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Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Listened To A BBC Radio Drama...

trailed all week, a world premier by a world renowned playwright and directed by a Sir no less. Its over and if I'm honest I'm non the wiser what it was about. But certain people are revered by the elite and we are expected to go along with them.

A better day today, I could go out but I'm staying in. I am like a hermit and could very well stay put until tomorrow night. Nothing is required.

I can survive until Monday when if I have not made any bread of my own I'll buy a bloomer and perhaps one last runner. I will attend my little bingo meeting the same day. On Tuesday I could be visiting my friend in hospital once more and its the music club in the evening. So the week is punctuated with various little events to break up the days. Its a routine I suppose. March has a few events that will take up my time. and then before you know it Spring will be here and the clocks will go forward.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Is Almost Over...

And to be honest one I am happy to see the back of...no particular reason, just one of those kind that drag ever so slowly...which is ironic when time is precious and flies by far too quickly.

Now I think I know the answer before I write this, should I hop on a bus and ride all day around the N East and see how far I can get or stay close to home? Hearing what the weather is likely to be and there are some things on TV, a day of Westerns so I may very well stay at home.

I Ain't Going Nowhere...

They say to expect rain, winds, ice and colder temperatures. I will stay put perhaps until Sunday night. I have salad/fresh veg(prepared and not prepared)I can even make my own soup. Earlier tonight I came home from the bingo social club and perhaps it seems a strange mixture but it filled my tummy and tasted great. Baked beans, potato wedges and the remains of a kind of Shepherd's pie from last night containing pork mince, gravy, broccoli, cauliflower and mashed potato. Comfort food and the using up left overs.

I finally have all of my carpet runners, if I stop purchasing any more. I could add another three or four to complete the job but generally its not necessary. They will hide the carpets I have until they are replaced or can be placed on the new carpets to avoid them wearing out, getting soiled especially in areas where I walk a lot like the hall and entrances of rooms. Its not been cheap and I am fortunate that I could afford to buy them. Then again could've spent probably much more.

Earlier in the day I saw my friend in hospital. You can tell he's been through it and is still doing so but he is definitely looking much better and sounding positive. There was talk that he may come home next week but before we arrived on our visit, he had been for a scan and there is still fluid on his Pancreas so they are keeping him in a while longer.

Because of all the tubes that were in him for the previous 4-5 weeks and spending so much time in bed his throat is sore and he requires a fair bit of physiotherapy. But he was more as I know him. I could be going to see him again on Tuesday. Sadly, my friend is a fish enthusiast and has two aquariums that mean a lot to him and with him being away with such a serious illness and his Mum and family being so concerned though she has tried to see that they are looked after, one water pump failed and one tank of fish has been lost. Some better news is that the one that contains the most of his collection is still OK and fewer fish were lost than could've been.

I guess that brings us up to date for the moment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Perhaps Things Are Looking Up...

Late last week my friend in hospital was given virtually no chance of surviving through the night but days on he's looking happier and seems to be improving once more. So much so I may be visiting him soon. But it will be a long journey back to health. He needs a nurse with him 24/7.

I have purchased another runner which I have placed on the landing and later today I think I shall be buying another. They are hiding the old carpets for now but they will protect any new ones I have laid later in the year.

They are flat so I am very unlikely to trip over them. So there are no safety issues.

I had a small win at the bingo on Sunday but I had to share otherwise I would have been £2 in pocket but the win meant the night only cost me around £5.

I found out too late that on Saturday in Durham's market place there was a celebration of the Chinese New Year with a dragon and dancers, had I known I would've made the effort to see the event, its something I have never seen and I am told that there was another event in Darlington even closer to where I live. Perhaps next year I'll get the chance.

Yesterday I had a small shop(that's when I purchased my runner)and found some nice items but I discovered that a baker was selling their potato and corned beef pasties and I suddenly decided I quite fancied one for my evening meal with perhaps baked beans and potato wedges but they had to bake some more and by the time I got back to the shop after a hold up they had closed so I may buy them today. They are good value at present because you can buy two for £1 instead it costing £2.24 for two.

I ended up having chicken sandwiches. I have said before when I see the price of meat I often baulk at the price but when spread over a number of meals and worked in with ingredients it is not to bad especially if you do not waste it. If I have a pasty for lunch I will have potatoes, chicken, vegetables and gravy for my main meal followed by a dessert in a pot(so easy)or fruit pie with custard. I'm still making an effort and I do like my food.

The weather has not been very good over the last few days, heavy rain, some snow and a bitter wind. But its still Winter after all and good heavens what should we expect. In reality in my location its been mild(if a bit cold)snow hardly stayed around, the worst time probably was a four of five days where ice refused to thaw which if you "have" to go out is bad for all especially if you have to walk, worse for the elderly and infirm, luckily I did not have to and though some laugh, having a store of food, milk, tea and coffee and at a push able to make bread not forgetting to have a flask of hot water in case the electric went off, I was ready for just about everything.

As Monday evening progressed it became quite windy and since the upgrade to the heating system when the wind blows it gets quite noisy in the airing cupboard next to my bedroom(any bedroom) where the combi boiler is located and the same in the chimney. If you have the sound turned up on the radio or computer(not that loud)sometimes its hard to tell if its someone knocking at the front door downstairs or just the wind. It can get a bit annoying.

Update:Its a bit wet, windy certainly but the noise inside the house has stopped, pasty is on hold. I'll buy the runner and my TV magazine on the way to the music club as I go for the bus as I pass the shop on the way for my bus and when rolled up its easy to walk with. I can even put it a kind of carrier bag. And I get a ride home in a taxi at the end of the night.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Had I Made The Effort...

Its quite a pleasant day outside. I almost wish that I had but where to go? Hopefully, I will start my travels soon. And I have slept well so that is good.

Today would've been Mum's birthday, the third since she passed away. For many others it will be closer or farther away than that so either still raw or livable with. We all deal with it in our own way. If they have their own families or live away or never experienced that closeness between a parent and child or are emotionally cold for whatever reason it is as individual as everyone of us.

But though I am thinking of Mum its not a bad day...not bad at all.

Cannot decide whether to have a wander down the supermarket just for the sake of it or stay in it won't make any difference if I go today or tomorrow. I could buy milk but if I am caught without I do have some cartons of long life and powdered so I can still have tea or coffee. I will probably buy some buns if I leave until Sunday. I could buy another runner but I think there will still be some there tomorrow. And tomorrow that supermarket gets new items in stock anyhow.

I may have another couple of some sausage rolls I have in the house for a snack later(it gets them used up)then get stuck into making a meal for the early evening, I'm thinking salmon salad. Virtually no cooking involved in that.

The only TV programme I am thinking of watching tonight is an Agatha Christie Miss Marple mystery which I will probably watch whilst eating my meal. Some programmes if I turn them on would fill in the time but they are not "Must see" TV and others I may like to see I cannot because I don't pay to watch those channels. The older I become I am more selective and choosy about what I watch.

Actually, I ended up listening to old programmes on BBC Radio 4 Extra instead.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I was So Tired...

I left home far too late for the lunchtime concert and arrived with seconds to spare and had to sit where I could see very little. The venue isn't very good because the seats are not raised and unless you are near the front or sitting on the end of a row its no good. I could've perhaps got nearer to the front but my bus hit every possible delay from road works to holdups that you could not work out why.

The trio played music composed by the pianist Oscar Peterson. And as the works are longer than usual they dropped the last tune in the programme and finished promptly on the hour. Why they could not have played the whole selection I have no idea. They could've played it as encore. But it was an enjoyable hour. Quality Jazz.

It was quite warm in Durham City and I was so tempted to go off and take some photos but I was tired and I will be there again soon so I'll get my chance again.

On the way to the bus station to catch my bus home I was able to pass all the shops I needed to and buy a few things I was missing and avoid having to do it when I reach my town...so I have my crumble mix, sea salt, tomatoes, broccoli, broad beans, some sliced meatloaf and corned beef.

I was going to cook something tonight but I have some sausage rolls to use up so may have some of them with buttered bread. And a mug of coffee. I may follow it with a chocolate caramel ice cream lolly. Later, I may have a bowl of potato wedges.

The programmes on the TV aren't that great tonight and many are being repeated over the weekend so I am going to get all cosy in bed and listen to the radio, perhaps I'll watch them tomorrow or Sunday.

Had A Late Shop...

I had not realised that the discount supermarket near me had changed their opening hours and now stay open until 10pm so I purchased some bread and one of their Special Buy offers that came in today(a carpet runner and a similar doormat)for inside the hall.  A Bloomer loaf and some odds and sods(canned chopped tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, small potatoes)potato wedges, roast potatoes, salad, kale and a cucumber.

However they are the only place on the town to sell fruit pie fillings but I could not buy crumble mix so I will have to go to another one that has that but not the pie fillings.

I watched(for those living abroad)a TV programme on BBC TV "Question Time" that is a political discussion type where the audience asks public figures questions on current affairs. Its not worth going into details but I wasn't impressed, I know because someone I know was in the audience and had some very good questions to ask and did not get the chance and the topics chosen which were populist how skewed the programme is. It was a waste of my time and I think I will pass on it again. Its not a good thing to watch before retiring to bed, you won't go to bed in a happy frame of mood. You'll be disillusioned. angry, scared, sad by the quality of answers from the panel and some of the questions asked.

I was thinking of getting into something nice to eat after I came home but will think of doing that later today I have had a chicken in the slow cooker. I'm wondering if I should have a go at roasting some vegetables in the oven. Its just as easy for me to do them than buy them that way.  I had some tomato and crisps in buns(not together)and was given a butterfly raspberry/cream butterfly cake by someone at the bingo which I had with a mug of coffee, think I'll have another coffee. And watch an episode of Father Brown, I thought that I had two remaining but today's was only aired a few weeks ago so its still fresh in my memory and has obviously been slotted into the schedule just to make everything tidy and finish the week off neatly.

I have to be on the bus to Durham no later than 11.20am for the music concert at lunchtime, then decide whether to come straight home or hang around awhile longer seeing that I have made the effort to go out.

I am debating whether to get more runners for other rooms in the house whilst they are available(they'll hide my carpets for now)and when I do change them I can put them on top of the new one's to help protect and stop them wearing out. I'm thinking one for the landing(just wooden boards)at present. The lounge and possibly my bedroom. They will come around again if I miss out this time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Amazing...Its 9pm already...

At least I can sleep soon. Not an exciting day. Not really sure we were meant to have many of those kind of days and then when one comes along it means more. Exciting does not always mean its good. Lately too many people I know are having hard situations to deal with.

Still been living off tomato and ham sandwiches. All used now. I haven't watched any TV. Been a radio day. Perhaps tomorrow will be different. I could go out but it seems pointless.

I may give in and watch a couple of TV programmes...in bed soon.

Neighbours have been a bit noisy. There is a rhythmic noise some nights that lasts for set period of time and I wonder if its some kind of exercise machine and off and on the dog has been howling and whimpering throughout the day and evening.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here We Go Again...

The Music Club tonight *o|^_^|o music I'm having a coffee at present and in the next hour I'll have a tidy up, a shave and perhaps think of watching another Western(if I haven't seen it)Its Pancake Day but I am thinking that I may have a couple for supper when I come home tonight and for tea I have decided on sausages, beans and mini rostis.

I was thinking of cooking the chicken but will probably leave that until later in the week. On the way to the club I may buy more vegetables and my TV listings magazine. If I leave in good time and take my painkillers I should be able to go to the club by bus and save using a taxi(the money saved will pay for my raffle tickets and a soft drink or two)The night will come in at around £4 instead of £7-£8. Any saving, however small is welcome.

Its better news regarding my friend who is in hospital, they hope that he will be moved onto a more general ward later today and that they can start to exercise his muscles so he can walk again. All tubes have been removed except the one that feeds him. Its a long road to recovery though but better news than we've had the last 3 weeks or so. No doubt I will be visiting him soon. Others have been but I await the go ahead from those who know him best.

I haven't anything planned in the coming days except one trip to Durham on Friday to see a lunchtime concert by a jazz trio which I booked a long time ago.

Had I mentioned it to a friend at the bingo club I go to(but why would I)I could've had a free egg slicer but the same person popped up to her kitchen and found a cheese slicer that isn't being used. It will be rarely used but its there if needed. I'll admit I haven't quite worked out how to use it. Smiley

Its not a bad day and always happiest when I avoid the news as what's reported is nearly always bad. I have to stay informed a little regarding stories that could affect me but a lot of what is reported I have no influence on or I am responsible for.

Update:Always a good night at the club. I caught the bus and did the small shop(magazine and cabbage)Exciting Huh? Just had some ham and tomato sandwiches when I came in. Its silly not to get the bus when you are able. If I was paying for the ride I don't think I'd save much but whilst the ride is free, why not.

I did not throw a lot of food out earlier but I did get rid of some older items, I can't see me eating cream and it was purchased at Christmas...well past its use by date. I did manage to tidy up earlier as I hoped too. And I hadn't seen the film. I may stay in now as I have no social events planned until Thursday night(on the town)and I can again use the bus...and Friday that lunchtime concert.