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Sunday, April 17, 2016

I Now Have Someone Online Helping Me...

with speed issues and thinks some of what I have spent I need not have, thinks I may be able to up my speed from what it is at present. Even though I am not using a fibre connection. I'm stuck though because I cannot get into the router to find out the info he needs to know. The password(them again)what I am sure he gave me does not get me into the router but he is due to visit again tomorrow or Tuesday so I'll ask him then.

In the meantime I'll keep flogging away at trying to sort out this blog. Its still the only problem that remains sorting.

Painful night in bed...knees hurting and toes on the right foot. I tried to avoid going out but had to in the end just to the supermarket for a few items. Was only there 10 minutes but a ten min walk(both ways)took 50 minutes.

Bingo tonight. Otherwise I've had a lazy Sunday afternoon. I dressed for a bad weather day and found it was quite warm and sunny.

I treated myself to a laptop case whilst I was out.

Going to have a coffee anyhow.


Anonymous Virgin Queen said...

Hiya Gildy!
Re the painful knees in bed. I find that placing a spare pillow under my knees, while in bed, helps a lot. It's certainly worth a try.

It looks as if Summer has come to London. It's a really lovely day. Let's hope it's here to stay.

19 April 2016 at 15:28  
Blogger The Great Gildersleeve said...

How annoying is that I have your contact details in that locked e-mail account that I cannot access. You can try and send your e-mail addy if you wish so I can save it to the new account. It hasn't worked for my other friend. I haven't quite worked out why. It has in the past.

I hope that you are well and thank you for your suggestion X

Sun is out here so I will soon consider pulling the garden into shape. If it means spending be it. While I have some ;-)

19 April 2016 at 15:59  

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