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Friday, April 22, 2016

That Was Fun...

Things went a little wrong in Wednesday.

I found I missed the bus I planned to use for Durham to see the play. The next would be too late :sad: I came up with another plan and at a push I now have another option in the future because of what I did.

I caught a bus to the neighbouring town of Bishop Auckland. The bus I thought I would board to Durham was not leaving for 45 minutes so that was the end of that. Or so I thought. Then I found an express bus to Newcastle Upon Tyne was leaving in 10 minutes which calls at Durham and the route gets me virtually next to the two theatres in the city. :smiley: If it runs to time I can be in Durham and at the theatre with 25 mins to spare.

Its an alternative. I also had access to Wi-Fi on the bus too.

Coming home...I was in time for an early bus but standing alone on the main road bridge, two buses flew past and did not stop when I flagged them down. :angry: Then an unexpected one did but it meant I had to hang around in the bus station for the last bus. I filled the time accessing Wi-Fi in the bus station until they turned the signal off. At least I think they did or perhaps it was me.

I was home around Midnight.

The play was a light comedy about a newly bereaved widower and called "Over My Dead Body" Funnily enough as I waited in the bus station I was joined by someone and I thought "I know that voice!" I eventually looked around and though he was not in the present production, I have seen him a few times and he is a regular cast member. So we got talking whilst he waited for his bus. And shook hands. I've always been good with voices.

Its an Am Dram production. They do well. Occasionally they get a prompt off stage but sometimes they don't need it and the prompter is a bit quick off the mark. :2funny: The only little glitch this time was they sometimes got the names of characters mixed up but we knew who they were talking about and it was warmly received.

I could go out tonight and see a music show but it doesn't start until late(ish)I'd have to leave early or book a taxi to get home so I'll pass. The same is true late tomorrow night but again I will pass.

I have a day of mainly free(ish)music. I may have to buy a coffee or a few drinks as the music happens in a licensed venue. However, as I won almost all my money back last night at the bingo and I am not buying the buffet for Sunday, also missing Sunday's usual get together and no bingo on Monday afternoon nor next Thursday night,

I can either save some money which I would've spent or divert it to my other plans. I still may not win but we have a last number called after the first house(50p a number)I usually take two. Seeing I am missing, I am risking four numbers that's cost me £2 but the prize is standing at £60 so its worth a go. Also, they were going to have fish and chips before the bingo this week but as a few of us are missing, we're having that the week after. So I haven't missed it.

If the weather is kind and I am feeling OK, with no bingo on Monday I may have a day out and perhaps travel to the coast. Its all about pacing myself.

Should the tablet's battery last, I may try and tweet whilst I am on my travels at the weekend and Monday. Also perhaps get some images and videos up online.

I have remembered another site I may have to try and rejoin after my recent issues on here...I sometimes take part in surveys but that site is also linked to my previous e-mail account so they are probably sending invites for me to take part and I cannot see them.

I feel a little down but knowing I have a busy weekend ahead I am luckier than most and can accept I'll be mentally entertained quite soon.


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