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Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm Off Out...

An act is travelling from down south to play at a little folk club on the town and its quite an inexpensive night. I won my money back for last night's look out so I will just transfer the money from then to tonight.

The weather isn't bad...the sun is shining and its not raining. So I shall go and get shaved and make tracks. Hopefully a review may follow later.

Update:Louise Jordan is a singer who lives around the New Forrest area so to come all the way to my town is quite a journey and a commitment. Approx 320 miles. Sadly the club sadly only had around 20 people in the audience. Their loss, our gain.

She has a websites and you can access some of her music on line. It is an intimate venue. I very much enjoyed listening to her. She sang some traditional songs, some of her own, played a guitar and also brought a keyboard. I would review but if interested I suspect it is easy to search her details on the net.

Before the show, I was eager to see how easy it is to use the tablet away from the home and what access there is to the internet. So I hoped on a bus just to try it out for myself.

It amused me...I found on the bus away from the town(I had chosen one without internet access)but as we traveled and passed by houses I was seeing the connections of so many properties that were connected to the internet.

Then in the town when I arrived I found a fair few retailers and pubs offering internet access and when a bus passed by I was able to access briefly its internet wifi connection.

Then I boarded a bus back to my town that did have internet access and it was a very good signal. It was difficult because of bumpy roads to write tweets/messages. As in hitting the wrong letter on a keyboard but you could call up websites and read and watch everything you do at home.

There was a free internet connection at the pub I was at and I connected easily but I could not send or receive anything which as it said the connection was good I don't quite understand.


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