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Monday, February 04, 2013

Considering How I Expected Today To Turn Out...

It wasn't that bad...I was eating casserole/stew for breakfast and there is plenty left for later)Not as crazy as it sounds as I had been up in the early hours trying to tidy the house ready for a visit from the contractors who were calling today. I can never decide whether to what the difference is between casserole or stew.

The electricians arrived and checked the electrics out and were pretty quick. I would say that they took around 50 minutes(Not two hours as the letter suggested it would take)and all was well except for one socket and after mentioning it being faulty they replaced it in was a case of when you plugged something in, it would not always touch all the contacts.

I had a rest afterwards and suddenly found I had fallen asleep. And just managed to make it to the Dr's for my appointment. I asked the nurse if she thought that I had wasted their time(It had improved earlier this afternoon)but I was told that I had done the right thing and if it doesn't improve to go back.

I have been given a kind of anti-biotic ointment to apply 4 times daily to the stye and also put in the eye too...

I found my mobility was poor today and I was very it's good to be home at last. The weather is cold, blustery and wet, there is talk of snow returning. We shall see.

Oh and it is 29 years today since my dear Father passed away...


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