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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm A Little Tuckered Out With The Internet...

I probably could use it 24/7 and yet I'm surfing for no particular reason at present. That does mean I am getting sleep though.

The repairman is here again in the morning with my DAB radio adaptor that he ordered  for me and to put some software on the computer(s)

As yet I still have not used the laptop. I am working between the desktop and the tablet.

Laptop is useful if I am downstairs in the lounge but if I am honest if I am tweeting whilst watching the TV the tablet is fine and its portable, even more so than the laptop.  It can also be used in bed...If I am up I may as well be on the desktop. They'll all be used though.

It was another music night...the band is well known around my part of the North East The John Wrightson Band(I know some of their material is on line)and we also had four songs between sets by Flossie Malavialle(she's French)but lives not many miles from my town and she appears across the UK and the world. Again she has a website and also you can access her music too. :cool:

I did not do much but may start to pick up in the coming days as the weather improves(?)and this weekend its the busy one with jazz, big bands, food and possibly looking around the Bishop of Durham's official residence in County Durham. If I can get my little legs to behave :smiley: I need to allow plenty of time.

What is crazy is...a bus to Bishop Auckland on a Sunday runs only hourly then stops around 6pm from my town(approx 7 miles)The same going to Durham but they run until 23.15. However, if I get to Bishop before the last bus from my town there is a bus to Durham every 30 minutes via this alternative route. And on a Sunday all my town has after 6pm is one bus that runs between Darlington and Durham.

I guess therefore I better stay in and around Bishop Auckland to make everything work easily for me because I can do the Food Festival, the visit to the Bishop's Residence and then get to the Big Band Concert in Durham.

The last bus that does come through my town terminates here so if anyone lives in Darlington they cannot get home and until perhaps a year ago it did not arrive here. So you if you want to complete the journey you need to hire a taxi. For now that last bus stops near my home. May it always do so.

Does that make any sense? :huh:


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