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Sunday, January 31, 2016


but small steps...it keeps sneaking back. But I'm ticking over. Nothing exciting going on. I want to be better for Monday night and my theatre trip. I will decide on the night and possibly right up to going into the theatre.

Its a slightly longer trip on the bus but I have another way(two ways)to get to the theatre to save such a long walk from the bus station and a climb up towards the market place, Which in the end will save me time and not tire me out as much. And unknown to me I have now discovered that I can avoid the walk back to the bus station after being to the theatre and catch a bus practically every 15 minutes. If I can time it right I will connect with the bus home but if I have to hang around I have avoided a long slow walk and just have to wait in the bus station a little longer.

Five minutes on a bus is better than struggling for ages.

If and its a big "If" I go out today and test the water I am going on a bus ride that is quite near home, stops quite near the shops I want to be and coming home stops even closer to my house. There is little if any walking.

I have some more housework to do but it does not need to be rushed. Rubbish has been thrown out(the rest is behind cupboard doors)and not on show and I can get rid of leisurely.

The annual check on the heating system is due in 10 days so its a fair bet the annual visit from the H Association will not be far behind. That is never something I look forward to. But depends who calls. They usually call in March.

I'll give it another month or so and then I'll get stuck into the garden work again. And if I can start really early it will be less of a struggle to do, keep on top of and I'll hopefully have more time to do what I want to.  I have another hospital checkup in March too. So its all coming around again.

I'll make the effort this morning and get washed, shaved and change my clothes which will also make me feel a little better.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Feeling Much Improved...

I found a more comfortable way to sleep and dozed as said in them previous blog entry until late in the evening and within minutes the virus lifted and I feel rested.

I have rubbish to put out(its wheelie bin day)I have had a quick tidy round and made up fro what I did not do this week.

I am going to catch up on my washing up and bother with breakfast(I fancy having some bacon sandwiches)and then decide what to have later for my evening meal. I have no reason to go out and listening to the winds outside I don't want to.

Going to take it fairly easy for the next few days...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I've Lost Thirty Six Hours...

And the visit to the exhibition. The sore throat did not improve. I was fatigued. I have had a horrible cough with aches and pains.

I will see how I feel at teatime and if I am up to it I will go to the bingo. If not I'll stay home. Its been a bad start to the year and a second dose of a heavy cough and cold. I can't say its Flu because I had the vaccine.

Having said that on the bus home on Monday lunchtime, one passenger boarded who was loaded and was continually coughing so perhaps there is a connection. My immune system is compromised anyhow.

Update:Another day indoors and out of it. Feeling a bit miserable now. However, I hope that I have turned the corner and at 22.30pm I am finally having a weak coffee and taking my meds.

Looks as though I have finally pulled myself around but I hear that I could wake to gale force winds and...snow, so still may have to stay indoors.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


that as the sad incident was taking place in front of my eyes, news reaches me that another person on the town around the same time was being taken away in an air ambulance after suffering a heart attack.

He appears to be receiving treatment and doing OK.

I found myself falling asleep a little during the concert at the theatre on Monday evening. Its been years since I was in the Dress Circle. And I am so happy that I switched to the stalls downstairs. It may change when the theatre closes for its refurbishment later this year but it was so cramped. It was warm and I was as I said earlier not at my best(sore throat)and tired.

I spent most of Tuesday sleeping it off at home. It seems that it has been going around as one of the performers at the Music Club though present tonight was not singing due to symptoms like my own as in it hurts when you swallow.

I decided not to rush for the bus that I usually go for and took the next, I did not miss much of the night. I probably only missed fifteen minutes. I am tempted to go for at this time in future. It was quite wild earlier(gusts of wind)but it seems to have quietened down. The bad weather we were promised never materialised. I never heard it.*

I'll do more tidying today and perhaps a nice stew in the slow cooker again.

It is the last day of an exhibition at a school/arts centre on the town which has been given permission to exhibit items associated with Anne Frank of the diary fame and I understand the items were loaned by the museum in the Netherlands. I have to admit my town is not known for having an exhibition building and it is not usual that a display of note happens. It is more likely in much larger towns and cities and without an organised trip or access to a car, using public transport puts you off.

And even the big museums are struggling financially and on the numbers attending. One big museum in Durham City is being wound up and many people are unhappy. They keep saying that it will be relocated and none of the collection will be sold off but many do not believe what they are being told.

Later in the day I will do some more housework and I am thinking a beef stew in the slow cooker for my evening meal.

*It seems to be quite blustery now that Wednesday has finally arrived and since I wrote the above. Its been raining through the early hours too.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Its Turning Nasty Out There...

But when you have to go...you have to go. Luckily I did some planned tasks earlier in the day when the weather was OK. The right decision...vegetables, fruit, a ticket for a show in February. The announcement about Dad should be in the newspaper on Friday. It went well. I managed to visit all the places and allowing for waiting for buses and actual journey times, walking to the bus stop from home and back again it was all done in the space of three hours but I was cutting it fine.

The sore throat has returned. But I have water, crisps, throat sweets, jelly beans and treacle caramels. They hopefully will keep me going whilst watching the concert at the theatre tonight. Hopefully I'll not be coughing and annoying those around me, I have taken painkillers to make walking easier.

If it finishes at the time I think that it will I will connect with a bus outside the venue to save me walking to the town centre and the bus stop that gets me home. I don't think I'll make the earliest bus home but probably will make the 22.45. There is a last one at 23.15 but that is not free. This town has a different system to the rest of the county.

I will be heading out in another thirty minutes or so. If successful I can connect with a bus nearer to my home compared to other times.

I'd take my brolly(it rained this afternoon)but if I can stay dry going, it doesn't matter when you are coming home because you can change and you will if its time for bed.

I witnessed something distressing around 9.45am in the town centre. I would've stepped in to help but plenty of people came forward. A man was walking seemingly ok and did not slip or trip and the pavement was not wet.  Suddenly down he went(backwards)not sure if his head hit the ground. His glasses went flying. Within ten minutes there was an ambulance. People had found something for him to rest his head and a duvet to keep him warm. From a bus stop round the corner I could see he was still being attended to and soon afterwards another two ambulances arrived.

When I came out of the building where I was submitting the announcement for my Father an ambulance flew past(I assume carrying him)with lights flashing and the siren going.

This afternoon I discovered that he had died. That he had been unwell minutes before in the post office which is only a few metres from where he collapsed. It could very well be that he had a stroke or heart attack before he hit the ground. Who knows.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Feel A Bit Yucky...

I have a touch of earache, a blocked ear(so I'll guess/hope)that its wax and one of those sore throats that hurts when you swallow. Therefore its been a mainly duvet day.

But I will amble out this evening and get into some company. And then hopefully be much better for tomorrow and my theatre show in the evening. I left it so long to book I am in the dress circle but I have become used to being in the stalls so it will be a bit strange.

Tomorrow I will go to the offices of the local free sheet of the town and place a notice in memory of my Father who passed away 32 years ago on February 1984 so long ago...that will be the first time his name will have been seen in all that time. Where did the time go? I am almost the age he was when he had to leave.

Update:Picking up a little and feeling more myself. Off to get dressed and shaved.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Very Quiet Day...

I stayed indoors. It has not seemed a bad day weather wise. I had a portion of my meal cooked in the slow cooker. It looked like a thick soup if I am honest. It tasted fine even if not the greatest looking meal. Perhaps I will post an image tomorrow. And yes I can survive on the portion I served up. So a small amount can go a long way.

I was thinking of popping out for some fresh vegetables earlier in the evening but looked at the weather and thought what difference will fourteen hours make. I'll perhaps sort that out tomorrow. I stay in again if I am honest,

I decided early this morning to watch a musical Bye Bye Birdie...a film from 1963. I know some of the songs. I have never seen it. It was OK and seeing I had made the effort I stuck with it but if I am honest...I did not enjoy it.

As old as it is when it started the film was blocked from the BBC's internet streaming service and I could not be bothered to go downstairs and watch it on TV. I suddenly decided to do a quick search online(and I'm a novice)and I found it on line at a popular site(I expect it will be removed in time)but I just watched it there.

The songs I know and quite like are "Put On A Happy Face" "Kids" and "Such A Lot Of Livin' To Do" Taken me 52 years to get around to seeing it.

I guess I'll have some coffee and toast now. And see what tomorrow brings.

Update:Here is an image of my meal...as promised. It is thicker because I allowed the potato to become absorbed into it rather than having it next to or placed on top after being served up.

Late Night...

The musical of Kiss Me Kate did not exit until 10.15pm so I had to hang around until 11.15pm for a bus home. The plus side I did not have to attempt to walk from the theatre to the bus station or hail a taxi as outside the theatre there was a bus back to the station at 10.30pm(they only run hourly though)

Another triumph and an enjoyable night. I assume the cast will change eventually as I believe they are students from Durham University and probably are studying to go into the theatre. But I tend to recognise most of the cast now. Not bad after three shows over approx 18 months.

I felt good when I came in and still do. I am staying in today(a good sign)I came home via the town centre(deserted shopping area)around Midnight and came across another item abandoned.

A month or so ago it was a massive old cast iron wheelbarrow. Another time when I rested my weary body a horse and trap sped through the enclosed retail area. This time it was an abandoned battered old bicycle.

I do know that sometimes people turn up and use the area to do various tricks with bikes, skateboards and those little metal scooters that are so popular. But they never seem to be stopped.

I have taken another look at my meal plans and now think I have got costs down still further and can do two good quality meals(Breakfast and an evening meal)and they'll come in at around 40p(57c)per meal 80p($1.14)per day. Today if the two slow cookers I have full of food are anything to go by my food will stretch quite a long way into the future. I may very well post images again as I used to.

I think I will be staying in tomorrow too. After all I have another theatre trip on Monday.

That conversion is in US Dollars.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pulling A Rare All Nighter...

I've slept well so having a night of watching catch up TV, playing Facebook games and sending out Tweets.

Doing my own version of haggis perhaps later today(missing out the Lamb's Lungs and Beef Heart though)I have vegetables, oats, mince, bacon, mash potato and neeps.

The plan today is more housework. A quick look out to try and find some Lamb's liver. I want some sauces to add to some meals I am planning and to buy a ticket for a concert happening at the end of February so I have to call into a local Town Hall. I will have to catch a bus to a supermarket in a neighbouring town and then come back over to the place where the tickets are on sale.

If I time it correctly I can come back on the return bus(they only run hourly)but if I am going to have to hang around I may travel to another town approx 10 minutes away from the supermarket. I can then catch a bus every 15 minutes back to the town where the Town Hall is. Then buy a ticket and hop on another bus to home practically straight away to here.

I have some lovely stews and casseroles planned and enough beef, chicken and fish for perhaps a months worth of meals going by the portions I usually eat and its good quality meat and fish that was purchased when on offer. So adding vegetables the meals will only cost round £1.50.

Then I shall wait until evening when its our little bingo club again. Then of course on Friday its the theatre and the musical Kiss Me Kate. If its anything like Anything Goes and The Adams Family which I saw last year and its the same company. I am in for a treat.

Update:I had a couple of small wins at the bingo so I almost broke even and it was like getting the money back for a very small shop. I found the liver. I was amazed at how much there was for the price and I purchased the smallest amount possible. So my home made haggis should be easy. I only had to add cheese, fruit and razors which have nothing to do with the haggis obviously.

It was cold but mild when I came home but since doing so it seems to have become quite windy outside. Nothing to suggest snow as yet. And I don't think that it is foggy which it was through the early hours of yesterday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Already...

The washing is done, clothes put away. I don't have a lot of stuff but I may have to consider sometime in the future perhaps investing in a chest of drawers or another wardrobe/cupboard to put items. Just because if they are inside something a room does not look cluttered. If I can stay here and I really am not using one bedroom as a bedroom I can use it as a storage room and if everything is enclosed it will be tidy and functional.

I lost space when the airing cupboard was lost and the combi boiler was installed and shelves were removed where I could put clothes and bedding etc...

My windows were cleaned today by the new window cleaner who took over the round so that's another task complete. They never seem to get that dirty to be honest and if I could reach a couple of them myself I'd save £50-£60 across the year. Perhaps I'll consider if I can get around that.

I'm getting word that a well known computer retailer may have some bargains worth considering and that they also do quite a few refurbished items so I will look into that too. I think a laptop needs to be new but not necessarily a desktop. You can get into them and remove faulty items and replace this and that.

I'll soon be getting washed and shaved then heading out to our music club and it will be the first since the news that our sound engineer and a performer of many years around the music scene passed away. So it may feel a little strange but I guess as a tribute to him we must have an enjoyable night and carry on.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Coincidence? I slept well but know I had a variation of a theme that comes around every so often which was an unhappy time in my life. My first job approx thirty eight years ago and one I had to resign from to look after my Father when he became terminally ill and needed care.

I wasn't getting paid at the time, I took unpaid leave and to be honest the shop was not rushed off its feet with customers but they kept pestering for my return and adding to the stress.

The manager was not popular so it was not just my own problems. If anyone knows the TV series Are You Being Served? That was what it was like but not in a funny way.

Its a bit annoying that my mind occasionally returns to this period because I want to let it go and I don't think about it when I am awake. They probably never give me a thought so for me to waste time thinking of them means that in a roundabout way they are winning? Most of them will be dead or much older than me.

As for today there has been some sad news which you cannot change, life is what it is. A performer on the folk circuit, he ran clubs and managed to secure great acts to appear, he often looked after the sound at many clubs on the sound desk. Rightly, his illness was kept private. I only found out how serious it was last evening and this morning at 5am he passed away. We had been told it was a hip op...it may've been to start off with for all we know but it ended up being more serious. I am told today he was supposed to start more treatment. I have only known him for perhaps three years but many have known him for thirty years or more.

It puts everything into perspective.

I played bingo this afternoon(because my mobility was poor today)my leg was locking and hurting when I attempted to get it working again, I decided on a taxi there. I won three houses and as I managed to get a lift home I made a profit of 80p.

I came straight home and spent nothing(no shopping)so a cheap day.

I'll prepare a meal later. I'll dry some clothes and put them away too. A little light housework. Catch up on some radio listening and TV I have on here.

Compared to the previous talk about laptops it in a previous blog entry and it means spending another £50 but I believe that I have found one with better specifications and a reputation that appears to be superior.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Afternoon Naps...

Are OK, if they don't become nightmares...and seem real. I'd guess that mine lasted in reality 30 minutes.

The dream is fading and a bit mixed up but I know it involved me being on some kind of bus/coach ride. I got off somewhere. I purchased some greetings cards and then went back to get back on the bus and found it was pulling away.

Somewhere along the way I had misplaced my carrier with the cards I'd purchased and was looking for it. Then I realised that I had no trainers on so I was walking in my socks. So I was then looking for them too.

And thought I had found them but they were larger and belonged to someone else.

I found an ordinary bus to take me back to the destination I was headed to on the other bus and it was taking forever. I attempted to use my mobile phone to phone my Father and was having such a job to find his number and connect. As far as I know he never saw a mobile phone or a computer and he passed away 32 years ago anyhow.

I was asking the driver when we would arrive and how long it would be before the return journey would start and we'd arrive and that was going to be four hours so I was going to miss the evening meal at the hotel. The other mix up in the dream was that I was expecting my Dad to pick me up when the bus arrived at the destination it was travelling to before the return journey...if that makes sense. I bet some psychiatrist could have some fun with that one.

I'd guess it would involve missing those dearest to me(my Mum and Dad)wondering if I would get back to the safety of home and the secure feeling I had with them, probably could read something into the loss of my possessions too.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Great Night...

Local bands performed plus two sets from the Haley Sisters, Brian Smith an ace guitarist(he's married to one of the sisters and their "Dad" He's a character and also amazing.

There was also The John Wrightson Band who appear at the Music club I go to. It had just been John's Birthday so we had to have a Birthday cake didn't we?

The Jig Doctors made their first appearance. I have seen a fair few different combinations of the performers in this band over a couple of years. Another band with family connections, the guitarist and flautist are Father and Son. They have played at my club but not for some time.

And a regular favourite of many music clubs in the area(mine included)John Weighell.

It was icy and a flurry of snow had obviously fallen when I arrived. Its amazing what a few miles can do. But all acts got to the venue safely and home again. If I had access to a car or public transport was better I could get around to more venues(sometimes free)often were not talking of big distances.

There is a "Free" music event on Sunday evenings as in 23 miles(probably quicker if the bus takes a more direct route)but on a Sunday...there are no buses. I don't think that they have any running locally for people who live there either.

I was given a lift home(that saved on the taxi fare)Also a very kind gesture, much appreciated. We were well fed at the buffet too.

Desktop is still refusing to fire up. I may go looking around some of the computer shops this weekend to try and get clued up what I need and should be thinking of spending.

I may be able to find some second hand refurbished desktops* But if I have to splash out I may do the whole lot and buy a laptop and a tablet. We'll see.

Update:Nothing written now affects what I have previously said and I have only added some extra stuff(and images that I promised)

I don't like parting with the money and am lucky to have enough to buy a replacement computer. I think I may've had to use the credit card otherwise but I like to avoid doing that especially if I end up paying extra in interest. I believe we've found a suitable laptop. Not expensive but not cheap. My repairman thinks the failed desktop may by in need of a power unit(if that is all)and its not throwing money after bad that is again a cheap solution for now.

He doesn't rate tablets. However, if I had one I could surf the net when travelling on my bus journeys and use free Wi-Fi. It also takes images, plays audio and video files amongst other things. Easier to take with me than a laptop but larger than a phone.

There is one(not many left)on offer at a popular supermarket, well priced(saving of £30)so as I am having to spend I am debating if I should go that extra mile.

I'm having the rest of my chicken casserole as a late supper. I stayed in almost all day but wondered if I could see any of the computers in the shops on the town. That's how I found this tablet.

I picked up a catalogue from Argos to see what they have and that was in any case where I was thinking of buying this computer from and my repairman thinks its as good as any available. Still falls short on a couple of technical matters but that's par for the course these days with most manufacturers and products they make.

These pages and models will eventually disappear but at the date I am writing they are online.

*Repairman doesn't have any at present and says they are less popular these days but I still like them.

I purchased a Lucky Dip in the Euromillions on Friday and had a little win. Hoorah! Small is the word...£3 so I can take all of the win or buy another ticket and have the remaining £1 in my pocket.

Friday, January 15, 2016

More Expense...

I hope I can absorb the extra money required...I probably will be able to for now...but then cut back for some time afterwards.

I was putting off the purchase of a laptop and surviving with the two old desktops I have but today the one that is not connected to the internet is now refusing to power up so I guess I will need to contact my computer repair person over the weekend but there's no point doing so today.

After all I'll be going out soon.

I'll have to do something as if this one packs up I will be offline. I'm down to the one for now. And pushing my luck I fear.

I Won The Bingo...

So got my money back and then an extra £5.50. I was thinking of buying a DAB alarm clock radio at a a discount supermarket that came to the exact money I had from the bingo and then I thought I wonder what other radios are around. I could've waited for Argos to open(a catalogue store)but went into Tesco's.

I found a radio that had been discounted by £10 but was £9 more than I planned to spend but and this is a little technical...

My original DAB radio packed up and yes I had a second one(I was going to say I don't remember how)I do now, I got one for Mum to keep her company for her last few weeks in the Care Home before losing her. I used to be able to play the first model through the old PC and listen to the radio whilst recording some radio to hard drive but the one I have cuts out as I have to use the earphone socket so I can't listen at the same time,

I could on the original model or have to play the radio via I-Player/internet. I was going to but a cheap bedside DAB/FM alarm clock so I can listen to that when the other radio cannot be heard but I found a portable and this performs better than the one I already have(which is supposed to be great brand)and it can be played into the PC so I can hear it again in stereo.

They are both mono but when connected to another system like a PC/Laptop or speakers it becomes stereo. And like the alarm clock DAB this can made to switch off at a time you decide and come back on to wake you. Seems a good buy to me.

I have a big chicken casserole on the slow cooker which I may save for the weekend in case I don't have room for the buffet at the music event later.

I have picked up a couple of food bargains that did not break the bank 4kg of potatoes, two big fruit and custard trifles, two cauliflowers and I paid...16p for the lot. And quality wise they are OK.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Picked The Right Day...

to do all my tasks yesterday...today its windy and there is wet snow flying around. I shall take it easy this morning. Housework, clothes to put away in the wardrobe and washing this afternoon. And prepare a meal in the slow cooker for eating when I come home from bingo tonight.

Perhaps salad or sandwiches for a light lunch. No preparation. How easy is that?

That is at least on the town, only for a couple of hours. Streets away and hopefully the bus will be running OK. Otherwise I'll catch a taxi. I would not like to walk it.

I am more worried about tomorrow as there is a concert in a town a little more unprotected from the weather and the act is traveling from Yorkshire so I do hope its not called off or I can get there and home without too much trouble.

Plenty of coffee is required. Its what I call a duvet day. I hear the wind more these days when its stormy since the combi boiler was installed in the airing cupboard. Its between the bedrooms(mainly next to mine)Its also quite noisy in the lounge. More than it used to be.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Needed Another Ten Hours...

sleep, upon waking though I dived out the door and set about the shopping I wanted to do. The plan was to be home within 2-3 hours but other things got in the way. It did mean everything was accomplished and rather than hang about for the bus home I traveled on to Durham and purchased a ticket for an Am Dram production on February 1st.

So the look out ended up taking six hours. Tired now so its coffee, sandwiches and bed. And with everything done. Tomorrow I shall resume the housework, stay indoors until the evening when its the little bingo club again. There is talk of snow, I hope that they are wrong or it disappears as soon as possible.

Busy Wednesday? Maybe...

Planning to cook a nice meal(probably in the slow cooker)Catch up on the TV I have downloaded. Finish some housework(making headway)and may possibly hop on an early bus in the morning to buy my plastic food bags that can be used as freezer bags but in the microwave for heating up food, also those takeaway type foil tray with cardboard covers.

Back from the music club which was a good night. I had not eaten much so had room for the buffet(still did not eat that much though)but I was given some to bring home...more party food. LOL.

It seems quite mild again.

Think I will have another coffee, read the TV listings mag and the free paper I got on the bus to the club. Then I may call it a night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Possible Joy?

I'll have to double check but it would appear that my electric and gas usage is well down compared to previous years and similar households in the area but I also weighed myself for the first time in months and I had clothes and heavy slippers on at the time but it looks as thought I have lost the stone(14lbs)I was trying to shake off.

If I have, the fact that I was wearing all the that extra stuff it could mean that I weigh less than that which would be great. I have been trying for so long and it seemed an impossible task. That means I am around the 10st(140lbs)mark.

I'm about to have coffee at this hour and play some Facebook Games. I haven't checked the thermometer in the bedroom but it does seem quite warm(and that's without any central heating being used)

*Who generally uses heating through the night anyhow and we're told bedrooms should be cooler and if in bed, you'll be warmer anyhow. If it was cold I'd use it via the timer especially for the room I am in. If I was getting up at a regular hour I'd set it to take the chill off so its OK when I rise for the day ahead.

*Thought about going out to get what I was unable to and pay that money into the bank but there's always tomorrow. 24 hours will make little if any difference. I'll do more housework later and then tonight its a buffet and turn at our music club(its someone's birthday)and he pays for a party when it comes around.

*Added later(It seemed easier to extend this post rather than write another)and it hasn't really altered the original content of the blog entry.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The News Is Quite Miserable...

politically and I feel the media is biased in its coverage and many stories are unimportant. Politics is the new celebrity and entertainment strand of populist culture. They don't cover the policies or the effects they are having on many.

As has been said right from when I was a child "there will be war and talk of war" and that is ever true. Is it worse now or just reported more? That's difficult to say.

Then more of the public figures that have been part of life are castigated by the media and you find out unsavoury tales about some of them. Some end up in jail or details come out after they pass away. Others are not caught up in scandal but when they go, you realise another part of your childhood and life has been lost(also that you too are getting older)Yesterday it was a well known radio presenter Ed "Stewpot" Stewart...today it is David Bowie.

I had one of my reoccurring dreams again. I bet some psychologist would like to read something into that. The one where my beloved pet rabbit escapes or disappears. This time unlike before where it runs through many gardens, it ran out from a passage alongside the house but the baffling thing was the door had not left open but it had been taken away too.

For all what I have written its been a good day and I feel very good.

The only thing I failed to do today. Well, two things if I am honest. I forgot to call at the bank and deposit money I meant to on Friday to cover some bills(I'll have to sort that out tomorrow)I wanted some foil cartons with lids but I was let down by five shops on my town. Also, no retailer has some plastic bags I found in a neighbouring town but did not purchase at the time, which can be used as freezer bags but will work in a microwave when you heat(warm up food)the ones on my town clearly state they are not be suitable for a microwave. Again I should've purchased them when I was at this other town.

Its been years but I have another meal planned which could not be simpler but have thought of again...a chicken breast but instead of adding proper sauces or mixes, use soups as a kind of sauce. So I have a couple of cans for that purpose such as Cream of Mushroom and Leek and Stilton.

I have some Rainbow Trout and Plaice fillets for other meals.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Is Always A Thoughtful Day...

I cannot always decide if I like it or not. I am very thoughtful and music does bring back memories, Coincidence? Probably but two songs on the radio have me thinking of Mum. One she sang a lot but more so towards the end of her life Que Sera Sera by Doris Day. The other I just find myself thinking how life is mapped out for many and I haven't experienced myself The Folks Who Live On The Hill by Peggy Lee.

Anyhow I am going out and time is tight...I have to shave and catch a bus and be away in the next 30 minutes.

Update:Caught my buses(just)played bingo and drank(alone)won a house but shared it. It still meant the night was almost free but because subs were due the night cost me half of what it would've.

I had two rounds of sandwiches(prawn mayo and egg salad)The weather stayed fine and no sign of rain...for now.

Internet is playing up and catch up isn't working so I shall have a coffee and take to my bed.

Its the start of another week. I wonder what is in store.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

I have Been Quite Good...

though I did slip to the shops for around an hour late afternoon. I didn't go mad but I purchased some stars for my tree for next Christmas, two little Christmas mugs and some window suckers for putting lights on windows. All half price.

I bumped into the two people I did yesterday, how coincidental is that?

It had stopped raining when I went out and was quite mild but it started to pour down on my journey home. And stopped as I reached my house. Having said that. It keeps raining off and on since getting home and now the wind is starting up. I see a wild night ahead.

I have had coffee and had two sandwiches of ham hock with extra mature cheddar with tangy onion and ale chutney, free range egg mayonnaise on oat barley bread.

I found some more sandwiches today(not as cheap)but still a bargain, at least that they were all half price or less. I couldn't buy the ingredients any cheaper and I'd have to cook some of the ingredients.

Perhaps I'll find something to watch or listen to later on.

I Was Seriously Thinking Of...

going out by myself to the club I do on Sunday on Friday evening but stuck with the original plan of resting and watching TV via the internet. That's the same plan for Saturday at present.

I may put some images up of my meals like I used to...exciting huh?

Think I'll have coffee and some toast, a late midnight snack.

Update:Its a wet day...again. Snow has stayed away for now. I've slept well. It does seem mild for all the weather is not very nice. Caught up on a fair bit of TV.

I did slip out yesterday to put a little money in my bank to cover bills just allowing enough time before it closed but I was prevented by my politeness and being stopped by two people who wanted to chat on my way there. So I'll do that task on Monday. As the supermarket is next to the bank I thought I'd pop in and buy my coffee.

I came out with nothing and remembered the coffee once home, Its an age thing.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Come back another day...

A day indoors methinks. Doing little and not going out. I'll play catch up on washing up. Housework. Resting. Catching up on TV and radio missed.

And thinking of food. Deciding what to have and making the effort to do a thought out meal...or two.

One good thing about the weather is that the garden still is not growing and the garden waste is actually breaking down so there may be little if any rubbish to actually attempt to have taken away.

And this year as I said towards the end of last year I may purchase a compost bin to take care of garden rubbish as its mainly grass cuttings. So that's something else to think about...the garden.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

There's A Bit Of Hibernation...

going on...weather is horrible(wet and windy)Its dark most of the day...

I did go out for three hours yesterday, mainly for a bus ride. I thought I had my camera and was disappointed to find I had left it at when I saw some of Christmas decorations were still on the streets of where I was. They will probably not be now. Perhaps next year I'll get another chance.

I just snacked on party food in the evening and listened to the radio. There was a very interesting documentary on musician Mantovani who I remember well through my childhood and early teens.

Remarkably its 36 years since he passed away.

I will go out around 5pm and catch a bus soon after to take me to the little bingo club which resumes this evening.

I only have to have a shave and I am half dressed already. I will take a little selection of party food(I have to use it up)

I have nothing much planned for the next few days...I have some events(weather permitting)to look forward to once we get into next week so its not all bad.

A concert with the Haley Sisters(country)a Musical "Kiss me Kate!" with the music of Cole Porter, Joe Brown(60's Pop star)but he's much more than that. And perhaps a couple of am dram plays.

Update:I didn't win at the Bingo, I had time to kill waiting for my bus popped into Tesco's purchased pears, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and bread. I don't do resolutions but I hope to eat more fruit again. They were on offer so I purchased some cartons of fruit and veg juice. I don't think I could make them any cheaper with my juice maker. A good brand. I only forgot coffee but I have enough to last for a few days.

It seemed very cold coming home but it had at least stopped raining. I have had coffee and some more Christmas party food since coming home. Its only coming up to 11pm but think I will turn in. I have downloaded some programmes I missed over the Festive Season so have to catch up on them.

I may watch a live political programme via the internet in bed later which may put me to sleep anyhow. I'm having a good night, not thinking about anything in particular and have peace.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Wow Ten Hours of Sleep...

But I guess I needed it. I was cosy. A great concert last evening and the vocalists were in my humble opinion better than usual. Some of the music was new to me but we did get a selection of popular music associated with Vienna when there were composers like Strauss.

I spotted something unusual coming home from the theatre regarding Darlington's clock tower. I assume its a Christmas thing but I have never seen it before. I wish I had had the chance to take better images but the bus was due. I'd have loved to have taken some of the theatre show too...I might've got away with it but I did not try. I never heard an annoucement this time saying that you couldn't.

The buses ran as normal. The concert over ran, I came out of the theatre, caught a town bus ten minutes later across the road from the theatre. It arrived at my bus stop for home around twenty minutes before it was due.

I have avoided going out...its been raining again...flooding in surrounding areas. Some areas I am unfamiliar with because I have never had a reason to go there or buses don't go there. If they are mainly housing estates I'd have no reason to go anyhow. I am sure that many are fed up/counting the cost of all the rain that has fallen or seen water come down from hills and add to the levels of rivers. Parts of my county have been affected or threatened to be affected again.

I'm about to shave, pack up my buffet(still using up Christmas food)for tonight's Music Club.

Today would've been my Father's Birthday. It went quite well and I was not troubled and yes I did think of him. Rather appropriate my choice of concert last night as he would've loved it. So I did it for the both of us.

Update:Some of my gang were missing, I went out for a later bus but that bus unbeknown to me changes its time and I missed it by two minutes. Any other time I would've been 10 mins early. So I had to take a very slow walk to the club. I saw most of the night. At least I made the effort to go(and I won a little prize on the raffle)

Monday, January 04, 2016

Public Holiday?

One of those is it or isn't type.

As I went to the Sunday Bingo I suddenly had a thought as I finally put my calendar on the hall wall (and saw in small print for today's date)its a deferred bank holiday from Saturday(Its an official one if you live in Scotland)

Alarm bells rang and I thought, I have a concert tonight in a neighbouring town and recently across the "Festive Fortnight" the bus services have either stopped altogether on specific days, running a Saturday schedule during weekdays and sometimes stopping as early as 8pm.

I came onto the internet and discover services back to normal in general and was relieved but a little more research and not quite. They are running normal until 6pm(ish)and then they are dropping the other regular service so I am down to one bus per hour so if I cannot manage to get back to the bus stop in the town centre by 22.15 I will have to wait until 23.15. I usually have two services every half hour.

At a push I have one complicated way to get home but I have to do that I'll reluctantly absorb the cost of a taxi ride home* But free or £4.50 fare is better than approx £15.

Its an easy day...I only have to shave. grab something to eat, watch the return of a favourite TV series on BBC1 early afternoon "Father Brown" perhaps an afternoon cookery show while I have my tea. Then go...I may do another hour of housework.

Its just me but unless some extra shows are slipped into the itinerary of the two main theatres I can access there is little of interest to me for the next year and I have all my tickets up to the end of April and for on production in July. Remakably that's nine shows. Go whilst I am able(financially/health wise)One theatre is going to be closed for almost a year for refurbishment. So this year I may be out less at organised entertainment. Unless the student and amateur drama productions(which are less expensive)continue through the year and they are doing productions that appeal. I usually book but I may turn up on the spur of the moment as you can usually get a seat.

*I nearly deleted my talk about the buses because after writing that, I went onto the website again to check information and the other service has been re-instated so I don't know if that's a new decision or the omission was an error. I am now awaiting a response direct from the bus company via Twitter to find out what is going on.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sunday Already...

Its wet and horrible outside so I stayed in. But where was I going to go? Not sure if the Sunday Bingo is happening. As the main person who goes has...a cold. Then I have to decide whether to cry off myself or go alone.

The latest news is that she may be going after all.

I had a little bus ride yesterday to a neighbouring town approx three and half miles away and it really looks dead. They have the essentials on the high street but are struggling. The reasonably sized supermarket closed not long before Christmas and so apart from a couple of betting shops(they were empty as I passed by)some old pubs(they were quite empty)those that still remain open...

I found a fruiterers closing early, a really small convenience store, a shop selling cheap food but that was empty too, the baker's had closed earlier in the day. One Costa Coffee was just about managing but again not many in there and it closes at 7pm(I think)

It looked pretty miserable to be honest. The bus service is quite limited especially once you hit 6pm. And don't talk about Sundays.

This town keeps building more houses and bringing people into the town but I suspect they have access to their own transport and go elsewhere for entertainment and shopping.

It was once important and has a big connection to the history of the Railways. I have a feeling it is having difficulty hanging onto the young and they probably disappear because work is hard to find.

I did come across a shop(closed again)but it looked interesting. Selling electrical goods(probably reconditioned/second hand)but they looked good quality, fridges, fridge/freezes and washes. I'm tempted if goods can be delivered. More choice inside I suspect. In the window I saw an under the counter fridge selling for £25 and a similar fridge/freezer for £49. It could be handy for when my food supply is just a little too much for the present model to cope. Even if you got a couple of years service at that price its a bargain.

I'm getting through food easier than I at first thought that I may. If I'm at the club tonight I'll take some with me.

On the way home I found some lovely sandwiches yesterday(worth £12)I paid £1.68 I'd never pay full price. Various cheeses but mixed with ham hock and fillings. Another was beef with again fillings. Also one with Crayfish and some combination of other ingredients. The bread used was also a little different. I do not think that I have had Crayfish before. I'm told they resemble Lobster.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Its A Little Boring...

The first day of the New Year but you know when you think of many of the alternative scenarios that could be happening I'll take it. When I see people fleeing for their lives, losing their homes, people homeless, many who are ill or lonely, have lost loved ones and much more...boring is fine.

I say boring I don't really do boring and can manage to occupy my mind most of the time and am often surprised when I look at the clock and see just how much time has passed by.

There's a bit of a dispute as to whether New Year's Day is a Bank Holiday. I think it depends who you work for. Whether you can get to work. Have a choice. Whether its voluntary. If you work in essential services.

Thinking about my food. I haven't had them in years. Dumplings. I purchased some a mix so I can add some to my stews. Next time I may buy some ready made(I think you can buy them)I am sure that I have purchased some once.

In Iceland I also found some potato and bacon crunchies, baked bean potato pockets and cheesy potato pockets...I am easily pleased.

Happy New Year...

It passed quite well, I didn't feel maudlin(if that's the right word)I don't like getting older and having more years behind me than in front. You can't change that and its life. But I felt OK on my own. I was cosy and warm in bed. I slept a little. Listened to the radio. I did have a very small buffet and a can of Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider(that's new to me)and I have to say I really enjoyed that. It was not overpowering. I'll have another of those. I slept reasonably peaceful through the night(though my joints were a bit painful)its lovely when sleep comes.

I'm at the back of the house but I did not hear anyone in the early hours and the very small fireworks display really was so small it was like a damp squib. It really was practically nothing. Its been quiet around here for years but I do believe this years was quieter than that if possible.

As I wake on this new day of a new year I feel quite happy and positive so I'll take that and run with it. I will potter around at home I have nowhere to go(I couldn't go anywhere if I wanted to)I don't think there's a great deal on the TV so again it will be radio listening.

I'll snack a little. Heat up a beef casserole for tea. I think I said the following already but I will probably stay home until my Sunday night at the little bingo club.

I tend to think if I feel comfortable enough to be in my own company and at home I am in a good place.