another interesting day.

Update:The weather stayed fine all day in Durham on Sunday, quite warm too. I got myself a good view too. The votes were counted at the end of the day and considering the variety of acts over the weekend of which many were physical demanding my favourite  mentioned earlier came in at second place. So I'm not a bad judge.

Third place was taken by an escapologist who only appeared today(one performance)and an African dance/acrobatic group came first but again they only appeared today so audience figures may've been swung by the numbers present today so for Derek to get second place from appearing yesterday he did very well.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Weather Is Behaving Itself...

No excuse for not catching up on things. Still on for a couple of days out in Durham over the weekend unless I see everything within the first day. Then potter around at home on Sunday. Monday could be a quiet one. I will probably play bingo with friends and see what special radio programmes are on over the Summer Bank Holiday again in between housework tasks. We have a special turn on Sunday night at the club(said to be a good)He/she/they perform and dress in the style of popular pop act of the 70's I believe.

I had gone to bed at a normal time earlier and had two or three hours of deep sleep, so deep it felt as though I had been drugged. It may've only lasted a few minutes but I seem to have had a very complicated dream or nightmare and I had to get up. I may stay up for a while, have a coffee and see if I can get my head down again for a few more hours.

Thursday was quite a good one, if long...I had a handful of items I wanted and being awake early, I was in the local supermarket by 6am and home, having breakfast and another couple of hours sleep by 7am. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. It was quite pleasant.

Today is wheelie bin collection day so I'll get that sorted, head out into the garden again, get some more of that fabric down on the lawns and though I said I would not, I may start to plant some of my bulbs.

I have had a quick look at that small oven/grill on the way home tonight, it looks a good little buy, its not very heavy. I may pop out and buy that today too. Oh and though I rarely buy one its a Mega Friday on the Euromillions Lottery so I will probably buy a lucky dip ticket for that too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What An Inexpensive Week...

regarding purchasing of food or meals. Simple can sometimes be OK. It also helps not overeating by snacking or having smaller portions. Even if you enjoy your food. That's not such a bad thing. It can also help that occasionally you are alright eating the same items for a few days at a time.

Today started(Well, I'm really talking about Tuesday now)earlier than planned. I awoke after I assume dreaming something unsettling and that cause some anxiety. So I actually got up around 4am, Had a coffee and a little snack. The day improved from then.

Plans changed and I did little of anything at all. We had another good night at our music club. Numbers were down a little but that changed nothing, Sorry to see the nights drawing in already and it being dark so early.

I thought that I may have something for supper* when I came in but I feel OK and think that I shall wait until tomorrow now. I'll probably mess about on here awhile longer and have another coffee. I've had plenty of sleep so again I'm OK on that score. Debating whether to stay close to home on Wednesday or whether to get out and see where I end up. Nothing planned.

Shopping is out unless you include the oven/grill I mentioned in an earlier post. Otherwise all I need is some medicated talcum powder, medicated cream of some kind, glucosamine tablets and bleach for the house. Which for me is quite a small amount.

*Found myself nibbling at plum tomatoes.