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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

That's My Christmas Good Deed Done...

I treated a friend to a night out as a Christmas treat. I can't make a habit of it but...yesterday started in a low key way...I don't make a habit of it but Sunday morning into Monday I found myself watching four Gunsmoke episodes on the trot. If a repeat had come up I'd have gone to bed but I wasn't cold or tired.

I slept and then made my way to the bingo club for the elderly. Then I was invited for a nice salad over the road, then we caught a taxi to the town to catch a bus to Durham where we saw a concert on the current tour of Buddy Holly and the Cricketers. Apparently the tour has been touring off and on for 22 years. The impression is that present team is the latest incarnation. It was a rocking night and they were dancing in the aisles and because there is a fair bit of leg room, within the rows of seats too.

They were all good accomplished musicians and must end the night feeling high and also physically exhausted. They must welcome the breaks between gigs and the travelling.

The person playing Buddy turned up unannounced after the concert in the foyer in his normal clothes and probably hardly anyone recognised him I suspect. I could be wrong but I think the idea was to get a general feeling of what the audience were saying and get the general reaction to the show. But I have always been good at recognising people. I kidded my friend and gave him a quiz to see if he knew who he was. I had a quick chat. If I'd been on the ball I could have taken a picture. My friend had a word and shook his hand.

Not wanting to annoy others in the audience and not getting the exposure right for quickness inbetween people dancing the images are not the best but here are a few to give a feeling of the night.


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