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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Is The Way I'm Feeling...

Wonder what will come along and spoil the moment?

Anyhow, I can report that I am in credit regarding my utility bills, internet, contents insurance, water rates and bedroom tax. If I make the equivalent of three more payments on the rent, I am paid off until the New Year. Two payments and the broadband is also paid until next year.

I am thinking that if I'm up to it and I have paced myself this week...I will go to a free night at a local pub tonight approx 10mins from my home and listen to a 60's live band. It will only cost a couple of drinks and is quite intimate. A member of the band told me about it. It will be the first time I have ever been inside it and I have lived on the town for 56 years.

I am hoping to go and see the illuminations on Saturday, my last chance for this year but it will take around two hours in either direction. I may have a better idea of what it entails if I have managed to travel to the event. My local bus company only gets me from my own town to Durham. Then I have to change to another one and they can only get me to within 15 mins of the location but they tell me there is another company that will take me even nearer.

The joys of public transport...

Next Friday I hope to see a student version of a production of a PG Wodehouse "Jeeves" story in Durham. And its reasonably priced. A venue I have just discovered by chance, they tell me they do a different production every week Thurs to Saturday. Then a week on Saturday I hope to see a musical locally which many in my circle seem to have seen at various local venues. It is based on a mining disaster and will be staged at the Sage in Gateshead next year. Sadly that is too far to travel to and difficult to get home from. The tickets will be much more expensive too. That is called "She's Fired" and written by a local musician and playwright.

With the time of year and weather there will be less places to go to and events to attend so it will become a little quieter.

I had some tasty but simple meals yesterday but need to get more fruit and veg in my diet again perhaps today. I did have Shepherd's Pie, followed by a portion of cookie dough chocolate cheesecake. For supper I had a chip butty followed by a piece of chocolate cake. I loved it.

I found myself watching a little TV, my favourite comedy The Big Bang Theory and I can't believe that I watched a BBC adaption of a novel I have heard about for decades but never seen before as a film, TV programme or even read the novel..."Fanny Hill" but I can say I have seen it now. I assume the TV version was very tame and much was omitted. Even this production was made in 2007.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Can I Say...

I have been contacted by the bus company and it turns out that I can get up to Durham and to other destinations but to reach the illuminations in the Sunderland area I have to switch to another company. Hopefully I will get information today(Thursday)

I got a bit worked up about my finances earlier and tough not great I am at least up to date with my bills(for now)I had a senior moment as they are called and realised when I have been paying my bedroom tax I probably had forgotten to cover my water rates so I went to the shops to pay that. I can't understand why I had that lapse in memory.

I paid my credit card for that unexpected utility bill at the weekend and put some extra in the current account to cover the next direct debit but discovered I had enough to cover it anyhow.

Otherwise I've watched some TV and continued with the tidying up. Done some cooking, repaired the lining in my thick warm coat which was coming away, not the greatest sewing but it worked. Oh and also did the job many dislike doing and it is usually suggested men avoid doing it all costs...cleaning the toilet.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wow...Its Wednesday...

Had a good day...in a fairly good place mentally and emotionally. I'll take those days when they are there.

Made a meal of fried egg, baked beans and bacon...

I was thinking of doing something with lots of veg and meat later today but may take off to see some illuminations(They finish this weekend)I missed them last year. I'd go at the weekend but Sunday is my get together with friends on the town, Saturday may be busy number wise and I may want to take it easy and pace myself. Thursday night is the small bingo club again, Friday there is a free music night approx ten minutes from my home with a band playing '60's music. I guess today is my only chance.

I'll start the day perhaps with fruit and porridge or to give me energy and to be a little healthy I may make a banana sandwich. I'm debating whether to prepare a meal in the slow cooker for when I return. Anything remaining can be used the following day.

I watched some TV and found a new website on the internet with a wealth of material so now when I can't find something on "Ordinary" broadcast TV I can go looking elsewhere for something to watch. My music club was on again Tuesday night. Before going there I popped into the supermarket. Haven't been there for perhaps four or five days and came away with some items I was down on like kitchen rolls, bananas, leeks, a variety of bread buns. As opposed to bread. I saved enough to decide to take a taxi to the club and I was still in pocket.

I also made the effort to get caught up in the tidying up of the house and clear my bedroom. That only leaves a little of the Dining Room and outhouse to do. Then I'll start to look into actually putting up blinds(maybe)and curtains. I'm more convinced that I am not that bothered about blinds, curtains can be drawn for privacy and for keeping a room warm. Not forgetting the putting down of carpets. I have been talking to the owner of a local store and he's promised to look after me and not fleece me. He knows that I am new to buying carpet.
My recent illnesses seem to have settled and that includes the gout, not even a twinge at present. That's why in an earlier comment I suggest that in hindsight my illness of last week could be connected to my own medical issues and could be connected even to the drugs I take and a follow on from the gout. I will mention it at my next hospital check up in the middle of November.

UPDATE:You can see that I am still here. I may try to get to the lights on Saturday, I am awaiting information from a bus company regarding services, routes and times and they haven't got back to me as yet.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Not The Most Eventful Day...

I had a little flare up of my illness earlier in the day but it passed by quickly. Watched a little TV. And made an effort to have a reasonably good meal in the evening...

I had some soup and a later on some scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans. Every day cannot be exciting.

Not Sure That I Am Going To Enjoy...

the dark nights and the return of Winter but I'm going to try to. If not if I can stay close to home I can make the most of when the better weather and lighter nights return and perhaps save a little.

I did do something good on Saturday night, I saw a fine comedian, Jeremy Hardy who isn't seen too often on British television but is a regular on The News Quiz on BBC radio and has been for years. What he does on radio does not show his mastery of working an audience on stage and his astute observations on society and the news. He also gave more than any other comedian I have seen on stage except perhaps the old trooper Ken Dodd who is more of a traditional performer. Taking out the interval he was on stage for around 130 minutes.

On this occasion there was plenty of time to get to the bus station from the theatre and I felt fine catching the last bus home and even spending time in the bus station so I didn't get home until midnight.

Of course I was quite wide awake and the clocks went back to GMT so I watched a bit of TV until the early hours and finally went to bed and slept the clock around. It was quite warm indoors but on the early hours very wild and windy. The wind dropped a bit on Sunday afternoon but once again in the early hours as I write this and catch up on some old episodes of the US TV Western series Bonanza it is starting all over again.

Sunday evening I had a win on the bingo, not a big amount and after what I had spent I was only £9 better off but it will pay for another couple of sessions with the elderly at their small club this week so they are free in effect.

Later today I shall pay off the credit card bill caused by the mix up over the utility company and I'll put enough in the bank to cover the next payment.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Try Not To Use My Blog To Have A Go At Companies...

after all you are only reading one side but what I am about to write has a good outcome...this time. I generally have a good relationship with the call centre staff at the UK utility company NPower. They have always spent whatever length of time I require and steered me onto the best deal.

However, on Friday night I went onto the website to submit meter readings. I discovered by chance my Direct Debit had been increased from what I believed to be £50 to £86. So I phoned in to the call centre and was told that I owed £54.

This now meant that not only did I have to find £54 but within 8 days they were going to take out another £86 from my bank.

The good news was if I paid the owing amount the DD would come down to £75 per month. Considering that I use 16%-20% less energy and I am on a duel fuel deal until 2017 I could not understand me owing money and why the increase on the monthly DD. Also at present I am on some kind of scheme where I get some help with my bills anyhow.

Well, I paid that £54 by credit card. Its a start but what annoyed me was that they did not think to inform me that I owed money and also give me warning of the increase, they have my e-mail address after all.

So I phoned a different department today...sorted in minutes. No apology to speak of but...it appears that the energy scheme has started so really I am in credit. My monthly DD was not £50 but £40, its gone back to that amount. Because of the mix up the next payment has been delayed by 13 days too.

In the end it all came good but when I asked why they do not inform by e-mail of money owed I was told they don't do that...so it could happen again. I guess I will just have to look on the website more often. However, for now, all is well.

Friday, October 24, 2014

As Promised Here Come Images Of My Kitchen...

Still needs lots of work and cleaning but it gives an idea of what it is like...could be putting different rugs or carpet down. It also needs blinds and curtains...

Been Missing For 24 Hours...

Longer than that on here but I have had a 24 bug that crept up on me, on Wednesday night I felt the need to go to bed early(for me)and then it struck in the middle of the night. I don't ever remember having diarrhoea like it. Then I seemed to beat it. And it started up again mid afternoon. By now we're talking Thursday of course. Of course you manage to deal with illness when living alone but you do miss not having someone giving you some TLC.

I managed to attend my bingo in the evening but came home and found I was so tired that I fell asleep watching the first episode of the new series of the Big Bang Theory(thankfully I caught what I missed online earlier today)Then I decided I felt bed was calling and I went there and slept the clock around except for having a coffee and two slices of toast and marmalade earlier this morning.

I feel as different as it is possible today. I was lovely and warm in bed too. Slept well but I know I did have a dream that was unhappy/troubling but it probably in reality did not last as long as it seemed at the time. I don't know where some of my imagined world came from. I do remember being moved from my present home and finding myself living on the coast of Bournemouth but the view was spoilt because we were looking onto a rubbish tip before being able to see the sea. I know Mum and Dad were in the dream in some way too.

I also remember trying to get back here because I had all kinds of personal items that had to be moved from the loft before this house was emptied. Also until everything was removed we were paying rent on both properties.

The property in Bournemouth I was less than happy with as work was shoddy and I can see this being connected to all the work that has been carried out here in recent weeks. The rest of the dream is too mixed up/weird and doesn't seem to make any sense.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Already...

I've been good...yes I have been out since Saturday but for specific reasons only...Sunday night for a couple of hours with a group of friends, Monday afternoon for a couple of hours with the oldies at the bingo and tonight the Music Club. But no shopping and un-necessary trips out.

I have made an effort today and tried to tidy around a little even if the real work still needs to be done. At least doing this means that people could visit and it keeps me sweet with the Landlord.

The weather was really bad here on Sunday and today around the UK its not been great and people have been killed by fallen trees etc...the wind is getting stronger as the day goes on in my location but being inland and not having big open spaces, its going ok.

The last few nights the simple things have kept me warm enough, when downstairs in the lounge watching TV. Slippers, Dressing Gown, a couple of fleeces and a woolly hat. Surprisingly warm. Haven't been cold in bed either. But its still early days.

Getting some nice meals again and at reasonably regular times too. And I had some food left over from Sunday night so I had ham and pease pudding baps and some soup to use up yesterday.

I'm looking into the possibility of a music night at a local hall in a neighbouring town on Friday(a charity do for dementia awareness)its a 60's/70's night with a raffle and only costs £3 but so far the phone has been off the hook for hours. If its a live band I may go but if its just a disco I won't bother.

If I have to use a taxi to get home and I am on my own we're only talking around £5-£7(if I can find someone else to go with me that will come down.

I am away now to have a break from tidying up, have a warm drink, take my meds, have a shave, get dressed and I was thinking about making a meal around 5.30pm(possibly fish and chips)but may have that as supper. I have had afternoon tea(well coffee)and cheese and fruit scones. Later I have some nice pork and stuffing sandwiches I can have.

If I go out a little earlier for my club, I will try and find a remote control that will work with the TV I have upstairs(I lost the original remote)then I shall see about getting the TV engineers back in to connect it so I can watch all my TV in my bedroom via a relay system and an additional aerial(it is smaller than the one downstairs)but of course it is a smaller room and I am nearer to it. That could be handy during the Winter and on cold nights. I can be in bed and its a smaller room to heat/occupy.

UPDATE:It is a disco.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Had To Get Out Yesterday...

I managed up until around 4pm and had watched two old films on TV, The Magic Box with Robert Donat and one with Astaire and Rogers, got some extra sleep in but I hopped on a bus to Darlington and came home with a nice scarf for £5 but more importantly found some fingerless gloves that turn into mitts when you pull a kind of buttoned flap over the fingers. I lost the previous pair and could not find any in the retailer on my town where I purchased them but the branch in Darlington had some.

I found a couple of small items to make the cooking of bacon and potatoes easier in the microwave ovens too.

It seems cold and nasty outdoors so its bed and radio listening this morning. TV in the afternoon, making up a buffet for tonight and then bingo in the evening. I am not going out, I have no reason to. I feel quite warm though the heating isn't on, The new doors could be helping on top of it being mild still. Also wearing the right kind of clothing indoors as well as plenty of warm drinks helps.

My gout has all but gone away for now which is welcome news and yes diet may have played its part but it has been pointed out again that certain medication drugs such as those I have to take can also cause it and its important to drink plenty.

Friday, October 17, 2014

You Know, I Don't Think That I Have...

taken an up to date image of my kitchen since the work has been carried out. I'll put that right soon. I actually feel it is smaller, that there is less space. I am only keeping the drainer on the draining board when I wash a lot of crockery and cutlery and then I'll hide it away. If I keep on top of things I should be able to use one set of everything.

You will see that in general everything fits reasonably OK. I haven't a towel rail but I have draped some tea towels over a radiator which protects it when the door is opened and on the doors of the cupboard of the sink unit I am still able to close the doors but I have draped two tea towels and a hand towel over them. I have my DAB radio for entertainment if I am in there for a decent length of time but generally I am in and out as quickly as possible. I don't take ages to prepare my meals.

Now that the grills for ventilation are no longer in doors and walls, it is much warmer in there even without putting putting heating on.

I have the two microwaves spaced reasonably apart. A slow cooker. On another top the electric kettle and toaster fits well and the little chopper and toasted sandwich maker sits on top of a microwave when not in use. I can prepare vegetables and fruit on the draining board if I put a chopping board/tray on top of it.

The pantry will be used for overflow of kitchen items and once again to put my booze. And I now have my fridge freezer in the kitchen. My washer too. The only thing I can't fit in there is the tumble dryer which for now remains in the Dining Room. One day I may decide to move it into the garage or outhouse but really its not doing any harm where it is.

In the bathroom I have draped a hand towel over the radiator and two bath towels over the bath and managed to put a small bath rug on the floor. If I leave the door open it can stay down at its full length, if I try to close the door it won't close unless I fold it slightly so it is a little shorter. And I now have a shower in there too. The next big thing I need to do to complete these rooms are curtains.

Its Friday...

We're all supposed to have that Friday Feeling(Whatever that is)

Well...I feel not exactly happy but then again I don't feel particularly sad. I have the option to go out or stay home. I will probably opt just for an hour's break and go and pay some bills, call into the charity shop, I haven't for months so may buy a Euromillions lottery ticket and am thinking of buying some thermal socks as the weather turns. I have  variety of gloves too but I have lost my fingerless gloves that can be converted into full gloves because they have a kind of flap that you can

Tomorrow I may(if I can be bothered)drag myself to the local Railway museum approx 3 miles away as there is an event of some kind happening but I find most events held can be seen very quickly and within an hour and that is at a leisurely pace. In general unless a new locomotive visits or they hold perhaps a charity event at the venue, you are seeing the same exhibits even if they are wonderful. I think there are some people dressed in Victorian costumes and there could be a food event too but I will check later today. I think there is a connection to the film The Railway Children and it ties into the Durham Book Festival that has been taking place especially in Durham City.

But the main event starts next weekend and runs during what I believe is a school holiday week. There are many games and craft making events for children and parents. And it is all for free. Though donations are welcome.

Yesterday my faulty microwave ovens were exchanged/replaced and all seems well. I was asked sometime ago why have two microwaves? Well, the stove takes longer to cook food and in some ways it may need replacing or be too costly to fix/clean up. Though I will probably replace it when it finally gives up the ghost. However, I can make make a meal often in minutes and now these microwaves also over a grill and convection facility they can do so much more alongside the cooker and the slow cooker I have.

For the first time in years I managed to make a meal of streaky bacon and scrambled eggs. Having one I was able to do the whole meal in perhaps seven minutes and no pans to clean out. If I use both I can cut that down to four minutes and both items came out at the same time. Rather than cooking items one ingredient at a time. Allowing for some items to cool down.

I will clean up the cooker as best as I can...the oven is fine as is the grill and make the hobs better than they are but they are kind pot marked and get what looks a bit rusty.

I am taking an interest again. Good food but not necessarily fancy. Often simple to prepare and cook. Not large portions.

So Wednesday went well too. Initially, I wasn't sure it would. I caught a bus from my town around 12.15pm and arrived in the town for the connecting bus but it left 30 seconds before I reached the stop and I thought that could mean I would miss the afternoon concert I was going to see but there was another half an hour later and it arrived with just enough time to walk to the venue but being slow I was cutting it fine.

I saw the local music group "Misspent Uke" Images will be added soon. As always I was given a warm welcome by the staff and Manger of the community centre in Coxhoe. Active Life is charity based but offers somewhere for local people and those in the surrounding area a place to go for social events, exercise, a place to hold functions. It took over the facilities from the council and so far though I suspect it isn't easy it is managing to make a go of it and proving even in these difficult times that such places can work.

I donated a small prize into the raffle, I wanted something else but couldn't find it and time was against me but I won a prize too. A Sunday lunch for two at a restaurant in Coxhoe but I'm going to resubmit into a raffle at my Music Club when they have a night to raise money for the Salvation Army Anti Trafficking Campaign.

I'd like to use it but its for two and you have to travel there and I'm not sure what the buses are like on a Sunday. It will do more good in another raffle and someone will probably have access their own car.

I had some time between the show in the afternoon and the concert in Durham City in the evening so I sat in the kind of foyer area of the centre for around an hour or so and then made my way to the main street in Coxhoe and then caught a bus into Durham.

Got into there around 6pm and took it slowly, called into the supermarket and purchased some items to possibly get me through the concert(some sweets and some cola)I only spent around £2 and came home with some of what I purchased so they lasted more than one night.

Reluctantly, I know I get criticised for this but the evening show ended so close to a bus home, I caught a taxi from the theatre to the bus station and with tip included that's £5 for perhaps a journey that takes a minute. But it was cold, wet, dark and better than waiting for another 75 minutes.

The concert featured Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders. Andy is probably best known to the mass public for music he performed 50 years ago as a member of the pop group Amen Corner and hits like Bend Me, Shape Me, Hello Susie, If Paradise Is Half As Nice, High In The Sky being a few.

But of course Andy has done so much more over decades as a solo artist and as part of other bands fronted by many more famous performers. Also appearing on many recordings we would not realise. The members of the Low Riders that backed him deserve credit too, the people they have appeared with is a who's who of showbiz.

I don't have many images of the night because as I have said before, I get a bit touchy about taking images when at a concert. I don't want to annoy others in the audience, most performers don't mind but I get a bit concerned that they may or that the venue may be unhappy.

I probably could get some really good images but I only snatch two or three when I can. Having said that there was a person in the front row taking what looked like some very good pictures and she wasn't stopped or seemed bothered. Two days previously in Darlington a show was delayed because a woman in the front row was continually using her phone and the comedian walked off. I haven't worked out whether she was recording video footage, images or talking on the phone from the newspaper report. The report just said that she was continually using the phone. Also this show was a try out of new material so perhaps the performer was afraid material would be leaked.

I waited until Andy came out into the reception area to sign CD's etc...but had to take a very quick picture over someone's shoulder and a post got in the way but I didn't have to time to hang around or did not want to ask for anyone to move.

We're getting to the time of life no matter how famous or infamous we are, it does not mean we're rich or rolling in it. And Andy mentioned how much he appreciated having access to a senior railcard, making getting around easy and saving money.

Also the older you get you turn up with little or no entourage as you probably did at the start of your career. I was too far away to speak to him but I believe I saw him walking down to and into the theatre(through the main doors)and he was unassuming and to be honest not recognised with a holdall. Obviously musical instruments and equipment were delivered by other means and there was some stock of equipment on stage.

Its a pretty long tour too. Lots of info on Andy's website.

Many different types of music covered, hits and much more. They were tight. Andy has played Durham before(it appears)and has promised to return but he asked the audience if we'd like him to return and the audience said "Yes!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Night Where I Am Quite Happy...

to stay up late and not bothered particularly about going to bed but not much on TV to keep my interest. I don't think it is particularly cold this evening either.

Had a good night at the music club on the town...tomorrow should be a long but fun day...have to go out no later than midday so I can see a concert at a local(ish)Community Centre, its still around 12 miles away. I wish it was nearer to where I live. Its a great place and the staff are so kind and friendly.

Then around 6pm I leave the centre and catch a bus to Durham and see Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders in concert. He has been in the music business for decades and worked with so many famous performers. He also was part of the 60's UK pop band Amen Corner who had a number of hits.

I won't be around much tomorrow. Well its today now...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Will Be Fun...

I had arranged to see a Buddy Holly Tribute night at a local club with a group of people but I have discovered the same night I have a ticket to see a famous comedian at theatre in Durham. I don't mind losing £5 but I will now have to see if I can sell/give away the ticket for the Holly night.

In my defence I will be seeing a Buddy Holly Tribute night with a friend on November 10th at the theatre in Durham as it happens.

Rarely do I get a clash of dates...I have approx 12 days to sort this out.

UPDATE:Think I have an interested party for the ticket. I'm sorry to be missing it but I cannot change  things.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bit Of A Downer Day...

Well, lets change that...it was just that I was in a reflective frame of mind and there was a lot of things on the TV and radio that were thought provoking and made you think of those who meant something to you in your life.

It ended well...I saw a terrific concert starring Clare Teal. I did not approach Clare after the concert though she looked very friendly/approachable in the foyer and I suspect she would've been more than happy to have a photo taken(even with me)but there was much chatting going on, autograph signing and selling of CD's.

A new one is being recorded this week with a big band, another has just been released of Christmas material and it looks as though another will be based on the Doris Day show that has been touring. I did not have the settings on the camera as I would've liked so to be honest Clare is not easy to make out. Had I waited until the very end of the show they all lined up and took a bow which would have been a great image.

I did not hang around as I had a bus to catch and for once a little longer to get to the bus station so it wasn't a rush. Durham City at around 9.45pm is like everywhere else quite dead to be honest with only a few people about.

I found the painkillers kept the gout at bay and only suffered an occasional twinge. However, if I don't find them I am going to go back on the garlic capsules(they don't cost much to buy)and I don't know why I thought of it but when drinking water I remembered that Barley Water was always popular so I am giving that a go. In fact I had a litre of water mixed with it this evening and kept having some.

Since my last visit to Durham I'd guess a fortnight ago outside the theatre and projected onto the building opposite I found a clock but its in word form. So I'll post some images of that too. I did all I could to try and see where the projector was and eventually found it. It is quite high indoors at the theatre and it looks as though a little square has been cut out of a partition wall and it is then shone through the glass windows. Whether it is temporary or permanent or what the reason for the new addition I have no idea.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

So How Are You Doing?

I've been out of action because of the gout. It could be caused by diet but then again medication and even not drinking enough can trigger such ailments. I'll do some monitoring of my situation over the coming month and see if it settles or I need to take it up with my consultant in approx a months time. I eat well, I always have but its a varied diet but not particularly rich. Gout was once known as a rich man's ailment. It was never seen in the working man.

It may just be yet another problem I will have to live with and allow occasional flare up's but if I can see the signs I can head off before it really takes hold.

Its quite a nice day outside...I feel I should be out there but I do not need any food/clotheso do not need to spend anything(and shouldn't)its also too late to go somewhere really interesting and really after the week I've had its not a bad idea to relax and stay put. Besides, I have a concert tomorrow night and Wednesday with vocalist Clare Teal and musician Andy Fairweather Lowe and on the Wednesday afternoon there is another little show at a community centre on the way to the main entertainment in the evening. If I am well enough.

The latest news is that hopefully all my refurbishment work has been completed in my home but my own work is only about to begin. However, the bad news is that both the microwaves I purchased have turned out to be faulty and need replacing. The store has found two(hopefully that are ok)and they are replacing them next Thursday.

As I live only two streets away from the retailer they are taking mine away and delivering the new one's to my home. One of them, steam gets between the glass panes in the door. On the other when you turn it on at the mains, the oven lights up immediately and the turntable turns but you cannot engage the microwave function.

I may have gout but I am going to try and make a nice meal later...I'm thinking vegetables and a chicken and ham hock pie(its not a very big one) The important thing is to keep eating lots of fruit and veg as I always did.

Update:I had to get out and I found some cherry juice, the best that I could find in a supermarket and I hope that it may help the gout, the one I have found is called Cherry Good. I have had a couple of home made scones, I cannot take the credit, a weak coffee and though there are some in the house and they may turn up but I got myself a new hot water bottle too.

shall take it easy for the rest of the evening and watch some TV.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A New Addition To Durham Market Place...

On September 14th a £75,000 statue was unveiled which I believe is a copy of another at the National Arboretum in  Staffordshire. It is in honour of the Durham Light Infantry. 

I will post more images here and add to the text but I thought that you may like to share this. The night before there was a screen around it and at the same moment these people dressed in military uniforms marched down the street from the direction of the Cathedral and started looking at it. I assume they were taking part in the ceremony the next day. A few people asked if they could have a photo and they posed for photo's. I managed one but thought it had failed.

By chance I found it again a couple of days ago...

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Busy Days...Sort Of...

Saturday was kind of eventful. Started with an early visit to the Dr's surgery for my annual Flu Jab. Then a friend decided that we should visit a local aquarium to look at some fish and items to put in a fish tank.

Then we called for a ticket for another friend who wants to see a tribute to Buddy Holly in a few weeks at a local club.

I came home and made myself a meal of fish and chips. I don't have Sky but access to Freesat and it decided to stop working. I am now waiting for a repair person to call to fix it. More expense. While they are here I'll get them to check the aerial and signal on the Freeview that is built into the TV. Some channels are missing or weak, may as well have everything working and sorted whilst they are here. The aerial is off direction compared to other neighbours.

Sunday wasn't so good. The gout played up...its coming and going. I did manage to get to the Bingo with my group of friends but getting in and out of the taxi wasn't easy.

On Monday the weather was atrocious but I kept my date with the afternoon bingo club and then took it easy at home.

Managed a little bit of tidying up today. But I may need some painkillers soon. Going to try another remedy I have heard of before for gout...cherry juice. Cherries are said to work too.

Update:By the gout's been hurting today...but I'll get there. Satellite fixed, new aerial and cable for Freeview...Stronger signal so they are better and I have the missing channels, did not do anything un-necessary and kept the prices down. Good long established local tradesman. I'd give him publicity but if that was a special price for me that would be unfair. But will recommend by word of mouth. All done for £45. Nice surprise.

About to have a nice meal of fish and chips, buttered bread, ketchup and vinegar. Making the effort. Next time I will add some peas.

In the time it's taken to write this paragraph, I have relief and without painkillers, guess this how it will proceed as I improve.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Think I Have Worked Out What Has Caused My Condition...

to worsen these past days...I was slow on the uptake...I have gout again...*:( sad*X( angryI don't know why that did not occur to me. I think I already was having issues but this topped it off...

My big toe was hurting in bed last night(still is)and I started thinking I eat small portions, a good mixture of fruit and veg etc...and thought what am I doing that is different? In recent days I have been having Marmite and toast.

I looked up symptoms of gout, causes and cures. And guess what one of the causes can be...Marmite! I like it but it doesn't like me*:(( cryingI probably can have it but will have to ration how much and how often I do.

I am fortunate that I can stay close to home at present and that the work around my home has ended so I can take it easy and rest so I am not doing any tidying until I feel able to.

Yes, I need carpets laid/curtains and decorating done but the two most untidy rooms I can avoid and close the doors on them. They are the worst because the carpets have been ruined to be honest. The bathroom/toilet are ok, they just need some curtains. But with frosted glass, nothing can be seen. I have placed a new mat and towels in the bathroom. Curtains will help keep the house warmer...I am thinking of lined curtains through the house.

The Kitchen needs curtains and possibly a blind rehanging. I am thinking of putting down runners on the floor to keep the tiled floor easier to clean, stop further damage but as they are fitting a new back door in approx. a week and more tidying up will be required afterwards I do not need to rush that work.

The Dining Room needs a little work and carpet/curtains but not much else, it only has a Dining Table/Chairs and the Tumble Drier. The lounge I will get rid of the present old suite of furniture and replace it, curtains and carpet, some painting.

The hall and landing need carpet/curtains and a little bit of touching up.