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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me...

Twenty One again...

The weather is warm and sunny, maybe summer has finally arrived and may be more consistent for the next few months. My gardener(makes us sound so grand)will tidy things up at the start of next week.

I see the neighbour has finally finished the fence and yes the open view we've enjoyed for decades is now restricted. If it was built to keep the family dogs safe, it will do that but it means they have very little to look onto and if it gets very hot because the garden has been concreted over, the ground will be too hot for them to stand or walk on. And its not the best looking fence in the world. Fences are good for protection and privacy and in the right location acceptable but this looks out of place with the overall plan of the street and the houses. It is functional if nothing else.

Nothing special planned...just an easy day...a little bit of radio listening, hopefully a simple meal and perhaps a cocktail to celebrate the day. I see I am sharing my Birthday with a big sporting event, I don't remember that happening before...The FA Cup football final between Everton and Chelsea and tonight the final of a tv talent show called Britain's Got Talent but nothing has really impressed and that means the final acts in the final are not very appealing to me. I couldn't imagine wanting to go to a theatre to see any of them perform. I wonder how many of them will still be known in a few years time. Still the winner gets a prize £100,000 which must give an incentive to take part. Years ago money was not given as a prize , winning and the chance of a career in showbuisness was enough.

I had thought of trying to cook perhaps something special but the local supermarket once again seems to continue to drop many of the items I have started to enjoy and buy on a regular bases.

I have discovered Rosti's...that's a potato pancake which seemingly originated in Switzerland I have discovered. A little search on the internet suggests that they can made easily and you can try a few different ideas.

So I guess I may just have a go at making my own...

The basic recipe appears to be:

Boil some potatoes in their skins, when they are just cooked....shred them on a grater, put the shredded potato into a frying pan with some unsalted butter, then when you think they are cooked enough either serve the potato as it is or mould them into little pancakes/patties.

I was thinking of maybe making some tonight but I think I will try next week(I only have Jersey Potatoes in the house and they may not be suitable)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

There May Be Trouble Ahead...

But for now having seen my own Dr I am quite positive in my mind at least. I am, to use both my own Dr and Consultant's phrase "In Limbo!" As my Dr said they haven't a crystal ball as to what the future holds. And there is a bit of the "Touching of Wood!" which my Dr did yesterday.

Yes, my results have/are going in the wrong direction but looking at them overall they are staying around the same figures, rising slightly and dropping slightly. It appears that creatinine readings and gromular function figures should be lower and higher respectfully. So extra blood tests would not necessarily show the trend as one day could be better than another and vice versa. We can only go by the overall trend.

I have been told that I would always be offered treatment and that I should continue to do as I always have and enjoy my diet unless I am told otherwise. I do that anyhow, to denie myself life's pleasures whilst I am able is silly unless I have to. Then you have done without for longer than you needed to have done.

And though drastic there would appear to be a few little tricks up the sleeves of the medical profession should they be required.

Now after what I have said that maybe doesn't sound too good but it was quite an upbeat appointment with my Dr yesterday contrary to what I have written here.

So hopefully for now, we'll leave this part of my blog aside and talk of other matters...

While I Am Able...

Isn't nice to talk about food...a subject I return to often...now I have been sorry to see that this year after becoming quite a fan of cherries, they are seemingly in short supply and what I am able to find are terrifically expensive. Maybe, whilst I am able I should just enjoy them and hang the cost. And when I look at what I spend overall on food it probably would make little if any difference. The difference is that the cost is too much in comparison to how big the portion is for the price they are charging but it is all relative.

I have to laugh, North Star is a big fan of cherries as I am sure he will tell you and he lives in the States and at present they are hard to get hold of but I have just told him that putting cost aside, the cherries I have seen in the supermarket are from...the USA!

However, for many years I have not eaten Jersey Royal potatoes...perhaps because of cost but there was a time I seem to remember that we decided that perhaps they did not taste particularly special even though chefs and food experts/writers would say otherwise. But the local supermarket has been running a promotion and a 1Kg bag has been only costing £1, that's cheaper than their usual potatoes of many other varieties. So I purchased a few bags and they are lovely...with a little butter. I am going to try something different in the next day or two as I have added some chopped garlic to the butter and will put that on them. I assume because the demand for Jersey Royals is high over here and the availability of them is relatively short...they will remain unknown to those living in the States but that happens with many items enjoyed there not being available here.

Another vegetable that I have neglected for a long time but have rediscovered(well two actually)I have been cooking leeks(and surprisingly Mum has enjoyed that)and tonight I also added some celery, that also added into the mix...I am happy to have done that because many times I have been buying celery to use in salad and often a salad does not get prepared and the celery is thrown out...also, in a salad it tends to be eaten raw and that makes it crunchy and of course when you are missing some teeth as we both are it's not the easiest vegetable to eat. But now I can roast it and add it in with other vegetables and also if I make some homemade soup again I can put it in as an ingredient.

I have also rediscovered what was once probably very popular years ago and a desert associated with childhood and that is an Artic Roll or an ice cream roll...basically a block of ice cream(usually vanilla flavoured)surrounded by a kind of sponge covering. A simple desert by itself or(and I have just thought of this)I have them in my pantry sitting there unused possibly with a squirt of some kind of fruit or chocolate sauce. Or as I often do now add some fresh fruit.

On promotion(and I know that you have to watch salt intake(especially regarding blood pressure and kidney problems)but if used carefully it is said that you can make bland food more tasty using spices and relishes...today I came across a relaunch of some old favourites and new items from the Branston brand and they were all in large size squeezy bottles and the supermarket had knocked them all down to £1so I bought three in the range, a brown sauce, small chunky Branston chutney and this is new a gherkin relish so I'm looking forward to trying that out. I already have Heinz tomato ketchup in the cupboard so I passed on the Branston version...this time.

I also purchased some Ice Lollies today(and they are flavoured)with lemonade, cola and cherryade...that will take me back in time...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Everyone To Their Job...




Approx a year ago around possibly all of my town but certainly where I live, they started to install new street lighting. I would guess that most if not all of the lighting in my town was at least around 50 years old. In that time most of the lampposts have been modified.

Originally made from concrete with a light that looked like a two legged stool stuck on top of the stump to finally a light that was more open where they sawed off the old light fitting and put the new style lamp over the top of the stump by using a kind of metal sleeve.

They have been like that for years.

Then about a year ago they installed new lightweight metal lampposts with a new light design. they installed more of them. The new lights unlike the previous are nearer the houses rather than at the kerbside. I assume because the light will now illuminate the path(for health and safety of pedestrians and also they are less likely to be struck by a vehicle should it mount the kerb and crash into them)And being lighter less damage will be done to vehicles, people and property if they are knocked down. In some instances being closer to property they may act as a deterrent to burglars too.

In some cases whilst the work has been carried out they have left the old and newly installed lamps next to the old and carried on using the old street lighting but today finally in this area the one across the road was taken out and when the hole in the path is filled in the work is complete though as it is outside of the house that is erecting a fence that work will be about to start as it is a bank holiday and bags of building material appear to have been delivered.

In fact I am wondering as nosy neighbours like me will, and you have seen my comments earlier about the fence and how small the garden is whether what I have just seen is a device to mix cement in or because of it's shape, it is a pond. It may work for them but the land is so small and so enclosed only time will tell if it works. If it does I'll be happy to change my mind but hey, it's nothing to do with me.

There is something about bank holidays that seems to have many people attempting DIY, even our neighbours have been hammering away at something on their walls most of the morning and if you knew in the last two years how much banging has been going on with new heating and electrical systems being installed and much more you'd wonder what else would need doing.

A day or so on from when most of this post was written and it appears that the garden is being paved over and may eventually become a kind of patio area and being so small, it may be very hot in sunny weather reflecting heat and when it rains very wet and possibly the water will lay in puddles.

I have a feeling last evening before the final light was taken away, they were all on and to me it seemed darker outside but this may be because the light is being directed downwards and a different type of bulb is being used. So just maybe this is to reduce light pollution and possibly could mean that the stars can be seen, a criticism of astronomers in recent years but I have found that if I go into the back garden at night I can usually manage to still see them if the weather allows but I shall have to see if that is so.

Even with all the equipment to hand, it's hard work and it does include a lot of physical work hence my title to the post about everyone to their job. And the images...well, as you can see the old lamppost being taken out and the new one already installed. I assume it will be switched on this evening.

I cannot believe that I have managed to write a post about street lighting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovely Weather For Ducks...

Rather appropriate this...

It would appear that some kind of survey or report was researched by a UK Government department about what ducks prefer living in and around water in a pond or lake or showers of rain and it appears that after much research the conclusion is that it was probably an un-necessary survey so money was wasted...well, you can argue that but you never know, what you learn about your environment may be important at some point.

So what have we learned?

Mallard ducks prefer rain. I wonder if it is the same for other ducks? That kind of answered a question I had thought about these last few days when seeing my feathered friends because there isn't much water around here, certainly not anything like the boating lake which you would think would be their preferred choice of living. But was it worth spending almost £300,000 to compile the report? I understand that they would like to do more research.

I understand that this report was linked to wildfowl and their living on nature reserves and farms etc...So the saying lovely weather for ducks may have some truth in it...

The Duck Report


With access to the Internet and a variety of programmes on television and radio(and quite a few books)I think I know just about all that I need to about how to stay fit and well, what foods improve health and ward off illnesses etc...but I guess even if you loo after yourself, if you are to be ill, you will be even if you do everything right, all that you can do is your best to maintain health or avoid getting something nasty.

I picked up a book in a charity shop yesterday probably worth quite a lot of money but I paid £3, it is a reference book for staying healthy and during this last run of treatment for my condition a couple of my finger nails took on an appearance I've not seen before...I thought it could be the medication I was on but the illustration in the book suggests anemia(lack of iron)and suggest eating lots of green vegetables, well, I don't know really if I have but in the last few months(maybe I have increased the fruit and vegetable intake again)and I can say those nails are returning to normal so maybe the diet has improved matters...that and the reduction of steroids?

Now on the other hand I do believe in using herbs and spices for enhancing food and for treating ailments...In recent years and I wish I had done so sooner I have started to use Garlic in capsules and it's natural form and the other day I read up more on Ginger as a person on a forum I frequent mentioned it's virtues and I may look into and use it myself. He was told that it was ok to use by his Kidney consultant(he was taking Ginger Capsules)he suffered with an inflammatory condition(not related to kidneys)

Looking into Ginger how ever you take it, it can be used against any kind of sickness, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, travel sickness, relieves pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, muscle spasms and rheumatism.

It could also help blood circulation and the removal of toxins from the body...and more.

So just maybe it could offer me some benefit too. And most people, I certainly cannot see it doing harm.

I have an appointment with my Dr on Friday afternoon(Mum saw him today)and could not decide by his reaction to her saying that she is concerned/worried about me if he knows something(good or bad)we will see. I also bumped into one of the nurses who takes my bloods regularly and she tended to say no news is good news and stay positive. Had I not already booked to see my Dr and had a blood test taken this week she told me to book in for one next week with her.

Sometimes you can read too much into something(I hope!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Whose That Coming Down The Street?

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It's the new residents of my street...Yes, the ducks are back. As yet I have no idea where they have taken up residence but they do seem to like going for a walk...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

One Potato, Two Potato...

Well, I have grown plants before and thought of maybe growing my own vegetables but as a small amount goes a long way(frozen and/or fresh)It's easy just to buy what I need.

But I have to say, I have never ever known my potatoes sprout their roots as much as they do these days. Yet I do not store them any differently to how I have for a number of decades. I have heard t said that you can grow many potatoes from a very small amount and in a very small amount of space.

And for the first time ever some of my cloves of garlic have started to sprout(I'm still using them)I have a feeling that if I planted them in a pot or outside where sunlight could reach them I could be growing my own garlic maybe I'll stick a clove in some compost and just see what happens...

If I do I'll let you know what happens.

It's A Baking Weekend...

For all my problems and how my diet may change, I still have my appetite and am enjoying my food, perhaps more so if I was to think for how long can I continue to?

However, it's unusual for me to run out of bread. And Mum always says that she does not eat much bread and a loaf would last her ages. In reality, we do manage to eat a fair amount.

Well, I had no reason to go out except for bread and I thought I'd wait until my blood test on Tuesday and do a small shopping trip then. I was disappointed with the last couple of loaves I made but I gave it another go and they've come out fine again.

My white loaf was made on Saturday and was eaten by teatime Sunday and I have now made a wholemeal loaf and I hope that will last until Tuesday...if not I'll make another tomorrow.

If nothing else I have the art of making and baking a loaf very quickly now to still get a pleasing result. Approx 10-15 minutes to mix and knead the dough. Approx 2 hours for the dough to rise and approx 20-30 minutes in the oven.

So really once that first 15 minutes is over...the rest is easy peasy.

Does My Opinion Count?

In the great scheme of things probably not! Collectively...perhaps.

There are views that are put in perspective by how important they are regarding our own mortality. What we possibly leave behind to others. What difference we can make to the world and those that follow us.

Then, it might come down to personal tastes in music, literature, fashion, politics and much more.

Many months ago when I started this blog I mentioned how after decades of having some gardens offering peace and tranquility and a place of sanctuary to the local wildlife some new neighbours moved in(well, relocated from another part of the area)and proceeded to rip out and remove shrubs and trees and install lots of concrete and instead of retaining a hedge at the front of the house which sparrows would enjoy they built a wall with turrets every so far along.

The result being that the wildlife has reduced and it has never recovered.

Now the neighbours across the road have after having a small pickett fence damaged around Christmas time finally decided to replace it...not with something similar but a fence that will go round what is a garden the size of a postage stamp. The house is located so it gets little if any sunlight anyhow, but now a fence is being built that will surround at least three sides, it will be approx 6 feet high and when complete there will be even less light.

Also all neighbours will be looking onto a fence that would have looked right and had some purpose if it was boundary fence running along a number of gardens or to divide property but in this instance it just looks horrible.

It also(from our point of view)stops us having an unrestricted view of a green and we'll mainly be looking at a fence from now on. From their point of view as it is a corner house they don't have a window facing onto the fence inside or out so they won't see it as such. But everyone else will.

I am unsure where the idea that everything has to be walled up or fenced in has come from these days and why if anything has to be done natural solutions cannot be found...I can only blame many of the so called home improvements programmes that are on television these days. And again, I can only see the local wildlife which we are told adds so much to the environment being affected still further and again our well being when they say we should have more open spaces to make us feel better.

I'd like to post images to illustrate my point but am mindful about privacy but I believe that I am within my rights to take general pictures of where I live so if it happens to be in the photographs that will probably be acceptable so we'll see. As you can see I have allowed one image. From this angle it perhaps does not look as bad and of course it is not completed yet.
Someone that we know who does diy and gardening(more a family friend)called out to look at a little leak we have in our heating system looked at this today and was not too impressed when he saw this fence being erected and said that he could see that the work is not level(and that was without using a spirit level)and the posts that are supporting the fence(unless something is done as an after thought)will probably rot.
He has erected a fence himself recently and sunk his posts into cement. Also, the wood on his fence was treated to protect it against the weather and upon getting it home, he treated it again. So I wonder just how long this survive?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Something For Nothing!

Following on from previous recent posts...would you like something for free? Of course you would. If you love food and have medical problems or not, a TV chef who had a kidney transplant himself, has produced a book for renal patients that is available from dietitians in hospitals or it can be obtained in other ways.

Including as a download...

So click on the link below...

Rediscovering food and flavours by Lawrence Keogh


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unfortunetely...No Pictures...

I live in the centre of the town, It's typical in it's design with a few small green areas amongst the houses but not with any really large ponds or lakes to speak of so Mum called me to her front bedroom window a few minutes ago...and what was in next door's garden?

Two male Mallard Ducks plus female. Resting and taking it easy and not bothered about people or cars...

Eventually, they moved off slowly up the road I assume making their way to a kind of area that most resembles a kind of nature area and possible towards the only lake of any size(a kind of boating lake that is used by children at weekends or in the Summer)but as they were walking it will take a while to reach their goal assuming that they are not run over by a car or bothered by children(luckily most children/teenagers are in school at present and it is not holiday time)

I tried to see where they had walked to but lost track of them, I tried and thought I had managed to take a photograph but the one I have refuses to load onto the computer and if I do manage to get it on here it will take some work for it to be any good.

But it was a nice but unexpected way to start the day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When You Are Not Concentrating...

Where does your mind go?

I was preparing the evening meal and needed some eggs...One was broken and stuck to the egg carton but the other two were fine. I put them into a container ready to add some butter, a pinch of salt and they say don't I usually add some semi-skimmed milk to make scrambled eggs.

When I came back with the other items to add to the eggs I found the eggs were missing from the container.

What had I done?

I soon found out...they were in the sink of soapy water with the dishes that needed to be washed! I have no recollection of emptying the container.

Luckily, though I wasted them, I had another dozen and half eggs in the fridge.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now Wash Your Hands...

Well perhaps, I am coming to this late...maybe because of trying to save money or just because good old soap and water has been perfectly OK.

Anyhow, with all the talk of Swine Flu and the washing of hands I had heard so much talk of anti-bacterial or alcohol based cleaning products and how important it is to wash your hands frequently I had heard how some items were selling well or out of stock. It's true...

For all that I found some antibacterial hand wash for sensitive skin...Mum loves it and I'm quite a fan now. You only need approx an amount about the size of a pea and you can wash all of your hands thoroughly. It is soap free too.

I also found some wipes so if you are outdoors and not anywhere near water you can clean up and finally some very small containers of a similar gel substance that again you can clean up easily with and you do not need to be near any water.

No, I am not over the top and become obsessed with keeping clean but when you think of all the things we touch especially in somewhere like a supermarket, it's quite a handy thing(no pun intended)to hopefully have some protection against germs...and having read the leaflet that was sent out by our Governement about how to reduce the risk of catching Swine Flu I found nothing much that I did not already know by common sense and what I have heard on tv, radio or in the press. Some manufacturer's that are based on the killing of germs etc...have been able to run advertising campaigns and features whilst promoting their products and have given as much information at no cost to the Government.

So this is my latest discovery regarding my shopping trips...

What I have been using at present...There are other companies with a similar range of products which I may try...

Carex Products 1
Carex Products 2
Carex Products 3
Washing Advice
Advice regarding hygene and Swine Flu
Some reviews of the products


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Everything I Know...

As good as the Consultant has been to me I have learned via trusted and well run sites on the internet.

Today I discovered that a high Createnine level which is what worries the medical profession is not necessarily as bad as it would seem but rather it indicates problems caused by the kidneys and how successful they are at filtering the toxins and waste products within the blood. It also seems that most of these kind of problems are caused by viruses and/or auto immune system problems so if we could avoid catching either of those our kidneys probably would last a lifetime or we would outlive them before they fail enough to be the reason for our demise.

I have always assumed that if lucky(?)when the worst happens you will hopefully be offered(if it will work)dialysis or a transplant if there is one suitable and available.

However, it appears that many kidney patients are fortunate(?)to have a kind of dialysis that can be done at home and allow to some extent a life not tied to a hospital 3-4 times a week. It means being attached to a drip that has a bag containing some kind of solution that goes into your system and back out again. Or in some cases you have a bag fastened to your body and catheder tube attached to your stomach. I don't fancy either but I suppose if it's a matter of life and death you'll do what has to be done and live with it. But hopefully this would be a long way off in the future or may never happen.

The few I have talked to in such a situation are remarkably positive. I hope that I will be that way too. As I am now even though my posts may appear depressing. And of course it depends what is wrong with your kidneys...I know someone who is surviving perfectly well on half a kidney having had cancer and having had one totally removed. I mean really you want all your kidneys but it shows how bad things have to be. Oh remember when I said that I have found out more on the internet than any other place...this same person said, so has he!

peritoneal dialysis

And thanks to Curmy I have found this place which has some good tips even for people who are well in health or as the article says many people may have kidney problems and not even realise...but of course as I am being watched, that is either a good thing or it could be a case of being overly cautious.

Potassium and Your CKD Diet

Thursday, May 07, 2009

You Can Always Learn...

But it's not always what you want to know...

I have heard of steroids being given to build up muscle and to control various illnesses but I discovered today that the body manufactures steroids in the Liver anyhow.

I also discovered today that two of the drugs I am on are given to people who have had transplants...Azathioprine and Prednisolone and if you stop taking them or do not follow the directions of your consultant regarding the dosage(increase or reduction)according to a site that is reliable and genuine...you will lose your transplanted kidney. I assume that these drugs stop the body rejecting it.

Also, that Creatinine is something to do with the muscles in your body and the breakdown of tissue and your kidneys are supposed to filter this out of your system but when they are not working correctly it gets back into the blood. I'm just putting this as simply as possible, there are more detailed explanations on the Internet.

I may not like what I will hear but I plan to see my own Dr in a week or so(by when I hope that he'll have information from the Consultant)I plan to have an extra blood tests taken and have a talk with him. Maybe a few times before I go to the Consultant again. If my next appointment is correct it doesn't happen until the beginning of July and that seems a long time away. I don't know that it can alter anything but if I am monitored between now and then should anything start to get worse(or better)we'll have idea ahead of time.

Mum happened to mention that my last visit had been a little worrying when she saw her Dr today(we have the same one)and he said that he would have a talk with me but he asked if my treatment/diet had been changed to which for now she could only say no. And to be honest Mum forgets or often gets things wrong regarding my condition but that used to happen all throughout the last decade so it's nothing new. I don't mean anything bad by saying that.

Sometimes there is a lot to take in and maybe sometimes it's better to shield loved one's from bad things if possible.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I've Tried It...

I'm not sure that I should drink too much fizzy stuff after what I have said earlier, then again so far I have been told not to change my diet and that it will not affect anything(good or bad)I don't drink masses of the stuff anyhow. And one day all the foods and a restriction on how much liquid I drink may become a reality.

However, I tried the Root Beer...It was quite a mild drink, not seemingly as fizzy as some...smooth is perhaps a better description. It reminded me of Cream Soda(perhaps)and yes I can see where the idea of it having a kind of after taste that resembles Germolene...I haven't tasted it much but I think the aftertaste reminded me of another product used medicinally...TCP.

All in all quite a pleasant experience.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

How Do I Feel?

Well, it is a few days since my Hospital appointment with my consultant. I still feel quite positive.

So far depression has not kicked in as such but I would be telling lies if I said that in the back of my mind I am not thinking about what I was told and what else I have found out regarding my condition.

It doesn't help when you see a progress chart of how you are deteriorating and how fortunate you have been for many years and then things change quite quickly, to be told that the treatment that usually works is perhaps not working and that due to the side effects a discussion may be coming soon where it may mean increasing the dosage or possibly having treatment removed altogether and letting the condition run it's course as the treatment may be worse than the condition.

And though you have to eat a healthy diet at the same time as the condition gets worse your body will not be able to get rid of the toxins. That at some point sooner or hopefully later you are heading for dialysis or transplant(if you are a suitable candidate)or even offered either of these options.

Who could put such thoughts out of your mind? I put out some feelers to see if anyone else had any experiences regarding my symptoms and I realise we are all different...what came back was the following...

"Creatinine was the main marker that was used and once it started pushing the 1000 mark you were introduced to the renal dialysis ward. Nowadays they are able to use other markers and your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is a better marker than just creatinine. This is gained by using blood results amongst other things and is given as a % of what your kidneys are working at. Once you know your eGFR you will be able to gain better knowledge of how close to dialysis you are, as ESRF falls into 5 stages, and the possible steps you can take to slow down or stop this progression such as limiting salt intake and helping your kidneys with the type of foods you eat, but you would need to take advice on this."

I have not had reason to ask such questions of my consultant and maybe I will have to consider doing so but to some extent ignorance has been bliss. Perhaps I don't want to know...

I remember many, many years ago a Dr examined me and said that I was well even though my Consultant and own Dr saw things differently. It took another examination with another Dr who was fair and when she discussed my condition used the expression that it was like having the Sword Of Damocles hanging over me.

I knew of the expression but not really what it meant at the time but the tale is that a sword was hung above him held by a single horse hair whilst he was enjoying a banquet, in his case he envied power and privilege. The sword hanging above his head was to show him how precarious seeking this is and how things can change so quickly.

Life can be going along seemingly smoothly and without any problem and suddenly something often unforeseen can come along and change everything. Of course I am bound to feel this way when it is only a few days since being told this and the information starts to sink in. I hope as it does I can find more good things about the situation and be more accepting.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sew, Sew...

It may seem lazy or amazing but I have never ever had any reason to sew clothes.

Maybe I'm lucky that buttons rarely if ever seem to come off or that I cannot remember a time where clothes have been torn or ripped.

But recently, two shirts did become damaged. One was torn where a button was and the hole would be become larger and the button would not be attached and the material would be missing if I wanted to put on another button. The other shirt tore probably due to the extra weight I put on whilst taking medication and that tear was likely to grow.

Eventually, I got around to buying some cotton thread and needles. Mum was ready to sew the damage for me. I don't know why but I was sitting here doing nothing...I got the needle and thread out and...

Well, it isn't the tidiest repair work you'll have ever seen and I am sure that it can be done better but I am chuffed to say that I have repaired both my shirts and it's good enough for me. I have learnt how to sew and I am sure in time I will improve(assuming something else becomes damaged)