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Friday, December 19, 2014

Another Day As I Often Say...

To pace myself is the best way as every day/hour can be different. As you will have seen by my post yesterday. After getting home from the trip to post that card. I went to bed for a couple of hours. I also went to bed as soon as I came home from the bingo club Christmas party and slept the clock round.

It was a bit flat to be honest and some people did not turn up but still enjoyable. I rarely win a bingo game and usually we're talking no more than £8 a house on a good day but as a whole book of cards comes in £4.60 with a raffle ticket, if you win one game you are only £3.40 better off. Its taking part and a bit of fun.

I shared a taxi to the event with an older gentleman and for a variety of reasons we should have shared the cost but I found I paid it one way. Coming home another person joined us and again we found that we ended up paying for the journey home so I am £4 out of pocket. I won't see that again. As I don't want my friend to be out of pocket on that second taxi journey I'll go halves so I will actually be almost £5 down so the bingo win is welcome. We also get a yearly £10 bonus as a gift so I am still £5 better off. So its OK.

In a few minutes I am off to Durham city to see a lunchtime Jam Session at the local theatre for 1pm, I may do a small shop and hang around to see the Christmas lights when it comes in a little darker in the afternoon, they look better when that happens.

The weather is nicer today, sunny if a little blowy.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Good Concert With Jez Lowe...

but usually I am at the front of the hall and the doors do not open until 7.30pm however the place was packed when we arrived and some seats had been reserved(not used to that happening before)so we found ourselves at the back of the hall.

Also unlike other years it was finished by 10.20pm having started at 8pm and that included an interval. It usually lasts until 11pm(ish)but it was enjoyable all the same. And I had good company with me.

Today, it is cold and very blustery. I am much relieved today because I received a Christmas card from my closest relatives and because they live a fair distance away the bus service isn't great, taxis expensive but I had lost their telephone number and they are not listed in the phone book.

I was going to post a card this weekend and this gave me the excuse to do so and they have now included a phone number.

I managed to walk slowly to the town centre and post a card but had to give in and get a taxi home so that was one expensive card. 62p for the postage stamp and £3 for the taxi.

I will get shaved and stay warm as best as I can until I go out to the bingo club Christmas Party at 7pm(taxi there and back)I have been told to take some containers for left over food. I will take some painkillers too. I was going to watch some TV but cannot be bothered, going back to the radio and bed for a rest.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Quiet Day...

Weather wise nothing to write about and so far not too bad, contrary to what we were told to expect by the forecasters, cold? Certainly.

Not had much to eat but thinking that I may have a quick snack later and perhaps that could be corned beef, baked beans and chips. A nice hot mug of coffee.

I could stay in but I think I will go out and buy some postage stamps, more Christmas cards and my computer magazine. My whiskers haven't grown much so I think I can get away without a shave today. I shall put my Christmas gear on and then this evening I am with my friend Andrea watching a Christmas show with Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies performing in concert. So that's about it for today.

Having said that...On Friday I hope to be in Durham watching a lunchtime concert and as it gets dark quite early in the day I hope to take some images of the Christmas lights in the city and on the way home because the buses run more regularly I also plan to add some of the smaller towns who to be honest have made quite an effort especially in these times of austerity. It has been said that my own town's efforts have left much to be desired.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A New Day...

Feeling more positive. I watched most of the Bette Midler special but gave up. It was mainly a promotion for the new CD that has been brought out(which I have heard)thanks to Spotify. I will watch Gotham another night on catch up or when its repeated. I haven't quite decided what was different about the special and how it looked. I can't describe what was going on. It had a different look to the usual studio recorded specials.

I came to bed and listened to the documentary on Alvin Stardust(again)I hadn't heard it for perhaps six months. Its a good story how he became interested in music, learning guitar and meeting his idols Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Bill Haley. How by luck as a young teenager he found himself in their company, jammed with them and they signed his guitar.

I slept well until the early hours, woke and felt troubled and you start to think. I got up made a coffee, had some beef and tomato spread on bread. Came back to bed and eventually got off to sleep again.

I have found out today, I missed a carol concert I was looking forward to with the Ferryhill Town Band at 7pm yesterday and I could have gone to it and the bus service is quite good. There is another in another local town this coming Sunday but it clashes with my night with friends at the local club on the town(not quite true)it finishes in time but a taxi would cost £15 and there is no longer a direct bus service home and it means changing two buses and travelling elsewhere and a thirty-forty minute journey becomes nearer 90 minutes and that also includes standing at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. That's Sunday service for you.

The TV sound bar saga continues never thought choosing one would be so problematic. The weather seems not too bad outside, quite sunny but cannot see a reason to go out because it will be dark so quickly and at best there are only buses to shopping centres etc...the weather forecaster is telling me as I write the weather is to change and become horrible in the next day or so. Not very warm though...wrapped up, taking warm drinks(may have soup)and have a hot water bottle on my person.

Its the Christmas party at the Music Club tonight...entertainment and a buffet so I don't need to really do a meal later so may listen to the radio, mess about on here or watch the TV.

Update:Great night at the club and as I knew the person organising the buffet, I not only saved some of my food in a container to bring home...I found myself being presented with some extra items. If I stick to having snacks I have enough for a few days and...I have been told to expect the same again on Thursday at another party night for the little bingo club I attend.

I could sit up and watch some TV but as I will probably watch a fair bit over Christmas and New Year I am about to go to bed. Listen to a little radio if I don't  doze off.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I Was Thinking Of Having An Early Night...

I may still decide to, depends how cold I feel and if I find anything decent on the TV.

I have a ready meal of Hunter Chicken to try soon. I may also have a fruit pie and custard afterwards.

I have paid all my debts and have enough paid to take me to end of January.

On the way home I called into the supermarket for some items(I was out of meat)and found a reduced lemon and herb half chicken slow cooked for £1.96 instead of £4 so that may do two meals and/or sandwiches also added some broccoli and Brussels sprouts, some sandwich thins and Yorkshire Puddings. It all came in for the price I would normally have paid for the chicken.

The only thing I have to decide on and treat myself whilst I am able is one of those sound bars for the TV but choosing the right one and not going for the most expensive isn't easy.

I will watch two programmes tonight...A Bette Midler special and another episode in the Gotham series, on the radio there is a repeat of a wonderful documentary on the singer Alvin Stardust who recently passed away.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm More Organised Today...

Have all my buffet stuff is ready for tonight,

I am going to Durham to book some seats for Brass Band events in March/April and all of the events cost as little as £5. Some lunchtime concerts too(they are only £4)

I booked two shows yesterday that were nit as cheap but I see as belated Christmas treats for me, a Viennese New Year's Night in January also a 40th Anniversary Concert with The Houghton Weavers. I know that I am fortunate that I was able to do so but know one day its likely I will not be able to.

I am now about to have a Beef Dinner ready meal which will be ready in approx 11 mins(in the Microwave)

If there are any images or anything to say about the day I will add it later probably after I come home tonight.

Update:I was planning to go to a carol service either in Durham or here on my town but the weather has taken a turn and bus times have kind of changed things, The tickets have been bought and I have time for a little rest and a coffee before I go out again.

Even better I had a little win at the bingo but had to share(so only won £11)and was still slightly out of pocket but it made the night less expensive and in a roundabout way the win paid for a couple of the tickets I purchased earlier in the day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Change Of Plans Tomorrow...

If well enough there is a meeting to see where we go with the campaign to save the NHS in a neighbouring town which I found out about by chance. I think there is a carol service on Sunday on my town*

Its been another cold one today and I've stayed in. I was going to have a hot meal(still may)but lots of hot drinks and I have just had some pork sandwiches. If I find something decent on TV I may stay up a little longer or take to my cosy bed and watch some TV via the internet.

I'd like to tell you I am doing lots of exciting things but its a case of ticking over. At least I have all my cushions and throws now. The house is reasonably tidy too. We'll see what the New Year brings.

*It takes place at 6pm but there is another in the leisure centre in the afternoon it would seem. I'll go to the later one in the church.

I had an early night in bed, there before 9.30pm but am up now and getting ready for the meeting about the NHS. Its a cold one so I will be wrapping up well and wearing my Christmas jumper too.

Update:Interesting meeting...some things must remain secret but what goes on behind the scenes and how the media is manipulated by politicians, the media itself and often people with their own agenda when organising campaigns even when you are concentrating on a particular issue and keeping it non political is an eye opener.