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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I Can't Believe That I Am Still Up...

at this late hour. Then again I do get plenty of sleep so not overly concerned. I have been sleeping quite well. I did have a troublesome dream this morning which I had difficulty coming out of. Not a nightmare as such. I will go to bed in the next minute or two and manage around four hours. I better get up around 7am to be sure I am on time for the bus for the shopping trip. I hate rushing around and being late.

I have already packed my rucksack so just have to get shaved and dressed. Just hope the weather stays fine. Though of late it has been quite cold so I'll make certain I wrap up well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wednesday Could Be A Long One...

As said I don't think I want to buy on our trip. But when I get home after a short break I may be hopping on a bus straight to Durham. There's a street market promoting food. But also "Live" music. The weather looks as though it will be kind. There are seats in the market place too. Good for me.

I believe its on between 4pm and 9pm I doubt I'll stay that long I probably will have seen everything in minutes depends if I decide to drag the time out and enjoy the music(?)I can go a little late or come home before the end so I catch an earlier bus and am not coming back here very late.

I was surprised to see the other events in Durham are taking place so early in December but I guess once the month arrives time will move very quickly.

Update:The music club was quiet tonight(numbers have been down in recent weeks)but hopefully it will pick up soon. I would miss it. It was still an enjoyable night. We seem to have lost some performers but gained some. The same can happen with the audience. On the way there I purchased coffee(I was low on that)nothing fancy, mine costs only costs 50p a jar and last me ages. I wanted something to add a bit of taste to my turkey sandwiches so found some sweet sandwich pickle that was 60p a jar and I know I have some in the house(but I am unable to find it at present)microwaveable porridge.

Its time to get energy levels up and be warm in a morning so I purchased some more packets and found the supermarket has a new range of its own which is as good as the usual brand even when that's on offer as it usually is. Various flavours Golden Syrup, Original, Apple and Blueberry and Barley 10 sachets in a box(I purchased four boxes)that's £5.80 instead of £8 for 48 sachets the other brand)So I have enough for the next 40+ days. I can always add other fruit to it if I should wish to. Its quick too. I purchased crisps to share at the Music Club but someone else beat me to it so I'll use them another day. Nothing is wasted. And again I usually look for offers and or the supermarkets own.

The crisps can be used on Thursday at the other little bingo session and there will be enough remaining for Sunday. I have nothing to buy for Sunday's buffet as what I have is still OK and was not used last weekend as I was on my own.

I said that I won't buy anything tomorrow on my trip but I do plan to pop into a supermarket that has £10 of mine in its safe and I will either take the money or treat it as unfounded money and perhaps buy some food or Christmas items if something is on sale there.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Broke Even...

Won a fair bit on our little bingo session today. Made up for last night. Could've kept it in my pocket but it paid for my milk, bread, strawberries, blackberries and more wild red salmon(reduced)so I'm eating well again.

I rarely use my main cooker anymore. I have my combination microwaves. I have my slow cookers and though not used yet I have a two hob gadget that I could use to fry/boil food on when needed.

So now I'm thinking for use upstairs and not taking up much room and I could work between the two(I have a slow cooker here already)and it saves me always having to keep going into the kitchen. A multi cooker unit that steams. cooks, roasts, sautes, soups, curries etc...and can be easily programmed. Its a fancy slow cooker I suppose. A little more versatile. My present slow cookers are very basic. At £40 it doesn't seem that expensive when a small slow cooker costs around £10-£12. I'll think about it. They can be easily hidden away and are portable unlike a microwave.

It turned into a horrible night of weather upon coming home...freezing rain. I was a little cold earlier on but with my extremities covered(hat, fingerless gloves, slippers and dressing gown)and lots of hot drinks I feel quite warm. I'm warmer now than earlier that's for sure. Even been able to remove some items. I had all kind of plans for meals when I came home but I have made do with coffee and cake.

As said earlier I dread what we'll be told after the budget on Wednesday(not as if we can change what he has planned)just have to try and live on less no doubt. I'll not find out what the damage is until I get home from our trip (mentioned in the last blog entry)Its always been bad even when Mum and Dad were alive but some extent I was protected, now that safety net has been removed.

There is a Christmas market from Thursday in Darlington's Market Place(they are switching on the Christmas lights that evening)but I can't stay to see that. It could turn out to be quite busy but we have no idea what the weather may be like. I don't mind a little cold, even light rain, snow won't keep me  away but if its another like today I'd rather be home.

There may not be anything being sold to interest me. May be too expensive too. The last few times they've advertised a special market I have turned up and found nothing there. It is said this time nearly all the pitches have been taken so we'll see.

Don't have many events, trips planned and Christmas is creeping up on us all...I may decorate my tree this weekend. I may attend a memorial service at the local church for loved one's no longer with us on Sunday. There are a couple of Christmas "Parties" due soon(December 11th/15th)and a few outdoor events around Durham I may try to attend.

And perhaps in the next few weeks I'll try and play some Christmas music which I have neglected since Mum passed away.

I Went Out...

and though you can say I was not exactly a stranger in the club, it was different going in on my own. The buses ran to time and its just fortunate that one bus that runs through the town passes the club and stops near(ish)my home. That though only hourly it arrives outside the club around 7.45pm the same time as the taxi I usually share and the one home leaves around 10.45pm which is roughly when we leave by taxi.

The turn was quite good tonight, I almost won £30 and was waiting for one number for ages(I started to think I was meant to go tonight)No joy though.

The weather has stayed fine but is frosty so had to be careful walking.

I had some more beef/vegetable stew when I came home and now when I have heard a documentary on the BBC World Service I am going to bed.

I will travel to the local(ish)insurance office tomorrow morning in Durham(its next to the bus station)How handy is that? And then return to my afternoon of bingo in my town. I cannot really go much further with the days drawing in and having plans for the afternoon anyhow.

I wore one of my new(but purchased from a charity shop tonight)quite please with it and it was warm enough.

We have a shopping trip(an outing on Wednesday)with the afternoon bingo group but have nothing much I want to purchase but just maybe I'll see something to buy for Christmas in case I am invited to my Christmas meal again this year. Its a little change to my week.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Durham Trip Called Off...

I was staying at home and then discovered an event taking place on Newcastle Quayside from dusk until Midnight(I can't stay for more than a couple of hours)so I am off now to catch buses there. More to say later so this post will change upon my return. Wish me luck. There could be images and possibly video.

Update:I did not need to stay that long and made tracks home sooner than planned but did see the display that was put on for the 15th anniversary of the Millenium Bridge. I found myself chatting with someone for a little while. Amazing how many did not know of the anniversary nor realise the change in the lighting pattern for "One night only!"

Good job I came home when I did as it became decidedly colder and in the early hours we had...snow. That turned to freezing rain.

On Saturday evening I went to a village approx 3 miles away but to avoid extra taxi fares I had to take a detour by bus of approx 13 miles and add an hour in each direction. There is no direct bys from my town there(not even one that takes a slightly different route)I used to pass through the village quite often in the days when I used to drive a car. I also had to pass through the village to take Mum to see her sister who used to love even further out of the way but its years since I actually spent time there and it was my first time in the village hall.

I saw the Durham Miner's Association Brass Band and very good it was too.

(Tonight's bingo, Sunday)has been called off by friends and I am tempted to stay home but I'm going to get shaved and go on my own. Its a look out. Luckily there is a bus runs past the club and the times match so I can get there OK and home afterwards.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

An Early Night For Me...

I gave in and took a taxi to the bingo but was given a lift back home...I broke even on the bingo and could've kept the money but decided to buy food...essentials like bread, fruit and salad. Some mixes to put in the slow cooker when doing a stew etc...but how could I let a £6 cooked chicken go when it was being sold for around £2.50.

Lots of meals/snacks and sandwiches to be had and no cooking either.

For me I'm going to have an early night and get cosy in bed. I may go to Durham tomorrow and pay my contents insurance for the year, its due for renewal in a few weeks. Then all my bills are paid for this year.

They're Creepy And They're Spooky...

and lots of fun.

I went to Durham for the opening night of the musical The Adams Family performed by Durham University's Drama group. I don't do musicals but this is the second production of their's that I have seen. And I am being won over. I was already impressed with Anything Goes in January and the next production I believe also in January(next year)is Kiss Me Kate. It was a great night of entertainment. Much talent. I wish I lived a little closer to Durham but if the public transport stays as it is or ever improves I can manage.

What is awkward is that there is a direct bus to Durham every 20 minutes or so. Then around 17.40 you have a bus to Durham(a little early for theatre shows)the next only goes halfway, so you are stuck between destinations. The next goes to Durham but that gets you there too late for most theatre shows. Then though hourly the rest all go there. Luckily, I can usually catch that early bus. I fear that they will change things. There are alternative ways but that means changing buses and adding extra miles.

The show started a little late but that was due to the fact that so many decided to go to first night. I avoided dashing down to the bus station for the bus at 10.15pm no way would I make it, The time went reasonably quickly. I caught the last bus 11.15pm into my town by 11.50pm. A quick shop at Tesco's and home by Midnight forty. By then it was getting quite wild out there and I was walking into a strong wind.

Coming back over Framwellgate bridge I could see how fast the river was flowing and how high it is. To me quite near to washing over the walkway near some of the retail area but so far it hasn't happened.

Its a cold day today even though my thermometer says 18c in my bedroom. Time for extra clothing I think. I have had two bowls of beef and vegetable stew. Plenty of coffee and as I am going out soon I won't be bothered too much.

I had look out the landing window an hour ago and found though sun was shining there was frost on the garage roof and roads so I guess that proves just how cold it is. It won't get any better now as the night draws in. There is talk of possibly snow for tomorrow, we shall see.

I was slow but thanks to painkillers and taking my time I did manage reasonably well, better than at the Lumiere.

Monday, November 16, 2015

I Seem To Have A Habit Of Attracting...

kind people. Especially in Durham city...

What does that say about the townsfolk? They could be residents, visitors/students. I don't know. Coming back to the bus station on Saturday night, a young lady(well much younger than me)walked me into the bus station, would not leave until I insisted I was OK and could manage and...gave me a warm pasty she had just purchased in a local bakers that was open late to serve all the extra people in the city for the Lumiere.

I haven't posted any images(I'll see what I can do)but my own are few and could be better. I did not see everything but there was a sequence of animated shapes on the roof, the full length inside Durham Cathedral, another on the outside of the cathedral, another being shined onto the side of the Castle from ages away.

A car that lit up if someone sat on a bike and peddled like mad. A kind of garden with lit flowers and lights hanging from the branches of trees, appropriately but by chance a red/white/blue of a bike(I assume with some connection to the Tour De France)coincidence after the tragic events in Paris over the weekend(terrorism where many were killed and injured)like many events and countries across the world was worked into the sequence the Durham Cathedral display, the colours of the French flag...

Another clever animation was projected onto the railway bridge which had a variety of people climbing up the bridge, hanging from the top of it and some climbing over the top.

As feared the weather did mean some displays around the river were cancelled on Sunday, others were said to be under threat. Unfortunate that the weather seemed reasonable before the event and it looks as though its going to be improve now that its over.

Another in the market place, I now know was meant to take off and float or fly but perhaps due to the weather of previous days(wet and windy)just stayed on the ground and did...nothing unless you include a subtle change of colour.

It would appear there were twenty nine pieces of art and I reckon I saw ten. Then again it could also depend how they are counted.

Update:Another horrible day of weather...if I thought the rain on Saturday was bad its much worse now. As I hope to be at the the theatre in Durham on Wednesday night, I do wonder if the river that runs through the city is still swollen or the levels have dropped. The theatre is not at river level with and I believe the bus station is far enough away from it and the route to the theatre is safe(ish)I'll find out soon enough.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


If I'm honest...my music night on Friday could've been better and I appeared to be the only person in the room not as impressed by the headlining act. But I'm not going to mention the name of the act nor the venue. I don't deliberately do that kind of thing.

I managed the Durham Lumiere event but was battling against the terrain, my slowness, the crowds(naturally)but mainly the weather...constant rain. Some people had umbrellas, I tried to use my brolly(occasionally)but it was a losing battle. I was going to get wet whatever I did. And its going to take a while to dry out the clothes/heavy coat I had on unless I stick them in the Tumble dryer which has just crossed my mind.

If I had not had other things on(Thursday/Friday)and today(plus Sunday Bus Service)I may've returned to see what I actually missed. I did not see everything. I am unsure how much I missed(I don't know how many pieces of art were on show across the city)I believe that I managed perhaps ten in total.

And though the buses home compared to other areas were fewer(some areas were having more frequent services put on)but on my route they were running double deckers so one bus was the equivalent of two.

You can't stop it happening but as virtually all buses pass through the centre/suburbs of Durham City the locals can catch any bus which can mean that those who need to travel further out to neighbouring towns may find it difficult to find a spare place on a service that is more more limited than others.

I managed to get the 10.15pm out of the bus station. I would've loved to have sat on one of the few seats that are in the building but was afraid of losing my place. And my other option of sitting/kneeling on the floor(and I have done that before)was out because the floor was all wet and dirty from everyone's shoes with all the rain that had come down for hours.

By chance I discovered that I had missed another play in Durham the other week by only a day. However, the Durham Students who have a big input of high quality talent have(again I discover by chance)another production starting on Wednesday until Saturday so I plan to be there. I can go any night but Thursday. I don't know if its an adaptation of a TV script or the film but they are doing the Adams Family.

As I write its not raining but it still could start again tonight(the weather forecast is not good)and I have my bingo night anyhow. Rested I feel I could go out again but where do I want to go with the days shorter and I don't want to spend un-necessarily. Its good to have a lazy "pottering" around the home day. There will probably be many more of these days between now and April.

Its funny Thursday night I slept badly and in pain(and can't say I did a great deal during the day)I even felt quite good when I went to bed. Yet coming home from the music club and even after the Lumiere I slept well(and the pain level was much improved)

Oh regarding my Hospital appointment on Thursday...this new consultant is very approachable and friendly. I have found out ways/means to work around my condition and the meds I take. I do hope he'll be as supportive as my own Dr's if things get difficult with those who send forms out and test whether you are fit to work/what you can do/what you're entitled to. The future is uncertain for many on that score. And the media/some politicians and uninformed people are causing stress for the genuine people(of which there are many more)it appears to be called "Hate" crime these days.

What I have discovered is that if I think I have gout...statins can interfere with their affect so my consultant does not mind me dropping statins for a week or so whilst taking the gout tablets. This assumes I don't get into drinking cherry juice again(which is more natural)He says I can take occasionally breaks from statins without the effect of managing cholesterol being affected. Though I forgot my bloods they were taken after we'd talked and he did not envisage much change but said he'd phone if there was anything to worry over.

Another point was blood pressure. Officially most charts say they want you(diastolic reading of 80)you should fall between the 90-120 systolic range. But you know what? I often fall between 120-130 which pre high blood pressure so I have been doing all I can to be nearer 115. When I talked with my consultant he said that he is happy even if I am even as high as 130. In fact he said if I was around 113 he might be concerned that my blood pressure is too low and around that point it is likely I'd feel "Dizzy" So I'm going to accept and not get too concerned if I am in the 120-130 range.

If all is well I don't see him again until March.

I think I'll be warm enough if I go back to bed or should I stay up put extra clothes on but even without the Central Heating on in my bedroom the temperature has crept up to just under 20c/68f and don't they say that's the setting for CH when you do put it on?

I may have some soup later on(and set another meal away in the slow cooker)If that isn't eaten today at least it can be warmed up tomorrow. And its a quick and tasty meal. Probably two or three meals.