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Monday, November 24, 2014


I'm toastie warm though it is quite frosty outside. There's coffee and just about enough milk to last until breakfast time. I haven't been out since Thursday until last evening and have made good use of what I have in the house.

I'm cooking another chicken in the slow cooker overnight and that will be ready around mid yet I haven't decided whether I should make a kind of chicken stew or the more usual type of meat, veg and gravy type meal. I think that I shall also cook my diced turkey and beef while I am on. I can put it all back into the fridge and make a few meals in the coming days.

I was thinking I may do an early shop regarding the milk/bread but I am out in the afternoon so as long as I can have a hot drink and toast in the morning I can shop on my way home in the afternoon. I can stay home until lunchtime or go out in the morning but its just for the sake of doing so.

Because mobility and movement in an arm is limited I am thinking of buying a tea trolley that would mean that I can wheel my meals and drinks into rooms, I'd be less likely to drop things and could move more items at once saving making more journeys than necessary. We had a trolley many years ago and let it go because it needed the screws tightening up over and over again. And somehow the use of such an item seemed to go out of fashion, it was the kind of the furniture you brought out in company for afternoon tea. But I don't want to pay silly money.

I have found a basic white one from Argos for around £15. I could probably find others online at E-Bay cheaper and more of a variety of styles. Many are really expensive. There are some that are really aimed at the disabled user...think of it having a look of a Zimmer frame on wheels,but a little more fancy but I may just go for the basic white one. Its only to wheel in meals, tea/coffee etc...I already use a kind of table in the lounge that resembles the kind that go across beds and chairs in hospitals but that does not have any handles.

I am not much into internet shopping though...and don't need that much anyhow.


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