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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh My Goodness...

I was buying a few odds and ends in the supermarket to save having to go out today and in doing so running late for the Music Club...I say that I was late but though I usually get there for just before 8pm because of the time the bus runs, in reality it often doesn't start before 8.30pm. Tonight I got a taxi.

I decided that a chicken is good a fair few meals/sandwiches so I was sticking to mainly basics...chicken, eggs, bread and some spring onions(they were reduced)when I got to the club they kindly kept them in the cellar to keep them cool.

As I was buying my eggs someone said hello and my name, I turned around to see a girlfriend from years ago...we had a chat, her husband turned up so he was included in the conversation. I tried to think how long ago we are talking of...I believe it could easily be as long ago as 34 year. I can say that because it was around the time CB Radio was at its most popular in the UK and had become legal. We were all on CB back then.

When I came in from the club I had a quick meal prepared in the microwave but in reality it was not a "Ready" Meal. It was frozen veg, potatoes, cauliflower and chicken with gravy. All ready in perhaps 8-9 minutes.


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