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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is a Blog?

Have I covered this before? If I have...I am sorry. But I think it is as I said when I started this journey, a place where we are able to post our ideas, memories, thoughts and perhaps if we were to go back in time we would find that views we once held and posted have changed. But also, how much of what is posted can we believe?

Is it a place where fantasies and make believe can be written? How many are using Blogs as a confession and if so how much of ourselves are we giving away? Are we writing our blogs for ourselves or do we really like the idea that someone is secretly reading what we are thinking?
I suppose in my own case being a person that does not get out much these days if I was to try and work out why I may do this perhaps I feel that's my way of being a part of society and having my voice heard.

I do seem to talk mainly about news and media matters but in time these probably will give clues to my personality and who I am and in full flight of expressing my opinions I may say something a little more personal.

I decided to post this after reading some blogs, that set me thinking. I decided to look around before getting down to some serious writing as its been quite some time since I did so. So I better get my skates on and commence writing...