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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Gave Up And Gave In...

around 3pm I decided to get out. I hoped on a bus to a neighbouring town for the ride as much as anything. During the journey the weather turned and the bus was getting covered in wet snow. I had a reasonably good all weather coat on plus scarf and hat(no gloves)but by the time I arrived it had stopped.

I popped into the supermarket(treating myself to some cakes)some buns that I like, tomatoes, potato wedges, corned beef, prepared vegetables and spring onions. So I am happy with what I will make stews/casseroles/salads and sandwiches.

If the weather was better during much of the Summer months I can survive on salads/fruit and sandwiches and am not that bothered about cooked meals. Its simple and easy.

It takes me around ten minutes to walk there and the same back to the bus stop. So if I don't want to kill an hour waiting for another bus home I only have twenty to do an actual shop. I managed to do so.

You guessed it..on the way home it started snowing again after alighting from the bus. And yet once again it has not settled and it looks quite nice and sunny outdoors and there are blue skies.

I had everything done within two hours which isn't bad.

Tomorrow, I will stay in for most of the day and leave in the late afternoon for Durham and the concert I booked some time ago. Nothing is planned after that. Its more a case of if something comes around and I am free(have the money)I'll consider if I want to go but as I said I may think more about some excursions during the Summer either under my own steam or via a local coach company.

I've had another Panini salad roll and will have a coffee now...and though only coming around to 8pm I think I will get cosy in bed and listen to the radio, do some surfing around the internet perhaps on the tablet. It will soon be 10pm.

I am thinking of contacting the coach companies tomorrow and possibly if up early enough and I can find out the details and where to buy tickets from perhaps I'll make that my task for the day and then continue to the concert. As I said if I leave it too long I may not have any choice in the matter.


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