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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seth Macfarlene...

is popular for his long running controversial cartoon series Family Guy but I know him best because I know he is intelligent and he also has an easy vocal style that reminds me of artists like Sinatra and you feel that he should be in the kind of films Hollywood used to produce, what I see as the Golden Days and recently Seth has come over to the UK to take part in the Proms that have been dedicated to the Hollywood musical.

Seth happened to tweet about a piece of music but I remember it from a Hollywood biopic of the pianist Eddie Duchin with Tyrone Power playing the leading role.

Next thing I knew I found myself watching a documentary about Tyrone Power and to be honest I did not know that much about him...but I do know these were my kind of films and actors...

I don't seem to see such films these days and its been years since I have, perhaps I'll have to try and do something about that...

Tyrone Power - The Last Idol


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