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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still Undecided About Today...

Whether I am only going to the play in Durham(hoping that there are still tickets available) No one has got back to me from the website via e-mail.

Or if I am going somewhere during the day. I am thinking of the coast. As long as I aim to be back in Durham no later than 6pm in case of delays. The weather is supposed to be good all of this week. So I thought, lets make the most of it.

Update:Still here. Slept like a log. Plans? Let go of again...However, I'll grab a light snack, get shaved. Pop out for a shrub at a supermarket near me before they sell out(or I hope that they haven't)as mentioned in the comments section of a previous blog entry. Bring it home and catch a bus to Durham for around 17.40 which will get me into Durham for approx 18.20 and that allows me ages to get to the theatre at the speed that I walk at. Means that I can stop every so often.

The last bit of the walk is a little steep unfortunately, easier going back to the bus station. And I will get my energy back whilst at the play. If its out by around 21.45 I can just about make it for a bus at 22.15 otherwise I have to hang around for the last bus at 23.15 or decide to pay approx £3 and take a taxi back to the station and get home by 22.50 rather than close to Midnight.

Update2:Just as well I went for the bus I planned to...the next one only travels 7 miles up the road and then the next arrives in Durham and only allows fifteen minutes to try and get to the theatre before the performance starts. It could be awkward otherwise. The play ended by 21.30 and at my speed it took me around thirty minutes to get to the bus station(able people probably could do it within ten or fifteen minutes)I had to wait for perhaps fifteen minutes for the bus. Home by the time planned. Painkillers helped camouflage any pain walking to the bus station and home. Also having a rest on the bus.

Sadly the theatre(220 seater)only had perhaps 40 in the audience if that. It was performed by four in the cast and they did very well to hold our attention and were very good. Students from Durham University. Clever use of props...the scenery was sparse but they kept moving various pieces of it into different combinations. I'd kept my coat on(and to be honest)even with a thermal vest on I was starting to feel cold at the end of it.

When I came onto the Durham streets not only was it virtually deserted but you could feel the chill in the air. Time to take perhaps a hat/scarf or gloves if out in the evening from now on. Even at that time many shops/pubs/restaurants were closed and those still open were struggling. Anecdotally, I was doing a quick count as I passed by of customers and the worst I saw was two and the best(only in one place)was ten.

It will be the same in Darlington when I see the Big Band concert on Wednesday night.

Monday, September 28, 2015

I Had A Bingo Win...

so that means I am £11 better off or £25 if you decide the win meant that the night was free and cost me nothing. Its also as though I got my money back for buying my shrubs or groceries on Friday when on my trip to Woodhorn Colliery.

Myself and many others are up watching for the blood red Harvest Moon we've been promised around 3am but the moon is too small and bright at present for the eye and also my compact digital camera.

Possibly come 3am the darkening of the moon may mean I will succeed in still obtaining an image but I'm not holding my breath. Annoyingly the sky is clear with no cloud and I am able to watch with or without the window open and can see it without having to go outdoors.

Update:With the naked eye I did see the eclipse and yes the moon turned red. I could watch the moon come back into view but I'll pass. I understand there is another in twenty five years, If I am here, I'll take another look at that one when I shall be seventy five...good grief!

Update 2:Another couple of bingo wins today(A line/a house)but I missed a another house as the caller was going a little fast. But as I used a taxi there and shared one back home I was out of pocket by £4.60. If I'd claimed my missed house I would've only been down by 60p. If I'd not used a taxi I would've broken even.

Weather wise its been quite a pleasant afternoon but its already starting to become dark and probably a bit on the chilly side.

I've had a ham salad and coffee since coming home.

I have that comedy play planned for tomorrow night and may take off early and make a day of it by going somewhere during the day.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Garden Matters...

I made another attempt to buy tomatoes again. The discount supermarket was still without them(suspect they've lost a fair amount of business on that lost item)Tesco's did not let me down and price wise were close to the price I would've paid had they had them in stock.

Handy that the stores are close to each other.

However, I have six evergreen shrubs. Some the leaves will be green or change colour throughout the year and others will flower for a few months.

Coming home I am thinking three of the shrubs will go against the wall my neighbours put in the front garden when they moved in. In front/between the shrubs I am thinking clumps of bulbs...Daffodils, Tulips, Snowdrops and Crocuses. When the bulbs die down, I will try and plant Summer bedding plants next year.

I will look at the bulbs already in the garden as they flower and decide which have come to the end of their lives and perhaps divide the rest and replant them once more.

Between now and Thursday I plan to cut the front lawn and hedge too. Then look at the flower containers. I'm thinking Pansies, Chrysanthemums, Cyclamens, Dianthus and a variety of bulbs that I hope will come up after I move those plants from the tubs or I'll move them as the bulbs break through.

I could therefore need more bulbs and shrubs for the back garden if I am using them in the front garden and in containers.

I think pulling the front garden into shape is my priority as that's what people see, its smaller and easier to sort out.

Shrubs are going to be planted around the back garden against the fences(after I paint/replace broken panels)they will give protection for birds and the fencing and being evergreens I will have some colour across the year. I can accept the loss of my aged trees then. I think I shall follow the same plan for the rockery and border(I'll create it again)with bulbs etc...and at the very back a bit of a Cottage Garden that will be a bit wilder for the insects(bees/butterflies)

I've Had The Flu Jab...

I was so tempted to turn over and carry on sleeping but managed to pull myself together but decided a taxi was required to get to the surgery. I did walk home though. I was there before the start of the clinic and found no queue this year.

They'd been allowed in early. Ir was quite bust inside but I was seen within twenty minutes. On the way home I managed to find the last semi skimmed filtered 2 litre bottle of milk. I am buying that now as I waste less and I don't always have to worry about putting it back in the fridge before it turns sour so I save money.

Also in Aldi's(its made by the same company)as another well known brand in another supermarket. There it costs nearly £2 per bottle or you can have two for £3. But my new way its 89p per bottle so still cheaper. I needed a cucumber and some peaches. Ordinary milk costs £1 so I am saving between 11p to 50p even more if I don't have to waste as much with filtered lasting long when opened. I wanted tomatoes and cherry tomatoes but they either were out of them or had not put them out on the shelves as yet.

I want to go out and was tempted to take a trip to one of the coastal towns I passed by yesterday but weather permitting I have decided to do that on Tuesday, And come back into Durham for the comedy play that is on for that one night only and make a day of it. Thinking South Shields, Whitley Bay, Newbiggin or another more secluded place if I find there is a bus service there.

So debating now whether to stay home today and rest or attempt a journey closer to home as I have been mentioning all week, I can do that in approx an hour. Its only looking around shops and outdoor market in Stockton On Tees. I don't need anything though. If I leave the trip a little longer there could be something of interest as Christmas gets ever nearer. I could go down to the river area but I am not sure I can manage that today. And that isn't going anywhere so I can do that any day of the week/any time of the year.

To be honest its pretty miserable out there and dull. The sun isn't shining so I am not missing that much.

Back Safe From Woodhorn...

Shattered though so forgive me if I write about the visit over the coming days. A twelve hour day in the end. Its a long walk to the colliery. Even worse when you are the way I am. then you find out there is a regular bus service,

I'd like to say that was a good thing but the problem is though there is a bus service that passes the entrance(I later found out)they have not placed a stop close to the turn off that takes you into the place.

Truthfully I was shattered. I had to rest when I arrived and after advice where to get a bus after my visit, I kept thinking can I actually manage to walk to it but what choice did I have? I could not even find it initially. And kept thinking what if I have chosen the wrong direction. Then when I did there wasn't a time table and kept thinking "What if the service stops by this time and I am standing here for no reason?" And the thought of doubling back on the path I had taken and then adding extra time and distance was not making me feel very well to be honest.

Luckily a bus did arrive...eventually.

I had a while to wait in the nearest town so popped into a large convenience store we don't have here...treated myself to some thermal insoles, comfort insoles, some special bags that make bread, fruit and veg and cheese bags that make such items last longer if you have opened them.

When I got back to Newcastle the shopping malls run into the bus station and as most retailers were open until 7pm-8pm I popped in to M&S nothing was reduced but they did have a variety of Crisp Bakes which I remember I used eat years ago with Mum and Dad. One pack(with two inside)cost almost £2 but if you buy two they come down to £1.50 each. They have a good date on them so I chose Bacon and Cheese, the other is Corned Beef and Potato.

The bus back to Durham had switched to a half hourly service and that did not connect to the bus back to here so I had to hang around in Durham bus station for 40 minutes. So I popped next door and decided to treat myself to a portion of chips at a fish and chip shop.

Going to Woodhorn I literally arrived at each bus station and boarded the next bus and the journey went like clockwork. I now have some more coastal destinations I want to visit and most start a few minutes out of Newcastle. So I'll either do so when the weather is nice in Autumn or wait until next year and have some lovely trips out.

But as I say I'll give more of my impressions of the actual place soon. I will take to my bed and sleep and go out early to get my flu jab and see what today brings.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


We soon have a charge per plastic carrier bag being introduced in England. Some parts of the UK are already running such a scheme. If you purchase a more robust carrier I understand that will still be replaced when it is no longer usable through wear and tear.

I tend to take my own bags anyhow and use rucksacks and/or a shopping trolley. I don't buy a lot. Just occasionally the shopping is a bit heavy to manage especially when you walk awkwardly and hold onto a stick with one hand.

I haven't the income for big shopping trips but being single I use less/eat less and throw away less anyhow. Most of my food is frozen(in bags)or fresh. So there's not a lot of rubbish to go out. I'm now even considering(probably for next year)a small compost bin and then food can be reworked into the garden as it breaks down.

My local council now puts even less waste into landfill and its taken away for incineration somewhere anyhow. They also take away more usual house hold rubbish than they used to because of this. Recycling wise around this area they are less likely to accept rubbish put into recycle bins if the items are in plastic(bin)bags especially if they are black.

I rarely buy refuse sacks and hope to buy even less in the future. An ordinary carrier bag works out cheaper for rubbish anyhow(even if they start charging)for now you can't get cheaper than free. But 2p-5p per carrier is still much cheaper than a roll of sacks. Unless the sacks are so flimsy and on a roll costing perhaps £1.

I will have to pay soon...the charge comes in at the start of October for many stores. The Government say that they are not going to take the money but that they will leave the money raised for each shop/supermarket to give to good causes or charities of their choice.

I'll admit for now in the past week or so I have been grabbing a handful here, a handful there and though I will have to pay quite soon like everyone else for now I have a fair few to use when I go shopping to re-use or for the rubbish I put in the wheelie bin.

I understand that there are some exceptions regarding the charge for some bags depending on the items purchased but I'm not sure what they happen to be at present.

Monday, September 21, 2015

In A Slow Period...

Monday starts to draw to a close...Cannot say that I have done much. Played bingo this afternoon. I had some more of the buffet I had put up for my friends and myself last evening. As it was raining I booked a taxi to the afternoon bingo. I gave up on the idea of using a bus. But you can guess by the time the taxi arrived the rain had stopped. And it has not rained since.

Its only around 10pm but I may very well consider going to bed where it is cosy and warm. Listen to the radio. I have refuse and rubble sacks so tomorrow if the weather behaves I shall think about re-bagging garden rubbish and some rubbish in the back garden. Put the remainder of the fabric down on the lawns for resowing next year. Cut back a shrub that is where it should not be and kill that next year too.

If I have really made headway and the lawns are dry enough I will strimm the front lawn again and take off the untidy bits of the hedge and later in the week perhaps buy some plants again for the tubs. Possibly buy a hanging basket too.

Depending on the weather I will go to Woodhorn Collery either on Wednesday or Friday. If I go Friday there is a free folk concert between 2pm and 4pm. I don't have to rush home so I don't mind leaving after that, I will still be home by 7pm or 8pm. I can set out at 9am and still be there for Noon and that gives me two hours before the music starts. The railway on the site appears to run on Saturdays so another time I may have to think of going at the weekend.

Saturday as said previously I am still thinking Stockton but have to decide whether to go down to the river area or concentrate on the retail and market area of the town. And I will have been out early for my flu jab. So a good day to go. Planning on arriving for 10am and because of bus services I will have to think of coming home around "Tea Time" unless I take a detour and catch the bus to Durham adding time and miles to the journey but I can still get home a little later and its not as if I have anything planned.

On these dark nights I would only be indoors filling in time and I am really less interested in television these days. I tuned into a special edition celebrating ten years of Deal or No Deal where the shows host was the one opening boxes to raise money for his charity and I found it hard to believe its been on the air for ten years and that many years ago Mum and myself used to watch it on a regular bases. I feel that way about many of the programmes that fill up a lot of the TV schedules these days.

There are still quality programmes being made but they are more difficult to find or perhaps its me that has changed.

Not Complaining But...

Sunday was slow. I slept through some of the programmes I wanted to hear on the radio too. Where was I going to go anyhow? The weather could've been better but if its not too good you feel better staying home.

I had some nice simple food to take with me to the bingo(I didn't win)some was still there when I came home so a little snack and coffee. Something for tomorrow too.

Its going to be a long journey(3hrs there and back)but I want to see this so if the weather is kind I hope to see this probably on Wednesday. I'll have to make an early start.

Woodhorn Colliery, Northumberland. Its as close as I can get to the similar display that was at the Tower of London last year to honour those who fought in the World Wars and also recent events.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm Still Here...

Stockton trip is off...for this week. I simply hadn't the energy. I've only just pulled myself together as I write this. However, next weekend I "Have" to attend a flu clinic at 8am so as I will already be up and about that will be a better day to explore.

I will tootle into town later just to say I have been out for an hour and get some fresh air.

At least I have my Sunday night Bingo to go to. Possibly, I may feel up to a trip somewhere tomorrow. Close to home.

At least I am now doing some housework, I have the washing machine going and perhaps I'll get the extra groundsheet on the lawn today or tomorrow. So not a wasted weekend.

I'm going to listen to a radio drama about a character who was killed off some 60 years ago in the popular BBC drama series "The Archers" and it was said it was done as a deflection from the start of commercial television in the UK on the same night, now it seems there is a different reason.

Not expecting much else to happen today so I will see what tomorrow brings.

Update:I've had a coffee, an ice cream Mars Bar and I'm listening to the radio as I said that I would. I popped out for an hour earlier on and have bananas and bread. However, I have two nice full sized fruit pies(apple and cherry)for 50p(saving of £1.50)and a broccoli and cauliflower for £1. So I'll make an effort tomorrow. And may follow the meal with fruit pie and custard its been a while since I had that.

I don't think I'll eat anything else tonight though*

*I lied, I made some ham, tomato and pease pudding sandwiches.

Friday, September 18, 2015

What A Slow Day...ZZZZzzzzzz!!!!

It dragged. It was wet and dull outside. Not particularly warm so I actually went back to bed. And no I wasn't miserable and I enjoyed some extra sleep.

Healthy? Perhaps not but I have eaten turkey sandwiches and Marmite on toast. Also custard dougnuts.

Around 4.30pm I decided to go out and buy garden rubbish sacks, some rubble sacks. Even at the cheapest shop on town that still cost me almost £5. Buying plastic sacks to put rubbish in. I also purchased one more roll of that garden membrane stuff to put on the back lawns that cost almost £6. What can you do?

I decided to have a rest in town and whilst I was sitting I suddenly became aware of what sounded like a horse galloping at speed. In the middle of a enclosed shopping centre?

But yes that's what it was...luckily few if anybody was around. Dangerous isn't the word. It came speeding down one side of the centre followed by a man in a trap/cart and yes it dropped some business in front of a shop that had just closed and the assistant had brought the outside display units into the shop.

Something I never expected to see.

Now at this late hour I am watching some TV via the internet which I haven't in ages. I've watched/listened to a concert to commemorate The Battle Of Britain and now I'm about to climb into bed and watch three or four hours of music documentaries on BBC4.

I'm still on for my trip to Stockton On Tees tomorrow. If I time it right I can do that in around 40mins even on a bus.

Providing You Do Not Tire Of Chicken...

Wednesday evening I went out around 8pm to the local supermarket and coming home from the bingo club tonight and I managed to hit the time they reduce the Takeaway cooked chickens and I have had two worth £9 and paid £4.50(plus prepared salads)for as little as 5p.

So I have been able to have salads, sandwiches, meals and snacks. Also tonight I had timed it so I was able to buy £12 of cheese and I paid...approx £1.

The other night I managed a similar deal on bread and buns. So quite a good week on the food front. And I'm making the effort again and eating regularly.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Have To Sort Out The Images...

Of my weekend but here's what I have been upto...

Friday I was in the coast town of Seaham. My first visit ever. Its not too far from Durham and not far from Sunderland. The bus I chose also went past an out of town retail park I have often heard of but never been to(still haven't)but the bus picks up and drops off at the place. I may have a look sometime in the future.

The weather was kind and the sun shone all day long but it is a windy location. My bus stopped near to the town's harbour/docks and though a bit of a struggle I managed the incline which took me to a kind of sheltered area that had a few exclusive retail units, a tourist place with lots of images and artifacts of the area and its industrial past(and it also houses a very old Lifeboat)There is a protected Marina, a hidden beach protected from the sea and when its been improved/repaired a walk along a kind of pier(that's not the proper word but...)

Then on the cliffs a little further away from this area there is a statue of a World War One British Soldier. Its impressive and at my local music club one of our performers has written and performed a song about the statue but imagining him as a living person. The song is doing very well and has been recorded by another artist already.

Near the bus stop and not far from everything is a really good frozen food retailer and a "Big" supermarket of a retailer that near here only has small branches so I was able to have both a great day out but then do a shop before coming home. My new backpack really proved its worth.

On Saturday...everything went wrong...the weather could not have been worse. Torrential rain, windy, cloudy skies etc...I was struggling so took a taxi to the bus stop on the town(to save time and make life easy for me)It was late...then at the bus stop we are suppose to have during Mon-Sat buses more or less every 20 minutes. None turned up for almost an hour. Then the one I caught did not connect to another bus so I had to get a later one. But if that was late I would miss the next one to get me to my destination(The Transporter Bridge)Middlesbrough. I made it with minutes to spare. But then the bus dropped me off a fair distance from the bridge. So it was a slow and painful walk,

I then discovered this only available bus had dropped me on the wrong side of the River Tees so I had to go across the river using the bridge that carries cars(not unlike a ferry)I arrived 15 minutes late. I had to wait and hope that I could be fitted into a later booking for the lift to take me onto the top of it and witness the views of the surrounding area.

I was also surprised but I suspect there are less(fewer?)homes near the bridge on what is very much an industrial area(it looked as though some estates were being made ready for demolishment(?)but then you come across a view like this. Some houses actually face onto industrial factories.

Fortunately, it stopped raining by the time I reached the bridge and the skies opened up, we had quite good views into the distance...the rain started again when I came back down to ground level. Remembering the bridge is in Middlesbrough, on the way home briefly in the distance I was able to see the bridge on the skyline in Stockton on Tees from the bus taking me home.

And that makes sense because from the top of the bridge at one point I was thinking, I can see some coloured houses/apartments which I pass in Stockton(in this same image is Middlesbrough's football stadium) and it would appear that is so. That's approx 5-6 miles I assume at ground level but at the height I was on the bridge approx 160 feet(48.7 metres)I was probably seeing much further distance. A quick search suggests you can see approx 14 miles. I realise that I did not get into the winding house and see the engines(if that was open to the public)it would also appear that the lift I traveled in was being tried out and as yet has not officially been launched.

I passed a discount supermarket on the way back and popped in. I found that the cashier gave me wrong change on my shopping and I was £10 down but to cut the story short. They did a cash up and phoned me at home and admitted the error and my £10 is waiting me when I next go into the store.

I wasn't up to going out on Sunday but might've tried if I had remembered about the free day of music in the Market Place in Darlington with an ex performer headlining the event who was once in Badfinger and Mott The Hoople. There were many events going on. Even special services at Durham Cathedral coinciding with the Battle of Britain and soldiers(possibly veterans)were acknowledged and then followed by a march/parade. The weather started off quite good but less so as the day progressed. I think the colder weather affects my health.

Tonight I was at the comedy play performed by an Am Dram group in Durham so its been a good few days.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This Is Turning Into An Unusual Weekend...

and a way to possibly end Summer. Seeing I did not do as much as originally planned. I have to put down my views and some images of my first ever trip to the coastal town of Seaham yesterday. I want to go back often. I believe that I may also have a found a quicker way of getting there. Also a way to get to the Hartlepool coast which I did not realise until today.

Also my first ever visit to the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge but more to the point to see views from above the bridge of the River Tees and the surrounding area. So lots to tell and images but I can only post so many images at one time.

And now the question is where can I go tomorrow on the last day of many places open to the public. Wondering if I can squeeze two events into the day buses allowing. We shall see. I'll put this together in the next few days, not forgetting the comedy play I will be seeing on Monday in that small theatre in Durham.

Next Saturday after getting my flu jab I may also look around Stockton On Tees retail area as I passed through on the way to the bridge it was very busy with a big choice of shops but one of the biggest street markets I have seen in a long time.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Bit Late Getting Away...

But there is plenty of time to see and hear everything that Seaham has to offer for my first official visit(one of many I hope)camera is charging. I have a packet of crisps, a bottle of water and two beef and tomato baps to take with me.

The weather is looking good too.

I managed to sleep again(see previous post)after the painkillers, I'm taking my meds with me too. Once shaved I'll be away. Also using one of my new rucksacks, they've turned to be a good purchase so far.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Time For A New Post...

Going out tonight and there is not much time to do any of the free heritage events that are happening across the North East starting today and across the UK this weekend(something interesting may be happening near you)and I am governed by the usual issues. And of course weather plays its part too. Spoilt for choice to be honest.

However, all being well I have chosen two events for Friday and Saturday but if I can jiggle them around I may be able to slip in a couple of extra visits. But I shall see. I could possibly look around the church I often see in Sedgefield or the Castle in Durham or Bishop Auckland.

One event is at Seaham Harbour at The East Durham and Lifeboat Centre tomorrow which will take me around two hours to get there and back home(in both directions)I shall probably have seen most of it quite quickly and then will try to see more of the area whilst there. Such as the statue of a soldier with his back to the sea.

The other is the Transporter Bridge at Middlesbrough for a view of the River Tees and the surrounding area. For that I will not attempt the 210 steps to the top but the new lift which has a see through view. I'm not aware that I have problems with vertigo and being up a height but I guess I'll find out.

I think I have finally shaken off what was giving me some health issues the last few days. Sleep has helped the most. For all that I managed a bus ride to Durham yesterday and book a surprise and unexpected play at the small theatre in the city this Monday. I went on to the out of town shopping centre and that went well. But coming back discovered a different bus that is actually fifteen minutes quicker going to and from the centre. Even though there is another more frequent service and has the centre on its destination sign.

Yesterday, I also had another stint of keeping my friend company whilst his Mum visited her husband in hospital after being rushed into there again late last Sunday evening. For all that he may be home by the weekend.

And I haven't even talked of what I did last weekend or posted any images. I will though.

Update:I won £9 at the Bingo so all the money back for the evening(and slightly more)and in a way that was like getting the money back for my theatre ticket on Wednesday and my taxi fare on Monday when the bingo was called off.

Still on for the trip to Seaham and at least I can rest going there and same when there(better to watch the sea roll in and experience a coast I have never visited before)rather than stay here as Summer comes to an end but as I write this update its the early hours and I have had to get up...have a coffee and take painkillers. But its too early to be up so I will return to bed and see if I can get a few more hours sleep.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Wow Five Days Have Passed...

since my last entry and I need time to put what I have been doing(possibly adding some images)so later today hopefully this entry will be changed.

Good job I decided to think things over...My bingo club was called off at short notice(I missed the call)used a taxi but returned immediately so I'm out of pocket.

I haven't felt too good so I've stayed close to home and rested in bed. I won't go into detail but I don't feel like eating either. Tomorrow is another day.

Update:I am much improved as it gets late here(around 11pm)I have had a small snack, coffee and meds. Earlier in the day I was so slow and in pain on top of everything else. Tonight I was able to walk to the local Argos and pick up some rucksacks I had reserved. Great quality/great price.

Even earlier in the day I had struggled but made myself go out. Took a taxi to the bingo club and found it had been cancelled so I arrived and immediately came home in the same taxi. Luckily he only charged me £1 for the return trip and had time to bring me home.

To cut the story short the reason the bingo was cancelled at short notice was that some who could run the club were missing but the husband of the person who runs it(my friend's dad)had been rushed into hospital again late last evening so she was not around. She had had to leave suddenly last evening after getting an emergency call at the bingo(there was only me and her there last night too)

The news is though he is unwell there is improvement again so perhaps the hospital stay will be a short one. I have enjoyed I'll admit doing absolutely nothing and sleeping...gaining my strength again.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Managed To Fill Most Of Today...Somehow...

About to have something to eat and get ready to go for a small shop before going to the little Bingo Club.

Tomorrow I may not be around too much as its the start of the music weekend.Tomorrow night The Coal Porters, John Weighell, Flossie Malavialle and The John Wrightson Band.

Saturday afternoon/evening its Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Pete Abbott, Broadband, Marske Fishermen's Choir, The Haley Sisters, Young 'Uns, Whiskey Dogs, Babs Thow and Bobby Surgeoner.

Some acts are regular on the North East circuit, others come a little further away.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Most Of Yesterday...

Was spent sorting out an order I had arranged regarding vitamins at a retailer whilst they were on offer(half price)on a three for two system. I ended up having to buy what I could(they mixed the order up)and then coming home via a detour and picking up extra items in another town in another branch. But it gave me a look out and an unexpected ride on buses.

The weather was kind until late afternoon when the rain started and it became a little chilly but for most of the day I was able to get away with a wearing a t-shirt and without the need of a coat.

So much rain in the last 24 hours though, any gardening is out but I have some new daffodil bulbs and a variety I have not seen before for planting.

I think it will be a day of pottering around my home and not considering going out.

If staying in I may consider the effort of bothering with a decent evening meal even if I don't bother much during the day.

I have to book taxis for coming home from the folk festival I am attending this weekend. There on my own in the evenings on Friday and Saturday night but on Saturday afternoon I will be with a few people from my music club for an afternoon show and we have to take any food/drink we want with us(as there is only tea and coffee available)so I shall probably have to organise something with another person attending. Though personally with a decent breakfast and local pubs in the village...food is easy to find. I really don't need much at all.

The first concert doesn't start until Friday night. So I am here until 6pm(ish)home by Midnight. Sunday if I go its a sing around which is free and a free buffet laid on(eat what you can)Saturday is my longest time there approx midday until midnight.

Its a good job many of the events are indoors because I don't believe the weather looks that promising. All the official shows are sold out.

I'm still in a reasonably good place emotionally. Of course you think about things but anything troubling for now can be put where they should be and they are not dominating my waking hours.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Don't Know Today's Plans...

I slept reasonably well but awoke around 4am aware that I have had a troubled dreams(I cannot decide if they were nightmares but I had to get up. And I feel better having done so. After a coffee and a little time online I may try and get another couple of hours before officially rising.

To be honest I slept through much of the radio programmes I was planning to listen to on Bank Holiday Monday. I didn't see anything to particularly to take my interest on the TV.

I spent most of my evening eating ham and Pease Pudding baps(I remembered I had some PP in the fridge)I often forget and it made them a little nicer.

The weather looks quite dull though admittedly its still very early and it could improve as the day goes on. That may play a part in what I do today. If I do go out, tomorrow it may be a day to potter around the garden and home. Or vice versa.

I have found my blood pressure monitor machine again and the few readings I have taken are better than they were when I was taking them earlier in the year. So at least that appears stabilised. Though that is probably because I take water and blood pressure tablets. Even the new statin tablet may be helping(I have been on that for perhaps a month so far)but that could still be too early to know if its helping.

My diet could mean I do not need the blood pressure medication however all my consultants and Dr's say the drug I use is actually protecting my kidneys so it does more than reduce/control the blood pressure so I have to take them regardless.

I'll see if anything happens that I can add to today's blog later, if not I'll see you around.