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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Just Ignore What I Say...

As I said earlier...it was raining. Still I decided to go to the fete at Howden Le Wear. I quickly dried my washing in the dryer(I gave in this time)deciding I needed trousers rather than shorts. Went back to bed to rest after eating breakfast. Two bowls of cereal so I probably could've avoided taking any food with me.

Then slept and slept(if you can call it sleep)in between great pain and being uncomfortable. I woke too late to even consider going. Perhaps next year? Tomorrow by hook or by crook I will go to the day of music in Durham. Now as I have picked up I find the alternative choice I had has already started so I have missed that too.

The only good thing is the weather has picked up and the sun is shining, its quite a pleasant day to be honest. So as we were...I'll go back into the garden later and finish the work I started yesterday and when dusk arrives I'll work around the area near the bees again. In the end not a wasted day.

That velcro is so good on the peg bag and the surface its stuck to means that when I try to separate it, it comes away from the bag! So I have to open it carefully or perhaps I will need to get a needle and thread out and tack it a little. I may see about getting that washing line up later today. I need to tack the shoulder strap on the sleeve of the folding chair which is pulling away from the cover so another little task to complete.

I will consider having a look out later in the afternoon even if only as far as the town centre a few streets away.

I will keep it simple and have chicken salad for my evening meal. No preparation or cooking.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Another Hot Day...

but I guess its humidity that makes the difference. It says 28c/86f on the bedroom thermometer but I feel quite cool and comfortable. Not going anywhere. Going to garden later and can into the evening should I wish to. I have plant food and have combined lawn feed/weedkiller but will pop out and get a dedicated one for the barren ground where I plan to sow new grass from seed.

It seems silly to use the one dedicated to greening grass where there isn't any in the first place. I have a spray bottle of weed killer but that again would take forever if used. Its ok for quick applications.

I may be missing over the weekend as though there is a 10 day event happening on my town I am afraid there is nothing except for two music events of any interest to me and they clash with better events in neighbouring towns. So I will be going out of town.

On Sunday(though I miss 90 minutes due to Sunday bus services)there is a full day 9.30am-4pm of brass bands playing in the grounds of a museum...for free. I'll take my folding seat and some snacks/water though there is a café there.

The trouble is when you are on your own, if you want to go into a café or to the toilet, you have to pack everything up and then put it all out again afterwards.

Tomorrow in Howden Le Wear(never been there before)there is between 11am and 2.30pm the North East Theatre Organ Association's Fantastic FREE Festival of Organs and there are many stalls including Plants, Cakes, Tombola, Teas. The special guest organ is Perlee Street Organ.

Its a look out if nothing else and a bit of a different day to what I had planned. I can do some gardening in the evening if I should wish to. I have sun cream, light clothes and a hat. Being a shorter event I can take a bottle of water and a packet of crisps.

Update:I have weedkiller, it cost me £5 but that seemed reasonable by comparing products. I wanted one that I could put on with a watering can. I found a new can for £3.50 in red and held 7litres(not that I would carry that amount)I couldn't, I'd be all over the place trying to keep my balance and I have to choose when I am able and rest for sometime during/before and after. I then found one that held 6litres for £2 so I purchased that instead. And a spray bottle.

I'm resting until 8pm then I'll get a couple of hours in. I can listen to the radio whilst I work and I'm not making any noise to annoy neighbours. The only garden machines I have are the hedge trimmer and strimmer and they won't be used before Monday during the day.

Oh and I found some velcro for 24p enough to close up the peg bag when its outside and hanging on the washing line. That's another job for me this weekend....seeing where I can fasten a line to as the clothes post went rusty and hasn't been in the garden for decades. Never been offered a replacement. Don't think its worth investing in a rotary dryer.

Further Update:Its wet and horrible so wondering if I should head out as planned or stay home. I may still go as its a bus ride and a change. The weather may change(it has a habit of doing so)and I can go later than planned. I only have to get dressed and shaved.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

I Can't Save The Flowers...

They've died in the flower tubs. If I can find new plants I will replace. The hard work has been the priority. It seems to be working...Annoying now we've had too much water and if it had come a few days sooner they probably would've been ok.

Wednesday I was out 5am clearing more rubbish. Then rested, it was too hot to do anything. I was accompanied again by a blackbird, looking for insects and yes saw a froglet again. I do feel sorry that its protection has been removed. When I was well and had access to a car some years ago, I used to take them into the wild area of the town(bit like nature reserve)where there is much greenery and a little river running through it. Wish I could do that again.

I managed to get a wash load done. Decided I'm going to do more hand washing. Certainly, I plan whilst I have access to a garden to use a washing line again for drying clothes so I purchased a peg bag and some pegs.

Two pairs of gardening gloves(thorn resistant)I have worn/damaged the pair I purchased a couple of weeks ago but then again with all the heavy work I am not surprised. I will still use them as they still have life in them.

We had the mother of all storms in the afternoon(another is starting now)It passed over and made no difference to the temperatures. I found my brolly which I took with me(just in case)on my theatre trip. All buses and connections ran on time. I found a town bus as I came out and that saved me a long, slow, painful walk back into the town centre and meant I caught an earlier bus home. Did not have to hang around much. As it happened I did not need my umbrella and I was safely home before the rain has returned. I was in a leisure shirt and shorts.

A great production of the mystery play "The Ghost Train" and afterwards half a dozen of the cast did a question and answer session with the audience. Sadly(a sign of the times perhaps)economically or a lack of interest in provincial theatre, there are approx 862 seats and I think approx 220 were in the audience. For the talk approx 20 of us stayed behind. They played it straight as it was meant to be. A thriller written in the 1930's but as times have changed modern audiences do laugh at some of the dialogue. Some productions "ham it up" and take liberties but this production is true to the way the playwright planned it to be.

Even with all the empty seats someone large in every way sat right in front of me...but with all the empty seats I moved two seats to the right and had a perfect view.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Early Morning...

And I've already been out and done a couple of hours gardening. I don't believe I can manage much more today, its too warm already and this last bit is really hard to shift. I've lifted what remains so the roots may die off with no contact with the soil. So I'll try again on Thursday but I will bag what you can see in the first image later today.

Then Friday/Saturday I'll put the lawn feed and weed killer. Then I shall have to leave it a few days and start cutting the lawns that are reasonably ok and not overgrown. Then I can add the clippings to the bagged rubbish and then I hope who I ask to remove it will take it all away.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two Hours In The Garden...

Almost cleared the problem area. I would have continued but its the Music Club Night(and there is always tomorrow)six more bags of rubbish, more to go into bags already without the rest of the clearing. I found lots of branches and what is a decent limb of a tree amongst the stuff I am getting rid of. I'll have to buy a saw or see if I can get them taken away somehow. I feel I am getting somewhere.

A shave, a change of clothes(I may wear shorts)and flash my knees and I am almost ready. I'll have a salad for supper when I come in from the club.

It was 22c/72f in my bedroom most of the day but now its reached 24c/78f. I await to see how it is overnight.

Unless something unexpected happens its the garden and then a mystery play tomorrow at the theatre so I could be missing. I may go out earlier and enjoy the sunshine and take a small snack/drink with me. As I write I am thinking of making a day of it. As I can get a bus that will take me into the town the play is and upto 6pm they run every 15mins.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Yesterday Was Better In Hindsight...

I packed my rucksack with goodies(mainly healthy)and took my folding chair and took off to Northallerton for a food festival. The plan then was to go to a free Prom concert in Darlington in a park.

However, though all the connections went reasonably well...I caught a bus at 9.35am to Darlington. To save walking a town bus at 10.32am to the railway station. 11.02 train to Northallerton. There by 11.20am.

I saw all I needed to by 2pm and if honest I was dragging the time out but it was a nice day and as the concert was not due to start until 6pm there was no rush to come back too early.

I found that I was too tired to walk back to Northallerton's railway station so caught a taxi. I then sat on the stations platform for forty five minutes. Plenty of fast trains coming through but not stopping.

There was a very helpful guard on the first trans pennine railway and he gave me extra time to find a coach I could board and walk down the platform. He also acknowledged me as the train left Darlington station from his window and gave me a smile. There are kind and nice people still in the world. I appreciated the extra time given to me and I still in reality did not cause a delay to the service.

Back into Darlington by 16.40pm but again I rested in the station and then looked at the distance from the station to the park and gave in and took another taxi. Both taxi's were quite in expensive and saved me much discomfort.

I made my way to the bandstand and could hear...music! Turns out where I had seen that it was to start at 6pm and end at 9pm, it actually started at 3pm and ended around 6pm and I was told it was supposed to end at 5pm. So I only saw around forty five minutes.

Then by the time I walked to the bus stop in the town centre and had to wait for the one and only bus back to my town I reached home around 8pm. I ate most of the food I had taken with me here. I had carried my folding chair all day for nothing. It was a day out. And I still enjoyed it. I slept the clock around and did not get up until nearly lunchtime today.

I will garden later when its a bit cooler. B***** ivy breaking out again already where I cleared the ground but I'll just keep at it and remove it and get the weedkiller on it. I'll get stuck into that corner that's holding me up. I'll continue to bag it, see if the strimmer works and cut up the twigs. When darkness falls I'll see if I can clear some more near the bees and I think its safe.

Tomorrow I should be able to do a complete day in the garden again. If needs be I may keep clearing it and sow the grass next year. Its easier to get to when grass hasn't been grown again.

I won £4 on the bingo today and missed another house by a split second as the next number had been called. I used the bus there and back(free)and after my little shop I decided I was too tired to walk home so I thought "S** it!" and I ordered a taxi. Its all good stuff...fruit/veg/salads. I'm on a health kick again. Its tasty, filling, no preparation, no cooking. Right for this time of year I guess.

My salads and even cereal/fruit or porridge is only coming in at around 50p a meal if that. That's even cheating now with much of what I have purchased prepared for me.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Sun Is Shining...

I hope its a foretaste of the weather tomorrow. Remarkably, contrary to what I said earlier in a comment on an earlier post. I have slept reasonably well and pain was kept to a minimum. I admit I took a couple of pain killers before sleeping. I think if I do anything other than rest today I will cause my pain to return. So I will not be gardening this weekend. The last section is going to prove to be a b***** to clear* Its killed my shoulder and if I'm not careful I could cause myself injury(if I haven't already)But I won't give up.

Having said that, more rubbish has been bagged up/removed.

I don't want to be knackered for tomorrow.

It could very well be that I may spend the afternoon watching the film "Gone With The Wind" on TV this afternoon. That will kill around 4 hours. I have seen it before but we're talking perhaps thirty years ago, It was its first showing on British TV and it was a Christmas highlight. Both Mum and myself had flu and we were sitting around an open fire, wrapped in blankets.

We were watching on a reasonably good TV offering colour and stereo sound(not that the film was in stereo)but this time the main TV is the shape that will offer a more suitable format to appreciate the film(widescreen)though not larger than 32" Its big enough for my lounge. And I can move closer to it if I wish to.

I have the choice of two screening times.

*You know me only too well, I will probably "not" watch TV and I will still try and do something else in the garden. I don't mind leaving it when the last of the rough work is complete. I'll see if the strimmer and lop cutters can help again.

There are more bags of rubbish than in these images but I'm thinking I'll wait until its all bagged and I've strimmed again before having it all taken away then I can also add the next grass cut and the clippings from the hedge too.

Update:I did not garden or watch the film. I went out for a bus ride and found some bargains in the pound shops. And I have some little prepared salads to eat during tomorrow whilst at the food festival and the concert. They were reasonably priced, large enough for me and I don't have to spend time preparing the ingredients. But I may add a few extra cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, celery and water cress. I have fruit. Also water, lemonade and some beer too.