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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It Will Work Or Fail...

I have put together a kind of home made dish. It has a layer of cooked diced Angus beef. Gravy, mixed frozen vegetables and topped with mashed potato. I worked out that it has cost me around £2.40 so no cheaper than many ready meals this time but I know all that it contains. If I find half to be enough, the price per portion will come down to £1.20.

If I add the cost of cooking it, I'm probably out of pocket. Often the cooking stews, casseroles an oven you have to do so for around 25 minutes minimum and longer. Then I put a ready meal in a microwave and usually a meal will be ready in 5-8 minutes but being a smaller oven and it using a different form of heating up food it is cheaper.

I am going to heat it up in the microwave...the only thing that won't happen is the potato topping won't brown. I could grill it but I do not mind leaving it as it is.

I may have lost out because I cooked the diced beef in a slow cooker first but it is said that slow cooker uses no more power than a light bulb.

I went out to the music club feeling cold and I was to tired to think of getting a bus and having to walk the distance from the bus stop to the club. It took me over 20 minutes to walk the two streets from my home on the first part of my journey so I decided to take a taxi. Also, I am holding off quite successfully a possible cough and cold so I purchased some Jakeman's honey and lemon sweets...just in case.

It was cold when I went out and was becoming frosty. Indoors the temperature hit 10c/48f but though I haven't the checked the temperature since coming home, I am warm and cosy. I have finally got around to making my bed too(I still want a new bed or mattress)but for now I have a quilt with a tog suitable for Winter and sheets/blankets. I have options to use an electric blanket and hot water bottles if really cold and of course I have central heating which warms the bedroom quickly and if I keep the door closed the room stays warm for hours even if you turn the heating off.

By chance I came across a documentary on the TV in the early hours presented by Michael Grade the media baron all about the almost mythical historical character I know of but admit knew little if anything about but do now General Tom Thumb(Charles Stratton)Interesting if a little sad.

UPDATE:The meal took 12 minutes to microwave. It worked and was very tasty. I won't come to any harm if I have nothing else.


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