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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How A Retailer Can Spoil Your Day...

It started off as not too bad a day but now I'm not so sure...

The taxi arrived on time to take me for my blood tests at the Dr's surgery. The taxi driver as always courteous and helpful.

The technician who took my blood, the same, pleasant and had time for me and if anything was ahead on the appointment time.

This is too good to be true...ahhh, but I had not reckoned on the collecting of my prescription...

I hate naming and shaming...it's not my style and I see it as taking advantage but what the heck...

Once again, Boots the Chemists messed me around. I've always had good service but this past year I have had enough incidents to result in too many times where there have been hiccups in collecting my medication.

I requested blood pressure tablets 9 days ago. After approx 15 minutes, no joy. So much for having the facility to have items collected on your behalf from the Dr's surgery and ready for collection to make life easier. Blood pressure tablets are appropriate medication dealing with this place.

I have another prescription to collect at the end of the week, let's hope that goes smoothly.

They questioned whether I have to pay for my prescriptions...I explained that I have never ever paid for my prescriptions and not going into detail here I have to sign a box on the back of the prescription form to relate to a particular benefit I receive.

Of late, the definition of that benefit appears to have changed, one box relates to if you are looking for work, another is for those not working(and you are helped because savings are limited)that is as close as I can get to the definition I have always ticked in the past.

I had to wait to sign the back of the prescription form etc...I was told that they would do it but the attitude of the assistant left much to be desired and it was though I was to blame for any mix up and for causing the problems and by her expression, she was obviously disgruntled.

It's not my fault if their system is flawed. The problem lies I think in how they are using a new procedure to log the prescriptions into the system.

You could not have a better and more well behaved customer than myself, having worked with the public and knowing how they can be strange, I am more likely to be on the shop assistant's side but seemingly every time I go into this branch of Boots, something is missing, or the prescription isn't ready and so on.

I am seriously wondering if I will have to take my custom elsewhere and whether I may get better service from another pharmacy. And whether I am hated for doing doing so, I am at the stage where I am thinking of complaining. And hang the consequences. But chances are I'll not bother. The truth, I am concerned at the time trying to sort matters out but I am calm and collected and I just cannot get worked up over such matters. Besides I can moan on here.

The other week I found half my prescription was missing and I'd struggled to the other part of town so I could finish my shopping trip and come home. Finding this out so I had to go all the way back Boots to pick up items they had not given me because by the time I would've completed my shopping where I was now located, they would be closed and the drugs they had not given me, I was about to run out of. Then, I still had to then go back to the other end of the town(at my extra cost)because I was spent energy wise and needed a taxi. I have decided that I will always look to see that everything is there when I collect in future instead of taking it on trust. It appears that prescriptions come in as a batch.

If your medication is spread over a number of prescriptions forms, you'd still think they'd put the prescription forms together with a paper clip or a staple so they know how many items are for you. So one or more items are not left behind.

Yesterday, they kept asking if I had ordered two items(I had only requested one)the mix up after I was home suggests the problem was that I ordered one drug but the Dr's surgery had made the prescription up of two boxes of tablets of different values 4mg and 2mg because I now take 6mg each day. But as they were on the same prescription form and part of the same order, that to me counts as one transaction. So that to me is still an error on the dispensing chemists part. But either way I cannot be blamed for the mix up and how they interpret their stock control.

To top everything off, my mobility has been restricted still further as the ligament trouble really is giving me serious problems and I must try to avoid any possibility of me going onto the ground as I cannot guarantee that I can get up off the floor again. I need to use my upper body and arms to lean or push my the rest of my body to raise myself up.

I am unable to put any weight on my left leg and that means I cannot straighten or bend it with out a lot of pain behind the knee and unless I suddenly feel something move and hear the knee joint move a certain way and it clunks into place I am stuck. What a job I had to get upstairs, dragging myself around and using my arms to get around. I had to hop around.

I suspect that my knee joints which have been swollen and large for many years have resulted in over stretching of the ligaments plus a trick I do to get my hernia back into place does mean that I have to move my left leg into certain positions which I think also adds to the over stretching of both the joint and ligament.

I am resting but even that is not too easy as I am having(I assume its the medication and an imbalance of chemicals in the body)to move around every so often due to various cramp like feelings in my feet and hands. And apart from it wearing off itself, the only way to stop it, is to sit up or move around.

Thank heavens I have nothing planned for the days ahead and if I can rest for the next few days hopefully this will allow for some healing or improvement of the situation.

Makes you wonder what will happen next.

Update:I collected my Prescription today(1st August)and all is well. Straight into Boots and out...

Well, not quite...I have transferred the tablets into a container(each box contains 28 tablets on two trays of 14)and when I came to the last box and...it only contains 14 tablets(though the label on the box says it contains 28)So once more they've got it wrong again. So does this mean that I now have to open each box when I go to collect a prescription?

I will now have to phone tomorrow to see whether they'll give me the missing 14 tablets. I could let it go but then that means that I will be asking for my next prescription earlier than I should and they might wonder why.

(2nd August)Apologies given and they will have the other 14 tablets(when I next go in)They've made a note...They think I was given a split box where it was half full and it had not been marked on the box that it was half full. I might've been more unhappy if I had not had enough tablets to last me to save going out specially but it's not so bad if you can call in as you happen to be passing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What A Lazy Day...

Well, not really...but I could understand someone thinking that...

I went to bed around Midnight last evening, fell asleep and since then I have practically been out for the count apart from managing to drag myself out of bed for a small meal and a little bit of time on here I just do not seem to be able to wake up at all...hopefully tomorrow I'll be more with it.

I do not spend much time on here, I can't remain comfortable for too long as I once did. Tasks are more where I set something away and leave the 'puter doing its own thing.

I'm resting and doing no one any harm.

I've had to rest for another reason, I think I have pulled or strained a ligament in my leg so have had to rub in Movelat Gel to ease it. If I manage to get down to do anything, you have never seen such a carry on to try and get back up on my feet. The pain is excruciating and if I could not use my arms to support my body I'm not sure I could even get up. Whilst doing so I really know that I have done something.

So it's a time for doing as little as possible...I couldn't even if I wanted to. And maybe it's just me but with an electric fan going at full power and a window open it is so hot.

If this is anything like that injury footballers and athlete's suffer from when it is mentioned in the media I can fully understand why they have to stop training or playing their sports for weeks/months.

I have to keep some of my identity secret(Otherwise I'd post it)but I have an image of how I was in healthier times and one I took only a few weeks ago...allowing for my getting older, the difference between the two images are frightening. What the condition/treatment has done. No one would ask to be like this deliberately.

If/when the steroids are reduced and go back to something reasonably normal in appearance I can understand people thinking you are OK but no one knows what is going on inside and how quickly the condition can and will flare up. How the condition can affect you and equally the effects of the drugs that are supposed to control or cure the condition.

Thankfully, my mental attitude remains positive.

I Found This Little Chap In My Garden The Other Day

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I hope he'll survive...I think it's a young Black Bird as I have seen an adult male moving around him/her at various times...at this point it has shown no fear of me and you can get really close. Unfortunately the photo's are not as good as I hoped because of my tremor and to get a decent photo I had to use digital zoom that picks up any movement and magnifies it. But I thought they were worth posting...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can I Have A Cookie?

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I've discovered some biscuits I'm looking forward to trying(well you have to treat yourself now and again)

We don't go mad on biscuits but we like a good dunk in our tea or coffee. Tending to stick to plain biscuits like Malted Milk but occasionally it's nice to have something special...I spotted these so...

American style cookies...I think having had a quick feel each packet contains 10 cookies.

Another discovery :-)

Nothing more interesting to say for now...unless you live in the UK and wish to try them next time you go shopping in that certian supermarket.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can You Hear Me Mother?

It's a minor irritation and I'm going to feel guilty saying this. I love her dearly. Mum is not always able to hear what is said, I expect the same will be true for many of us in the future.

If I don't speak up I have to repeat myself. The drugs I am on can affect the voice so I have to speak up sometimes to be heard. She'll tell me I am speaking too loud. She is the only person to say this.

If I talk quietly, I get tired of having to say it all again. If I can get away with it, I try to give shorter answers to save time but that can make me seem short.

It sounds as though I am complaining but I'm not really...and maybe as and when I improve this will become better.

I know that she doesn't always catch what is said on TV or in a conversation such as today with the Dr's and Consultants at the hospital where I have just returned from and I have to tell what was said whilst we were there.

The results and readings continue to go in the right direction(if slowly)I have not been reduced tablet wise this time but it is hoped that I can reduce the steroids still further at the next appointment. The blood continues to improve. And though I am still losing protein in my urine, I am retaining more in my blood and it appears that is where it should be, they do not like to see it being lost when I have a "wee!"

My Createnine readings have improved too.

Cholesterol is still a concern and a statin tablet was suggested as a solution but when I mentioned my concern that once you are on them, you are for life and I was not too sure I should take them as yet, the idea was not pushed. He also admitted that my readings are coming down and probably will continue to improve as I reduce medication. So a statin may not be required.

It may not be much but I have had readings of 11 and today it was 10.5(OK not much improvement)but it's in the right direction.

I mentioned that I am eating more fruit "Could I over do that?" The answer was no...I mentioned eating Garlic(well, taking Garlic tablets)no problem there. And then I mentioned(see earlier blog entry and newspaper article)the drinking of Green Tea...straight away he seemed OK with that and mentioned it's antioxidant properties and said he had no problems me drinking it. I told him about it widening the arteries after drinking it and that helps clear the cholesterol(I don't know if he knew about that)but perhaps all these measures are having an effect after all.

It certainly isn't having a bad effect.

The only blot on the landscape is that my blood pressure reading was higher than normal. He took it three times.

He said it is nothing to worry about and again, it could improve as my medication reduces and I start to lose weight and hopefully the water retention goes down.

Another reason to avoid that statin tablet a little while longer?

Perhaps there is some benefit in eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, cereal and porridge, chicken, fish and turkey and drinking green tea after all. Having that varied diet. Now, I wonder if I should look into that Beetroot juice? Was I meant to read that article(mentioned in an earlier blog entry)

Now we have an article on the benefits of Black Tea I know my blog at present gives an impression of reading and perhaps believing or becoming obsessed with all these health studies but I honestly do not sit there going over everything. I pick up little bits here and there which suggest I am using common sense. As I always say, it's a case of everything in moderation and if you like something don't denie yourself. I tend to find I do something and then find out official advice agrees with me.

Update:Well you knew that I'd try and buy some Black Tea on my next shopping trip. I can get umpteen Green Teas, varities like Earl Grey, fruit infusions mixed with tea but Black Tea...no! So I may have to wait until I order online or happen to be in a shop where it's available.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's All At The Co-Op Now...

So went the TV advertisement slogan of years ago...

And just maybe it is from now on...

We're in the middle of a bad period economy wise(You could argue depending on your situation)that's nothing new. But prices on the high street are up especially on the essentials that we need to survive such as food, heating, fuel etc...(Of course you'll always find bargains at any time)but you find yourself asking will I part with my money on anything that is not a luxury.

We are, locally, if you allow for having your own transport, access to public transport/taxi's well served for food stores, as many are within a 4-7 miles radius of where I live and a little bit further up the road you can access really large supermarkets attached to large towns in the North East.

And many have satellite(smaller)branches within the footprint of the larger stores)offering the basics that you could run out of. Not forgetting ordering goods online. So all the major players are there. Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Tesco's, ASDA, Co-op(I bet I forget some)and of course the discount stores such as Aldi, Lidl and Netto.

But today finally, Sommerfield succumbed to a takeover bid from the Co-op and now will be known as the Co-op. As yet I am unsure if this means the logo and name disappears for good or the Co-op will be running the whole business but the some will retain the Sommerfield colours and logo.

We had a Sommerfield in our town for many years and it was big enough to serve us well, prices and choices were good enough for most of the townsfolk and then...Tesco's arrived. And the customer base did dip. Which eventually meant that for a variety of reasons Sommerfield decided to pull out. It was said to be due to disagreements over the lease of the property from the owners of the shopping centre and the lack of trade due the new player on the block sealed it's fate.

So for a couple of years we've had an empty retail unit sitting there doing nothing. No competition to speak of, you have to go to Tesco's.

Now, we hear from a variety of places that a new retailer will be taking on this empty building before Christmas, it's speculation so still could fail but it would appear it is a branch of a national retailer that sells a mixture of items of general goods from gardening tools to stationery(Wilkinsons)but we already have two similar stores in town selling similar goods so it's more of the same diluting the market which in turn may see the existing stores profits suffer and we don't need another store like them. Besides, they will be practically next door to each other.

So though I hope and wish the new acquisition will be a success between the Co-op and Sommerfield, for me it is a pity that this did not happen sooner and maybe had it done so the Co-op might've decided to stay in our town and keep a presence in the town offering an alternative food store for the population that lives here. I fear for us it is too late.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not...

Anyway you can prolong and save the Earth's resources has to be a good thing and so to suggest eating less and more healthily and reduce the throwing away of food waste holds some merit but to be lectured to by our Prime Minister is patronising.

And we know full well that it is highly unlikely that many of those in the Government will be walking around the local shops or supermarket where most of the UK's population do their weekly shop. And there's an explanation straight away...

In the "Old" days...the male was out working, "The" wife or partner was at home home often not working but if she held a job she would also be out having to buy the food and preparing the meals as well as keeping the home running.

Now time is for many tight...for many it is a case of hopping into a car and going to a large supermarket and doing a weekly shop. You are(even if you have a plan of what you need)trying to gauge what you think you will eat for the next 7 days. Food is different and much of it is treated to give it a longer shelf life. Having promoted the of eating healthy and fresh produce more to avoid obesity, we are also changing what we choose to eat so "Chilled" food has become more popular than frozen even though frozen has many benefits associated with it. Again, chilled will not have as long a life as canned or a frozen meal.

To cover themselves legally, many products require a Best Before or Use By Date. In reality, you probably can eat items if properly stored after that date by a couple of days without any risk to your health whatsoever but many in this day and age will see a date on something or read that it has to be used within 48 hours opening and throw it out even though it is perfectly safe to use after the date. I've started to allow a little bit of give and take on whether I eat something after the date and so far...so good. I use my sense of sight and taste. Others(can also add smell to that)

We also have something that our parents/grand parents maybe did not have that changes things and that's access to a fridge and/or freezer. Years ago all you had was a a pantry usually with a kind of stone shelf that was coldish. Or you had in the early days of using ice to keep things cold, a person actually calling with a block of ice.

In telling the rest of us how we should shop and what we should do to cut down on waste, the Government should've realised that someone, somewhere would try and see how Government departments fare regarding being wasteful. In the past when they've told us to switch our lights off and use less power, Government buildings have had lights on all night in offices which are empty and computers and other office equipment has been left running and again, figures have been obtained by the median and the Shadow cabinet regarding how much food is thrown away and whilst some figure have been found, others suggest that the waste is massive but no records have been kept.

Such figures have been quoted on radio and TV news bulletins but having looked through many newspapers online today I am having difficulty finding an appropriate article to link to. The best I can do at present is the following which does have a little piece on Government waste. I will change things later when possible.

There are plenty of articles about Supermarket waste which may be fair or unfair depending on the stance of the newspapers concerned and who is being quoted(whether they belong to some pressure group)or some organisation with an interest in the food industry.

Another aspect being criticised is the fact that food is too cheap. That is relevant to how much income you have coming in. I'd love to live on luxury food and afford the very best but as my income will never be that high I want to know and hope that I can get reasonably high quality food(not junk)at a price that I can afford and again, officials in power that are earning high salaries can afford to say avoid cheap produce but I'm afraid, if I can be offered food that offers quality and taste and hopefully keeps me fit and healthy and prices are kept low, I will go for it every time.

An example would be that the Buy One Get One Free wastes food because you are unable to eat all that you buy. Possibly but it is a way for some families to get more for their money and means it halves the amount spent and if you have a family it's more likely you will use everything and not throw it out. Obviously, if you live alone or there are only a couple of you
it's commonsense that you probably will not manage to avoid some waste. To stop such offers on a blanket basis seems unfair. If you have family or friends or a neighbour you know well perhaps you can share such an offer or spread the cost between you.

And again on the radio we've been hearing today of some meeting that had officials from Government advising us to tighten our belts and avoid food waste etc...and then they've all sat down to an eighteen course banquet of the best and most expensive food imaginable.

What's that saying? Do as I say, not as I do?

Supermarkets are urged to bin the wasteful BOGOFs

World leaders enjoy 18-course banquet

I'm Cautious...

About many things and do all I can not to be taken in by hype that can turn out to be untrue but...the following appears in the Daily Telegraph newspaper today and I suspect as a National Paper it will be careful to promote or advise readers to partake in anything that could be dodgy.

Therefore, as I have a medical condition that means I have a very high cholesterol reading of 11. something or other and I try to eat healthily to reduce this(plus take a daily blood pressure tablet)I am seriously thinking of ordering some of this product. I hope my local supermarket may consider stocking it because otherwise it would mean a taxi ride(adding £20 to any I buy)and a round trip of 14 miles.

The only good news is that I can order online direct from the manufacturer but the minimum I can order including delivery is 12 bottles at a cost of £31. That seems a lot of money to part with but broken down I suppose we're talking approx £2.50 a bottle. Then it does not seem quite so bad. I know it's not really the case but ordering direct, avoiding the taxi fare almost makes it look as though I am actually only paying £7 for the juice. Of course I have not decided that I will order. And if Beetroot is so good maybe buying some and eating it, any should be beneficial(and cheaper too)

Should I do so...I will of course let you know and...review it. As for whether I feel any benefit, that can only be known by having tests done by the medical profession who can then tell me if I can stop "taking the tablets!"


James White Drinks

I have no connection with any of the above and I am not saying that you should purchase any of these items but I found it interesting.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Now How Easy Is That?

I'm not lazy when it comes to cooking. My health problems can affect how easily you can prepare meals and help is always gratefully received. But I'm talking in general terms now. There have been many programmes on television and Government projects suggesting that much of the public in the UK live on takeaways and what is often classed as "Junk" food. The term is misleading in many ways because food of high quality but that can be prepared in minutes often gets wrongly classed in the same category.

I suspect is that it depends who makes the food product and how much of what is seen as being harmful ingredients being added which would be for me high levels of salt and/or certain fats. To automatically condemn many foods because they have preservatives added to allow longer shelve life is a little unfair.

The biggest problem is probably a lack of exercise due to the fact that many jobs are stationary where you sit behind a desk for hours and hours and then have to travel great distances to get there.

And even those who think they have a healthy lifestyle are not helping matters, at the local leisure centre in town I see people going in to exercise or supervise the public and they have all the appropriate gear and clothes to suggest being fit and then you see in their hand a takeaway and a bottle of soda for a snack. I think you can get too sanctimonious about what you can and cannot eat. Everything(unless you have a medical condition)in moderation is the best watch word.

The biggest worry is those who claim they cannot cook a simple meal. To use an egg as an example, how many dishes can you make from one simple egg? All you need is to use your eyes and a bit of common sense.

Or if you can afford one decent quality product from a supermarket(and follow the instructions)how difficult is it to add some frozen or prepared fresh vegetables thus getting your recommended portion of fruit and vegetables for vitamin and mineral content and fibre.

As a treat tonight we enjoyed...New Potatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Baby Carrots and Chicken Breast in Madeira Sauce with close cap Mushrooms marinated in Thyme, Roasted Onions. How long did it take from start to finish?

Main part of the meal approx 25 minutes(just put in the oven)The potatoes in a pan of boiling water for approx 20 minutes(and just make certain the water doesn't boil dry)and the same with the vegetables and they only take about 10 minutes. As long as you set the first two items off at the same time and the last approx 10 minutes before they have finished cooking, everything is ready at the same time. But if you get the timing slightly wrong most things will remain hot if placed in a glass dish and covered with a lid so the rest of the meal will catch up.

Unfortunately, many people claim that they are ignorant when it comes to food but with so many programmes on TV making food fun and not necessarily pushing the most complicated dishes there really is little excuse but then again with modern society often having parents out working as soon as their children are old enough to attend some kind of school or nursery, for many families the fun of being with your Mum or Dad in the kitchen and watching or helping them bake a cake or whatever has been lost.

And many families do not have the time or can be bothered to make the effort to show their children some simple dishes. Some children are happy just to come to the table or have the food brought to them, all prepared.

And for whatever reason many schools that used to teach some basic cooking skills to pupils have let their teachers go or change to other subjects and many of the rooms that were used were changed by turning them into ordinary classrooms and removing the equipment.

And when I went to school, cookery lessons were aimed at girl students(not both sexes)as if boys never have to feed themselves.

And how easy was this? I decided that I should use my fruit so it is not wasted. So I followed the meal with a fresh fruit salad of Cherries, Banana, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and Grapes and unlike something I have done in the past(putting sugar on the Strawberries and Blueberries)usually because of sometimes some fruit being a little tart...I avoided doing so and found I was able to eat it exactly as it was. And it tasted great.

So that was a healthy meal to me. And where I have added fruit to my Breakfast, I think I can see an alternative dish now where I may start the day with a bowl of fresh fruit. I was asked if I could get through all the fruit I have purchased. I may just do that after all or get pretty close to doing so.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Possible Benefits Of Green Tea...

Blog entry should follow...That's the plan(If I can remember what I was going to say)Meantime...Here's the Article...Click On The Link.

If nothing else I'll tell you what I think of the taste but before drinking it...I imagine it will probably have a very mild or non-existent flavour and only be drunk for it's health giving properties.

Update:What can I tell you? I have drunk my first mug of Green Tea(No milk or sugar added)Not unpleasant, no particular flavour detected to speak of but perhaps that's me(I don't have a strong sense of smell)and they say the sense of smell affects how you taste your food and wines.

I think I can detect enough of something there, that makes it taste more than just boiled water. I am happy to continue with the experiment. I can say that I did not miss adding milk to the tea.

I also have a second variety to hand now...with added Lemon...now at 47p for 25 tea bags and up to two pints possible from one tea bag isn't that value for money?

Green Tea

And since the above this story has been issued for what it's worth...

Black Tea

Friday, July 04, 2008

What Was Meant To Be A Quick Trip And Then Home To Rest...

Took longer than planned and became a major shopping trip yesterday...but I was so slow...and I had to sit down whenever possible and take care of some personal matters(which I won't go into here)earlier blog entries give details of what they happen to be. And I was helped by my regular helper at the supermarket who always offers to pack my shopping away for me(without me asking for help)and the Taxi Driver who brings everything up to my front door.

Upon getting home, most of the night I was tired.

But with no room in the freezer and I have topped up my provisions cupboard of stable foods like soups, baked beans, tinned fruit, mayonnaise(I found some new varieties manufactured by Heinz, one with Garlic and another with Tomatoes)etc...but it was a day for mainly buying fresh produce.

And discovering some new tastes along the way and asking why have I waited until now.

I was until a few years ago a person that avoided Strawberries...now I love 'em. And I have made up for lost time.

Well, friends of mine on a forum have been talking about cherries, so I took the plunge and bought my first yesterday. They are lovely. I now find myself asking why have I never ever thought of buying any before. What put me off?

Was it the price? The fact you have to get a stone out of the fruit? The fact that up to now I have only ever eaten the kind of cherry you have included in a tin of fruit cocktail or added to a cocktail? Well, I'll certainly be having some more.

Oh, I was about to buy my grapes and though a bit more expensive, I saw some already packaged and including two types...green and I think the others are red(though to me they look brown to me)Now, once again being more adventurous of late I am going to admit that I actually think I prefer the taste of these red grapes to those I have always purchased(the green one's)they seem sweeter. And I do prefer, as these are, small grapes to those really large one's.

So with my cereal today for Breakfast I have probably managed to eat two portions of the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. And though people claim it's difficult to do, it's so easy.

Also, the supermarket chain that I have to use has reduced all salad and a lot of fresh vegetables in price and in the case of salad items practically every item you can think of that you need to make a salad costs no more than 50p each. So if this can be done now, even if profit margins are squeezed I hope it continues. The extra business of customers should mean that in reality profits will still be up.

Otherwise consumers will be driven further away to the discount stores where basic foods are at low, low prices. Which if you have access to transport and live where such stores are they will take the business. I am all for such stores and wish we had one on our town(I know they offer quality)but as they stick to popular lines, variety of choice might suffer.

On my trip I treated Mum and myself to a variety of soup that I have not tried before(you'll remember we tried Cream Of Asparagus a few days ago)and I said it was reasonably nice and probably most enjoyable on a cold Winter's night.

Well, I purchased a can of Baxters Luxury Broccoli, Stilton and Smokey Bacon soup. And after packing all the shopping away and it being late in the day, it turned out that I had missed lunch and it had come around to teatime. So we had that. It was really tasty. You felt good whilst eating it and equally as good afterwards. In fact you did not want to spoil things by eating or drinking anything immediately afterwards. So I took to my bed to rest and just enjoy the feeling of having eating something so lovely.

Later in the evening we kept things very simple by having a fried egg, a little ham, some oven chips and using the remainder of the sauce we had used over the Tortellini earlier in the week over the chips, we made that do and that too was very tasty. So there's some really good meals we've enjoyed of late and no effort at all.

Amongst a number of other items being promoted and being offered at discount or half price I found a packet of Bird's Eye Fish Fingers...but not just any old Fish Finger's, oh no...but a limited edition where they have a hint of Lemon added. So something else to deliver a verdict on.

And finally, a real treat for myself, I managed to find a long sleeved light blue shirt with a fine white stripe and a soft texture reduced from £8 to £4 and some base ball caps officially licenced and promoting Formula1 Racing and I really thought should I buy or shouldn't I as they were priced at £7. I decided to go ahead...when I reached the checkout and paid the hat was not £7 but had been reduced to £1.75 so I returned and purchased a second in the other colour available so I have one in red and one in black and I have saved £11. It is made of a soft material and both also had a keyring with Formula1 logo made of metal and enamel. So I have given the spare one to Mum for her house key.

So, all in all it was a good day. And with all the cupboards and fridge/freezer packed I can avoid having to go out for many days and avoid wearing myself out.

Isn't it great to be happy with such simple things in life?

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Listen To The Music...

So The Doobie Brothers said...

And I've been doing that for decades. Just about anything goes and I'll try most genres of music. But I have to say that I am discovering as much music of the past as I am what's being produced now.

I find myself wondering what I have missed all these years. I keep hearing new songs that are anything but and cover versions of originals or originals which I thought the covers were the originals.

Sadly, I'll never be around or have the money to hear all this fabulous material or own it and acquire it for my personal collection.

But I am also finding out that many of the bands I listened to as I grew up had line-ups that were so inter changeable it's only when you start to dig around the Internet, books, magazines and listen to the documentaries that are now starting to air on radio, you realise how certain performers and artists have always been there and part of your life. And how many of them are still there performing in some way and often sounding as good, well into their dotage.

Equally, thanks to a "Live" session that aired on BBC6 Music at 4am(of all times)yesterday I heard The Steve Miller Band and remembered how back in the 70's I enjoyed quite a lot of that band's music. And I suddenly thought in all this time I have never ever seen what Steve Miller looks like or know anything about him.

He has an official website full of images and information and is still performing, being recognised as part of the music business and being given awards. And from the images alone I get the impression, he really enjoys performing and he has open face suggesting that he's a nice guy. I guess he has nothing left to prove.

I welcome access to all this information on all the bands and performers that I can view and find out answers to questions or see information I did not know of. I will dip my toe into it occasionally but to avoid becoming an anorak, I am going to take the advice of the Doobies and "Listen To The Music" that's what matters and speaks volumes and I could never hope to remember half of what I am reading, I would suffer from information overload.