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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Have My DAB Adaptor...

so my radio is working again :smiley:  I have new software installed too and thanks to the helpful people on the ISP's forum and someone in the technical dept my internet speed has increased(and no I don't know what it all means)by 6mpbs so I now have a speed of nearer 14mpbs rather than 8mpbs as it has been these past days and drop outs on the line seem to have ceased.

There is a possibility I may gain a little more speed in the days to come but I will happily accept any extra I can get.

Interestingly enough(and they computer experts don't always get it right)the suggestion is that my repairman is wrong to suggest the reasons he did for the slow speeds I am getting. So you do wonder if some of what I have purchased in recent days were necessary. But now I have them they will not harm my use of the internet and eventually I will absorb the costs. They may even enhance the experience.

So on top of the expense of my laptop and tablet...I spent an extra £87 on a router, power line adaptors, an internal power pack and a tower to plug all the computers and drives into. For his time(and many visits and installing of software)he's charged around £99.

And I added an extra £114 on extra's myself. By buying some cordless phones(I can remove the old handsets now if I so wish)a laptop case, a wallet for my tablet, a wireless mouse of an old desktop, a wireless keyboard and mouse for this desktop, a wireless mouse for the laptop.

As I may've said the line phone rental is due soon but luckily I had money originally meant to pay last year's TV license sitting on the credit card so this year I'll use it to pay the phone and I only have to find another £25. I'm still paying but its almost like getting it for free.

I did not need the virus software the shop sold me when I purchased the laptop and tablet so the money I spent on that paid for some of the above and that cancelled some of the expense.

I guess overall I have done OK. And in reality all the internet is costing me is around 51p per day. Its just the initial cost. What can you do for such a small amount of money?

I've already paid my TV license for the year too.

Hopefully I will stop going on and on about technical issues now and get back to the blog(maybe get some images up on it again)tell you about any trips I have out and save the site so I don't have to start it all off again.

I am debating whether to go and see a play tonight in Durham. I usually go on opening night(you get a discount on the ticket price)but I was at the Bingo on Sunday, Music Clubs Monday and Tuesday, tomorrow its Bingo again, Weekend Big Bands, Jazz and Food Festival possibly music on Friday so I only have tonight to see it.


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