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Sunday, February 10, 2013

That Stir Fry Is Getting Closer...

I spent tonight shredding/chopping up all the vegetables that you can imagine(enough for at least two meals)I only eat small portions. Just have to decide whether to add pork, chicken or prawns. Its been one of my snacking today.

Exciting life I lead, doing that whilst at the computer and listening to real easy listening music. Not available on normal radio but via an internet radio station. Oh its so dreamy(Keely Smith, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Ray Conniff, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett...the list goes on and on)

The weather is said to get worse over the coming days so they's been raining so we'll see if we get the snow that we are promised.

OK I may be alone but thankfully I still have my interest in radio and music. And am getting more adventurous in the kitchen. Me doing a stir fry...really?

So on Tuesday its Shrove Tuesday so as said I plan to do some pancakes and try and think of something nice to have for my meal and then I have my very welcome music club to attend.

On Valentine's Day...I have plans to have something special(not sure what as yet)possibly raise a glass of something and in the evening all being well to raise the spirit I will hopefully be watching a show that is doing rather well in America but I must admit I got mixed up thinking it was a touring version of Jersey Nights(the story of The Four Seasons)but this I think is just a show with the music of the group and people who are are a fair facsimile of them. It is called New Jersey Nights. Should be good though and better than just staying in.

I am virtually a vegetarian in reality with only small amounts of meat/fish. I should up the fruit a little more. With the carry on at present over mislabelled meat in the UK where horsemeat has been sold as Beef or has been mixed in certain quantities but I think the problem affects ready meals or probably mince rather than what you buy at a butchers or on a meat counter. I suspect this story will in the end will affect most of Europe.

This happens at time when I have to watch the pennies and have even gone back  to eating a little beef which I haven't in years. So I would not be surprised if some meals in these past few months have had horsemeat included and there are still some in the freezer. Well, I don't plan to throw anything away.


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