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Sunday, July 04, 2010

When You Are Ill...

You appreciate more than ever your senses and capabilities to have a life.

I love listening to the radio and music...and anyone reading what I post elsewhere will know that I have lost my hearing in one ear and so far home made remedies have not corrected the problem.

Friends say...get it syringed. The pharmasist says you cannot do any better than putting olive oil into the ear with a cotton wool plug to stop the oil running out as Dr's/Nurses really dislike syringing. But if this fails that may be the way I'll have to go and have it seen to assuming that the problem is a build up of wax and not anything more serious and I have lost my hearing.

If you are in a similar situation please avoid poking anything larger than your arm into your ear, you really can make matters worse and do a lot of damage. Forget about those cotton wool buds too.

Update:You'll realise I was being ironic when I said don't put anything in your ear larger than your arm(LOL)

The good news is that the olive oil is working and things are getting clearer and louder.