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Saturday, January 05, 2013

I'm Not Happy...

Don't you love banks?

The insurance arm of mine has admitted it is their fault that I have been charged an amount of money even though I cancelled an insurance policy virtually straight away and though the policy was cancelled by them in good time,  it could take two weeks but would arrive by cheque. Then it would have to clear through my bank account. Then I would have to withdraw the money, pay it off my card and then still be charged a transaction charge. So I would be at least £3 out of pocket.

In the meantime whilst the wrong transaction is on the card, I still have to make a payment even though it is not my fault and the Insurance arm of the bank admits it.

If I do it through the credit card company as a disputed payment. they could still take two-three months to sort it out and in the meantime I am expected to pay at least £5 each month or it may go against me. The card and insurance section belong to the same bank.

What a carry on...

Update:Whilst able I booked some cheap shows on the card for January, February and March and if I pay off so much each month that will mean I am paying enough to keep the card company happy but in the meantime they can sort out the disputed charge. And soon the card will be cleared. And what I have purchased won't show on the credit card statement until the end of February anyhow.

I had a feeling I would be charged for the calls but I have checked and I was not so if this is all sorted to my satisfaction I will not be out of pocket.


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