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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is It Good To Be An Observant Neighbour?

And know what's going on around you? Or is it a case of being a nosey neighbour or a curtain twitcher? When do we become one? Does it come with age?

I ask because I realise that I know who my neighbours are and see some of what's going on but in general I am not any the wiser what they get up to in their daily lives.

But my Mum seems to know who is a regular visitor and has it all sorted as to what their relationships are.

Who lives where and so on...and all the trivia that it entails. But if you mention this, you'll get a denial that she knows any of what's going on and probably an angry reaction to suggest that she's interested in such a way.

It's so unimportant. Fortunately, it's so quiet around here so nothing really happens(as far as we know)

But if the police ask for help with their enquiries perhaps she's the very person they'd like to obtain information from.

And you know...just maybe the following story makes the point that yes, it is good to be a neighbour who knows what is going on around you and though rare stopping such a story from happening makes it worth while but I'm unsure that anyone could stop something so horrific taking place.

Daughter's tearful reunion with mother 24 years after she was locked away

It Becomes Much Clearer Now...

As to why things have changed and more rubbish is being recycled and in a different way using the green recycle haversacks.

A new company has been awarded the contract and during the transition some of the regular lorries that are collecting refuse are being hired or on loan from the previous waste management company.

This was mentioned in the latest edition of the town's free sheet. Until I read the article I had no idea. Then again, the change has only happened in the last few weeks.

I thought we had two companies taking care of two different types of collection. I had not realised one was being "wound up" in effect.

I Don't Take As Many Photographs As I'd Like To...

And probably should address matters.

However, some time ago on another Blog entry I mentioned being told by a trolley pusher at a Supermarket to stop taking photo's. We discussed who has the right to ask you not to take an image.

Where are you allowed to take photo's? What can be considered private or public land? Is any allowance to be made in the light of terrorism and does the taking of an image compromise public safety? Or are we going "Over The Top?" I'm liable to suggest that we are. At a time where the UK is said to have more close circuit TV watching our every move than many other countries across the World including the USA.

In my own incident I was told to stop but not delete the images or have the camera confiscated or be marched off somewhere and if I had not said that I would stop I wonder if any of these options would've come into play. If they were legal. With a decent camera, all you do is move off the land, if private and take the image from public land using a zoom lens.

There always has been(possibly)a grey area where a member of public could stray into a picture and permission is kind of required of that person but isn't that more if the image is to be published in some way? Of course photo's in the public arena has been muddied by the debate that children are at risk from paedophiles but I'd temper that by saying the real "nasty" side of that does not involve a chance image one might catch in public where a child is riding a bike or walking. Singing at the school in a Christmas Concert. A little commonsense is required. The bad stuff will be hidden from the mass public.

Well, I was listening to BBC Radio 4 today and the programme iPM concentrates on matters attaining to the web and blogs in particular. Most programmes are available to be heard online for 7 days after airing.

Someone had contacted the programme about being stopped in the street whilst taking photographs.

The blog of the programme asked the following...

"So is this a golden age for British street photography? Not according to the amateur photographers and bloggers who have been setting the, er, photosphere alight with stories of detentions, cautions and forced deletion's of their pictures by police officers, PCSOs and wardens.

Labour MP Austin Mitchell filed an Early Day Motion last month condemning police actions that prevent lawful street photography and calling for clarification of the law. It's attracted over 150 signatures in the Commons.

Photography in public places is perfectly legal, but anti-terrorism and child protection legislation have muddied the waters somewhat and according to what is and isn't allowed."

iPM Blog Link

So it will be interesting to see whether the law and how it's interpreted will possibly change in the coming months and whether any actual changes are required. It may all come down to over zealous officials having to be a little less officious.

Austin who has had a long career in television before becoming an MP admitted to having got into photography in a big way and always has a camera on his person, that two security people had approached him when he was taking photo's of a beach and attempted to stop him.

Austin Mitchell MP

News Story

Friday, April 25, 2008

If I Say Things Continue To Improve...

It may give the impression that I am cured. My condition needs controlling and stabilising.

I suspect it's for life. It will flare up and deteriorate over time. But thanks to strong drugs and the fact that I am fortunately responding to treatment. I can happily say that having attended my hospital appointment earlier today, I am continuing to go in the right direction. Which is that I am still around.

Unfortunately, it's all down to the Immune System going haywire. And such conditions cannot be explained why they happen, you have to deal with and try and halt them worsening.

Steroids though wonderful, they prefer you to reduce your dosage as soon as possible(even though you cannot come off them immediately)if you no longer take them, you still have to tell any Dr or medical person you see that you were on them even after a year. They are that powerful.

It is preferred that you be off them totally but some people have to be on them for life at the lowest dosage possible.

I am monitored for Liver Function, Full Blood Count, Bone, Urea and Electrolytes.(This test measures the functioning of your kidneys and the level of various salts in the body)It may also highlight dehydration after diarrhoea illness or vomiting. It may give clues as to how well kidneys are working.

Treatment would be changed accordingly.

Once more the decision has been made to try and reduce the amount I take daily. I will be seen in four weeks instead of two(as far as I can see this is due to the fact that medical staff are on holiday leave and the clinics are very busy at present)

For the past ten years I have been seen by my Consultant but these past few months, I have been seen by other staff that have been brought in to handle extra appointments and on occasions my Consultant has not seen me at all or fleetingly. Though he is advising them what I should be doing.

Blood pressure has improved which I am pleased about as with any Kidney problem raised pressure can cause further damage. The news is welcome and it does mean I can feel positive and thankful how things are progressing.

I am fortunate in that I able to rest and take things easy which I think will always be a requirement, I could not get into a routine where I could say that each day I could do certain tasks on a regular basis and it's the resting that helps avoid me being tired. And of course until I have my other problem fixed, that restricts what I am capable of.

However, all in all it's been a good day.

Update:April 28th I receive a letter from my Dr and the surgery saying my Liver test has thrown up something and I should be seen. I am hopeful it's a lack of communication between the Hospital/Consultant and my Dr as from this entry you know I was told that I could reduce my medication and be seen at the end of May. And the Consultant had all the information to hand and it's just perhaps my Dr being on the ball and over cautious. I hope so, I hope something wasn't spotted after I'd been to the hospital.

I've sent a letter in to ask if I really still have to be seen and whether something has changed. And I await contact to tell me one way or the other but I'm hoping it's just a mix up and means nothing. After all, this test must have shown up and my Consultant not mentioning it suggests, it was not something to worry over...yet.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Has Recycling Really Meant A Reduction...

In what I throw away or have I always been reasonably good at throwing very little away?

I'm wondering as I look at my household waste for the last 14 days and what do I see?

A new recycle sack that looks full but in reality I probably could get another fortnight's worth of rubbish into it but it is full.(I'd guess it's the equivalent of approx have a refuse sack that would've been thrown in the wheelie bin and sent to a land fill site)

I 'd say there are approx 12 cans and 4 glass jars/bottles in the recycle crate(again that's a fortnight's worth)

And in the wheelie bin I'd say there is approx a third of a refuse sack which is what has been generated for the same period of two weeks. And that is rubbish that would be dirty or perhaps food based. So it's not worth putting the Wheelie bin out weekly(even though it's collected weekly)

We probably could put it out a lot less.

Then we the following story splashed across the newspapers and TV and radio in the last few days, if it happened exactly as reported it's created quite a stir and does seem "Over The Top"

I understand that locally, there are some restrictions but I would hope it's tempered with common sense and I have yet to hear of anyone being fined or taken to court in a similar manner but I suppose there could well be some examples. I do know after a delay in collection of rubbish around holiday times such as Christmas which means some extra rubbish accumulates and because of extra packaging associated with gifts given at Christmas I have seen extra bags being allowed alongside normal collection and sometimes the fact the wheelie bin lid cannot always be closed flush to the bin.

And of course the new scheme has changed the rules to allow for extra rubbish to be taken away(as long as it's not food based)so there is little worry of health concerns from pests etc...if the story is exactly as reported, the situation does seem to have been handled un-necessarily heavily.

Father of four taken to court and fined ... because he overfilled his wheelie-bin by just four inches

Latest news as heard on the radio suggests that members of the public have come forward and paid the fine on his behalf.


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Well, perhaps...after visiting the Dr's for my blood test, I decided to get as much shopping done as possible to avoid unnecessarily having to go out.
I've taken in recent weeks to eating a reasonable Breakfast each morning and returned to having a "Big" bowl of Porridge.
I usually buy a big bag of the Supermarkets own brand of Organic Porridge Oats, it's good quality, wholesome and well priced.
Today, I found a box with roughly the same amount of contents but it had added extra's. I don't know if I'll buy it again but it looks yummy. Maybe, it's a case of being extravagant as it cost double what my normal product choice does. And I could take the easy way and add fruit myself and that would be less expensive. We'll see.
Why is it special? They've added Cranberries, Raspberries and Sultanas to the mix. Whatever it certainly, won't do any harm.
In fact, I added quite a lot of fruit to my shop today and did very well. Also, having not done so for years, I decided to add what is in effect some fresh fish(as opposed to frozen fish)and I'm looking forward to being a little bit more creative in the Kitchen and experiencing new flavours.
There are some varieties of fish I have rarely tasted as we usually stick to the old favourites of Cod and Haddock(usually in batter)or we still enjoy cod and haddock fish fingers but today I purchased some Mackerel, Salmon, Lemon Sole and Rainbow Trout. So some tasty dishes are soon going to be enjoyed. In some ways a little bit expensive but split between two people and as a main meal with other items added, I suppose it's a good choice.
I hope this will also mean my diet continues to improve.
Update:I am mixing a little of the new designer porridge with the ordinary(it will last longer)and one thing I can verify already is that the new one is packed with fruit and looks very good. They have not skimped on the contents.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good News...

I discovered by accident, having a sort out of the new recycle sack to be collected on Thursday that there was a £20 note thrown in with the rubbish. And because of where it was it's probably been there for over a week. Who knows how but it is now safely in my pocket where it will be put to much better use. It will pay a bill or go towards Taxi Fares. I can't believe that I didn't miss it in the first place.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Postal Vote Has Arrived...

Now, which two candidates should be awarded my "X" on my ballot paper? I suspect I'll choose one that I voted for a year ago and if my memory is correct I will vote for the same person as my second choice.

I have a list of eleven names to choose from. Most I have absolutely no idea who they are but suddenly they are all asking for my vote.

We have two that live outside of the ward that they wish to represent. By that I mean they live in another town. Then again, because the number of candidates being reduced, I assume the location of the wards have been redrawn so candidates that would not have been able to represent certain wards now find that they can because they come within a certain boundary. If that isn't a case, some have just thought lets put our names forward and hope we are successful. Seems a bit of a mess to be honest.

Six are Independents representing none of the main political parties of the UK. Two Labour, One Conservative and two Lib-Dems.

Out of the new names one is/was married to(I don't know her current marital status)an ex freelance radio presenter who was reasonably popular on local commercial radio maybe thirty years ago(and years ago was involved in some of the Government training schemes)You know the kind where you obtained a few qualifications and were farmed out to companies who used such people as cheap labour to help their own companies but though the applicant worked the same hours as everyone else, they only received their benefit entitlement and usually at the end of the given contract the worker signed on again and did not see a permanent job created. And often found after a few years, they were back on another course again and being seen by the same agency.

Another one I am unsure what he does for a living but I remember him from 30 years ago as having just left school and being on the old CB Radio's of the late 1980's and we kind of had a period where a few of us met up on and off the air.

After that, it's just names. I will make a decision and use my vote though.

The local free sheet has at the centre of the front page a picture and article showing the local MP welcoming a Government Minister who came to see the work required to regenerate the area. Just at the time of the election and our MP thanks him for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit. As a local Government Minister I would hope this is part of his remit at any time. And what is happening here is replicated across many parts of the UK.

There has been little in the way of any information from candidates coming through the door for this election than most over recent years and though it's early days, some have not issued anything at all. Perhaps they'll do so in the final days leading up to election day but that delay could mean my postal vote is filled in and already sent so they'll lose out.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well, That's OK Then...

We've approx 1 Billion years left.

As I lay in bed this morning a quick interview was given in a rather brief and less than informative way by a BBC Radio 5 presenter and rushed because the news was due within a couple of minutes.

But the guest was a Professor and there has been another of those studies issued.
The upshot is that the Sun in our solar system is older than we at first believed and...is therefore coming to the end of it's life. If I heard correctly, the Human Race or life in general appeared quite a long way into the Earth's history(or the time)that the Solar system that we are a part of has existed(around the 3 Billion mark)and this study reckons therefore that we have approx 1 Billion years remaining before we'll be no more...so that's OK then...

You can still do all that you planned to in the immediate future.

Of course...even if we survive for that 1 Billion years as things start to change, I suspect the place will be a lot different and chances are the changes will mean we will be a dead planet, if it hasn't been burnt to a crisp or blown apart.

So much for the watching of our carbon footprint or worrying about global warming.

I believe this interview is in relation to the following story which was actually released to the press in the following release in February 2008 so it's taken the BBC approx two months to include it on their Breakfast programme.

As suggested, the Earth will be around longer than 1 Billion years but the likelihood of life surviving until the end is slim. Who believes that we can move our planet to a new location? Not me.

The Sun will vaporise the Earth unless we can change our orbit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Not So Nice To Know...

I promised when I started my treatment again that I would not lose my temper, having seen it happen before and warnings given that the drugs have a strong side effects, there was no way it would again and in particular with the person who means most to me in my life...who cares and worries for me, who loves me...my Mum.

In particular Prednisolone(Steroids)is known to cause mood swings. But they control inflamation of body parts when they are being attacked by the Immune system. Under no circumstance was I allowing them to affect me. I can stop it. I don't have mood swings.

Unfortunately, no matter how I try and how bad I feel afterwards...I snap. I am irritable.

No, let's back track...I'm not being fair to myself.

Most of the time I am calm, peaceful and quiet. In control. However, the smallest thing can make me blow up. There is no physical violence, it's just verbal. No swearing and it's all over within 15-30 seconds. And afterwards I think...why?

So I am constantly having to say "It's the drugs" "Ignore anything I shout" "It's not me when I raise my voice" "Don't be scared or frightened" It is very much my bark is worse than my bite.

Why do we take things out on those we love and that mean so much to us? But if you happen to live with them, it's going to happen.

The truth is, it's more a case of being impatient.

If I am in great pain and have to dash off to get comfortable and I cannot hang around waiting perhaps for an answer to a question I have asked and the answer is taking too long or I am in a hurry I cannot be bothered to wait, where I'd normally be prepared to take as long as it takes I just want to get on with it. Don't think my urgency is always understood. Ten minutes ago I thought I may have to seek emergency help I was in so much pain I thought something had happened unexpectedly.

If I can say something with 5 words instead of 50 that's what I want to do(even though on my blog I can go on for ages)

I wouldn't care but she lets me do as I wish, leaves me to rest for hours which means quite some time on her own and she is always willing do anything she can to make my life easier. And I know she must be worried about me.

It was tempting to wipe this entry and say nothing but I'm honest if nothing else. And it shows another side of my condition and what the treatment can do.

It doesn't happen outside, just in the home. I wonder why that is?

I accept that I am ill and in reality I've learned to accept a lot but I guess it must all accumulate and have some effect even if I do not realise it. Or admit it.

Some symptoms at present include my voice being affected, bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth. Not all at the same time. It's really easy to cause a bloodshot eye, a small sneeze or cough is all it takes so with the medication affecting things, it's not so unusual. I'm unhappy that my cholesterol is high.

I listened to a documentary on the radio about a drug(statins)many are being given to reduce this and there is a proposal that even fit people may start to be prescribed it, just in case of future problems and it appears that once you are given it, you must take it for life. You cannot just come off it. So it's a big decision if you decide to say yes. How the benefit to the patient is decided is also questionable. And this was from Dr's being asked to advise the positives of this drug. However, another article has appeared in the press suggesting other benefits so who is right? Daily Mail

I must make a note to myself and promise to do better and publicly declare...

Sorry Mum. I love you loads. I will control this.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Same Old Faces...

We're off and running across most of the UK. Barely, a year since voting in the last election which to pick our representative for both National and local Government and now politics change once again.

Unfortunately, with the mechanism to dissolve councils virtually immediately after the last election most of the "new" candidates that succeeded in being elected have had little chance to get their feet under the table and learn how politics work and try to do something new.

So here we are...the flyer's are dropping through the letter box, the same promises, same old faces trying to get onto the Unitary Authority and find a way back into the political scene. And old contacts can possibly re-established.

Perhaps there are too many councillors under the present system and the new model reduces bureaucracy and saves money but on the other hand it does mean less representation of the population(there are 375 District and County Councillors at present)This will reduce to 126 and I can see some parts of the region will have to fight even harder to access their share of the budget or to avoid being neglected because of party lines taking priority. The new authority replaces a County Council and 7 District Councils.

On May 1st we vote to reduce how many officials will represent our views(if it can be done at this stage maybe a Unitary Authority was not required)as you could slim down the existing system without creating a new body. But the decision is made. Then we have a transition period for the first 12 months and officially the new body will not start it's work until 1st April 2009. So that suggests to me, a year where very little regarding decisions that affect us will be dealt with as time will be taken up putting the political and legal mechanisms in place. I could be wrong...it's just the way I see it.

I am tempted not to vote but have to hope that once again some of the new candidates are still interested and are going to stand once again, assuming they have not been disillusioned and have the fight in them to go on. The new system has to favour the main parties. And again, following the past history of the last 80+ years most of the area is solidly behind one political party.

Of course it is meant to be a local election voting for local officials running local matters but often how the public votes can be governed by National/International issues and in recent months there have been many incidents especially financially that have been affecting the population(worry over mortgages, pensions, jobs, increases in taxes, utility and food bills and some retired people having to go back into the work place, genuine vulnerable ill people worrying over new rules that could see them having benefits withdrawn and so it goes on)Some still feel that there is a point to be made regarding whether the war in Iraq is justifiable and it's just possible the public may decide to give the party running the country a "Bloody" nose and deliberately vote for an alternative candidate to make their point or simply not bother. Which could put the Government under pressure. It may give an inkling what would happen if a National election was called.

So we'll see how things turn out when "X" marks the spot on May 1st. Until then it's flyer's(they'll go into the recycle sack)and a few letters in the town's free sheet where candidates are criticising each other but at least in the paper some are putting forward their views and hopes for the future.

The first flyer to arrive just has some very nice pictures(probably computer enhanced)of the candidates with a really short description of committees they hold positions on. No policies(but as the new Authority has to commence and formulate it's plans and that can only be done once it knows what colour has won overall control. The first flyer(and I'm being fair by not identifying which candidate or party it represents)to avoid political biasness and I cannot help saying this, the candidates fit a certain stereo typical image which probably worked against them at the last election.

The first flyer states the main aims of the Authority is to:

Improve Services
Simplify the local government structure
Give accountability
Strengthen community leadership
Cost effective and efficient services.

It sounds very good but does it mean anything? We're walking into new and uncharted territory.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Quiet Day...

I needed lots of rest.

The taxi arrived too early to take me to the Dr's surgery for my blood test but was prepared to wait(just as well as I was in the process of having a shave)and had a few other things to do.

The test went ahead on time(we await the results on Thursday at the Hospital)

I had to shop and that was done very quickly because everything was available in one place and I managed to bring something in with me for Lunch to save having to prepare a meal myself. Because of the cost and not being in the town centre too often, such treats are rare. What did I buy? A large soft roll full of egg mayonnaise, tomato relish and bacon...yummy! Of course, it was shared between two once back at home.

Bad day hernia wise but hey that has meant doing as little as possible. I tried to correct myself discreetly as I left the Dr's surgery and a well meaning soul asked if I needed help(so I had to explain)and she said her Father had similar problems. Usually, I'm quite good at hiding what I'm up to. I can accept it if it's playing up but when you are in agony, something has to be done. Just in case leaving it is harming you further.

I have been at my most comfortable through the evening...and again, I think walking around causes more water to go the groin area and therefore you are trying to reposition yourself against the pressure. As that is lost, things can get a little easier. But it takes time. We're talking hours.

It's great if you can manage it without prodding and pushing with your fingers as that makes you feel very sore, if lucky you can move into various positions and let it sort itself out.
That does not always work.

Remarkably, by chance I found an article in the Daily Mail newspaper related to my condition(and in the general sense)and it suggests that as many people as possible should and could have a simple test that could save their lives and/or stop them getting the condition in the first place. It's worth a look.

If only to consider for your own well being...

Update:Things are continuing positively and the strong drugs I am on appear to be doing their magic, the words my consultant used when checking the results today was that "We're Winning!"

I have to be seen in a fortnight to see how things are but I have been allowed to reduce my steroids by 10mg. However, it will be a long process, even if things continue to improve. Mum mentioned that so far I have seemingly avoided having a really large moon face as happened when on the original treatment over the past decade.

He said hopefully that will not happen but with steroids...it still could. So I guess we'll see how things are in 14 days.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Time To Praise The Council...

In the final death throws of the Borough Council's life before being dissolved, it has tried and I think succeeded in meeting it's commitment to recycling via the European Directive and should hopefully avoid having to pay large fines for using land fill sites. Of course it can only be as good as the populations willingness to sort through their rubbish and take part in the scheme. If they will, I think they've got it about right.

Everyone is being asked to recycle or reduce as much as possible how much rubbish is put into landfill sites which are running out but there is a danger of contamination of land and water over the years.

However, much as I do not go along with all that is being put around by pressure groups and the media regarding Global Warming, I concede it's good to try and save the Earth's resources.

I believe that the world's climate goes through natural cycles, it always has and always will. Until the planet Earth is no more.

So in recent years we have had a number of collection points to take recycled rubbish such as glass bottles, paper, large house hold goods, cardboard etc...which is fine if you have access to your own transport and are physically fit to travel to such sites but again as they are also trying to reduce how much you use your own transport that can defeat the idea.

So for a number of years we've been given one crate per household, for newspapers, glass and cans. Other areas have allowed other items to be recycled which could've reduced our waste still further. But eventually a pilot scheme was tried out and it's been officially introduced and we get our first chance to use the service on April 10th.

Well, today we've possibly finally managed to get to the point where very little will be thrown into the normal wheelie bin and though it involves more work for us to do, if kept on top of and thrown out as something is finished, I can see the wheelie bin only being put out every couple of weeks if that(even though our council insists it will still collect that every week)we throw very little out in the way of food waste as it is and any unused fruit is given to the birds or wildlife.

Recycled rubbish is only collected fortnightly.

The crate is now to only be used only for glass and cans...

We've been given what looks like a big green reusable weatherproof rucksack that is weighted to avoid it blowing away and in the sack we can put all plastic bottles including milk, washing up and laundry liquids, shampoo, cooking oil and baby care, Yogurt pots, Margarine/butter tubs, Carrier bags, Plastic film, wrapping, Bubble wrap, ready meal food trays.

I can throw away cardboard such as cereal boxes, greetings cards, Toilet and kitchen roll tubes, cardboard packaging, corrugated packaging, pizza boxes, tissue boxes, juice cartons.

The sack is where newspaper and magazines will be put, but now the following can be added, computer and office paper, telephone directories and yellow pages, catalogues, junk mail, brochures and flyer's, books and manuals, envelopes, wrapping paper.

We can put out extra items if in carrier bags and /or in clear bags that you can see what's inside and here's another added bonus that many areas around the UK have refused to do for too long...you can throw away shredded paper if placed in a carrier and then put in the sack.

So all in all I give this new idea...a big thumbs up. And I am willing to do my little bit to help the environment. It's taken time but seemingly in the end it's come good.

If we wish we can order at no extra cost, more sacks and crates.

A couple of concerns is that our sacks could get mixed up with neighbours so I have tried to attach some kind of label with our house address on it and a few years ago I did read that much of the waste collected by contractors around the UK cannot be handled locally and therefore it ends up being transported by lots of vehicles taking it around the UK via the motorways etc...to complete the recycling process still further so adding to the problem perhaps in other ways so the infra structure is not totally in place. My memory is too vague but it's at the back of the mind.

Therefore, though on a local collection level the scheme is fine but more investment is required within the system here and in all other parts of the UK regardless of whoever has been awarded the contracts.

It is sometimes too easy to criticise just because you can. And it is early days. I'm sure things will continue to improve.

But well done Sedgefield Borough Council.

Recycling In Germany

Update:First collection took place and it could not have gone more smoothly. If it continues as easily, the new scheme will be a doddle. The sack and crate are reasonably easy to get to the kerbside(the sack having two carrier type handles)and should the wheelie bin be put out at the same time, there is a way you can take them all out together and the wheelie bin takes the weight. Especially, good if your property is not quite next to road and mobility is a problem.