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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy...And Yet Not Busy!

On here...been on Twitter...because lots of Tweets being exchanged regarding an almost national march to promote public awareness of privatisation of the National Health Service. I have been told I was seen in a TV report but I cannot find online, I did not see it when broadcast and it will drop off line in a few days anyhow.

I will post a report and some images soon. I should be ok doing that because they are all over the internet anyhow and we were/are putting them online to get maximum publicity. It started in Jarrow and ends in London.

I think today will see all that I can do regarding the storing of items(out of the way)ready for the work on my home which starts on September 1st.

I have at least one room I think I can stay in and keep out of the way. Virtually untouched. Not saying that it won't be noisy though. Glad I have earplugs this time. I've nowhere I can go to keep out of the way.

Tonight I have a show to go to so its not all work and no play...again I will say more of that when I have seen it.

Update:Who did I see? I didn't mention did I? Actor, singer, writer, comedian...Bernard Wrigley. What hasn't he done? TV, radio, music, films. I will say more soon(I sneaked a couple of images)I did not have time to ask and I get a bit jumpy about taking them but I do like to illustrate the blog.  He performed for so long I missed my bus again and was dependent on another service getting me to another town(sort of)to catch another on another route home. The driver succeeded getting me to my stop with ten minutes to spare. Stood in the middle of nowhere, yet two days earlier it was really busy as I was part of a march going from Jarrow to London to attempt to reverse/get the attention of the public and media to stop the NHS being privatised.

Bernard Wrigley

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sorry Folks...

I went nowhere...so the plans are to change that and start again later today. Most excitement was a walk to Tesco at around 9pm. Minutes before the local police tweeted a picture and I realised the area was at the bottom of my street.

The police van was still there. Some young biker was having his bike taken away and according to the hashtag on Twitter it is going to become a can of pop...there was quite a few teenagers/young adults hanging around. When I came out of the supermarket the van, the bike, the police and gangs had disappeared and it was quiet.

I only came home with crisps, cola, cherry tomatoes, cheese, smartie cookies and some ready mixed plaster. Some of that is just for nibbles at the bingo tonight.

May post a blog entry and images of the NHS March retracing the Jarrow to London route...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Strange Day...

A bit of a wobbler...but when they happen I always feel at my best the later it gets. I did something about it though...a bit of DIY and plastering of some cracks in the walls in the outhouse. And made a start on clearing cupboards in the kitchen. Why wait until the last minute.

Tomorrow depending on health, weather and/or public transport I will maybe go and see the early stages of a March to save the NHS that starts and will take 6 weeks to reach London and will hopefully get lots of coverage in the media and support from the public. Maybe I'll get some images. I can only cover the first few days.

My thinking is wherever possible to turn negative into positives...like I now have a neighbour willing to take on my garden so if the original person continues to let me down, it will be done...

Hey how about some more images from my holiday and an indoor illumination display? It was a bit difficult because they have tried to squeeze a lot into a small space and when its busy people sometimes get in the way. I try to stay out of other people's photo's but others are not so considerate. May try and post some more later.

The Work On My Home Has Been Brought Forward...

So all hell will break loose from September 1st...if they'd do it in order it would be easier but anecdotally everyone tries to do something at the same time and gets in the way of each other...

The plan appears to be to put on 8 new internal doors, install a new kitchen, a combination boiler and a shower head. If they did every task in order it would even make it easier to know where to move items to that need storing whilst the work is done.

Fortunately, I think mostly there is only a small amount of furniture to move. And at worst all I really need to move is what's in the kitchen cupboards(mainly canned food)so I think I can put it into what most would call an outhouse. So most rooms will be quite empty. I am quite a minimalist.

But when everything is finished, decorating complete(there is no rush)I may invest in a new bed(possibly one for a spare bedroom)in case anyone ever stays...and a sofa and that really is all that I need.

So I shall start to sort things out in the next day or two...

However, as this work will restrict what I can do when the work is carried out and people who had similar work completed have told me to expect it could take 2-3 weeks perhaps less(now that I have talked them out of installing a new toilet and bath)There is nothing wrong with either.

For all that if the weather allows(and health)this weekend I hope to attend a few music concerts(some are free)others not badly priced. There is a day trip to the coastal town of Scarborough. And whilst the work is carried out if they getaway by 4pm some evenings some long standing music evenings that were booked before I knew this work would be happening.

Some of the performers are quite famous and include Benny Gallagher of Gallagher and Lyle plus Charlie Dore.  Luckily some events are at weekends and the repairers don't work at weekends. And past experience shows that they leave as soon as possible. Even when they are doing their tasks.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

If You Are Retired...

or are fortunate to live in the right areas people are friendly, relaxed. Following on from the previous post...I managed to get out again on the final day of my holiday before Breakfast and the trek home. And it reminded me so much of time spent in Bournemouth...there were people walking to work with a scenic route able to enjoy the coast. Access to the trams and buses. Some walking their dogs, some jogging, some cycling. A couple of people had a little chat with me as I sat taking in the scene. It seemed quite laid back.

It probably is anything but in other areas where you need to travel further, children need to be taken to school etc...

One slightly unusual sight this particular morning(remembering the tide was in)and I am still unsure why the following happened but as there were others watching and were nearer than myself I assume all was well but I witnessed someone either in their usual clothes or in swimwear with the sea well up their chest, carrying above their head what looked like a carrier or pillowcase with their belongings in and what looked like a mobile phone. In danger? Who knows but it must have been cold...

This was around 7.30am

One place I thought we may visit was Lytham St Anne's and having looked on the internet, it looks my kind of place so I may see what the likelihood of staying there in the future.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Easing Into Blogging Again...

So remarkably I am home from my hols. And already the time that has passed is longer than the time I was in Fleetwood. That's in the North West of Lancashire approx 2-3 miles from Blackpool. I don't know either that well. Like all places there are nice areas and some that are a little run down. I get the impression they are trying to invest in the area and return it to its former glory and there are some very expensive properties there.

There is evidence of investment in Blackpool itself and the seafront has changed since my last visit perhaps five or six years ago.

Equally, a short walk in the area I stayed in saw quite a few hotels/guest houses that have closed and those still open having to try to keep prices down but offer as much as possible to attract people. Some research since coming home probably shows I could have stayed nearer to the centre, had a trip to and from a hotel, meals included and a stay for longer for the same price or even less by going by coach.

There are more positives than negatives. I did enjoy it and I am fortunate to have been included/asked to go. I do feel a bit flat now I am home. But with mobility issues getting around was a bit of an issue and keeping up with others too. When you are with others it is a little more difficult to break away or do something perhaps would not.

All three days seemed to revolve around looking for cheap clothes to bring home. I didn't need any. As the weather was quite mild and sunny for most of the week, I probably would've been quite happy to do simple things like look at the sea, from one of the piers, a cliff top or promenade. Do some people watching.

A new place with a sea view in nearby Cleveleys. I came close to some of the views on the link but did not see any of them as we were in the shops and on the wrong side of the new promenade/seafront. I liked the shops, yes there were some national retailers but lots of local independent shops and it had the feel of the old traditional high street.

I did break away for a couple of hours one night near to the hotel and sat for a couple of hours on a bench looking out to sea and there was no sounds other than some birds, perhaps a little wind and the sea. It was so tranquil.

We had access to a main tram and bus route across the road but my companions tended to use taxis. Not as expensive as it might've been because fares were split four ways. Evenings were quite pleasant but after evening meals everyone(perhaps because guests were quite elderly)and they visit regularly and meet up all headed for the hotel bar and entertainment.

Some(in fact many of them)in reality use the hotel as a care home in all but name. Which is fine. They basically daily had breakfast, a late mid morning break, sandwiches at lunch or an afternoon tea, evening meal then into the bar and that was the pattern for the week. They were happy and doing what pleases them. What else matters?

It was tinged with sadness as a couple of people in their group had passed on or taken ill so they were missing.

The entertainment was ok because I like easy listening music and two of the three vocalists were friendly, could carry a tune and had a large repertoire of songs at their disposal. But one performer really struggled and probably would have have been paid off if appearing in a local club...his guitar playing was reasonable but his patter between songs was bad and often wrong if he mentioned some story about a performer/song and he kept adding little things to songs like "Alright" "Yeah" etc...He actually seemed nervous.

Even ourselves we were only out of the hotel perhaps 5-6 hours per day. When I used to go on our family holidays we'd usually be out seven hours during the day and perhaps four hours in the evening. But if you were tired you changed plans as and when. Besides I was much younger then, as were my parents.

And the hotels we stayed at from memory did not have TV's in the rooms, some did not have bars. I probably would/will as I get older spend more time in a hotel myself, its still a change and nice to have company/meals cooked for you. Like many hotels these days, all rooms had access to a TV, en suite and tea/coffee making facilities.

We did go into two attractions in the town and they were pretty expensive if I am honest but because they were very busy it was not as easy to appreciate how good they really were. Sea Land was heaving with people and the space inside was quite restrictive. I can at least say that I have seen these two attractions, I would not want to go back again. The other was an indoor display of themed illuminations.

Having talked to a few people anecdotally since coming home others have commented on both the cost of attractions and some disappointment with them. I think I probably prefer investigating the area of where I stay or find excursions to places of interest nearby. Sea Land cost approx £17, there were ways that could have been brought down perhaps if we were a in a group of four or purchased online/arranged to go to other attractions.

I would think of going again. Perhaps I will if income allows. I may try and have another break either in the autumn or as spring approaches.

The review of my break isn't meant to be negative but it really was down to approx seventeen hours trailing around shops daily unless you take off five hours in the two attractions, maybe a couple of hours in cafés and the taxis to and from the hotel.

The hotel was clean, the food was ok, portions adequate and the owners were friendly enough but rightly because they depend on the elderly they know how to press all the buttons that please them.

I've never been up the famous Tower...one day? Its always in a state of repair/maintenance.

The trams have all been modernised and are what appear to be a new fleet...here are some images in Fleetwood near the hotel. I wanted to travel at least once on one...perhaps in the future. It does mean alot of track, concrete fences along the route and obviously the wires carrying the electric to power them.

And the view from the bench I sat on when I was having a peaceful couple of hours alone.

And finally the only images I managed to get at Blackpool seafront this time...they still have donkey rides...not sure why I left the railing in one of the shots(must pay more attention when I take a photo)If I had been alone I think I would have taken more and sussed out more than those tourists tend to take.

I do hope that I am being fair to Blackpool, my knowledge is limited but I do like it. And I feel it has turned the corner again. It deserves to.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back Off My Hols...

I will give a little report soon(images will be posted too)

I decided having watched a little TV in the Hotel bedroom at night to set up the TV's I purchased a couple of years ago but I had left in their boxes but my TV aerial is pointing at the wrong transmitter so I am not getting the full range of channels available and I still may need a new one that increases the signal. Many of the stations I am missing I can still view via my satellite system but not all as via the satellite some you have to pay to view but on the other system they are free. Crazy I know...

The second TV is getting no signal upstairs and I'm not even sure the remote control is the right one for the TV so I may have to invest in a universal remote and see if an engineer can get a signal to the second set...even its just relaying the signal from the set up downstairs.

Sometimes I wonder why I am bothering because I find many of the channels poor in what they offer...the religious channels of which there are many are scary and not how I know my faith...the music channels are similar and just noise(my opinion)we're not offered a choice of music genres, there's lots of shopping channels offering expensive goods or items you really don't need and quite a few channels not in English so I will probably stick to only a few.

There was a song that came out many years ago saying something like "100 channels and nothing on!" So much of what we now are offered seems to be trivial and produced on the cheap. And much of the material is repeated over and over again.

But now they are out of their boxes I may as well have them working.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Off On My Hols...

All being well will catch up and be blogging again on Friday...Take care...

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Some Last Minute Tidying Up To Do...

Will try and catch up later...

However, I have some tasks to finish off, must get shaved. Then make the effort to get away to Durham and get ready for my first time of seeing a relay of a show from another theatre, well this time it may actually be just like seeing a film because I believe the production has ended. In reality, even if it was a live relay I suspect its like watching a big television set.

I am seeing what they say will be the last time the cast of the TV series "Monty Python" will be together and on stage. It was staged at the O2 in London. If I have time I shall give a review later.

I'm cheating by taking my review from Twitter...

Saw the relay of the O2 reunion of Monty Python tonight, remind me to check the time on my ticket in future. I was there in good time but thought it started at 7.30pm(it began at 7pm)So I missed ten minutes or so and had to annoy those already settled in my row(as I was in the centre of it)I was filling in time and even sat in the theatre café briefly before going in and thought the doors were closed because I was early.

I know the Python team picked from their best routines but I really enjoyed it and time did not seem to date what I saw(or is that just me?)A lot of the material seemed new and I did not remember it so I don't know if that's memory lapse or I do not know as much Python as I thought I did.

Good mixture of ages in the audience and perhaps more women than men. What does that say?

If anything did not work for me it was the musical dance routines which is only the smallest of criticism.  The relay worked. It was like watching a giant television.